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  1. BHT1 in Bosnia-Herzegovina is showing live all 64 matches but none of its soccer sportscasters, due to financial issues, are on location in Russia. The ones that are in the final group round played simultaneous will be tape-delayed. This extends to BH Radio 1. On the TV side for the first game involving hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia and for the final, both at Moscow Luzhniki Stadium, the pregame must be aired for at least 20 minutes and the postgame for 10 minutes including all commercial elements and trailers broadcast on the BHT1. For other matches with SP 2018, the organizer must emit a live signal at least 10 minutes before the game and 10 minutes after the match. In this case, it was from 16-19:05 Bosnia time (game came in at 16:50). Subsequent days will have BHT1, reading from the daily TV guide, will have only the primetime games afforded the pre and postgame studio coverage. Midday World Cup games will have 10-minute BHT1 news come at halftime at 14:50. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=hr&u=https://www.slobodna-bosna.ba/vijest/82752/bhrt_objavio_ovo_su_pravila_za_gledanje_utakmica_svjetskog_prvenstva_na_javnim_mjestima.html&prev=search http://www.bhrt.ba/sport/nogomet/danas-pocinje-21-svjetsko-prvenstvo-u-nogometu-svi-susreti-uzivo-na-bhrt/ History is made at the World Cup this year with Argentinian humorist Lizy Tagliani becoming the first transwoman to cover the event for Telefe in Russia, swelling the ranks of Latin American women to cover it: http://desastre.mx/internacional/lizy-tagliani-la-primera-mujer-trans-en-cubrir-el-mundial-de-futbol/ SNT and Telefuturo from Paraguay will show them on the free-to-air side with Tigo Sports and TyC Sports doing it on pay-TV. Telefuturo Canal 4 features former goalie Jose Luis Chilavert, Nathu Gonzalez, Fernando Ortiz, Luis Carassale, Alvaro Mota, and commentators Roberto "Pitu" Willis and César Trinidad: http://www.hoy.com.py/farandula/enviados-de-telefuturo-a-rusia-2018-generan-roncha-canal-9-armo-un-mejor-equipo Philippines' ABS-CBN integrated soccer channels Liga and Liga HD will carry 56 games live with the other 8 delayed from the group games while ABS-CBN S+A and S+A HD will carry over 30 matches including the Semifinal and Final matches. The soccer show The Score will get heavily involved as current, former, and college soccer players will come in to analyze with co-host anchors Mico Halili and Anton Roxas. Plus there's a special Road To Russia program: https://sports.abs-cbn.com/sportsandaction/news/2018/06/05/abs-cbn-s-a-liga-broadcast-2018-fifa-world-cup-russia-42537
  2. More importantly Saudi Arabia has more World Cup appearances behind them than Qatar. Hadn't been in a World Cup lately. Even in 2002, they were weak. Only now starting to submit players to foreign pro leagues. Just a few.
  3. 5-0 now! Putin must be grinning with this game at Luzhniki Stadium. Golovin scores at 90+5 on a free kick. Not as bad as it was when Germany demolished the Saudis 7-1 in Sapporo, Japan inside the Sapporo Dome back in 2002. Still, that's a little embarassing. Game over! Russia's happy!
  4. That's it! 4-0 for Russia and their fans. From Cheryshev again in extra time. Great start for them!
  5. 3-0 thanks to Dzyuba from Golovin's good assist. Russia's gonna need win this over the lowest-ranked team in this. IDT even Bert Van Marwijk would've saved the Saudis...
  6. Infantino certainly is no Blatter when it comes to joint bids. At least the United States should've gotten this in 2022 because it was time to return to North American after 1994. Without a doubt FIFA knows what a marketing goldmine and the pre-existing gleaming stadiums would mean minimal costs the USA, Canada, and Mexico would provide. Let's not forget the 1994 Final and the Opening game were smack dab in the North American afternoon for the European TV primetime. Possible those times can be pushed up closer to what Brazil had four years ago in both to be firmer in that European primetime segment. Really glad this would, for its issues involving Vancouver, benefit Canada because it assures at least a second World Cup appearance for it since 1986 (and generations of Canadian international competition WC chances wasted since) at a time when it's better developed there with three MLS teams and a new Canadian Premier League forming with teams across the nation. Not to mention the Canadian women being a serious top contender and the success of the 2015 tournament there. That said, the pressure's on for Canada Soccer to make sure the men qualify for Qatar to get this new generation some meaningful World Cup playing experience for the 2026 target. Could be set back if they don't and be deer caught in the headlights. My primary question becomes how will the three nations, in a 48-team field, be allotted into the groups. Hosts nations since 2006 automatically get Group A when it was previously the defending champs. Will it be based on FIFA Rankings among the three as to who gets them? Don't think Canada will get to appear in Group A. Maybe with its bulk in stadiums, the gravitas, and the majority of games based there the USA gets that. My guess they will each get in the first three groups. Heard there was some talk the three co-hosts will also play in the opening day each having a game. Someone like Christian Pulisic for the USA will be entering his prime by then and hopefully be a bonafide star.
  7. Wonder this has something to do with the United States not qualifying. Futbol de Primera holds the US radio rights to this year's World Cup. But it's only in Spanish. Previously we would have ESPN Radio handle the US English rights just like it did simultaneously with the TV side. Had they qualified there will be some English radio games. My guess would be FOX Sports Radio if not ESPN. Legendary play-by-play man Andres "Goooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll!!!!!!!" Cantor will provide the Spanish-language coverage for all 64 World Cup matches on its affiliated radio stations across the United States, including pre- and post-game shows. In addition, Futbol de Primera will stream each of its radio broadcasts online via: the FDP web site, through FDP's official iOS app and on TuneIn Radio: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2018/04/25/how-watch-world-cup-tv-streaming-radio Telemundo will have 56 games to show with NBC Universo having those 8 simultaneous final group games For the French-speaking Sub-Saharan African region, Canal+ Afrique is the pay-TV destination for the 2018 FIFA World Cup action that will be shown on (largely) Canal Plus Sport 1 and Canal Plus Sport 2 with the Opening Ceremony and much of the World Cup-related content on the former. There's a team of experts made up of 5 journalists and 11 former players and coaches with African ties. Canal Rusie Club, World Cup 2018 Russia Magazine, Facebook Live La Loge, and Digbeu Cravate's 3rd season of Le Prof De Foot. Won't be accessible in South Africa though: http://www.canalplus-afrique.com/Programmes/sport/coupe-du-monde-de-la-fifa-2018 SBS embraces VR broadcasting with also having former Socceroo Craig Moore and David Basheer doing Socceroos games, a SBS app and SBS Radio podcast, a stronger social media presence, and Sebastian Hassett as sideline reporter and Socceroo interviewer: https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/sbs-world-cup-plans-for-new-frontier-for-aussie-sport-broadcasting/news-story/3d769ce73882f2c513739b36df64515a Beletelradiocompany's two TV channels Belarus 5, the sports channel, and Belarus 2 will present the 2018 FIFA World Cup, anchored by its all 64-game coverage with 56 games on Belarus 5 and the remaining 8 on Belarus 2 during the final group games round. There will be news, analysis, and reports from its team going on in Russia and with every game. In a series of promos for Belarus 5 at the following link, each member of the soccer staff are in a different city around the world (Berlin, Buenos Aires, London, Lisbon, Moscow) and each get an Matyrushka doll invite to Russia to come join the Belarussian TV coverage https://www.tvr.by/televidenie/belarus-5/chm-po-futbolu-2018/ Greece isn't in this World Cup edition here; its lack of offensive firepower certainly wouldn't them crowd pleasers. But won't stop Greek national public broadcaster from taking part with live games mostly on ERT1. And it's doing that in an interesting and original way. In a promo called Most Wanted, all the global soccer stars and teams participating in this year's World Cup are linked together to multiple crime scenes on a board at a police station. Complete with jerky shake camera angles and audio police dispatches describing them as "male suspects" needed to be "proceed with caution". This is actually ERT's second World Cup 2018 promo: Along with ERT1 in the games, ERT3 will handle the 8 parallel final group matches. Leading up to the major event, the ERT channels did some World Cup-related programming pertaining to the WC history and documentaries like on the Greek teams and the 16-part On The Road To Russia series. Plus ERT matches can be seen on ERT HD, from ERT's WEBTV, ERT HybridTV for those who have smart TV and all the devices where ERT is present. https://www.efsyn.gr/arthro/yvridiki-kai-eikoniki-pragmatikotita-apo-tin-ert-sto-moyntial ERT executives explain the employment of VR for the World Cup in smartphones, tablets, computer, and hybrid to attract younger watchers in choosing from five cameras, how they will see each match directly and through 12 highlights of matches or video on demand matches. It can choose to view 180 or 360 degrees, tour the stadiums, search stats at any time, see composition