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  1. A tremendous loss to the sports community not just for basketball who died from a heart attack Sunday at the YOG. He truly had a passion , a love, and vision for the sport :( http://www.fiba.basketball/news/world-of-sport-pays-tribute-to-patrick-baumann
  2. NBC Tokyo 2020's wordmark broadcast logo was designed by Los Angeles-based branding firm Maceon intended through its design "to honor Japanese traditions – including distinct line forms of the Japanese written language; embrace Tokyo’s modern spirit, and embody the energy of NBC Olympics’ presentation" that more specifically highlights and desires "[its] branding goal was to develop a logo that honored the rich culture of Japan, while also exploring the vibrant union of art, technology, fashion and pop culture that defines Tokyo today,” with plans for diverse array of forms and color palettes used whenever the situation calls for it in adaptable ways. Given the significance and meaning while knowing more behind the design like the caligraphy-like wordmark (something I should've made note of earlier), I like it even more: https://www.mediaplaynews.com/nbc-reveals-2020-tokyo-olympics-logo/ Last month in September a couple weeks ago, the OBS and Worldwide Olympic Sponsor Alibaba.com announce a partnership that will see the two develop a groundbreaking Olympic broadcasting cloud platform system under the Alibaba Cloud network called OBS Cloud making its Olympic debut for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Figured cloud systems will integrate its way onto the Olympic program in some way as clouds are deemed the future in computers. The cloud allows, among other things, for OBS to store its video and audio Olympic broadcasting assets while hosts rights broadcasters can move them out or allow them to stay for storage. More details and thoughts are coming next time: https://www.sportsvideo.org/2018/09/21/olympic-broadcasting-services-alibaba-cloud-create-obs-cloud-for-tokyo-2020-games/ https://www.olympic.org/news/alibaba-and-obs-collaborate-for-tokyo-2020-broadcasting-cloud-solution https://www.scmp.com/tech/big-tech/article/2164920/alibaba-cloud-support-live-broadcast-2020-summer-olympics-tokyo https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/tech/alibaba-creates-cloud-platform-for-tokyo-2020/5132917.article https://www.alizila.com/alibaba-cloud-olympic-broadcasting-services-partner-on-new-platform/ https://variety.com/2018/digital/asia/live-olympic-games-broadcast-cloud-computing-alibaba-1202947811/ https://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/09/20/alibaba-launches-new-technology-broadcasting-ahead-tokyo-2020 Seven Network through Seven West Media down under says it will do better than in the past with its screening and streaming Australian coverage of the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Paralympics as opposed to displaying its very limited 1-hour TV highlights coverage for the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympics after taking over the Aussie TV rights from ABC: https://mumbrella.com.au/seven-signs-deal-to-stream-2020-tokyo-paralympics-543550 In case you couldn't directly link to the promo from me the first time around...
