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  1. Canada are World Hockey Champions again!!!

  2. @Ikarus360 can you clear your inbox please?

  3. Looking for a source that says how many athletes, coaches, press, spectators etc. are in an Olympic city during the games.

    1. Nacre


      You should be able to find some of this in the IOC's technical evaluation for lodging.


  4. Congrats GB on being nominated for a Sports Media Pearl Award!

  5. canada has more than triple the gold medals brazil has. Any comments Danny?

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    2. Roger87


      Another key is the schedule. Considering we started with weightlifting and diving, for example, these sports aren't full Brazilians. Wait for volleyball, swimming

    3. DannyelBrazil


      Can be, but I don't think Brazil will be ahead Canada this year.

    4. Roger87


      Yep Canada and USA are in top.

  6. Starting with TO2015 tomorrow!

  7. Canada has beaten New Zealand in rugby sevens for the first time ever!

  8. Rob Ford Era is officially over!

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    2. ofan


      ^he's second in the polls rn. He's a total criminal though

    3. mr.bernham
    4. plusbrilliantsexploits


      Hey intoronto!

      Can you clear your inbox? I've been trying to reach you for the past 24 hrs or so! Cheers!

  9. New York City was Amazing!!

    1. Quaker2001


      Was, is, and always will be :-)

  10. 1 year to go till the 2015 Pan Am Games!

  11. WHAT On earth is going on!

    1. thatsnotmypuppy


      0-5 at the 48 minute mark.... I don't think anyone saw that coming... WTF???

    2. Ikarus360


      Today, football have won.

  12. WHAT On earth is going on!

  13. Brazil continues to slide by with luck on their side!

    1. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      Better luck than talent. Yes I'm looking at you 1982 and 2006... Brazil usually wins with bad teams.

    2. Victor Mata

      Victor Mata

      1st half was good. 2nd half was terrifying.

    3. DannyelBrazil


      God is Brazilian, Intoronto.

  14. Happy Canada Day!

  15. Asian teams - 3 points total at world cup. Time for them to have less spots at the World Cup!

    1. Quaker2001


      Apparently it's the first time a confederation has ever had multiple teams at a World Cup and failed to win a single game

    2. intoronto


      Interesting. Move the .5 permanently to Concacaf.

  16. laser eye surgery was a success!

  17. Officially a holder of an undergraduate degree!

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    2. Gold Coast Lions

      Gold Coast Lions

      What is your degree? I will be shortly be doing an Bachelor of Arts Major in Politics and International Relations.

    3. thatsnotmypuppy


      Lol. Ha ha ha ha. Surely you jest?

    4. intoronto


      @ty to all

      @Rob for now summer off then work.

  18. Go Italy!

    1. Scotguy


      VIVA ITALIA!!!

    2. ofan


      I'm not on your side for this one int! Go England :D

    3. TheOtherRob


      Awww, Scotguy, really? I remember cheering for Scotland against Brazil in their last World Cup appearance (when I was a schoolboy).

  19. Good for Costa Rica and Concacaf!

  20. Good to see the pollution in the threads is finally getting cleaned up!

    1. Alexjc


      Bit of a panic moment yesterday...thought the site crashed! Was off for ages! Clean out underway?

  21. Nice to see Toronto 2015 got its own forums now!

  22. France beat Canada in hockey!!

    1. Team USA

      Team USA

      WOW I wonder where Crosby and Toews were

  23. Canada into Rugby sevens world series finals!!

    1. Alexjc


      ...and got their arses handed to them as a result.

    2. intoronto


      But still an accomplishment to make the finals for the first time ever

    3. Alexjc


      True! Make the CWGs more interesting.

  24. I am considering leaving these boards because I don't like being held hostage

  25. Mental health is an issue to never overlook.

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