and player details, and even images and information about the city where the match is played: https://www.efsyn.gr/arthro/yvridiki-kai-eikoniki-pragmatikotita-apo-tin-ert-sto-moyntial RTSH Sport and RTSH 1 will carry the lion's share of this year's World Cup coverage free and in HD and high sound presentation but mostly with the bulk of the games on RTSH Sport, which as I write this, it's also showing past World Cup matches and films before turning to the 2018 FIFA World Cup later that day with Russia Russia profiles, Studio Rusi, the OC and Russia-Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, its sister RTSH TV channels will conduct some 2018 World Cup-related programming. Daily presentation "starts with the morning show, which will be a Fan Zone youth show," Today in the World ", the show with the day's projections, continues with the technical show called Studio Russia 2018 and in the evenings to be The 21st Magic since this is the 21st World Cup: https://www.rtsh.al/lajme/magjia-e-boterorit-rusia-2018-po-afrohet-ne-rtsh/ ORF1 in Austria will handle 56 matches of this year World Cup from Russia starting with the Russia-Saudi Arabia game under a 220-hour coverage in HD with the option for UHD that starts daily from 13:00 CET to potentially 23:30 with previous day's highlights. Private channel OE24 will handle 8 parallel final group matches as a sublicenser, prompted incidentally by Austria and West Germany back in 1982 to stop Algeria from advancing from group stage. Former Austria head coach Marcel Koller, who will analyze the games together with national legend and later coach Herbert Prohaska, Roman Mählich, Thomas Janeschitz, Oliver Polzer, Rainer Parasiek, Michael Roscher, Michael Bacher, Dietmar Wolff, Thomas Konig, ex-FIFA referee Thomas Steiner, and Boris Kastner-Jirka. Each game will contain a pre- and post-game analysis and countdown like the World Cup Club Special with Kristina Inhof and Christian Diendorfer, World Cup Studio anchored by Rainer Pariasek, Bernhard Stöhr and Alina Zellhofer back in Vienna. ORF1 in addition plans to offer a World Cup documentary on the trophy itself and a couple on the incredible Austria-West Germany game in Cordoba, Argentina starring Hans Krankl upon its 40-year anniversary. Even a replay of the game itself with the original ORF commentary. Rounded off with a comprehensive World Cup-supporting program on ORF 2 (Universe, World Journal, kulturMontag) and ORF III (Documentary Focus). Ö3 listeners will once again enjoy the goalgarantie: The program will be interrupted for each World Cup goal shortly. O1 Radio engage itself in World Cup action. There are also 127 licensed public viewings, including well-known locations such as the WUK, where the FM4-WM-Quartier is again stationed, or the beach bar Herrmann in Vienna. By means of a live stream offer in the ORF TVthek or the highlights via extra.ORF.at, the World Cup can be consumed everywhere. And as an innovation project, the World Cup matches can be watched via ORF TVthek app on various UHD-capable smart TVs as well as UHD-capable speakers or online in UHD quality. With the ORF radios, the World Cup fans are also (live) on the ball, if decisive does. OE24's Wolfgang Feller pledges not to suffocate its portion of the World Cup on ORF. There, journalist Edi Finger Jr. and Robert Seeger, call the 8 games on oe24.TV back in Vienna with WM-Finale commentary – ein Weltrekord. Together studio commentators are moderator Volker Piesczek, radio legende Alex Nausner, Toni Polster, Hans Krankl, Frenkie Schinkels, Armin Assinger, and oe24-Moderator Ferry Ptacek. Together, ORF and OE24 will handle 300 hours of World Cup action: https://www.ots.at/presseaussendung/OTS_20180529_OTS0185/die-fussball-wm-2018-im-orf https://www.horizont.at/home/news/detail/fussball-wm-im-orf-220-stunden-fuer-eine-gute-quote.html https://www.horizont.at/home/news/detail/fussball-wm-bei-oe24tv-fellner-sieht-sich-bei-wm-als-kultige-tv-alternative.html https://www.90minuten.at/de/red/presseschau/kurzmeldungen-vereine-verbaende-sportler/2018/juni/edi-finger-und-robert-seeger-kommentieren-fuer-oe24-tv-die-wm-2018/ http://sport.oe24.at/fussball/wm2018/Ueber-300-Stunden-FIFA-Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft-Russland-2018-auf-oe24-TV/335615167 Schweizer Fernsehen will show all 64 World Cup matches, mostly on SF2 with parallel games on SF1, on the Swiss-German language side as well as livestreaming on srf.ch/sport and in the SRF Sport App. All the SRF World Cup emphasis will fall on Nati with studio host Rainer Maria Salzgeber and SRF expert Benjamin Huggel accompany the team of Vladimir Petković closely through the tournament and present the live Swiss games directly from the Russian stadiums. Daily events with news and interviews from the Swiss World Cup camp as well as player portraits complete the TV coverage of the Swiss national team. Elsewhere, Russia correspondent Christof Franzen also reports on the political, economic and social events in the World Cup host country in various reports. And the contribution series "Russia in Switzerland" shows the result of a Swiss-Russian search for traces. Back in the World Cup studios in Zurich, Paddy Kälin and Lukas Studer discuss the live games and analyze the game together with changing daily guests. In addition to the proven SRF experts Peter Knäbel, Andy Egli, Mario Eggimann and Gürkan Sermeter, other prominent soccer professionals take their places in the Zurich studio. Among others are Martin Schmidt, Diego Benaglio, Winfried Schäfer, Ratinho, and Lutz Pfannenstiel. New is the referee expert: Sascha Amhof will analyze for the first time for the FIFA World Cup 2018 for SRF controversial scenes. Tom Gisler hosts a post-game day 25-minute World Cup show on SF2 called Letschti Rundi immediately after the night game with soccer-loving writers and cabaret artists talking soccer in an off the beaten path way https://www.srf.ch/tv/allgemein/fussball-wm-srf-zeigt-alle-64-spiele-der-fifa-wm-2018-live A 2018 World Cup promo from RTP Portugal showcasing the exhaultations of winning it interspersed with the various dance styles with soccer being compared to, Russia, goals and its accompanying celebrations by players and fans alike, and some great Portuguese World Cup moments: Czech Television will contain 223 hours of the 2018 World Cup with both CT Sport and CT 2 carrying 60 matches with the remaining 4 matches online on ctsport.cz. Each game will have 30 minutes of pregame preparations and 45 minutes postgame. Led by Pavel Capek, the studio team consists of Petr Kubásek and David Kozohorský next to with many guests such as Tomáš Rosický, Petr Čech, Karel Poborský and other legends of Czech football. CT's commentary teams for the matches will be commented by Vlastimil Vlášek, Jiří Štěpán, David Kalous and Ondřej Prokop, who will be accompanied by Martin Hyský, Pavel Karoch, Josef Němec, Erich Brabec, Luboš Kaloud, and Tomáš Pešír. On the spot, Czech Television will also have its reporters at the venues. Base matches are done within the fans by Jaromir Bosák and Luděk Zelenka. World Cup content also provided on CT's Fotbal Fokus podcast: https://www.ceskatelevize.cz/sport/ms-ve-fotbale-2018/376309-fotbalovy-svatek-roku-v-podani-ct-vsechny-zapasy-zive-do-studia-prijde-i-rosicky/ TF1 will only do 28 matches--involving France (naturally), blue bloods Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Portugal, England, and Belgium. 5 round of 16 games – 3 QFs, the semi-finals, third place final, and the Finale in the competition in Moscow. BeIN Sports France will cover all 64 matches on both of the BeIN Sports channels, mostly on BeIN Sports 1, that will have an immense array of commentary teams, expert pundits, and reporters. In addition to daily pre-, post-game Club Russia and the Mondial Show programming, BeIN Sports 1 presents a program devoted to the daily goings-on of Les Bleues nicely called BeIN Bleues http://www.leblogtvnews.com/2018/06/coupe-du-monde-de-foot-le-dispositif-et-les-commentateurs-de-bein-sports.html Additional 2018 World Cup multiplatform programming details from the TF1 Group not limited to TF1 Television like on its sister channels, online/mobile, and radio--TCM, LCI, TFX, and MyTF1: http://www.leblogtvnews.com/2018/06/mondial-de-football-le-dispositif-des-chaines-du-groupe-tf1.html RMC Radio planned 2018 radio coverage with the 20-person staff in Russia. Quite a lot of former Les Bleues involved on the roster representing France: http://www.leblogtvnews.com/2018/06/coupe-du-monde-de-football-le-gros-dispositif-de-rmc.html 12 hours live daily of World Cup-related coverage for the first 3 days on the L' Equipe channel headlined by Messaoud Benterki, Estelle Denis, and Olivier Ménard: http://www.leblogtvnews.com/2018/05/traitement-du-mondial-de-foot-12-heures-de-direct-par-jour-sur-la-chaine-l-equipe-a-partir-du-14-juin.html Georgia Public Broadcasting's First Channel will have the bulk of the 64 FIFA 2018 World Cup games live and exclusively on GPB with the 8 final group stage parallel ones over on the Second Channel with its coverage of live shows, live reviews and analysis of matches, stories about interesting and historical facts, main World Cup news of the day, social network reviews and other interesting developments. Georgian soccer fans will also be able to take part in the First Channel to play Football Logic and win a major prizes like a 2018 car and other prizes, including a smartphone, or a TV set. Drawings will be aired daily from the studio prepared specifically for the World Cup from July 14-July 15 in the days when the matches are scheduled. Every night, the first channel will be another program - the "Men" anchors of Irakli Kakabadze, Irakli Vakhtangishvili, David