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  1. I saw the arch for the first time the other day and whilst I admit to not having much time to look at it I was not very impressed at all! It may well be wide enough to drive a train through but it still looks narrow and spindley and somehow less than it should. Technically I can appreciate that it will holding a lot of weight etc but for me it just does not look imposing or remarkable. As for dominating the Lodon skyline! Well - I think it probably dominates the Wembley skyline - and you can probably see it from the London eye and other vantage points but it hardly dominates the sky!
  2. When speaking of delays I was talking more about the delays in the process of funding designing and planning the building. So far the construction is on plan but with the building not due to be ready for a few years there is a lot that can go wrong. Is that me being sceptical!! Surely not. :devil:
  3. whilst I would never point to Athens as a measure of how to build a stadium I don't think Wembley is a good idea either. Look at the delays in financing - the wrangle over lottery funding - the fight between the Athletics and Football governing bodies - the costs (the worlds most expensive stadium) - the delays in construction blah de blah de blah. Not exactly the image of good work. :oo:
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