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  1. Ah - It's good to have those temporary roof supports out isn't it? Who knows a nice summer, and it may be ready for next year.
  2. April's progress highlights are as follows: * The rafter in the northern roof which was affected in the incident in March 2006 is presently undergoing remedial works to secure it in its final position. We anticipate these works to be complete by the end of May. * A total of 22 temporary trusses and 25 temporary roof towers have been removed to date. Removal of the remaining 2 temporary trusses and 2 roof towers is underway and expected to be complete in early May. * The final two tower cranes are expected for demobilisation by early May and access to the bowl will be then restricted to small mobile cranes so as to not disrupt progress on laying the pitch. Works on the playing pitch are progressing well, with the final quarter of the playing pitch to be handed over in early May. * The two large video screens have been installed and electrical connections are underway, with testing anticipated to be complete mid May. * Final inspections and snagging are underway in more than half of the 161 corporate boxes. Final wall panels and carpet are being installed in a further 40 ready for final inspections in May. * 84 of 113 main concourse toilet blocks have been completed to enable power on, commissioning and final inspections/snagging to progress. Construction of the small number of toilet blocks on Level S0 affected by the roof towers has now commenced.
  3. Pics like this will support this theory...
  4. If I was being particularly cruel I'd say it was a permanent feature intended for the players. Yes, there are reports of a 20m diving pool being installed inside Wembley, to help the footballers harness their skills better. Oh and a prima-donna class next door too.
  5. A few internal shots of Wembley Stadium..
  6. Looks like they have a fare way to go yet.. ..the important developement is to get the temporary roof support removed to allow the southern section of the roof to hang freely, and then more work can be administered to both pitch level and the roof. If they can't remove them in the next few weeks, it won't look good for a Mar 31st Handover.
  7. A big pic for you.. Taken Jan 26th. Roof's coming along nicely
  8. You don't really appreciate the size of the stadium, until you see pictures like the one above, and compare them to the tiny matchbox size cars dotted around the outside of the stadium. Great pic , I think more progress has been made with the roof since that photo was taken aswell.
  9. Nice pics Rob. It'll be ready when it's ready. Guess we won't really know until Mar 31st Next year, as that is when Multiplex hand it over to WNSL for testing. They have shown they can get a move on lately, especially with the roof construction. Once that is in place, health and safety regulations will then allow them to work underneath the roof, and get the ground and lower seating ready.
  10. Well it could only happen in a City like London, coudn't it. All three stadiums will have their respective area's of interests too, and should be sustainable from a finanacial point of view. I remember I too was very much against Wembley not incorporating the Twin Towers into the New Wembley, but now I've seen how good that Arch looks, and the practical use it has in keeping up the majority of the roof. Then I'm very glad they chose it in their designs.
  11. Demolished, bit by bit, although I think someone had the option of buying them for a £1 each, but it would have cost millions to transport them in their entirity. I've not researched the net, for an exact answer, because I'm too lazy. And we all know the net tells us everything we need to know
  12. A bigger pic of the last one, because I can't edit my posts..
  13. It's lookin' good The concource round it, is a feat in itself.
  14. I know I got it from another forum, but I forgot which one it was now. It was about sporting arena's in Europe and USA etc... I'll try and go back in my history and let you know
  15. Baron - I and the majority of other's posting on this and other forums are just the average 9-5 middle class guy, who takes an interest in sport and architectural creativity. Nothing more, nothing less.... sorry to disappoint your overactive imagination and paranoid sense of awareness but there you go.
  16. Continguency plan if Wembley Stadium isn't ready come May next year, but by the looks of this pic, it doesn't look like it's got too far to go.. What a behemoth, but a stunning looking one at that.
  17. Do you reckon it will still be open for next years FA Cup Final, Rob?? I hope it is.
  18. According to the bid book it will be used on days 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16. So that would make it both mens and womens semi-finals, and both the finals. I just thought it was going to be the Final itself.
  19. Now that would be something worth going to watch! BTW Magic, your name is kind of prophetic. A bid of Magic was the strong theme which was weaved through London's final presentation. Did you have some kind of clue about this?!! I think I was listening to Queen's "It's a kind of magic" when registering membership to GamesBids, and I thought London's bid is a 'bid of magic' Actually at the end of one of the video bits during the presentation it said 'London - Where magic happens' or something along those lines. Can't argue with that.
  20. It's looking really first class now, hopefully it will be ready next year to show the doubters that we now have a great football stadium. Hopefully before I get too old and long in the tooth, I will try and watch a competative game at the New Wembley Stadium. Maybe even watch Team GB win Gold in 2012 lol
  21. Wembley's way of celebrating London's Olympic success yesterday. :ooh:
  22. Probably a good choice in the end. Like you said, I bet most of the voters picked a 'neutral' option, to not have to make a choice between the 3 associated with '66 world cup win. Live Aid - whilst a defining moment in Wembley's history - was related to a concert, and not football. Wembley is mostly associated with Football, so that left Billy The Grey, to come through as the winner.
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