  3. Bold. Athletic. Fluid. Dynamic. And moving. NBC Sports just now puts up the new Tokyo 2020 broadcast logo. Check it out. Gets and does more action than the stationary Sochi.ru 2014 Olympic logo. Said to best "embodies what it takes to be an Olympic athlete" You can simultaneously see the running and jumping along with perhaps subtle nods to a Shinto temple, a pagoda, and Mount Fuji with a dash of futurism the city is definitely known for. Do know for sure it's loads more--IN THE THOUSANDS!--coverage than when NBC last visited Tokyo in October 10-24, 1964 as the first time the Peacock tasted Olympic TV broadcasting when the innovations of the day were via satellite with the Syncom 3 and color TV (15 hours overall in daily highlights form with the competition entirely in b&w a few hours after the Olympic competition was over for the day likely during primetime hours or for the next day with footage flown trans-Pacific with the OC live via satellite in color). Under the #TokyoOlympics hashtag https://twitter.com/NBCSports Also puts forth its first of what surely will be many promos in all of its various platforms during the next two years during its promotional blitz showcasing Team USA as the 2-year American Summer Olympic calendar officially begins... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENMhrEVa4XQ
  4. Press release and further info for the documentary from the Olympic Channel can be found here. Plans for NBCSN in the USA and for Eurosport across much of Europe to broadcast The Golden Generation too: https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/stories/news/detail/olympic-channel-five-rings-films-presents-the-golden-generation/?utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=inst-story&utm_campaign=bayog-owned_
  5. Five Rings Films presents the amazing story of the Argentinian men's basketball team taking gold and upsetting the favored Americans along the way in Athens 2004 called the Golden Generation for the Olympic Channel as an original documentary premiering worldwide on October 22. 14 years ago and right on the heels of Emmanuel Ginobili's retirement from basketball. Everyone on that team--Manu, Pepe Sanchez, Fabricio Oberto, Andreas Nocioni, Ruben Wolkowyski, Luis Scola, Gabriel Fernandez, Hugo Sconochini, Carlos Delfino, Leo Gutierrez, Walter Herrmann, Alejandro Montecchia, head coach Ruben Magnano, and former CABB President Mr. Muratore--were interviewed for this to remember that special time together. There was some talk during this time that the American Olympic dominance would end after this in the pro era, but that really didn't happen. Already had its premiere in Buenos Aires and was co-directed by Camilo Antolini and Oscar winner Juan Campanella: http://www.fiba.basketball/news/fiba-president-muratore-attends-premiere-of-olympic-channel-documentary-on-argentinas-golden-generation
  6. Sometime during the 1994-96 Australia, Cathy Freeman--at last we got to her here--took a moment to make and share some Bushells Tea and laughs with an older white Australian man, presumably a journalist in her Melbourne residence while admiring her Aboriginal art and her achievements like her Victoria 1994 Commonwealth Games gold: Seamlessly using footage from Argentina's first Athens 2004 Olympic basketball game with Serbia and Montenegro, Visa Argentina, while also sponsoring Argentina's CABB basketball federation, shows what would've been coach Rueben Magnano giving instructions and multiple drawings instead with Visa involved of drawing plays for a final play in the dying seconds. How was he able to do this? Worked like a charm in the end with Manu Ginobili's winning shot:
  7. Actually I too miss her score to CBS Winter Olympics Games coverage from the 1990s. The time is more than right to have it commercially released. Rare for the time certainly that a woman was behind this "majesty". Being spoiled with wall-to-wall coverage nowadays, I kinda wish CBS/TNT did likewise for at on the cable side in hindsight. That's the technology back then. Uploaded recently. The Seven Network down in Australia celebrated 40 years of broadcasting the Olympics back in 1996 by presenting and recreating and juxtaposing (with archival of Australians winning) the look of the Melbourne 1956 Summer Olympics, the first Olympics televised certainly in Australia and globally except for North America due to rights issues (and Africa for there was no television services set up yet for many) with more present day coverage as 7 Sport was looking ahead towards Atlanta utilizing the earth tone colors of rust and black in cinematography for continuing that Olympic broadcasting tradition to Australians as "Australia's Home of the Olympics" as Atlanta 1996 studio anchor Gary Wilkinson boasting that 7 will have 400 cameras to present the "ultimate TV event" action from an "experienced" group. Do recognize Wilkinson, Bruce McAvaney, and Sandy Roberts in the