Labadze and George Janelidze will only talk about football. The World Cup will be covered on its website, Georgians will have the opportunity to watch the best moments from previous matches and if they cannot watch the live game live, follow Live Feed, where they will get information about the game and will see important moments. Channel Radio (FM 102.4) broadcast listen to Helen Bilikhodze sports talk show, Relay. The 2018 World Cup will be opened on June 14 at 17:40 , with the football logic and the football championship opening ceremony. At 18:50 Georgia time, Russia and Saudi Arabia will face each other in the first match of the World Cup . For the first time in the world championship, 1tv worldcup was created for the World Cup specially - all football newsletters in one space, live broadcast, games calendar and forecast for the first time in Georgia: https://1tv.ge/news/msoflio-chempionati-2018-eqskluziurad-pirveli-arkhis-etershi/ TV Azteca family of networks is represented by Azteca Uno and Canal 7 as the designated "Canal del Mundial" with additional content for signals a +, Azteca Uno, adn40 and digital platforms. Both TV Azteca channels mentioned here will show at least all of El Tri's group matches. And... And it will be different and more 24 hours from its previous World Cup coverage with sponsorships in place from Coca-Cola and Panini with its 30-game coverage starting with the Portugal-Spain game on June 15. Will get involved with 4K and analysis technology going a delegation of 220 people in Russia including Inés Sainz, Tania Rincon, Luis Garcia, Christian Martinoli, Jorge Campos, Zague, Antonio Carlos Santos, Antonio Rosique and Carlos Guerrero; besides the soccer legends: Jorge Valdano, Iker Casillas, Roberto Carlos, Deco, Fernando Morientes and Michel Salgado. The comedy part will be in charge of Los Mascabrothers, Facundo and El Capi. Facebook will have an involvement in the digital content production as TV Azteca looks into expanding its soccer market: http://www.newslinereport.com/tv/nota/tv-azteca-presenta-el-canal-del-mundial-rusia-2018 TV schedule for Mexico's Televisa Canal 2 Las Estrellas, TDN Deportes, and SKY Sports Mexico starting with the Opening Ceremony: https://webadictos.com/2018/06/12/partidos-del-mundial-2018-televisa-deportes/ Alibaba's online video hub Youku partners with TV rights CCTV in China with acquisition and access of all 64 2018 World Cup matches livestreamed on Youku's website and will also co-produce an exclusive talk show featuring celebrity guests and football fans. The Alibaba-owned video site will also screen a sports program, off-game highlights, an education program targeting younger audiences called ‘Play Football With Peppa Pig’, highlights videos and more than 20 online World Cup programs to Chinese consumers: https://www.retailnews.asia/youku-provides-around-the-clock-experience-for-2018-fifa-world-cup/ http://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/06/11/alibabas-youku-livestream-world-cup-games-and-dedicated-football-content Another broadcasting reunion of former national team members at the World Cup involves South Koreans with Lee Young-Pyo (KBS), Anh Jun-Hwan (MBC), and Park Ji-Sung now making his debut at SBS but all are at different networks. Park teams up with SBS play-by-play man Bae Sung-Jae and is excited to provide some entertainment value at SBS: http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/news/2018/05/24/0200000000AEN20180524006400315.html http://www.koreatimesus.com/ex-man-utd-midfielder-looking-to-entertain-fans-as-match-commentator-during-world-cup/ LG U+ announced in March it will exclusively provide UHD broadcast circuits for UHD pictures transmitted to terrestrial South Korean TV network 2018 World Cup TV sharers SBS, KBS, and MBC connecting from the Anyang, Gyeonggi Province to the IBC in Moscow with a dual monitoring system: http://www.businesskorea.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=21069 Canal 10 Uruguay certainly starts things for Uruguay with Russia-Saudi Arabia and the opening ceremony in Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium. Tonight, it's doing a preview show and will be showing all of Argentina's matches group stage and beyond with Uruguay's Celeste group matches among the 23 listed so far live, in HD, and from Russia in the morning and afternoon for Canal 10: http://www.cba24n.com.ar/content/canal-10-y-rusia-2018-todo-para-ver TRT4K will offer the 2018 World Cup in stunning 4KTV quality over in Turkey starting with the Russia-Saudi Arabia game tomorrow; all games on TRT1 will have this type of simulcast. Many of the 2018 World Cup games from across Russia will appear on TRT1 with the final group games paralleling on TRT Spor 3 with no 4K access to them: https://www.ntv.com.tr/galeri/dunya-kupasi-2018/dunya-kupasi-mac-programi-dunya-kupasinda-hangi-mac-ne-zaman-saat-kacta-hangi,IbyAD7wAnkKlf556B-ePPA/vOBYCyu39kemvt7q2Nqtsg http://www.trtspor.com.tr/haber/futbol/fifa-2018-dunya-kupasi/2018-dunya-kupasi-4k-kalitesinde-162588.html
  8. I saw that and thought why not just let him ride this coaching Spain out in Russia. I think the RFEF got angry over this as a display of Real Madrid's global strength for no reason and behaved wrong. Just wrongheaded and unwise and could prompt a tremendous dent of instability and distractions in Spain's prospects in Group B. Players there publicly say they won't care because of the major task at hand, but this is not a regular circumstance in the biggest tournament in the world. Not on the eve of its start. Spain's soccer federation should've swallowed its pride here, and Lopetegui should've notified his negotiations and plans with Real Madrid. But he did nothing wrong here. Just the timing with Zidane parting ways.
  9. StarTimes from Sub-Saharan Africa also like SuperSport announces a few hours ago today its downloadable app video service in time for the World Cup starting Thursday for access to live and on-demand 64 matches, full highlights, build-ups, interviews, analysis and magazine shows will also be available on the 5 StarTimes sports channels in the StarTimes “ON Sport” service: http://www.pulse.com.gh/sports/football/startimes-outdoor-streaming-service-for-2018-world-cup-id8487681.html Check out SuperSport's impressive newly overhauled Studio 9 World Cup set! Certainly ready to take on HDTV: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/broadcasting/263991-inside-supersports-impressive-world-cup-studio-photos.html Denmark's TV2 gets the ultimate bulk of all 64 televised games starting on the first day that's June 14. For the final group games, TV2 Sport will come in at the only time it's involved. TV2 will also have its own late afternoon/early evening/late night VM-Study show. It will also have the final, third-place game, half of both the semifinals and quarterfinals, and two of Denmark's group games except for the final one. DR comes in on June 16 with France-Australia and Argentina-Iceland on DR1. Save for its portion of the simultaneous final group games coming on DR3, DR1 is the place for its World Cup portion like the Denmark-France group game, half the round of 16 and quarterfinals, and semifinal game, where its coverage ends. Will have a day only DR1 will show on June 22. Most of the time DR will have no more than 1-2 games per day. At least all of TV2 games are also shown online/mobile on TV2 Play. Broadcasts also extend to Greenland: http://sport.tv2.dk/fodbold/2018-03-15-komplet-sendeplan-her-kan-du-se-alle-kampene-til-vm-i-fodbold Televisa Deportes, the exclusive Mexican digital rights holders, teams up with Facebook with exclusive content provided during Mexico's World Cup campaign on this platform for its fans like some of the best World Cup moments: https://deportes.televisa.com/copa-mundial-fifa-rusia-2018/noticias/televisa-facebook-alianza-mundial http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/cartera/negocios/televisa-usara-facebook-para-unir-fans-con-mundial-de-rusia-2018 Chile's Las Rojas sadly won't be in the World Cup being back-to-back Copa America champions. TVN is getting involved too and we'll get to them later. Somehow had they qualified last fall, I think TVN will have at least Las Rojas' group games. But will share with Canal 13 and Mega on the FTA side, who will broadcast 32 games including and starting with the Opening Ceremony and the following Russia-Saudi Arabia game, all of the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, third place, and final: http://www.13.cl/copamundialfifa/noticia/estos-son-los-32-partidos-del-mundial-de-rusia-2018-que-transmitira-el-13/258013 http://www.13.cl/copamundialfifa/noticia/revisa-programacion-del-13-jornada-inaugural-del-mundial-rusia/258288 Because of the Chileans' elimination from Russia, Canal 13, TVN, and Mega all took the unprecedented step and won't consider sending their on-air staff to Russia and just keep them all in Santiago, saying national interest, ratings, and business will suffer. This means Claudio Palma, Alberto Jesús López, Fernando Solabarrieta, Felipe Bianchi and Rodrigo Sepúlveda (Mega), and Pedro Carcuro, Jorge "The Magician" Valdivia, Mauricio "Pinigol" Pinilla, Gustavo Huerta, and "the Grullo of Gol" Patricio Barrera with Claudio Riquelme (TVN), and the two already traditional pairs in their sports broadcasts: Claudio Rodrigo Palma and Aldo Rómulo Schiappacasse; and Nacho Valenzuela with Juan Cristóbal Guarello; along with the contributions of Rodrigo Vera (Canal 13) will all just stay within the Chilean borders and only Chilean press will be on-location like Ramon Ulloa for Canal 13. Not only that all three channels will carry the same 32 matches: https://redgol.cl/2018/6/a-quien-elegiras-los-elencos-de-lujo-que-t/ The beloved Chilean soccer goalscoring duo that performed their magic 20 years ago along with the rest of their international careers, Ivan Zamarello and Marcelo Salas aka ZA-SA, are joined by their old golakeeper Nelson Tapia from the Cobreloa club as a technical assistant for DIRECTV's World Cup 2018 coverage with that ZA-SA-TA campaign. An entity that will show all 64 games live from Russia: https://redgol.cl/2018/5/za-sa-ta-zamorano-y-salas-suman-a-nelson-t/ TVN Chile's promo for this World Cup welcoming Jorge Valdivia and Mauricio Pinilla as the two former Chilean internationals humorously agree to work with Pedro Carcuro on a phone negotiation asking for both to join. Notice Joe Esposito's "You're The Best Around" being played FOX Sports Brasil has already beaten everybody to airing live from Russia with its broadcasts like last Monday's FOX Sports Brasil Radio programs. It's got special opening day programming planned with the likes of Vanderlei Luxemburgo, Abel Braga, Jô Soares, Emerson da Rosa, Ricardo Rocha, Renê Simões, Paulo Roberto Falcao, and Dr. Moses Cohen as part of the 100-strong personnel on location in Moscow with another 400 back home involved. Like I would say, this is Brazil and its undying soccer passion we're talking about. Falcao, Vanderlei, and Braga will be game commentators. FOX Sports 2 there will offer special coverage, but with only women such as narrating the action: https://natelinha.uol.com.br/noticias/2018/06/10/fox-sports-e-a-primeira-emissora-do-mundo-a-entrar-ao-vivo-da-russia-117484.php https://f5.folha.uol.com.br/televisao/2018/06/falcao-abel-braga-e-vanderlei-luxemburgo-serao-comentaristas-da-copa-na-fox-sports.shtml https://natelinha.uol.com.br/noticias/2018/06/11/fox-sports-anuncia-volta-de-paulo-roberto-falcao-para-a-copa-do-mundo-117528.php DAZN Deutschland (pronounced "da zone") scores exclusive streaming access to all 64 of 2018 World Cup highlights from each and every game 45 minutes afterwards. No extra cost from the 9,99 euro monthly fee thanks to a deal with sports rights agency SportA: https://www.kino.de/film/die-mannschaft-2014/news/dazn-kosten-programm-und-wm-highlights/ https://advanced-television.com/2018/05/18/dazn-scores-germany-world-cup-highlights-deal/ How Latvijas Televisions will broadcast the 2018 FIFA World Cup next door in Russia through LTV7 with all 64 games and David Erenstreet, Anatolijs Kortāns, former football player Raivis Hščanovičs commenting on the opening match. All games will be commented by LTV journalists along with football experts like Anatolijs Kreipans, Andris Auzins, and Matīss Timofejevs getting together with football players Kristaps Blankis, Jurģis Kalns, and Raivis Hschanovics will join forces to ensure quality and interesting accompaniment of games: https://ltv.lsm.lv/lv/aktualitates/?id=1406 Actually, LTV1 takes care of the final group game matches with the rest being on LTV7: https://ltv.lsm.lv/public/assets/userfiles/dokumenti/2018/FIFA PK Futbola spelu grafiks.pdf Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo fans and other Selecao Simao players fans out there? If you are in Portugal, just know that Sport TV all 64 World Cup games on TV if you seek that on subscription TV. Will mostly be shown only on Sport TV1 except when Sport TV2 joins in for the final simultaneous group games. RTP, which Sport TV sublicensed to with SIC, secured 28 games on RTP1 including two of the three 2016 Euro champs Portugal group games (Spain, Iran), opening ceremony, Russia-Saudi Arabia, at least a group game a day, 3 round of 16 games, and quarterfinals afterwards. SIC has 8 games to broadcast including Portugal vs. Morrocco, 6 other group games, and a Round of 16 match: https://espalhafactos.com/2018/06/12/mundial-da-em-que-canal-sabe-onde-podes-ver-jogos/ Goes without saying but Iceland, the smallest nation population-wise to enter the World Cup, is excited to see its men's national team involved in its anticipated World Cup debut--the HM 2018 in Icelandic. Viking clap too. And ready to inflict some damage on the pitch. May cause an upset or two. RUV's TV channel will show all but 8 of the matches from the Opening Ceremony at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium and the Russia-Saudi Arabia game all the way to the final there. Except for 8 final group play matches that will appear on RUV2. Will get more details later. Globo/SporTV's World Cup 2018 personnel staff would very much like to express why watching the World Cup extolls various emotions and passions for many Brazilians, how the feats and world-class skills impress, and they vow to intensely cover and report the entire event from Russia and of the Selecao in every platform in various programming available in the Globo family: RBS Group sent 20 people to represent Radio Gaucha, the only radio station allowed from the south of Brazil to broadcast the World Cup, to Russia https://natelinha.uol.com.br/noticias/2018/06/10/grupo-rbs-tera-20-profissionais-na-copa-do-mundo-da-russia-117496.php
  10. Very possible that it's included as part of the pregame show CTV/TSN is doing though before Russia-Saudi Arabia, I think. FIFA perhaps now mandates the opening game as well as the final be televised on terrestrial TV. TSN 1, 3, 4, and 5 will also broadcast the 2018 FIFA World Cup Preview Show at 6:30pm Canada/USA/Mexico CT. Surely the TSN soccer team will touch on the 2026 World Cup host announcement from Moscow coming Wednesday too. If you haven't yet seen the World Cup schedule from CTV and the TSN channels starting Thursday morning, here it is: https://www.tsn.ca/fifa-world-cup-on-tsn-broadcast-schedule-1.1095011 TSN and RDS content are also now digitally available on a brand new monthly subscription live, on-demand, and digital exclusive service not unlike ESPN+ here in the USA called TSN/RDS Direct that started days ago: https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/theres-a-new-way-to-get-tsn-and-rds-as-canadas-most-watched-sports-networks-introduce-digital-subscriptions-684888861.html RDS announces its FIFA 2018 World Cup programming plans with RDS having the bulk of the 64 games and RDS2 airing a handful like complete start of some group matches when RDS joins in progress, final group games and simultaneous pregames, a few round of 16s, and a couple of QFs. RDS' broadcasting teams is made up of Claudine Douville and Olivier Brett providing a description of all the 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup in Russia. They will be supported, respectively, analysts Jean Gounelle and Patrick Leduc. The French-Canadian broadcast team will be completed by host François-Etienne Corbin and commentators Valmie Ouellet and Jason Di Tullio all in Montreal. Having a 30-minute pregame and postgame studio programming: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=fr&sp=nmt4&u=https://www.bellmedia.ca/fr/sp/presse/rds-presente-la-coupe-du-monde-de-la-fifa-russie-2018-du-14-juin-au-15-juillet/&xid=17259,15700019,15700124,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700186,15700191,15700201&usg=ALkJrhgTpm-SDWJRXdRZU2nR3D3TMLhAtQ 2018 World Cup American TV schedule on FOX, FS1, Telemundo, NBC Universo, DIRECTV Now, and Fubo: http://worldsoccertalk.com/2018/05/21/telemundo-world-cup-schedule/ SVT World Cup coverage stars Andre Pops, Bjorn Nordling, Mats Nystrom, and Marie Lehmannan inside the studio and also possesses a strong team of Chris Härenstam, Glenn Strömberg, David Fjäll, Markus Johannesson, and Pelle Backman as the commentators for Russia 2018 World Cup to Sweden: https://www.svt.se/sport/fotboll/fyra-fragor-till-svt-sports-profiler-infor-vm https://www.svt.se/sport/fotboll/starka-namn-kommenterar-fotbolls-vm-2018-for-svt SVT reveals its reporter crew with the focus on the Blauguld--Frida Östberg, Jane Björck, and Diljen Otlu--and its studio experts are Johanna Frändén and Daniel Nannskog from the Sportsbladet newspaper in the SVT studio with André Pops back in Stockholm in all their "funnest summer job ever": https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/8wKvRw/svt-har-spikat-truppen-infor-fotbolls-vm ARD starts things with the Opening ceremony and the Russia-Saudi Arabia game on June 14 and all the next day's games. Then ZDF takes over for the next two days on June 16, including the Germany 2018 title defense against Mexico in Moscow. Then the two would alternate each day just like in the Olympics during group play except for June 21-22 (ZDF) and June 23-24 (ARD). Neither has decided who will take care who gets which games from the Round of 16 onward. Experts for TV channels involve Thomas Hitzlsperger, Philipp Lahm, Stefan Kuntz, and Hannes Wolf (ARD/Das Erste). Meanwhile Oliver Kahn, Holger Stanislawski, and Ex-Schiedsrichter Urs Meier get involved for ZDF. Moderating studio hosts for the World Cup are Alexander Bommes and Matthias Opdenhövel at ARD with ZDF having Oliver Welke and Jochen Breyer. Game commentatory comes from Tom Bartels, Gerd Gottlob, and Steffen Simon for ARD/Das Erste with Béla Réthy, Oliver Schmidt, Martin Schneider, and Claudia Neumann doing likewise over at ZDF: https://www.prisma.de/news/TV-Plan-zur-WM-2018-bei-ARD-und-ZDF-Alle-Uebertragungen-alle-Spiele,18574283 Some further info on the ZDF WM 2018 promo. There's actually a series of them shown on Germany's ZDF with as many as 6 in total. These are directed by Christian Aebi through ad agency ANORAK and were filmed last August on location in St. Petersburg, Moscow (of course with the Red Square all-ages soccer free for all scenes), and Buryatia. Started airing this month. Still can't find out who's the Russian rap artist and the track to it are. An extended 1.5-minute version of the primary promo posted earlier exists on You Tube, and I'll