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  1. Still surprised that the Australian flag bearer hasn't been announced - still reckon it will be Torah Bright
  2. In terms of the Aussie flagbearer, I reckon Torah Bright should be the favourite, as she is the best known winter athlete here. Plus the media has been focusing on her quite a bit in recent days. Actually, there hasn't been much mention of Jacqui Cooper's comeback, I'd forgotten all about it. She'd be 2nd favourite. I'd be surprised if it wasn't one of those two...if only Steven Bradbury was making a comeback!!!
  3. Does anyone know how I could be a torchbearer???? Unfortunately, I was too young when the torch came to Sydney in 2000 to run (you had to be over 12...shows my age!!!)...and I would love the chance to run. I got selected for Melbourne 2006 Queen's Baton Relay, but couldn't run on the day.
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