squares--surely, McAvaney also did the track and field. Don't recognize the other two--the woman and the man. All were studio anchors during the nearly 24/7 coverage that started July 20, I'm sure. Ends with a coverage's sponsors promotion of McDonald's, Telstra, and Ford. Of course that was nothing compared to four years later for Seven's massive project and hype in their own backyard... NBC prepared for its second Summer Olympics during this current era it's on for the eagerly anticipated Barcelona 1992 edition by bringing out that song We Are One, a song that was originally intended for NBC's aborted coverage of the Moscow 1980 Summer Olympics during this 1-minute promo before getting a second chance when NBC got the Olympic rights again for good and I don't know who the performers were to that. Glad it's on there more fully. Do remember hearing a snippet on NBC's Seoul pre-Games preview before going to its first commercial break as primetime anchor and host Bryant Gumbel mentioned about the song. We get a montage of US Olympic hopefuls like Mike Powell, Magic Johnson, Kim Zmeskal, Karch Kiraly and the rest of the US men's volleyball team, Michael Jordan, Matt Biondi, FloJo, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Chris Mullin, and Carl Lewis. Had to have been aired no earlier in the spring of that year because we see some footage of the 1992 NBA All-Star Game in Orlando that NBC broadcasted:
  8. Been very quiet on the 30 For 30 front these days, I know there has been some docs involving Olympians lately in other platforms like the podcasts. But surely not many out there save for being on the Olympic Channel. ESPN did just announce it will have an entire new batch of 30 For 30s. My concern lies in some may just be restricted to exclusively on ESPN+ and may end up being like the-tree-falling-in-the-forest-sound. This apparent tapering off may just be a one-off. Vice President and Executive Producer of ESPN Films and “30 for 30” Libby Geist says this year is just an outlier. Geist says there are at least 15 30 For 30s forthcoming in various stages of planning and production. Hopefully I wager at least one of them involves Olympian or the Olympics, but it's hard to tell since details of the subjects aren't yet forthcoming save for a Michael Jordan 10-hor one and a Deon Sanders self-inflicted leak on his. Geist projects the majority will make TV with one or two heading exclusively on ESPN+ in determining what goes where and using it as a draw to Plus, a top priority for ESPN right now: http://awfulannouncing.com/espn/aa-qa-espns-libby-geist-outlines-the-future-of-30-for-30.html http://thecomeback.com/espn/a-look-at-the-past-present-and-future-of-30-for-30-as-weve-hit-a-troubling-lull-for-the-series.html There is actually one from the Olympian/Paralympian realm this year on ESPN+. Earlier this month though ESPN released on August 24 an inspiring short documentary on Paralympian swimmer Victoria Arlen who swam to a gold and two silvers in the London 2012 Paralympics was still determined to regain the use of her legs to walk after suffering an illness locking in her body and falling into a vegetative state from that starting from age 11 Got to compete in Dancing With The Stars: https://espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2018/07/30-for-30-shorts-locked-in-documentary-on-victoria-arlen-to-premiere-august-3-on-espn/
  9. Bob Moir was among the first Olympic commentators starting with CBC's Tokyo 1964 coverage before moving into the production side of things like in executive producing Montreal, Seoul, and Albertville. During his 40+ years of CBC work, he recruited and promoted some of the most talented sportscasters and analysts in Canadian broadcasting history. He and Don Wittman once crawled under the Olympic Village fence across from the Israeli dorms to cover the tragedy in Munich. Had a love for figure skating. Simultaneously generous and demanding in his job, Moir died in December 2016 at 87. https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/former-cbc-sports-exec-producer-192335081.html
  10. Boy, does Indonesian President Joko Widodo makes an entrance as a head of state at Jakarta's Opening Ceremony for the 2018 Asian Games! Top that, major powers! Eat your heart, Putin with your shirtless horse riding! Lyashencko in your action sports activities! The action short film with him and his motorcycle impressing the public along the way obviously has to have his stunt double for it. Then again Widodo might have a future in action movies. He sort of smiles like Obama. The flag bearers sporting the Indonesian gold eagle coat of arms look stunning during the Parade of Nations, which comes very early on. Too bad that's semi-interrupted by these constant ads. Video quality can be off at times--and like with Rio 2016, the delegations aren't walking along a track but walking through. Oh yes, there's a unified Korean team sighting here as well as Macau:
