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  1. Here I am! Decided not to proceed with my comp until this one is finished. Besides, where were we?
  2. I think you guys have a point. I think it would be best if I wait for the other comp to finish before proceeding with mine,
  3. Well, last time I started a bid competition, it didn't finish, so I'm starting this one from scratch, in the hope I might finish the whole thing. So, here's what you have to do: -Name the country you are bidding with -Design a logo (with Candidate Nation-I don't want a lengthy Applicant Phase) -Slogan -Introduction: why your country would be a good host, concept of the bid, etc.) -Venue Plan -Maps and pictures of venues -Media Facilities -Accomodations -Miscellaneous (weather, security, transportation, etc.) All bid documentation and candidate files must be turned in by the deadline,
  4. I would be willing to help with the bid. Just PM me and we'll figure it out from there.
  5. Here's the people who have expressed interest, just so everyone knows: MissEurasia: Dar Es Salaam runningrings: Tianjin/Rosario woohooitsme83: Ottawa mr bernham: Baton Rouge
  6. Extension granted. So far I have the following who have expressed interest: MissEurasia: Dar Es Salaam runningrings: Tianjin/Rosario woohooitsme83: Ottawa
  7. So far MissEurasia has expressed interest. Nd yes, Sir Rols, I know about the logo comp.
  8. It's time for another GamesBids competition! This time you are to design a bid for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games. Basic Guidelines: -You may include a logo, but if you can't, just let your imagination run wild. This is a bid competition, not a popularity contest. -It's up to you to include a bid book or not, but a pamphlet or brochure would suffice. -The deadline for bid logos/documents will be at a time of my choosing. I will give fair warning when that time approaches. Extensions will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. -Singapore, Nanjing, and Buenos Aires are ineligible because they
  9. The great city of Philadelphia hereby registers its intention to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics. Anyone may jump in and help.
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