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  1. there is a moving bird in the farmyard ! This is like Madam Tussauds!! Pure cheese
  2. I thought we had moved on from stories told through the eyes of the child.
  3. Interesting point made on the BBC about the argument between Russia and the IOC re political statements by the athletes. Russia wanted to say that no statements were allowed at any time. IOC and Mr Bach were clear that the athletes can make these statements in press conferences. IOC win!
  4. Hello all. Not often on these days - but I'm off work today before I go skiing on Sunday (not in Sochi obviously!). Looking forward to the ceremony.
  5. Good topic. My top 3 are 'To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I know its a little clichéd to include this book - but its about the only book I can read over and over and still really enjoy. 'Dangerous Liaisons' by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos (I agree with Krow on this one). Superbly written - and funnier than its credited for. Don't miss out on the disclaimer at the very start of the book. 'Behind the Scenes at the Museum' by Kate Atkinson. I've pretty much hated everything else she has written but I LOVE this book. For 'Behind the Scenes at the Museum' it also brings back memories o
  6. Cate Blanchett also has a best supporting actress Oscar from The Aviator in 2005. If that turns out to be the list it'll be a really interesting race - all having at least one acting Oscar already. My vote would be for Judi Dench - but don't think she'll win.
  7. This theory of Madrid hosting helping to stimulate the economy annoys me. If Spain wishes to boost its economy it can find better ways of doing it than putting on a sports festival. Invest in business, training, education, innovation . . . Hosting the games is a money pit. It may be a catalyst for some change - but there are other ways of doing this. No matter what their budget estimates at the moment they always go wrong - look at the original London budget compared to the final cost. These games would need to be bailed out by the EU. For me it should be Tokyo. If not Tokyo then
  8. I voted no - but it was a tough one. I think it is certainly best to wait and see what the report delivers. The pictures are sickening and the whole question of when to intervene and for what will never have a 'right' answer. How far is too far? When is evidence substantial enough to add further risk to innocent lives already at risk? I did a course on 'ethics' recently where we debated the following scenario. There is an out of control train. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The train is headed straight for them. You are next to a lever. If you p
  9. I didn't bother getting up for the sales today. There was just nothing in the remaining batch that floated my boat. Am waiting for this next batch for next year - will be interesting to see what is in there. And also the re-selling. Have the rules for that been released yet? Can you sell/trade to friends and family - or is it only through the official website and open to all?
  10. yeah - I was on the Co-Sport site at 8am (UK time). Not too much on there that I wanted (fortunate to have tickets for some of the events that were available) - but was interesting to see the Closing Ceremony tickets. At 900 euro each I was tempted - for about 1 minute! As much as I'd love to go I just think I can spend my 2000 euro's elsewhere - like a weeks holiday rather than 2 tickets for a 3 hour event. Maybe I'll be kicking myself in a just over a year though. Was disappointed that there were no tickets for swimming, diving or gymnastics though Looking at the website now it is only
  11. I totally agree that it is utter nonsense to suggest that LOCOG would be incapable of orgainsing another round of ticket sales. I have at no point suggested that they would be incapable of such a thing. My point has always been where the tickets are coming from and that I do not believe that the tickets in the next round sales - which is expected to contain in the region of a million+ tickets - are comprised only of returns from NOC's, re-sellers and venue seating finalisation. The article I linked to supports that.
  12. And reading the article again it states clearly that the 8000 tickets are from the generally available allocation of about 30000. That leaves the majority of other tickets for NOC's, sponsors etc and I still stand by my point that tickets for this event (and many other popular events) will not be returned in such numbers and in time for another round of ticket sales 7 months before the games begin. I'm sure we could go around the loop several times - and I don't think LOCOG will ever release absolute numbers that show the situation one way or the other. Will be interesting to see what i
  13. So the other 1 million tickets are from soonsors and VIP's who don't need the tickets. That includes 8000 tickets for the mens 100m finals - probably the most difficult tickets to get for a sports event at the games? 8000 tickets for the mens final - link to Daily Telegraph article Like I said in a follow up post - I don't doubt that some tickets allocated to these groups will be returned. I do doubt that there are over a million being returned and that they will be returned early enough to allow another phase of ticketing at the start of 2012.
  14. Well - I think I said that I was happy with how it worked out for me - but that I wasn't happy with the process overall and I don't think it is fair on poeople who didn't get what they really wanted in the first round and were then excluded from the second round. From your post is looks like you aren't happy with the process either. If they had managed to spread out tickets from the first round more effectively then the 2nd and subsequent rounds could have been better for everyone. I still do not buy that over a million tickets are coming from venue finalisation and from other NOC's - espec
  15. so after no tickets in the first round (despite applying for quite a lot of sessions and some random events) we applied in the 2nd round and my partner and I got all 6 events that we put in for. That means Athletics finals and 2 heats, Mens Volleyball bronze medal match, Mens Beach volleyball quarter finals and a weightlifting final. I'm def happy with the spread of events - but still disappointed with the overall ticketing process. Why didn't they share the tickets out more in the first round? It definitely favoured those people who could risk dropping a lot of money on tickets. I have t
  16. Still no debit on my account. Applied for £1400 of tickets - including several of the prelims as well as the big tickets. V disappointing to get nothing. My partner applied for many of the same sessions to double our chances - and he doesn't have a debit yet either. He even applied for an early morning session of the beach volleyball. Looks like we will be going for the 2nd round and watch the 'not so good' events.
  17. When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now, will you still be sending me a valentine, birthday greeting or even a goddam fricking bottle of wine?
  18. I saw the arch for the first time the other day and whilst I admit to not having much time to look at it I was not very impressed at all! It may well be wide enough to drive a train through but it still looks narrow and spindley and somehow less than it should. Technically I can appreciate that it will holding a lot of weight etc but for me it just does not look imposing or remarkable. As for dominating the Lodon skyline! Well - I think it probably dominates the Wembley skyline - and you can probably see it from the London eye and other vantage points but it hardly dominates the sky!
  19. When speaking of delays I was talking more about the delays in the process of funding designing and planning the building. So far the construction is on plan but with the building not due to be ready for a few years there is a lot that can go wrong. Is that me being sceptical!! Surely not. :devil:
  20. whilst I would never point to Athens as a measure of how to build a stadium I don't think Wembley is a good idea either. Look at the delays in financing - the wrangle over lottery funding - the fight between the Athletics and Football governing bodies - the costs (the worlds most expensive stadium) - the delays in construction blah de blah de blah. Not exactly the image of good work. :oo:
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