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  1. ...At the time, I thought I was crazy spending so much time in the London 2012 shop!! But when I got back to the states and realized I couldn't order directly from the shop...I felt better. LOL I had to buy a second travel bag to bring all the stuff home! My memorabilia consisted of tons and tons of T-shirts and Caps and aquatic towels for my friends and family...Olympic pins for my coworkders...and for myself ...a drawstring gym bag, fridge magnets, pins and 2 T shirts. ...I think I accumulated enough Visa points for another airplane trip...
  2. Interesting...didn't know about the theme's new role. It makes sense; however, as that trumpet theme's underlying harmony and melododic intervals are based upon TAPS...which is used here in the states at military funerals and when lowering flags (or in the dances w/ wolves version...putting out torches...LOL.)
  3. Hi everyone: Regarding John Barry's Dances With Wolves From the perspective of a professional classical musician who was AT the closing ceremonies in person. LOL. When I heard the theme...my first thought was "confusion...why are they using an american themed piece for this?" Then it kicked in. It was a "process of elimination" decision to use one of John Barry's best scores AND not piss anyone off at the same time... John Barry is one of the most successful British film score composers ever.and by using a theme of his for the closing ceremony, it ties things in with his James Bond music from the opening ceremony...(i.e. the James Bond movies.) This "arch" return format is used in many performances... So..which oscar winning theme to use? We have Born Free, Out of Africa, Lion in Winter and Dances with Wolves. But...we can't have anything "badly British" associated with the music...so... Lion in Winter plot discusses lots of British Royalty deceit...not good. Out of Africa shows Britain repressing the Kenyans during WW1...not good. Born Free was OK..but it has everything to do with animal rights....and some Brits wanted to get rid of poor Elsa... What's left? Dances With Wolves. Yes, it shows the US government treating the Native Americans like crap...but hey, it doesn't show Britain in a bad light. LOL. I say this being an American. ...AND Dances With Wolves actually is a reference to the New World continent where Rio is located leading into the next Olympics...The actual theme used chosen from the score were "the prarie theme" - relating to the wide expanse of prarie and land of the American continent of which Rio is a part...(Note; the John Dunbar trumpet theme was chosen to put out the torch.) I do think a lot of thought went into which John Barry score to use and how to use it... An added note. Attending the closing ceremonies was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Considering my screen name (which is a reference to Freddie) and Queen was my favorite rock group...I was in a state of amazement through most of all of that...
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