  11. Oh, many English fans certainly aren't going to like this when the time comes to visiting Qatar...
  12. Beijing 2022 will see 10 women's hockey teams competing as the IOC grants the IIHF's expansion wish--with hosts China competing in both men's and women's ice hockey tournaments with automatic entry: http://www.iihf.com/home-of-hockey/news/news-singleview/?tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=12861&cHash=0c737eace02762f9084a8fbf5266dfc6
  13. Belgium wins third--2-0 from Thomas Muenier and Eden Hazard! I expect France will win after 20 years--should be after 12 years but the evil scum ruined it in Berlin, they knew what they were doing. Deferred karma in not qualifying this time!--there's depth, speed, youth, and talent. They were my choice after Germany, who of course embarassingly fizzled out and were more than capable of repeating, because those things with some emerging talent with already-established stars like Griezmann and Lloris, whose captainship will no doubt be needed more than ever. Yet as Croatia showed when qualifying out of the home and home series versus Greece, they got patience, skill, craftiness, and experience. Croatia winning the World Cup will surely go down as THE greatest sports moment ever in the nation's 27-year existence. Bigger than the beloved 1998 heroes winning third in its first World Cup from a nearly all-debutant group in France, Janica and Ivica Kostelic winning gold in alpine skiing, Goran Ivanisevic winning men's Wimbeldon as a wild card, Croatia winning men's handball Olympic gold at Atlanta's Georgia Dome and later in Athens (who could forget those train-like and body slide celebrations?), Sandra Petkovic and the men's water polo team claiming gold in London, and the great Croatian basketball players during the Dream Team era (Petrovic, Kukoc, Arapovic, Radja, Tabak, Komazec, Vrankovic, Alanovic, Perasovic, Cvjeticanin, Naglic, and Gregov). We know Macron and Grabar-Kitarovic surely will be there and maybe many of the 1998 World Cup team will hopefully be in attendance supporting their old teammate and national hero Deschamps. Great way to cap off Bastille Day weekend should they win! Remember they first won it all during that very weekend in France 20 years ago. Speaking of 1998, there's a couple of retrospective documentaries about them, the ones I know are from TF1 and France Televisions (France 2, specifically). It'll be fun to see those Champs-Elysee scenes duplicated.
  14. Oh, the German devastation! Easily the worst team Germany has ever sent to the World Cup. And the most disgraceful and embarassing. I picked them to go deep. Likely to repeat despite knowing full well how hard it is to repeat at a World Cup. Sure the women did not that a decade ago, but the women's game is very different in that there's not as many nations that are reasonably competitive among each other. To be fair, not many of us would see this happen in Russia given their well-oiled machine rep. Brazilians are taking some schadenfruede and seeing karma for what happened in Belo Horizante. You know, that infamous 7-1 semifinal. And they steamrolled the European qualifiers this world Cup --and they weren't dominant last time out. All that talent and were capable as a team. Couldn't adjust and adapt to someone like what Juan Carlos Osorio's mad scientist ways with Mexico that worked on them. Now Kazan is up with Cries are already there regarding Leroy Sane. While I think he would've help as a stablizing spark with his speed and athleticism, Sane would not be enough. Ditto for Jonathan Tah. A lot of players from the World Cup winning 2014 campaign are gone and their World Cup qualities ended up being missed more than they realized; these players, while talented, couldn't adjust and aren't the 2014ers like Klose, Lahm, Podolski, and Schweinsteiger. I think Deutschland especially misses Lahm's strong on-pitch leadership and game control on both ends of the grass. He did not just played his position or his assigned duties, but he got involved in all the actions on the field and players on the field tended to draw extra energies from him to heighten their games. Was well-respected for this as the team's heart and soul. Every German championship team had someone of this quality and responsibilities up to 2014. Look for several players to end their German international career in shame after this World Cup debacle now that they're back home in Frankfurt--and should've been hounded with anger upon their return. Also look for stories of dissension, miscalculation, accusations, and disunity in Russia afterward. Global shock and sarcasm coming from newspapers and social media worldwide after yesterday's German surprise exit both within and outside