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  1. ...At the time, I thought I was crazy spending so much time in the London 2012 shop!! But when I got back to the states and realized I couldn't order directly from the shop...I felt better. LOL I had to buy a second travel bag to bring all the stuff home! My memorabilia consisted of tons and tons of T-shirts and Caps and aquatic towels for my friends and family...Olympic pins for my coworkders...and for myself ...a drawstring gym bag, fridge magnets, pins and 2 T shirts. ...I think I accumulated enough Visa points for another airplane trip...
  2. Interesting...didn't know about the theme's new role. It makes sense; however, as that trumpet theme's underlying harmony and melododic intervals are based upon TAPS...which is used here in the states at military funerals and when lowering flags (or in the dances w/ wolves version...putting out torches...LOL.)
  3. Hi everyone: Regarding John Barry's Dances With Wolves From the perspective of a professional classical musician who was AT the closing ceremonies in person. LOL. When I heard the theme...my first thought was "confusion...why are they using an american themed piece for this?" Then it kicked in. It was a "process of elimination" decision to use one of John Barry's best scores AND not piss anyone off at the same time... John Barry is one of the most successful British film score composers ever.and by using a theme of his for the closing ceremony, it ties things in with his James Bond musi
  4. ALERT! More tickets on Cosport now for U.S. Closing ceremonies and many other!!
  5. Thank you Five Ring. Came home from work early, just by chance today. Got some.
  6. ....was so busy today that I forgot about Cosport going live today. LOL. No worries...have spent enough on Olympics. LOL. Tell me everyone...were there really Artistic Gymnastics tickets available for either Women's or Men's Team events today? Just curious as when I entered the Lottery, I placed myself in AA categories for those events and didn't get either. Al in New York City...I'm also in New York City...perhaps we can do coffee and compare schedules as I have 1 ticket for men's artistic gymnastics preliminaries that I might be able to swap for a ticket of a similar nature for Athleti
  7. Wow. You guys are experts at this stuff. I stand corrected...slip of the finger...yes my ticket was 3,727.
  8. An added note: It doesn't make sense that certain countries are blocked out by a week and then would not have the option to buy tickets...they must have different ticket inventories for various countries...or perhaps they may decide to release tickets held in hospitality packages that they haven't yet sold by July 7th.... Nope: Opening Ceremony ticket won in Lottery $4,300 US Dollars. Memory...Priceless. OOOOPPPsss that's the MasterCard commercial tag and I had to buy with VISA !!!
  9. 1) I think (and I'm just guessing this) that those who participated in Cosport Lottery but who were not allocated lottery tickets had a presale starting on Thursday the 23rd. I am interpolating this situation...because I read a post on this website from someone who did not get stuff in the lottery, but who participated and saw that many events were available for purchase at that time. 2) Those who participated in the Cosport Lottery and who were allocated lottery tickets had a presale starting a day later...on the 24th..this is what I participated in...I had no idea that certain tickets were
  10. Hi everyone: Went on line at US Cosport to supplement my lottery allocation today and purchased 2 synchronized swimming tickets at top dollar since they were the only ones available at that time (1pm EST)...then 2 hours later less expensive tickets miraculously appeared...they popped up (at around 3pm.) I wasn't able to switch. Word to everyone...this has been happening from time to time on the website...it's constantly in "flux." I don't feel too bad; however, because my lottery allocation was really good (but I requested top dollar in almost every category...) However, even before the l
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