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  1. loved the 'I would walk' part. Best bit of the ceremony so far
  2. no - they have yet to make the paralympic symbol yet - no big mistakes so far. It will however be interesting to see the reaction when the Ukraine team enter the stadium
  3. fantastic opening and precision marching to form the Russian flag. Very North Korea
  4. oh no - they are going to have the mascot blow out the flame. CHEESE!
  5. I'm going to be the odd one out here. It feels more like an opening ceremony to me. Kinda too serious (apart from the rings thing at the beginning). I think it should be a bit more fun. We had ballet etc in the opening ceremony. The circus part was good - and impressive how they removed the tent - but where is the fun?
  6. Good job Russia for sharing their mistake. Very nicely done.
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