Germany: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jun/27/over-and-out-media-reaction-to-germanys-world-cup-exit https://www.welt.de/sport/fussball/wm-2018/article178356304/WM-2018-Presse-zu-Deutschland-Weltmeister-hinterlaesst-eine-gedemuetigte-Nation.html http://www.espn.com/soccer/fifa-world-cup/4/blog/post/3547335/a-wild-day-in-world-cup-group-f-how-social-media-reacted-to-germanys-elimination https://www.welt.de/sport/fussball/wm-2018/article178360358/WM-2018-Diese-Spieler-koennten-die-Zukunft-der-deutschen-Nationalelf-sein.html https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/jun/27/germany-south-korea-world-cup-internet-reacts https://www.welt.de/sport/fussball/wm-2018/article178366636/WM-2018-Aus-Deutschland-Viel-Qualitaet-aber-keine-Fuehrung.html
  15. Turns out the Ukraine's First National Television from Nation Public Broadcasting is showing 2018 FIFA World Cup matches after all for an undisclosed amount motivated by the fear of losing future TV World Cup Ukrainian broadcasting rights for 2022 and beyond: https://meduza.io/en/news/2018/06/15/ukraine-decides-to-broadcast-russia-s-fifa-world-cup-after-all Thanks to Japan's Soccer King's website, we can have access to the Japanese 2018 FIFA World Cup TV schedule with NHK/BS1, Fuji TV, TBS, Nippon TV, and TV Asahi. Live games only here. BS1 will air the encore of the one not televised originally on NHK or its sister TV channel BS1: https://www.soccer-king.jp/news/world/wc/20171225/688116.html FIFA's World Cup TV and online/mobile viewership this month is expected to be on the upswing worldwide to 3.4 billion. That's the power of the FIFA World Cup attracting soccer fans all around the world that can easily overcome all the scandal and sponsorship pull-out. American World Cup interest may decline due to its no-show on the aggregate even with Telemundo primarily catering to the Hispanic fan base, who are already hooked, and FOX both acquired the rights. Thanks to China and the growing popularity of soccer with the CSL and Xi Jinping's national devotion to it in part: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/soccer-world-cup-2018-global-audience-hit-34-billion-fifa-revenue-reach-6-billion-1120071 HBO Latino brought us Destino Sudafrica and Destino Brasil. Now this year HBO Latino and HBO Europe presents us with Destino Rusia when leading up to the World Cup there with the docu-series on mostly Latin players. Shown in 55 nations. https://variety.com/2018/tv/global/hbo-world-cup-docu-series-destino-rusia-2018-1202748981/ EMTV in Papua New Guinea is showing all 64 of the games from Russia. Guess EMTV has a sister channel to air the parallel final group games to fufill showing all of them with the opening cerermony and game highlights. Or is it airing them on a tape-delayed basis because like with Australia and New Zealand live games will come on from Russia late evening/early morning. Replays of matches come on somewhere from the 11:30-5:30 time frame: http://www.emtv.com.pg/2018-fifa-world-cup-russia-emtv-broadcasting/ Reliance JioTV and Airtel TV offers hundreds of millions of Indians online/mobile access for free to this year's FIFA World Cup live broadcast through streaming with Sony's Liv app in both English and Hindi: https://www.thequint.com/news/india/fifa-world-cup-where-to-stream-online https://gadgets.ndtv.com/apps/news/fifa-world-cup-2018-live-stream-match-watch-online-jio-tv-airtel-tv-1866982 https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/tech-news-technology/fifa-world-cup-2018-live-streaming-france-vs-australia-argentina-vs-iceland-peru-vs-denmark-5220234/ https://www.hindustantimes.com/tech/fifa-world-cup-2018-here-s-how-reliance-jio-airtel-users-can-livestream-matches-follow-live-updates/story-2hum5i0O9DarobyRKgjfBM.html
  16. Egypt's in a heap of trouble now even with the Mohammed Salah penalty goal. Russia seems assured of advancing out of group play for the first time as Russia. (Did advance out of group stage 6 times up from 1958 to 1986 during the Soviet era)
  17. England's Harry Kane scores a late header during extra time to give England the 2-1 win over Tunisia. Belgium's Red Devils convincingly shuts out World Cup debutants Panama's Los Canaleros in its first World Cup game 3-0. Yes, many Panamanians were eagerly looking forward to that only to then get ultimately humbled. This is the group Team USA should've been in with Pulisic showcasing his budding all-world skills. In fact, they should be in Panama's place here and would certainly present better competition, World Cup experience and pedigree (even if they wouldn't advance out of group stage here), and overall talent in Russia than Panama. Panama isn't expected to win a game, much less to advance.
