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  1. Like others I also don't want to become victim to biggest dick syndrome in stating that these were the best olympics ever, but let's just say they rank very high with all the other contenders. The venues, staging, the crowds that flocked to them, unprecedented home country success and the volunteers all contributed in making this an unforgettable and highly successful Olympic Games. I was a indifferent with some of the musical acts on last nights closing ceremony but hey we all have different musical tastes. I thought the choir singing imagine with John Lennon's face being built up on stage was a highlight. Roll on the Paralympics.
  2. I couldn't tolerate TV coverage with lots of commercial interruptions. The BBC is one of the reasons I won't leave this country. The London 2012 Olympics Games as been a staggering success. Last night capped it for me with 3 Golds for GB - and we've still got Bolt in the 100m to come! The crowds have been sensational and events well organised. Just watching the Womens Marathon now, and yes it's raining but the crowds have still turned out - besides the heatwave will come at the end of next week for the Men's marathon Saviour every hour for the next 8 days, because once it's over we'll only have the memories to fall back on.
  3. The Javelin train was very smooth and quick - I only had to wait 3 mins from getting down to the platform - I didn't realise most of the journey was through a black tunnel though, I was looking forward to seeing the scenery whizz past at 140+mph Getting there was a different story, the Javelin service was suspended and we had to get the underground to West Ham. The walk was about 25-30 mins from there to the hockey stadium. Thankfully the rain shower was very brief and the sun came out shortly after.
  4. Very much enjoyed my experience of the Olympic Park on Tues - The GB Hocke match against Korea was certainly entertaining - 5-3 to GB. The Riverbank was full to the rafters, only a few of the very expensive VIP seats were empty. Although madly patriotic, I almost feel a little sorry for other nations when they come up against GB - the partisan crowd support is a huge bonus. The next day I walked around London - I was a little dissapointed with the complete lockdown of Horse Guards Parade - you can get within a sniff of it unless you have tickets. 50% of St James park is a no go area. I was hoping to pick up any tickets that might be available but no chance. Then of course got back to the hotel and saw a few empty seats when the matches got underway. They say you should buy on the internet, but not everyone has smartphones or access to mobile internet once they have set off to the venues. BT Live event in Hyde Park is a great addition - free entry - bit of a airport security check you have to get through but once in, the atmosphere with 4-5 huge TV screens is buzzing. I saw Wiggo win his gold there yesterday and the crowds were on their feet at the end. So all in all a great once-in-a-lifetime experience but a bit of shame about the ticketing situation. Saturday I hear they are even closing Westfield shopping centre for most of the day unless you have olympic park tickets.
  5. Great stuff, can't wait till I go down on Tues/Wed - is there any opportunities to turn up to a venue and pick up a late ticket through resale for all those empty seats we've been told about - actually most of the venues I've watched on TV seem to be 90% full, so I think the media are overstating it a little. Still you would ideally want a full crowd especially when lots of people missed out on the original ballot.
  6. Eton Dorney (Rowing), Cycling and Sailing (Weymouth) looking great on TV - although I expect that's more down to the natural enviroment and enthusiastic public than any specific branding. Loving Beach Volleyball at Horse Guards even putting up with UK's weather the late night matches last night were definately rocking & rolling.
  7. Showers in Manchester are set to gang up again tonight, a much better forecast tomorrow for London - mostly what we've had today in the North West. Breezy, but mainly dry and long sunny spells. Yes, the week ahead is not great. General rain (albeit light) on Tuesday will set in for the second half of the day, Wednesday will feel muggy but the best place to be could well be the South East quadrant of the UK. Showery regime setting up for Thurs/Friday. Hints at HP pressure build for the second week but only 50/50 at the moment.
  8. I just found out that Tues Hockey match between GB & Korea now kicks off at 4pm and not 1:35pm which is great news for me as it won't mean such a mad dash from Euston to Olympic Park. It also means I can check into Hotel and leave my rucksack which should help me with getting through security easier. Has anyone had any experiences of just turning up for events i.e. Beach Volleyball and getting tickets on the door so-to-speak. I did notice a few empty seats when it get's late at night, and I wouldn't mind trying my chances at Horse Guards Parade after the Hockey.
  9. Very entertaining, lots of memorable moments - indeed unforgettable moments. The lighting of the couldron was genious - having all the contendars the press had talked about handed over to the youth of today. Then the 204 petals representing each nation and the way it all came together. One of the best couldron lightings ever.
  10. Great moments in the Opening Ceremony - getting the Queen to 'act' in a short film was groundbreaking in itself. Great enactment of the Industrial Revolution - foundry of the Olympic Rings was the 'jaw-dropping' moment. It was never going to be a Beijing, but I actually think I will remember more moments from this ceremony.
  11. Can't wait, it's finally here.... the London 2012 Olympic Ceremony - even the live sheep are dancing! (okay they're not, but this is going to be a unique opening ceremony if nothing else. I just hope it doesn't go over the heads of most of the watching public outside the UK.
  12. I think the endurance athletes i.e. marathon, cycling, triathlon will welcome the drop in temperatures and maybe a little rain - but the watching public will hope we don't get heavy continuous rain and hope they are brief and transient. The Opening Ceremony will just boil down to radar watching on the night itself. Nobody knows weather that 9pm-Midnight slot will turn out to be lucky or fall victim to sods law.
  13. The tower does add a bit of theme park sillyness but I expect the views will be great from the top. The picture above is stunning. Love the colour.
  14. Yep Friday's going to be on a knife-edge. It will be a shame if London has 5 amazing hot sunny days and then right upto 9pm Friday the heavens open up. They are forecasting a breakdown next weekend but there is hope it will only last 2 days and then High Pressure may build again to settle things down.
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