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  1. It's always been the case and will continue to be that way. You don't expect little people like us to set the agenda do you. The majority follows, the minority leads.
  2. Will you be able to enter the parklands and Olympic site without needing to purchase a venue ticket? As it stands now there are no tickets left for main stadium events?
  3. What about all the years that China and other communists states were virtually left in the wilderness while the Western world prospered? China had to wait a long time, before it could even be in a fit state to host an Olympic Games. I still value my right to freedom of speech and the right to express it. If I don't like the current government I can go to the polls and cast my vote, something you can't do in these communist country's. Barcelona and Syndey was a successful Olympic games. Are they not Westernised?
  4. Got to admit I did have a chuckle at dishevelled Boris walking down to the podium and bantering away to nobody in particular. He is a bit of a comical figure. Whether that's a good thing or not, I don't know lol
  5. I wonder if I should sit here, do nothing and count down every one of those seconds until 2012? On second thoughts.... I liked the 'Memory Tower' but it was all a bit underwhelming. The London's 2012 Handover was okay, but nothing ground breaking. However, I do feel the atmoshpere will be electric come 2012, and it will be a more festive occasion. However Beijing did an amazing job of hosting the 2008 Olympics, but some were saying the food on offfer to the spectators wasn't the best.
  6. Team GB has had a fantastic Olympics in Beijing 2008. I never would have believed they could finish 3rd in the table, although I expect Russia will eventually get that position. Still even 4th, ahead of the likes of Australia, France, Germany is quite an achievement. Get down to Weymouth, and the Velodrome for 2012 folks.
  7. Deena Kastor's pulled up after 5km - one of the pre-race favourites, saying that's somethings 'popped' - she's limping, and her race looks over.
  8. It's 26 degrees in Beijing right now with a 78% humidity level. But expect both of those figures to go up in the next couple of hours.
  9. BBC Commentator has just said it was a very surreal and low-key start to the Women's Olympic Marathon as no spectators were allowed in Tiananmen Square.
  10. A BBC commentator has just said it was one of the most surreal and low-key starts to the woman's marathon in Tiananmen Square as there was no spectators about.
  11. I thought it was one of the best one's to be honest. I can imagine this ceremony lasting long in people's memories, where I've already forgot Athens and parts of Sydney's opening ceremonies. Maybe that's unfair because they were 4 and 8 years ago, where Beijings was 36 hrs ago. The lighting of the cauldron was awesome. The only shamefull aspect of the night was when George Bush got cheered. I know asian culture is brought up to be polite and respectful to guests, but really......
  12. I enjoyed it. The drums were good at the start, and the large unfolding scroll. A quick question. The Olympic Rings at the start seemed to be made up of tiny bright lights and I thought it was some kind of video projection. How did it then become a physical shape that was lifted off the ground? I thought that was really good too.
  13. I'm off work today as well - it starts 12:45pm UK time. As a mad sports fan, I have watched all Olympics since my early memories of 1984 Los Angeles. I prefer it when the sports start, but the BBC commentary is very good, so I'll be tuning into the Opening Ceremony.
  14. Nice pics - You would almost be in favour of state controlled communism if it keeps the streets and parks clean like those pictures above show.
  15. Strange where are the demonstrators of the Olympic Torch in those countries that are ruled with a rifle up your jacksee if you show discord and go against the establishment wishes?
  16. It has a kind of scary, forbidding look about it, with the chunky, grey, twisting mesh like concrete membrane around the stadium. Whilst no doubt it's an interesting stadium from a design perspective; it does have a rather ominous feel about it, especially during the day.
  17. Does anybody know what will be the legacy of the Birds Nest stadium? Is it going to a roosting place for China's abandoned pet birds? What is China's national sport anyway? Agree with the other's it looks better at night with the lights, but then again, everything usually does.
  18. There was no blood on the streets of London. The police did an amazing job to keep the handbags at ten paces squabbles down to a minimum, considering they went through 31 miles of some of London's busiest streets. No, yesterday, was a shambles. They thousands of people who just wanted to witness the Olympic Torch standing at a finish point like f'king lemons. I wouldn't mind but the Torch got more protection than the President of the United States, so what does that tell you about SF ability to police? Cowardly bailed out in my oppinion. Should have left it in that warehouse at the start.
  19. I watched the San Franscisco leg on News24 last night, and I thought it was even more farsical than London and Paris. I mean - a closing ceremony of the torch relay, conducted on a flyover' lol - The comedy material garnered from these relays have been priceless. lol Except this shouldn't be a joke, it should be a journey of 'harmony'
  20. It looked like a logistical nightmare for the Police today. 31 miles through London's busy crowded streets. Some there to see what was going on, some to support the Olymic Torch, some protesting from either ends of the spectrum. Still despite a few scuffles they did a good job. Over to you Paris.
  21. ...and we don't see Chinese state television showing their so called 'People's Army' troops gunning down student demonstrators during the Tianamen Square Massacre in 1989. You see, it's like a game of tennis, you serve, we return, it's a long drawn out rally were not point will be won, until compromise is reached by all parties.
  22. True, middle ground needs to be reached, compromise is the answer to any conflict. If both parties keep on going "we are right, you are wrong", then nothing will be solved. Look at the Isreal/Palastine situation. I don't support a boycott for the Olympic Games, because sport and politics should be kept apart (and with England out of Euro2008 I need some sport to keep me going this summer). However, I do have a nagging feeling that Politics will never be too far away from Beijing 2008 and could overshadow many of what actually happens on the track, field, sand and water.
  23. The one where you strain so hard it brings tears to your eyes?? According too the link I posted ealier http://altmedicine.about.com/od/gettingdia.../infrequent.htm, this would indicate bowel inregularity and infrequent bowel passages. Hard stools caused by straining could indicate constipation. You need to pay attention your diet. Address any change or abnormality in bowel movement with your physician immediately, as it can be a sign of a serious disorder. Not had one like that for ages.
  24. Mind you there is taking the relaxing art of sitting down while one move's one's bowels a little to far.... http://edition.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/03/20/wo...ref=mpstoryview ejaycat I come from Manchester (UK) but a posher and more respected part than the geezer who says he has no problems where and when he deposits his numbers 2's.
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