  18. Volkswagen USA decides in its World Cup campaign to (hilariously) encourage Americans, disappointed and angry over being sidelined from the World Cup in not qualifying to follow them in Russia due to the utter stupidity and incompetence from US Soccer and the men's team in November, to cheer on other teams in "jumping on the wagen" explaining why. Some blue bloods, some newcomers, some middling powers. Brazil, of course, is very easy to cheer for many for example. Not sure if they're actors or really those from the actual nations. Or both. Think they are given how globalized actors and models are now in the American orbit. Could use more nations in this. Does seem like they're roasting Americans and reminding them of the damaging pride since what happened in Trinidad and Tobago; that's when it hits them. Let's not forget lots of Americans, when it comes to soccer and the World Cup, veer more on the casual side in its engagement. And no, those are not the actual soccer jerseys from those nations they actually wear and rep. Hyundai is a FIFA sponsor for cars, so they get that--closest is Argentina's with the classic sky blue and white vertical stripes (but no AFA logo). Not that many American viewers will notice this or care... Wonder if there's a Canadian version to this from Volkswagen:
  19. Yes, the wait is definitely now over for Peru! Peruvians are packing Saransk's Mordovia Stadium with that rousing rendition of the Peruvian national anthem and the constant singing from them. So you know they've waited for this donning the traditional white with the red diagonal stripe. TV ratings on Latina Television Canal 2 and DirecTV in Peru will be huge for this.
  20. Iceland celebrates a tie with titan Argentina 1-1 in its highly anticipated World Cup debut. Even blocking Messi's penalty shot. Another game of excitement comes for Peruvian fans in this big moment. Peru hadn't been back in the World Cup until now for 36 years in 1982, when all of the players weren't even born yet to see that.
  21. Looking at televising the 2018 FIFA World Cup on 4KTV between the United States and in Great Britain: https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/15/17467958/world-cup-4k-hdr-streams-broadcasts-us-uk-opinion Zlatan Ibrahimovic appeared on FOX Sports' World Cup Tonight last night from Los Angeles--and I'm sure he'll touch on Tre Kronor and him not being in it this time following his retirement. I don think this will be his last appearance as long as Sweden remains in the World Cup: https://www.lagalaxy.com/post/2018/06/14/zlatan-ibrahimovi-appear-fox-sports-world-cup-tonight Down under in Australia, Daniel Garb, Robbie Slater, Simon Hill, and Adam Peacock all get involved with FOX Sports Australia's and SKY News Australia's World Cup coverage for News Corp: https://mediaweek.com.au/fifa-world-cup-2018-fox-sports-sky-news/ At the FOX Sports sendoff party to Russia at New York's (aptly put) Russian Tea Room and how the studio and 2018 World Cup broadcast were getting prepared: https://www.onceametro.com/2018/6/14/17457626/fox-sports-ready-for-the-world-cup We already touched upon Belgium's well-detailed Flemish coverage on VRT for the Red Devils' hopeful World Cup 2018 campaign. It's the French turn on RTBF. Together on the television side, La Une and La Due will televise all 64 matches starting Russia-Saudia Arabia and the opening ceremony on La 1 yesterday. Just days ago in May and June La 1 showed the Red Devils tune-up friendlies. Rodrigo Beenkens, Pierre Deprez, Herve Gilbert, Thierry Luthers and Frank Peterkenne will speak and analyze of the different matches from Russia. As for Grégory Bayet and Quentin Volvert, they will discuss the World Cup back in Brussels. Benjamin Deceuninck and his entire team returns to greet Belgian viewers back in the studio with his anchoring experience, only this time they will call it Red Devils Square from the first afternoon match and finishing around 23h in a relaxed atmosphere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even on Youtube are to be incorporated on the social media scene with Auvio and rtbf.be/sport there to listen and catch-up on demand including