bring that one up very soon. This one is my fave of the bunch that has an attractive young local woman in St. Petersburg happily showcase dribbling her red purse as if it's a soccer ball at the Palace Square as part of displaying the World Cup fever inflicting Russia. Many historic events happened there during Russian czarist empire times. She must've played soccer not too long ago if not still active with a local club A lot of the World Cup games from Russia shown in Norway are very much evenly distributed among NRK TV channels NRK1, NRK2, and NRK3 and shared with TV2 and TV 2 Sportkanalen. Between the two, NRK and TV 2 will the 64 games with NRK1 and TV 2 having the bulk of them each having 32. NRK1 has the Russia-Saudi Arabia, the next two group play opener games, half the Round of 16s, QFs, third place game, and final. NRK2 and NRK3 only comes in when it's the final group play games that simultaneous. TV 2 starts with the anticipated Portugal-Spain game and then a nice deal of the group play games, half of the Round of 16s, QFs, and ending its broadcast with both semifinals. TV 2 Sportkanalen comes in only like when NRK2 and NRK3 does. Norway hasn't been back in the World Cup in 20 years being usually mediocre, but that hasn't stopped its enjoyment of the event even while the Tippenliagen. All games will appear on NRK Radio by Olav Traaen, Peder Mørtvedt, and Thomas Lerdahl. NRK TV will have Carina Olset, Carl-Erik Trop, Aleksander Schau, and Andreas Hagen as studio program leaders at Kontraskjæret with Russia-bound broadcasting pairs Christian Nilssen and Lise Klaveness with Andreas Stabrun Smithog and former Norway head coach Egil "Drillo" Olsen. TV 2 has Julie Strømsvåg and Jan-Henrik Børslid as its studio counterparts with Erik Thorstvedt, Solveig Gulbrandsen, Brede Hangeland, Jesper Mathisen, Simen Stamsø-Møller as studio experts. Øyvind Alsaker and Kasper Wikestad will comment on the matches in Russia, and it would have its own set of analysts in Petter Myhre and Brede Hangelandsom. Marius Skjelbæk and Jesper Mathisen come in post-game. https://www.nrk.no/presse/slik-sendes-fotball-vm-2018-pa-nrk-og-tv-2-1.14014120 Get to know a little on the NRK and TV2 2018 World Cup commentating teams. There's plans for World Cup-themed podcasts from radio's NRK P3 called Heia-VM, SoMe (social media) involvement, online capabilities, and even a 20-year retrospective on the Norway-Brazil game in France and other World Cup-related programming on NRK TV: https://www.nrk.no/presse/programomtaler/slik-blir-fotball-vm-2018-pa-nrk-1.14073772 Guess who joins the RTE 2018 World Cup large sportscasting staff for RTE2 in Ireland? Here's a nice little hint: it's someone who BTHarner is known to be critical of in these boards. Are you're ready for this, BTH? Like to know the story how this happened. The reaction to this development in the discussion is interesting, to say the least: https://www.rte.ie/sport/world-cup-2018/2018/0606/968565-hope-solo-and-shay-given-join-rte-team-for-world-cup/ Australia's Optus Sport will broadcast, unlike fellow Aussie broadcasting partner SBS, all 64 matches live and on-demand from Russia on its two 24/7 channels Optus Sport 1 and Optus Sport 2 that starts at least 11.5-hours of daily matchday programming from pre-game to daily highlights well into the evening AEST and onwards to early morning. Mel McLaughlin, ex-Socceroos goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer, Richard Bayless, Jules Branch, and Michael Bridges are your studio personnel with some high-profile soccer guests coming. Good to see Mel back doing some soccer that made her popular, even if temporary. Optus will have three on-air teams based in Russia and will produce a prime time show (From Russia With Love) leading into each match day, along with full match coverage and two morning shows (Added Time: Live and Red Square Live) to wrap up each matchday and concluding with Red Square:Live. Optus will supply a World Cup app and VR with some degree options: https://www.optus.com.au/about/media-centre/media-releases/2018/051/introducing-optus-sports-2018-fifa-world-cup-on-air-hosting-team Expert World Cup commentary actually later announced for Optus Sport in former Socceroos, Matildas, All-Whites, and World Cup vets John Aloisi, Tony Popovic, Brett Emerton, Paul Okon, Shane Smeltz, Luke Wilkshire, Alex Wilkinson, Tony Vidmar, Amy Harrison, and Sasa Ognenovski all on board. As well, two dedicated reporters will be on the ground in Russia: respected presenter Michael Zappone, who will be embedded with the Socceroos during their campaign, and Premier League journalist Kelly Somers, who will follow the biggest matches and storylines as they unfold on the ground throughout the tournament: https://www.fourfourtwo.com.au/news/optus-sport-unveils-all-star-aussie-line-up-for-world-cup-491043 Following promo comes from Australia's Optus Sport that promotes its World Cup 2018 campaign "The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful" with its lead Sydney-based ad agency 72andSunny APAC, celebrating the dramatic moments of the World Cup and all the various emotions "that lift us, unite us, confuse us and, occasionally, send us spiralling into a rage. Quite simply, these moments can come from any game" (quoting Optus Managing Director Ben White) coming out of it in a multicultural nation that Australia is unified by soccer--and indeed around the world. Non-Optus customers can get access for A$15 monthly subscription fee: https://mediaweek.com.au/optus-sport-2018-fifa-world-cup-campaign/ https://mumbrella.com.au/optus-draws-on-emotions-experienced-whilst-watching-sport-for-fifa-world-cup-campaign-520800 It's going to be a different era and strange World Cup coverage for SBS without Les Murray involved who died last year. First one since 1986 this happened. SBS secured with partnership from Optus Sport coverage brands TAB, Hyundai, Hisense, Adidas and Mitre 10 for this alignment. SBS will only air 25 live matches including the Russia-Saudi Arabia opener, all the Socceroos matches, marquee matchups like Portugal-Spain and Brazil-Switzerland, two quarterfinals, third-place game, and the final. The listings are shorter now than it was in the recent past when SBS2 was called in to help and would typically watch matches entirely on that. A result of a deal struck two years ago involving SBS and Optus Sport over the English Premier League's 3-year contract. Craig "Fozzie" Foster and Lucy Zelic step into the anchor chairs, and Zelic will conduct the daily 5:30 AEST wrapup show. Will have Martin Tyler as lead commentator. No entertainment content this time though: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/may/30/australia-enters-the-unknown-in-new-era-of-world-cup-coverage https://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/this-is-where-sports-coverage-is-going-mel-mclaughlin-on-optus-world-cup-coup-20180608-p4zkbx.html https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/world-cup/watching-the-fifa-world-cup-is-going-to-be-a-little-different-this-year/news-story/64a71ed7c5611c307d5551576ce4e3ab http://www.adnews.com.au/news/sbs-scores-big-brands-for-2018-world-cup-broadcast SABC just announces its 2018 World Cup broadcasting details today for South Africa in the advent towards HD kicking off there with SABC1 and SABC3 starting today. It enlisted 12 radio stations to help get all 11 of South Africa's official languages incorporated into this with broadcast live. Like with the !Xun and Khwe dialect on XK-FM for the first time: https://www.screenafrica.com/2018/06/11/tv-radio/tv-radio-news/the-sabc-prepares-for-its-fifa-world-cup-coverage/ https://www.iol.co.za/news/south-africa/sabc-ready-to-broadcast-2018-fifa-world-cup-on-tv-radio-15383439 https://www.thesouthafrican.com/world-cup-2018-sabc-live-games-june/ Another team that won't be there is New Zealand's All-Whites, who failed at the last hurdle against Peru that wasn't in it for 36 years. Would've been nice to see them. But of course Kiwis can watch the World Cup 2018 action with SKY Sports NZ carrying all 64 matches live and recorded with 60 of them on commercial time. Sister FTA network Prime will show 22 games, 20 out of them are in commercial time including the Russia-Saudi Arabia opener out of the 10 group games it'll broadcast, 3 Round of 16 matches, all but one of the QFs, both semis, and the Final with lots of simulcasting. As this SKY advertising placement guides notes: https://www.skyadvertising.tv/documents/2324814/6459005/SA_2018FIFAWCRussia/896c3b2b-8b5a-fc4e-bd45-c91fb7ac3100 TV4 Sweden, very much well-known for its immense soccer coverage, will have several well-known names such as Anna Brolin, Lasse Granqvist, Hasse Backe, and even former Örebro coach Alexander Axén included as well as the commentator Patrik Westberg. Its game sportscasting roster is Jesper Hussfelt, Anders Andersson, Åke Unger, Jon Persson, Lasse Granqvist, and Hanna Marklund, the first Swedish woman ever to serve as a TV analyst for the men's World Cup: https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/l10lbA/tv4-monstrar-namnkunnig-vm-uppstallning Under the Sporza banner, VRT has some serious plans for the Flemish Belgian coverage of the World Cup and the Red Devils mostly on Een with a handful on Canvas and Ketnet for the final group matches on the latter two. And on Radio One, Radio 2, and MNM on the radio side. The abundance of programming details and the personnel expected to be involved is immense and well-detailed in Belgium with hopes of the Roberto Martinez's Red Devils wind up being a serious contender: http://www.tv-visie.be/nieuws/belgie/de-sportzomer-van-de-vrt_89053/ Singapore residents will be able to watch RTM Malaysia on Star Hub but not likely the World