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  1. Like others I also don't want to become victim to biggest dick syndrome in stating that these were the best olympics ever, but let's just say they rank very high with all the other contenders. The venues, staging, the crowds that flocked to them, unprecedented home country success and the volunteers all contributed in making this an unforgettable and highly successful Olympic Games. I was a indifferent with some of the musical acts on last nights closing ceremony but hey we all have different musical tastes. I thought the choir singing imagine with John Lennon's face being built up on stage
  2. Very much enjoyed my experience of the Olympic Park on Tues - The GB Hocke match against Korea was certainly entertaining - 5-3 to GB. The Riverbank was full to the rafters, only a few of the very expensive VIP seats were empty. Although madly patriotic, I almost feel a little sorry for other nations when they come up against GB - the partisan crowd support is a huge bonus. The next day I walked around London - I was a little dissapointed with the complete lockdown of Horse Guards Parade - you can get within a sniff of it unless you have tickets. 50% of St James park is a no go area. I wa
  3. Eton Dorney (Rowing), Cycling and Sailing (Weymouth) looking great on TV - although I expect that's more down to the natural enviroment and enthusiastic public than any specific branding. Loving Beach Volleyball at Horse Guards even putting up with UK's weather the late night matches last night were definately rocking & rolling.
  4. I just found out that Tues Hockey match between GB & Korea now kicks off at 4pm and not 1:35pm which is great news for me as it won't mean such a mad dash from Euston to Olympic Park. It also means I can check into Hotel and leave my rucksack which should help me with getting through security easier. Has anyone had any experiences of just turning up for events i.e. Beach Volleyball and getting tickets on the door so-to-speak. I did notice a few empty seats when it get's late at night, and I wouldn't mind trying my chances at Horse Guards Parade after the Hockey.
  5. The tower does add a bit of theme park sillyness but I expect the views will be great from the top. The picture above is stunning. Love the colour.
  6. Nice picture, the wrap really does make a difference to the stadium. A nice finishing touch.
  7. Received an email from London 2012 advising to bring as little as possible to the venue's - ..will a rucksack be okay. I will be going straight from the train to the venue. It will have overnight essentials in it for when I check into the hotel later in the day.
  8. Yipee - just got my hocket tickets - watching women GB team play Korea on the 31st July - only £20. I actually went to the test event and worked my way to the top of stands - the view was great even at the very top, so not bothered about the position. Do you now have to now buy Olympic Park tickets or does your hockey tickets cover this?
  9. Think it was for the Hockey, they have gone now. Yes I can imagine your scenario is even worse. I wonder if you'll be able to turn up on the day and take whatever late returns/resales might come up. Take your chances so to speak.
  10. I don't understand the London 2012 ticket site. It will list an event which lets you put the tickets in your shopping cart but when you go to request the tickets it says they are not available to buy. I can understand if they have just been listed and huge demand as made all the tickets sell out but this event listing as been there for the last 2 days!!! It's like putting something you like in your shopping backet at the supermarket and then when you get to the counter the member of staff tells you they are not for sale and to put them back on the shelves again.
  11. I like it, the soundrack with Elbow and the Orchestra sounds fantastic. Hopefully we'll become a lot more aquainted to this than the muse shocker. I've no doubt they are a great live band but their official olympic anthem sounds awful.
  12. It's always been the case and will continue to be that way. You don't expect little people like us to set the agenda do you. The majority follows, the minority leads.
  13. BBC commentator 'Chelle' (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-15593109) with a positive rating of +19 speaks for me... "How can these posters promote the olympics when just by looking at most of them you can't actually tell what on earth they're supposed to be about. You need another poster pointing to it with an explanation! Why didn't they have a competition for school children across the country to design posters? I'm sure they would have done a much better job!"
  14. Will you be able to enter the parklands and Olympic site without needing to purchase a venue ticket? As it stands now there are no tickets left for main stadium events?
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