the Red Devils press conferences and meetings. Vivacite will air all the Red Devils' games on the radio and the final. Premiere, Pure, and Tarmac all will handle Russia World Cup-themed programs on the RTBF radio dial. From June 14-July 15, Orphelie Fontana hosts a daily 6-minute Red Devils Journal during the 1pm and 7:30pm news. Every day during 19-20h (7-8pm), there will be a magazine devoted to the Red Devils and the World Cup throughout the tournament, the show will offer different sequences: interviews staggered with our Red Devils , meetings with former Devils who share their memories of scorers, exchanges with players in our championship representing qualified countries. Hosted by Deceuninck, The Mag will also be daily meetings with our special envoys in Russia , but also the opportunity to travel to the countries of our opponents, namely England and Tunisia, to live these meetings from another point of view. The Grand Bistro ends the World Cup daily coverage with thoughts reliving on the World Cup competition day for one-hour. Vincent Langendries will be in Moscow to follow the Red Devils on a daily basis with Manu Jous and Eby Brouzakis as roving Red Devils reporters. Plus a doc on Lukaku and Eden Hazard. https://www.rtbf.be/tv/emission/detail_coupe-du-monde-russie-2018/actualites/article_avec-le-mondial-vivez-un-mois-endiable-sur-la-rtbf?id=9936956&emissionId=12163 On the Swiss-Italian side, RSI made known its studio set, hosted by Andrea Mangia, for the 2018 World Cup coverage with many of the 64 Italian-language games live including those for Switzerland's Nati on La 2, Rete Uno, and live streaming along with programming like Piazza rossacrociata (19h10 and 20h40 on LA 2) and Russo ma non dormo (22h10 on LA 2): https://www.rsi.ch/sport/calcio/Segui-la-Coppa-del-Mondo-sulla-RSI-10572546.html
  22. Excellent Iberian border war match ended in Sochi! 3-3 all. The stars delivered. Cristiano Ronaldo feeling it for a hat trick. Nacho and Diego Costa scored to take the 3-2 lead before you know who tied it with a hat trick--and the oldest to do this in a World Cup--before the whistle. If anyone watched and listened this, you certainly got your money's worth! People will talk about this for years to come.
  23. If you have noticed during the bid voting in Moscow, there are various reasons why Alphonso Davies was in Moscow repping for Canada Soccer and making a stump speech for the North American United 2026 bid. One of which is that Davies, currently 17, represents the hope years down the road and is expected to be the primary Canada Soccer talisman with some promising young talent. He should be entering his prime come 2026 just like his equally highly-touted budding American star counterpart south of the border in Christian Pulisic, who should be getting excited and prepared to play right now in Russia in his first World Cup instead of getting sidelined. Canada should be better prepared than for the World Cup than ever before by then. Davies' impressive play at last year's Copa America surely ignited lots of excitement for Team Canada for the near future and something to build upon in the coming years. Surely Canada Soccer is installing a plan to surround him with some promising young and slightly older Canadian soccer talent around him to turn Canada into more of a major international soccer force. Davies can hopefully take his game to a more challenging level after the Vancouver Whitecaps in his pro career to take his talents to a more challenging overseas league and thrive. A Davies-Pulisic international soccer rivalry would be something fun to watch.
  24. Iran (Team Melli) beats Morocco's Atlas Lions 1-0 on a Aziz Bouhaddouz own goal header in the 95th minute at stoppage time to give Iran only its second World Cup victory after the famous one 20 years ago against the USA in Lyon, France.
  25. Cristiano Ronaldo scores a cold-blooded and gorgeous penalty kick in the 4th minute to go 1-0 but Spain ties it up with Diego Costa's equalizer. UPDATE: Ronal-D'oh! scores again for Portugal to retake the lead 2-1 at the 44th minute heading into halftime.
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