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  1. Eton Dorney (Rowing), Cycling and Sailing (Weymouth) looking great on TV - although I expect that's more down to the natural enviroment and enthusiastic public than any specific branding. Loving Beach Volleyball at Horse Guards even putting up with UK's weather the late night matches last night were definately rocking & rolling.

  2. It's an unusual design (would probably be referred as Art if shortlisted for the Turner Prize). I don't think I would have picked up on the design incorporating the five Olympic rings unless I had read the article beforehand. I can only make out two slightly misshapen and twisted rings.

    Alas as Citruis says, it might take on a whole different look during Olympic nights with lighting, and it might, just might, look better in the flesh ;)

    *wow I remembered my forum log-on after 15 months away. Yet, I can't remember what I wanted to go downstairs for 10mins ago??

  3. What about all the years that China and other communists states were virtually left in the wilderness while the Western world prospered? China had to wait a long time, before it could even be in a fit state to host an Olympic Games. I still value my right to freedom of speech and the right to express it. If I don't like the current government I can go to the polls and cast my vote, something you can't do in these communist country's.

    Barcelona and Syndey was a successful Olympic games. Are they not Westernised?

  4. The BBC already have a countdown clock in the corner already! 1433 4hrs 12mins 10secs aparently

    I wonder if I should sit here, do nothing and count down every one of those seconds until 2012?

    On second thoughts....

    I liked the 'Memory Tower' but it was all a bit underwhelming.

    The London's 2012 Handover was okay, but nothing ground breaking. However, I do feel the atmoshpere will be electric come 2012, and it will be a more festive occasion. However Beijing did an amazing job of hosting the 2008 Olympics, but some were saying the food on offfer to the spectators wasn't the best.

  5. I thought it was one of the best one's to be honest. I can imagine this ceremony lasting long in people's memories, where I've already forgot Athens and parts of Sydney's opening ceremonies. Maybe that's unfair because they were 4 and 8 years ago, where Beijings was 36 hrs ago.

    The lighting of the cauldron was awesome.

    The only shamefull aspect of the night was when George Bush got cheered. I know asian culture is brought up to be polite and respectful to guests, but really...... :rolleyes:

  6. I enjoyed it. The drums were good at the start, and the large unfolding scroll. A quick question. The Olympic Rings at the start seemed to be made up of tiny bright lights and I thought it was some kind of video projection. How did it then become a physical shape that was lifted off the ground? I thought that was really good too.

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