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  1. I agree their website is so frustrating! I got in right at 12:00, grabbed the Football game we wanted, added to cart, that process ended, didn't see any error messages, went to check my cart and the game was not there! Went back to try again and of course the game was gone!! Almost threw the laptop out the window. By the time the list of events came back up, all the football games were gone. Eventually got a beach volleyball added to my cart and checked out right away, since you "only" get 45 minutes to check out. It took at least 10 minutes to complete that process. Pretty much everyth
  2. I was able to add to the one event I got through the initial CoSport request today, although it was very stressful due to the extreme slowness of the site. I also had an issue where an event did not show up in my cart that I know I added, as well as the site taking forever to process my checkout, meanwhile the 30 minute timer ran out! So I had to start all over again, but I did end up filling up the week with basketball, boxing, canoeing, wrestling, handball, and tae kwon do. I was disappointed I did not get athletics or football. Will have to keep checking back as CoSport says they are tr
  3. Thanks! Not sure, I'm bitterly disappointed today Especially since we got all tickets we requested for Torino from Cosport. Will probably check out the next live sale to see how exhorbitantly priced the remaining tickets are.
  4. Heard from CoSport today and very, very disappointed! Got only 1 set of tickets out of 8 requested, for Canoeing Sprint. Not worth going to London for one event, so probably won't even accept those.
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