Cup on RTM TV1 as subscribers, which the encrypted broadcasters ordered by FIFA is intended for Malaysians only. Meanwhile, Mediacorp, SingTel, and StarHub got together in a 200-hour collaboration that ends a bidding war to bring this year's World Cup coverage to Singapore with a standalone World Cup package that costs S$94.16 until May 22 and S$112.35 thereafter like subscribing to Mediacorp's Toggle, Singtel TV, Singtel TV GO, CAST and Starhub TV and Starhub GO service for 64 matches. Mediacorp's Okto channel will air 9 free matches with live pre, halftime, and post-game studio analysis from Mediacorp's Studio 4. Richard Lenton and Steve Lai are the studio hosts in the joint project. Significantly, they will be aided by experienced pundits named Liverpool and Welsh legend Ian Rush, former England international Darren Anderton, local legend R. Sasikumar, and former professional players including Paul Masefield and PJ Roberts. It will also utilize AR, a first in Singapore: http://www.sportingnews.com/soccer/news/live-studio-show-dedicated-to-the-world-cup-for-football-fans-in-singapore/18iib1i9de0ur13a9mu69py0b5 https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/world-cup-screening-starhub-customers-rtm-access-10384154 https://www.mumbrella.asia/2018/04/singtel-starhub-and-mediacorp-to-all-broadcast-2018-fifa-world-cup-in-singapore 55 community clubs will screen all 64 World Cup matches throughout Singapore's island for free: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/fifa-world-cup-to-be-screened-live-at-55-community-clubs-islandwide You just know things wouldn't be as complete without Brazil's World Cup 2018 TV broadcasting contributions included. It's largely on Globo's orbit for the Brazilian market as it shows all 64 matches on its various platforms and ancillary programming on GloboEsporte.com, Globo Play, SporTV and SporTV Plat. TV Globo alone will show 56 games. It's as ambitious as they come. Yes, Globo/SporTV will appear at Moscow's Red Square. It's too ambitious to write here. It'll send 197 to Russia with an additional 200 people back in Brazil and other nations with the staff following the Selecao. Come on, it's a nation that lives, breathes, eats, and thinks soccer above all else: https://globoesporte.globo.com/futebol/copa-do-mundo/noticia/globo-sportv-e-globoesportecom-iniciam-cobertura-integrada-direto-da-russia.ghtml ERT's 3 channels in Greece will show all of 64 games live with major plans for Hybrid and VR technology: https://www.efsyn.gr/arthro/yvridiki-kai-eikoniki-pragmatikotita-apo-tin-ert-sto-moyntial Since it broadcasts soccer a lot on its sports channel VTV3, you would safely assume that Vietnam's VTV would easily cover the broadcasting rights to this year's World Cup edition in Russia. Was held up in the air with days to go because VTV balked at the high price for them in a 2-year negotiation period with Infront and was on the verge of seriously creating an embarassment in being the only nation to see the World Cup in 36 years. It took the Military Telecom Corporation (Viettel) and the Vingroup Corporation acting as the two "donors" to finally help VTV pay for the rights for $16 million: https://m.vov.vn/the-thao/bong-da/tiet-lo-viettel-va-vingroup-giup-vtv-mua-ban-quyen-world-cup-2018-772373.vov http://danviet.vn/the-thao/218-219-nuoc-da-co-ban-quyen-world-cup-2018-tru-viet-nam-881847.html Obviously this World Cup edition is tremendously different for Estonians because it's right next door in Russia. ETV, ETV2, and Russian language channel ETV+ together will have over 300 hours with Urmas Vaino acting studio host for all 64 games. With analysis/commentating from Aet Süvari, Alvar Tiisler, Tarmo Tiisleri, all games are thoroughly analyzed through direct-studio analysis - both before and after the games. ETV brings along the best soccer experts who have come to Estonia as mostly soccer players from all ages, and well-known people like Mart Poom, Indrek Zelinski and Marek Lemsalu: https://sport.err.ee/838030/lisaks-300-teletunnile-analuusib-urmas-vaino-jalgpalli-mm-i-inimlikku-poolt
  11. Russians (and likely those from other Soviet republic) all across the nation are getting World Cup fever, culminating with a pickup grass game at Red Square in ZDF's 2018 World Cup broadcast promo. This is no different from any of the major sports broadcasting undertaking promos ZDF does; they tend to focus on the culture, atmosphere, and nation hosting rather than necessarily the competition, even from its own athletes. Does have a cool Russian rap track here. All of FOX's equipment for this World Cup project all already in Russia with the last of it arrived on May 7. This is how on the tech FOX Sports plans to use them like AR and studio cameras in a matter of days with also an inside, behind-the-scenes look at what to expect with the FOX Sports World Cup studios at Moscow's Red Square. Good news is they had some tuneups prior to this in the last few years: https://www.engadget.com/2018/06/07/fox-sports-world-cup-behind-the-scenes/ Not surprisingly, ad and sponsorship revenue and spending profits at FOX Sports is expected to fall short due to the United States shamefully not in it and the morning/afternoon start times for North America: https://www.foxsports.com/soccer/story/world-cup-spending-profits-set-to-fall-short-of-record-sums-060918 https://www.fiercecable.com/video/fox-sports-world-cup-ad-revenue-could-suffer-due-to-match-start-times-no-u-s-team How Telemundo tackles its upcoming World Cup coverage from Russia. It hopes to siphon off viewers that would've been watching FOX's coverage with a lengthier pre- and post-game programming, a nightly primetime show, Universo match reruns, all 4 Telemundo's teams in Russia, Diego Forlan, Teofilio Cubilas, Diego Borghi, and Andreas Cantor and more. All with 500 hours on TV with an additional 1000 hours digitally under a $600 million budget: http://www.latimes.com/sports/soccer/la-sp-telemundo-world-cup-20180602-story.html Fernando Fiore: FOX Sports' World Cup upcoming coverage's secret and "entertaining" weapon direct from Argentina: https://sports.yahoo.com/fox-sports-secret-world-cup-coverage-weapon-fernando-fiore-132742650.html http://awfulannouncing.com/fox/fernando-fiore-is-here-for-your-entertainment.html Telecinco/Mediaset Espana celebrating its World Cup 2018 coverage
  12. Further updates revealed regarding FOX Sports' maiden 2018 World Cup coverage that are on the digital coverage platform side with lots of goodies there at the World Cup Hub. An additional 448 hours are in store there online to go with all 64 matches televised: http://www.newscaststudio.com/2018/06/05/fox-sports-reveals-world-cup-digital-coverage-plans/ Kirill Richter and his 23-person orchestra he conducted in Moscow present the Russian culture-inspired "Where Angles Fear To Tread" as the FOX 2018 World Cup theme music: http://www.newscaststudio.com/2018/03/09/fox-world-cup-theme-music-promo/ Yes, it certainly still stings not seeing the USA in the World Cup this year; this nation clearly has evolved and grown sophisticated in its soccer since 1989. This nation's WC pedigree seems halted. Had their pity party. No doubt had they qualified, Christian Pulisic would be promoted heavily as one to watch as one budding soccer superstar to build upon. FOX surely has a contingency plan to get casual fans invested in the event and the stars without America involved in front of other broadcasting challenges with it. Our diversity and vastness, like in our sports, here gives it an advantage to getting over it better than, say, Italy: https://www.newsday.com/sports/media/how-fox-sports-will-cover-fifa-world-cup-without-the-u-s-in-it-1.18968665
  13. Time now for a couple of French TV World Cup 2018 promos both from terrestrial broadcaster TF1, longtime official World Cup broadcaster in France. The first one tells you the basic details of its coverage plans from Russia: 28 of the best games, including all of the Les Bleues matches, involving the top international soccer stars like Messi, Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Isco, James Rodriguez, and Luis Suarez, 5 round of 16 games, 3 quarterfinals, semis, third place, and the final. As well as the Russia-Suadi Arabia opener in Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium is included (note the promo says coverage begins June 14, the night of the first game). All interspersed with the drama and action from the previous World Cup in Brazil and fans (not limited to French ones) and top French stars at WC qualifiers and EURO 2016. Easily one of my faves so far. Surely many of us have seen video shoots of championship teams in a highly stylized production often with a massive video screen behind showing vids during sports broadcasts of the championship that were made before the event. This is no different. Excitement is in the air with France's Les Bleues among the serious top contenders with Didier Deschamps' young and very talented charges like Antoine Griezeman, world class teen sensation Kylian Mbappe, Hugo Lloris, Paul Pogba, Blaise Matuidi, Olivier Giroud, Thomas Lemar, Adil Rami, Samuel Umtiti, and N'Golo Kante getting some shine on from TF1 in Paris, having fun and looking forward to emulate the great 1998 squad to create a brand new happy chapter in France's soccer history. It's something he knows from 20 years ago, believe it or not, as captain. It's under Notre Equipe, Notre Bleues ("Our team, Our Blues") slogan: Speaking of that great France 1998 World Cup winning team, TF1 is also releasing a brand new 20-year retrospective documentary on them as they look back at when they, at least for a short moment, brought the whole nation of France together with their win premiering next week on June 10.
