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  1. There was no blood on the streets of London. The police did an amazing job to keep the handbags at ten paces squabbles down to a minimum, considering they went through 31 miles of some of London's busiest streets. No, yesterday, was a shambles. They thousands of people who just wanted to witness the Olympic Torch standing at a finish point like f'king lemons. I wouldn't mind but the Torch got more protection than the President of the United States, so what does that tell you about SF ability to police? Cowardly bailed out in my oppinion. Should have left it in that warehouse at the start.
  2. I watched the San Franscisco leg on News24 last night, and I thought it was even more farsical than London and Paris. I mean - a closing ceremony of the torch relay, conducted on a flyover' lol - The comedy material garnered from these relays have been priceless. lol Except this shouldn't be a joke, it should be a journey of 'harmony'
  3. It looked like a logistical nightmare for the Police today. 31 miles through London's busy crowded streets. Some there to see what was going on, some to support the Olymic Torch, some protesting from either ends of the spectrum. Still despite a few scuffles they did a good job. Over to you Paris.
  4. ...and we don't see Chinese state television showing their so called 'People's Army' troops gunning down student demonstrators during the Tianamen Square Massacre in 1989. You see, it's like a game of tennis, you serve, we return, it's a long drawn out rally were not point will be won, until compromise is reached by all parties.
  5. True, middle ground needs to be reached, compromise is the answer to any conflict. If both parties keep on going "we are right, you are wrong", then nothing will be solved. Look at the Isreal/Palastine situation. I don't support a boycott for the Olympic Games, because sport and politics should be kept apart (and with England out of Euro2008 I need some sport to keep me going this summer). However, I do have a nagging feeling that Politics will never be too far away from Beijing 2008 and could overshadow many of what actually happens on the track, field, sand and water.
  6. The one where you strain so hard it brings tears to your eyes?? According too the link I posted ealier http://altmedicine.about.com/od/gettingdia.../infrequent.htm, this would indicate bowel inregularity and infrequent bowel passages. Hard stools caused by straining could indicate constipation. You need to pay attention your diet. Address any change or abnormality in bowel movement with your physician immediately, as it can be a sign of a serious disorder. Not had one like that for ages.
  7. Mind you there is taking the relaxing art of sitting down while one move's one's bowels a little to far.... http://edition.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/03/20/wo...ref=mpstoryview ejaycat I come from Manchester (UK) but a posher and more respected part than the geezer who says he has no problems where and when he deposits his numbers 2's.
  8. 'scuse me - I expect a bit dignity and space when I am in the process of bowel movement. A special kind of ambience and atmosphere is required to orchestrate the ideal point of delivery, What Does an Ideal Bowel Movement Look Like? An ideal bowel movement is medium brown, the color of plain cardboard. It leaves the body easily with no straining or discomfort. It should have the consistency of toothpaste, and be approximately 4 to 8 inches long. Stool should enter the water smoothly and slowly fall once it reaches the water. There should be little gas or odor. Source: http://altmedicine.about.com/od/gettingdia...ed/a/stools.htm I won't use public toilets either, unless they are the one's you pay for. At least then you are guaranteed a bit of privacy and a good standard of hygiene.
  9. They obviously haven't a clue of western culture and physique. If some of the people I know squatted to do their business, they would need help getting up again. We don't squat to ****, we sit to ****.
  10. Yes, but the host city itself is also showcased to the world. It's a massive cultural occasion and festival for the host city. Otherwise why don't you just have the games on a small island of no fixed abode in the middle of the Pacific. Well I wouldn't call those who protested during the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 particularly spineless. Refresh une memory .. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiananmen_Squ...rotests_of_1989 and http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8633937813183253768
  11. Yes, I hope the Olympics pass without too much political meddling or controversy. Remember it's not the fatcats and political figureheads that will be hurt the most, it will be the Chinese people who have looked forward to their moment for 6 years now. They deserve a great games. They deserve their moment of glory. Remember they can't even choose who leads their country.