  14. SBS' 2018 World Cup coverage promo shown here emphasizes Australia's various mutlicultural and multilingual communities together inside that "ball-shaped planet" united by a common sport and language: soccer with its "We All Speak Football" campaign. SBS is providing through its SBS Radio World Cup coverage all 64 matches live and free in at least 13 languages like English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, Arabic, French, Japanese, Polish, Korean, Swedish, and Croatian, the most languages offered in the world for the World Cup done in partnership. You even hear Martin Tyler's voice here as top commentator there. One of Argentina's TV Publica Argentina Canal 7 promos celebrating the upcoming World Cup in Russia with blue bloods Argentina back in with the hashtag #FanDeArgentina campaign. This deals with the past World Cup heartbreak moments for the nation since reaching glory in 1978 and 1986, like Dennis Bergkamp's awesome goal in Marseille and what happened in Rio's iconic Maracana Stadium in the final versus Germany, as it tries to recapture those moments and all those close calls and near-misses en route to qualifying that nearly derailed them this time in South America before Messi's magic performance in Ecuador. Yet through it all, the Argentinian fans still turn up and support them, ready to cheer them on and celebrate in Russia, energetic national anthem to play and sing with the "Vamos Argentina" slogan when the time comes: I must say that I'm disappointed with the free FIFA 18 World Cup downloadable content from EA Sports. For one thing, this is not the typical Road to the World Cup mode with qualification rounds. Has several teams that failed to qualify like the USA, Italy, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Greece, Canada, Chile, Ireland, China, Norway, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, and Austria. But it feels like it could use more like South Africa, Algeria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Ecuador, Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Syria, Iraq, Paraguay, Honduras, and UAE. You can't replace the original set of 32 but can customize one. First since 1982 that neither the USA nor Canada is in the World Cup--with the USA being all but one of them from 1986-2014, and that was when Canada was in the next one after Spain 1982 with Mexico's edition .
  15. Really without a doubt, Italy shockingly not being in the World Cup for the first time in 60 years is monumental for a blue blood force. Consequentially, I think this failure to qualify prompted national broadcaster RAI to opt out this time with the Azzurri's absence not giving an incentive to show their games on RAI 2. Not that I'm really sad over them because of how they "achieved" what they did in Germany over a decade ago. Call it karma, I guess. Thank you Sweden. Instead, Italians will get their (diminished) national interest to watch on former premier and AC Milan boss Silvio Berlusconi's Mediaset channels Italia 1, Canale 5, and Canale 20 for all the matches with the radio coverage on the Radio 105 Network. This is the TV spot promoting their coverage, which also notes interest in Spain's World Cup coverage in the Mediaset division there: And the just-released 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia broadcast intro is now in full, beautiful, and lovely effect! Definitely one of the best ones I've seen, utilizing the classier bits of Russia with the notable points of interest from the nation:
  16. Manchester City and Ivory Coast international Yaya Toure joins an illustrious SuperSport 2018 World Cup team with Benni McCarthy, Gavin Hunt, Jay-Jay Okocha, Dwight Yorke, Phil Neville, Italian maestro Gianfranco Zola, Samson Siasia, Shaun Bartlett, and Andre Arendse analyzing and previewing the World Cup games with the experienced foursome of Robert Marawa, Carol Tshabalala, Neil Andrews, and Andy Townsend as presenters, From Russia With Love lifestyle magazine anchors Minnie Dlamini with Thato Moeng and Charles Anazodo, Fan Fest's Julia Stuart, Matthew Booth, Lucas Radebe, Stanton Fredericks, and Crystal Arnold for the daily 1-hour World Cup SuperSport Blitz show. Already there's two 24-hour World Cup channels on SuperSport shown across Sub-Saharan Africa with the second being on SS3, the usual soccer channel there, starting June 1 and running until July 15, that includes pre-World Cup friendlies, past World Cup highlights and games, and official films. Language options will be English, Portuguese, Pidgin English, Swahili, isiZulu, and SeSotho, though I wish Afrikaans could be included. But there's not much interest in soccer in the Afrikaner community: https://www.soccerladuma.co.za/news/articles/international/categories/world-cup-2018/yaya-toure-joins-supersport-2018-fifa-world-cup-panel/295524 SuperSport's 2018 FIFA World Cup promo showing some of the best moments from the past with some of its commentators describing their feelings on this massive event that brings everyone together: It won't be the National Public Television and Radio of the Ukraine televising the World Cup this month. That distinction belongs to Inter and NTN in the Ukraine: http://mediasat.info/2018/05/30/2018-fifa-world-cup-2018-fifa-world-cup/ I enjoy this promo from Telemundo Deportes! Set in Los Angeles, a boy who narrates this and his friends, one of which wears a US Soccer T-shirt (not the jersey they were slated to play in, notice this) although they failed to qualify as a specific reminder of the American Spanish rights, many wearing the Spanish and Portuguese team jerseys for a game of night soccer with the new Telstar soccer ball, emulating their idols, but come hurrying back in the morning to watch the real, live World Cup action with neighbors, soon getting caught up in the action, on Telemundo, the holders of the US Spanish 2018 World Cup TV rights:
  17. Once again the BBC with the help of an ad agency creates a visually lovely World Cup TV promo presentation. It presents a Russian automated carpet machine weaving in animated iconic moments of past World Cups done in the Soviet-style design and colors, inspired by its working class, along present World Cup stars projected to appear like the Icelandic Vikings, Mo Salah, Neymar, Messi, Harry Kane, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Not to mention incorporating past England World Cup moments fans would like to forget along with that 1966 triumph as hosts because this is the BBC... Song is Oche Cheryne (Dark Eyes). Performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra featuring Sir John Tomlinson. Arranged by Alex Baranowski. The lyrics are a love song and were actually written by a Ukrainian poet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBxwX1myxqc Some news on the Canadian World Cup 2018 coverage from CTV and TSN: CTV, TSN4, and TSN5 will show the Russia-Saudi Arabia opening game live at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium at 9am Canada/US CT beginning with 30-minute pre-game coverage. Every game broadcast will each have its own pre-game and post-game programming along with a daily 30-minute primetime recap show and a Match of the Day encore presentation both nightly on TSN and sometimes on TSN2 for the latter. Together, both TSN and CTV will air all 64 games, culminating with the Final on July 15 in Moscow that both CTV and TSN will cover starting at 9am. Based on the schedule, CTV will simulcast usually on the weekends during the daytime save for the opener, the final, both semifinals, and the third place game. Preview show comes on at 6:30pm Monday, July 11. TSN's soccer-heavy Canadian on-air personnel will be Luke Wileman, Steven Caldwell, and Kristian Jack overseeing throughout the entire tournament, with Andi Petrillo hosting the nightly recap show. TSN Radio’s coverage features Gareth Wheeler and Terry Dunfield as hosts of pre-game, halftime, and post-game coverage, as well as a nightly recap show. RDS and RDS2 will handle the French-language coverage of course. Details are coming soon. Multi-platform tournament action for Canadian soccer fans can be found on across the TSN Radio network and iHeartRadio apps, TSN.ca (where up-to-the-minute news, insight, and analysis will be made available), and across TSN’s social media channels, and the CTV GO and TSN GO apps. French-language coverage is available exclusively on RDS, RDS2, RDS.ca, and through the RDS GO app: https://www.tsn.ca/ctv-tsn-announce-2018-fifa-world-cup-russia-broadcast-schedule-1.1097994 https://www.tsn.ca/fifa-world-cup-on-tsn-broadcast-schedule-1.1095011 Coca-Cola serves as the primary sponsor of the Bell Media 2018 FIFA World Cup coverage (CTV/TSN) with its various flavor drinks prominent displayed and promoted throughout its coverage including the Canadian social media and digital platforms: https://www.tsn.ca/coca-cola-announced-as-premier-sponsor-of-bell-media-s-full-spectrum-2018-fifa-world-cup-coverage-1.1094975 And this is the really nice TSN/CTV 2018 World Cup promo using calls and sound bites from apparently FIFA English broadcast feeds, if not the BBC's, from the 2014 World Cup and the "World Is Mine" rap track used as campaign slogan. Interest surely would rise there exponentionally had Canada somehow qualified for Russia. No doubt all of Canada's matches would've been shown on both CTV and TSN if that was the case: https://vimeo.com/238639836
  18. South Korea lands in Herning, Denmark and--in a welcome to the IIHF World Ice Hockey Championship elite level competition moment--get blasted and almost blanked by the Finnish today on Cinco De Mayo, save for naturalized Canadian-South Korean Michael Smith's breakaway. Team Finland (or Suomi, if you prefer) led by game star Sebastian Aho tied a IIHF WC record in having three shorthanded goals in one game as South Korea gave up too many power-play and shorthanded goals for them to stay competitive with getting outshot at goal by Finland 45-9 on goalie Matt Dalton. Needless to say, they're getting a major dose of what this level is like, what it takes to stay there, and what this team needs to improve and be deeper in the future. Pedigree matters here: https://www.new-iihf.com/en/events/2018/wm/news/2343/aho-s-star-shines-bright No depth or firepower to seriously match what the bigger, better, and far more experienced powers have in their group to make it impactfully competitive in this level, even with the motivation that coach Jim Paek can muster. Their sudden rise leading up to Pyeongchang 2018 in international ice hockey is impressive, and that preparation from that and before will help them better somewhat here when they plan to attack in Denmark as debutants. Speed and pace are other aspects they still can't cope with even having Dalton as the last line of the South Korean defense: https://www.new-iihf.com/en/events/2018/wm/news/2206/korea-wants-to-stay
  19. You gotta easily think with the Olympics staying in Asia, this time of course Tokyo hosting the Summer Olympics, that NBC Sports Network will reprise having the Olympics covered 24 hours a day as the major US Olympic TV Channel for several more days than what it did for Pyeongchang because of, obviously, much more events to cover. Maybe it would do this starting with the first full day of official competition until close to the final day.
  20. Carries on a trend we're seeing with special events added just as a download. We've already seen Konami have EURO 2016 come not as a stand-alone but as DLC. Some good broadcasting news in the USA: former US international Aly Wagner becomes the first woman to game analyze a men's World Cup game on US TV, 8 of the 12 World Cup commentators on FOX are American headlined by John Strong, John Paul Dellacamera, Stu Holden, and Tony Meola, 2 of those 12 will be Hispanic that are all-Mexican tandem (ESPN Deportes' Jorge Perez Navarro and Mariano Trujillo focusing on the Latin American teams like Mexico); studio set was built in Stuttgart, Germany and then taken apart before making its way to Moscow in trucks; Lothar Matthaeus, Alexi Lalas, Hernan Crespo, Guus Hiddink, Ian Wright and Kelly Smith are studio hosts with association from sister sports channels like SKY Sports, SKY Germany, and FOX Sports Latin America/Brazil; Vivana Vila will rep Telemundo's US Spanish TV coverage as an analyst; FOX will broadcast on-site quarterfinals onward. Bad broadcasting news: on-location pairings in Russia from FOX with two are down from ESPN's 5 in Brazil (not to mention 13 at Rio's IBC), as the majority will cover them housed in FOX's Los Angeles studios--in contrast Telemundo will call the majority at stadiums with the rest at Moscow's IBC; Eric Wynalda, Brad Friedel, and Landon Donovan were originally part of the FOX team but left for differing reasons https://www.si.com/soccer/2018/04/25/ap-soc-world-cup-fox-2nd-ld-writethru https://deadspin.com/fox-sports-is-half-assing-the-world-cup-1825544146 http://worldsoccertalk.com/2018/04/26/fox-prioritizes-world-cup-set-over-commentators/ Appreciate the technological advances that will allow them to call matches back home, but there's something about being in the host nation when it comes to a World Cup. I do also think the US not qualifying certainly had a lot to do with the makeup and format; had they did (and they should've! ), I think JP and Tony will cover all the Team USA games at least in group play that will automatically be on FOX along with the Russia-Saudi Arabia opener, for example, and a few more tandems will be on-location in Russia. And FOX will spend more. But the company been slashing its budget lately. You think as its maiden major men's World Cup broadcast, it will pull all the stops... Diego Forlan joins Telemundo's World Cup sportscasting team: https://sputniknews.com/viewpoint-worldcup-2018/201804111063447656-diego-forlan-fifa/ Don't THINK I'm not through at all with my wrath on the Americans--it's coming soon! Just haven't yet got around back to it...
  21. Exactly my reaction when I saw it last night. I was at the point of "wanting my damn money back" (and that's very rare for me to think this when seeing a movie). In fairness, a lot of people who saw this aren't hardcore comic book/superhero fans. I didn't read the Infinity War, and that's what prompted it in my case. Do remember Dr. Strange referring to short-term pain--to have that many superheros wither away seems scandalous. But I knew the iconic ones will come back with the next installment coming in May and see new ones; they're too important to Marvel and people would react very adversely if they're permanently gone. Surely Thanos got something planned for them afterward for the next installment. But why Thanos seems so at peace, save for the stumble, now with the sun shining at the end?
  22. A trio of Winter Olympic-themed commercials that appeared on Canadian TV back in 1988 with the Calgary Winter Olympics fast approaching back then running consecutively. First is the sentimental Petro-Canada ad centering a Canadian boy touches the incoming Calgary Olympic Torch that was momentarily shared with him as him and his family anticipating the torch relay coming along their neighborhood on its Canadian journey, thus living up to the "Share The Flame" song. Second one comes from GM Canada, makers of the official Calgary 1988 Olympic vehicles, with Canadian actors/athletes/models posing as Soviet hockey players, Japanese skiiers, and as local residents with the vehicles in front of the city's skyline and the Olympic Saddledome telling Canadian viewers in their languages to "join us" (Ensemble in French because this is Canada) in Calgary. Finally, Royal Bank of Canada presents Canadian national figure skating champions Tracy Wilson and Rob McCall discussing the what the Royal Bank 1988 commemorative Olympic silver coins mean for Canadian Olympic athlete funding, something the Royal Canadian Mint did for Vancouver 22 years later. Funny, I just read about a Halls commercial starring bobsledder Chris Lori, which isn't present on YouTube right now, in the feedback to this video and saw it mentioned in a separate thread here. I'm interested in seeing that. Also that Bombadier commercial I just saw there, it looks like it was set somewhere in Bolivia or Peru. I know it was NEVER with an African family but initially thought the community and family set in it was more Central Asian like Kazakhstan or Krygyzstan.
  23. Too bad the SBS live presentation of the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony placed here is now taken off; I didn't get a chance to watch it all the way. Just made it right up to those 5 rural Gangwon kids encountering the Korean white tiger and just starting the Parade of Nations up to Germany in the Korean language and alphabet before wanting to watch it another time. Long commercial break leading up to it with the likes of KT, Visa, Coca-Cola, Kit-Kat, and Samsung, but that ad placement is certainly one of the differences between foreign TV networks/channels and their US TV counterparts. What was going on before the coverage started? The preshow? Used some of the same commercials. Now, amazing 30 years it's been between Seoul and Pyeongchang. Lot has changed during this period. Back then South Korea's economy was growing ever so rapidly being dubbed as a rising Asian tiger. Now South Korea is fully developed with a highly educated population. Got the rival South Korean broadcaster MBC Sports' presentation of the 1988 Seoul Opening Ceremony from MBC to counter KBS'. The actual ceremony itself doesn't start here until 38:39 into this video due to the extensive commercial breaks, where the only commercial spots I recognize from the KBS version are the Kodak, IBM, and Schick ones. The use of 1980s hit music is on full display here with a kids' clothing label uses Expose instrumental dance music for its commercial and Crockett's Theme, one of my favorite instrumentals, for Schick. Some are cheesy and don't hold up nowdays though (but many overall are fun and nice to see) with improvements to them in production values since with the 2018 counterparts during this year's Winter Olympics coverage from the three networks. Brief reports are here starting with JIP one on global dances from Kenya and Rio Carnival with stories on the atmosphere and mood in Seoul with the Opening Ceremony minutes away what MBC apparently planned to cover here (basketball, tennis, taekwondo, boxing, table tennis, volleyball, soccer, and judo). Computer animation was innovative back then and not much different from what was offered from the likes of NBC like in the MBC Sports 1988 Olympic intro, although it doesn't use the standard broadcast intro using John Williams score. What's interesting about the Parade of Nations lies in using the English graphics first from official broadcast unlike KBS, and then going to the Korean with showing in plenty of cases the map of the nation the athletes come from are shown, so that South Koreans can discover them on the map and the inset photos of some top Olympic stars and medal contenders of select nations like Carl Lewis, Ben Johnson, and Alex Baumann. Not to mention seeing the on-screen Korean translation of the Hand In Hand lyrics. Interesting that South Yemen, aka the Yemen Arab Democratic Republic, competed only once here as it boycotted Los Angeles. Also interesting now that Albania, Cuba, Ethiopia, Seychelles, and Nicaragua all were no shows here with not unexpectedly North Korea since everybody's back in--even South Africa from 1960--since for the Summer Games. Don't know the hosts and reporters names. If anyone knows Korean here, please help us:
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