  12. I didn't understand his connection with China's Olympic Games, but I don't know about being underated.... Director Interstellar (2009) (announced) Lincoln (2009) (announced) The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2008) (pre-production) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) (post-production) Munich (2005) War of the Worlds (2005) The Terminal (2004) Catch Me If You Can (2002) Minority Report (2002) Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001) ... aka A.I. 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(USA: short title) ... aka E.T. the Extra- Terrestrial: The 20th Anniversary (USA: longer version) Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) ... aka Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark (USA: video title) 1941 (1979) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) ... aka CE3K (USA: informal short title) ... aka Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Special Edition (USA: reissue title) Jaws (1975) The Sugarland Express (1974) Savage (1973) (TV) ... aka The Savage File (USA) ... aka Watch Dog Something Evil (1972) (TV) Duel (1971) (TV) "Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law" (1 episode, 1971) - Eulogy for a Wide Receiver (1971) TV episode Columbo: Murder by the Book (1971) (TV) "The Psychiatrist" (2 episodes, 1971) - Par for the Course (1971) TV episode - The Private World of Martin Dalton (1971) TV episode "The Name of the Game" (1 episode, 1971) - LA 2017 (1971) TV episode "Night Gallery" (1 episode, 1971) ... aka Rod Serling's Night Gallery (USA) - Make Me Laugh (1971) TV episode "Marcus Welby, M.D." (1 episode, 1970) ... aka Robert Young, Family Doctor - The Daredevil Gesture (1970) TV episode Night Gallery (1969) (TV) (segment "Eyes") ... aka Rod Serling's Wax Museum (USA) Amblin' (1968) Slipstream (1967) (unfinished) Firelight (1964) Escape to Nowhere (1961) Fighter Squad (1961) The Last Gun (1959) Producer "Nine Lives" (2008) (mini) TV mini-series (in production) (executive producer) Transformers 2 (2009) (announced) (executive producer) Interstellar (2009) (announced) (producer) Lincoln (2009) (announced) (producer) Jurassic Park IV (2009) (pre-production) (executive producer) ... aka JP4 (USA: promotional abbreviation) "The Talisman" (2008) (mini) TV mini-series (pre-production) (executive producer) "The United States of Tara" (2008) TV series (pre-production) (consulting producer) (unknown episodes) When Worlds Collide (2008) (pre-production) (producer) The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2008) (pre-production) (producer) "The Pacific" (2009) (mini) TV mini-series (filming) (executive producer) Eagle Eye (2008) (filming) (executive producer) Transformers (2007) (executive producer) "On the Lot" (executive producer) (2 episodes, 2007) - 14 Directors Compete (2007) TV episode (executive producer) - 15 Directors Compete (2007) TV episode (executive producer) Letters from Iwo Jima (2006) (producer) Flags of Our Fathers (2006) (producer) Spell Your Name (2006) (executive producer) Monster House (2006) (executive producer) ... aka Neighbourhood Crimes & Peepers (Philippines: English title: review title) Munich (2005) (producer) Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) (producer) The Legend of Zorro (2005) (executive producer) ... aka Z (USA: poster title) "Into the West" (2005) (mini) TV mini-series (executive producer) Dan Finnerty & the Dan Band: I Am Woman (2005) (TV) (executive producer) The Terminal (2004) (producer) Voices from the List (2004) (V) (executive producer) Burma Bridge Busters (2003) (TV) (executive producer) Catch Me If You Can (2002) (producer) "Taken" (2002) TV series (executive producer) (unknown episodes) ... aka Steven Spielberg Presents Taken (USA: complete title) Men in Black II (2002) (executive producer) ... aka MIB 2 (USA: promotional abbreviation) ... aka MIIB (USA: promotional abbreviation) Price for Peace (2002) (executive producer) "Broken Silence" (2002) (mini) TV mini-series (executive producer) We Stand Alone Together (2001) (TV) (executive producer) ... aka We Stand Alone Together: The Men of Easy Company (Europe: English title: DVD title) "Band of Brothers" (2001) (mini) TV mini-series (executive producer) Jurassic Park III (2001) (executive producer) ... aka JP3 (USA: promotional abbreviation) Artificial Intelligence: AI (2001) (producer) ... aka A.I. 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(USA: short title) ... aka E.T. the Extra- Terrestrial: The 20th Anniversary (USA: longer version) Continental Divide (1981) (executive producer) Used Cars (1980) (executive producer) I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978) (executive producer) Besides he was responsible for enchanting me with E.T. when I was 9 years old, and no other movie since them has hit the mark. Maybe it was my age, before cynicism took over
  13. It would be great if they could have more iconic statues lined up in and around Wembley, or along Wembley way. Bobby Moore looks impressive there - and so he should. Hero. To be honest, I don't know how many players post '66 would deserve a statue of them being put up around Wembley anyway.
  14. Nothing short of a national disgrace if no pies are available. 'Meat Pie, Sausage Rolls....Come on Oldham give us Goals!' (especialy pertinent with only 2 games to go, and clinging too the edge of the playoff's'
  15. It looks fantastic, my only quibble being the amount of space between the ground and the stands. Still, it's a magnificent stadium, and at last the construction soap opera comes to end. It's all eyes on 19 May, when 90,000 fans pack the New Wembley for the FA Cup final. Apparently the accoustics are great.
  16. It's great to see the historic Wembley Stadium, finally reaching for the finishing tape. True, it's not been a straight forward journey, but I'm still fairly sure, that despite all the contentious wrangling, that Multiplex will eventually reap the rewards of having been the company that built Wembley on their CV.
  17. Cool video.. It has to be ready for the FA Cup this May now, surely.
  18. Completely agree with arwebb, besides, the masterplan for the area around Wembley, is something to marvel at. If this is done right, like the designs show, then Wembley will a great place to visit, other than just to watch a football match or concert. Great aerial shot, the roof looks more polished now.
  19. Yep, Rob's nailed it, the Arch was incorporated into the design of the new stadium to play a very important and practical part of supporting the huge roof that covers what is a huge stadium. It also looks sensational when lit up at night. I did spend a few emotional moments when they dismantled the old towers, but that was evaporated when I learnt about the arch, which I feel will be even more inconic that the twin towers, which let's face it, is now a phrase which has taken on much more serious issues in recent times.
  20. The pics above by Rob, demonstrates just what a landmark the new Wembley is on the skyline. It totally dominates that overhead for miles around. Sensational, late.....but sensational.
  21. Do you know how much that arch weighs. Trust me the last thing you want it to be doing, is moving.
  22. Well it shouldn't be too long now, judging from the latest aerial shot...
  23. Yes, I've seen that pic before on the masterplan website. I hope they do regenerate the Wembley area like the plan shows. It will be make going to watch any sport/concert at Wembley a much more valued experience than just going to the Stadium itself.
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