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  1. SportsMax and Digicel in the Caribbean started broadcasting with the IOC at the 500-day mark yesterday over 700 hours of exclusive year-round Olympic-related content, both in linear and digital programming, under the Olympic Channel banner with original programming and live sporting events as well as additional Olympic-related content that highlights locally relevant stories created by both parties to the 22 Caribbean nations and territories involved in the Sportsmax/Digicel deal. One of the objectives is to engage younger and newer viewers into the Olympic movement: https://www.sportsvideo.org/2019/03/13/the-olympic-channel-sportsmax-team-up-for-linear-digital-programming-in-22-caribbean-territories/ At the same time Tokyo 2020 organizers made public its pictograms inspired by the first ones in Tokyo 1964 back-to-the-future style, Eurosport shows off its manga-inspired TV-ready Tokyo 2020 branding identity logo: https://au.eurosport.com/olympics/tokyo-2020/2020/olympics-2020-eurosports-manga-inspired-brand-identity-for-tokyo-2020-revealed_sto7182497/story.shtml http://www.transformmagazine.net/articles/2019/tokyo-olympics-branding-updated-with-500-days-to-go/ The IOC, says President Thomas Bach, is a fan of the combination of 5G and cloud technology with Alibaba, Intel, and Samsung involved will transform the Olympic Games and benefit fans, spectators, venues, organizers and athletes at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress at the keynote address. Partly because innovative technology like clouds can accomplish more with less resources used. Even says sports, in this case the Olympics, were the original social network in bringing people worldwide together. Upbeat in that Olympic Channel consumers in the mobile realm are 80% 35 and under. We can easily imagine Tokyo 2020 with Japan's technological innovations over the decades will surpass Pyeongchang as "the most watched Olympics ever". Athletes' POV coverage is likely to expand to more events: https://www.svgeurope.org/blog/headlines/thomas-bach-ioc-excited-by-5g-and-taking-obs-into-the-cloud/ Japanese PM Shinzo Abe signs the bill with the go-ahead from the Diet sessions for public broadcaster NHK to provide simultaneous online streaming service coverage set to later this year in time for the Summer Olympics. Thanks to the rapid changes in technology like clouds preventing fears of not protecting the commercial Japanese TV networks. Like to see how the other members of the Japanese Olympic Consortium will develop their portion of Tokyo 2020: https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1076476/japan-seek-to-allow-nhk-to-begin-simultaneous-online-streaming-prior-to-tokyo-2020
  2. Really interesting there's a tremendous push to broadcast the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics on 8K while 4K has yet to be implemented commonly worldwide in significant markets in critical mass style. Not even in the USA. We already know Japan's NHK is certainly doing this. But so is even Italy's RAI surprisingly enough. You would expect all-powerful and all-influential NBC to at least consider it. Broadcasters holding major sports TV events worldwide already have experimental plans to show them in the 4K format partly with the hope consumers will buy 4KTVs--with even CBS using 8K cameras for Super Bowl 53 and will be the case for these events in that later. Perhaps NBC would use the 8K cameras but downgrade the conversion for broadcast in Tokyo. More than likely by Paris 2024 or Beijing 2022. Not to mention 5G mobile technology being firmly implemented by then to use for broadcasters in major sports events to transform the spectator experience as well: https://awfulannouncing.com/olympics/olympic-broadcasters-are-really-pushing-8k-tv-for-2020-in-tokyo.html https://www.sporttechie.com/broadcasters-targeting-major-2020-sporting-events-with-5g/ Track and field athletes certainly won't be the only Olympic athletes eventually to have their biomechanics 3D-mapped and analyzed in real time by broadcasting experts with the help of Intel and Alibaba through a cloud in how they perform and compete against each other to enhance the OBS coverage. I think track and field in five events like sprinting and high jump was chosen for Tokyo 2020 since it's a prime Olympic event and easier in the technology's beginning to analyze as opposed to other Olympic sports like swimming, judo, and volleyball: https://www.sporttechie.com/intel-alibaba-3d-map-track-field-athlete-tokyo-2020-olympics/ NTT is looking at developing a 3D holographic capture and display service, Kirari! For Arena as an “immersive telepresence” plucking the Olympic action from the venues to deliver it in 3D elsewhere. NTT is also producing a drone-based, 5G-enabled 8K virtual reality innovation to also make viewers feel they're at the venue. Mitsubishi Electric is planning free-floating holograms--no headset required. All about better immersion with the Olympic experience through tech: https://now.northropgrumman.com/let-the-games-begin-2020-olympics-technology/ Sony and Panasonic are both planning to shell out 8KTV technology with NHK in time for Tokyo 2020 with some experimental 8K footage already produced from Rio of course in a modest amount. Surely Japan has some 8KTVs already on the market. Still expensive and precious few but prices will come down there as we get closer and closer to Tokyo 2020 as Sony, according to Nikkei, will sell its first 8KTV sets next year. Japan is always of the mainstream when it comes to technology: https://www.theverge.com/2016/8/26/12656286/8k-tv-broadcasts-2020-olympics-sony-panasonic
  3. Get ready for some Canadian content actually coming very soon from Canada's TSN, ESPN answer up there. It's not really called 30 For 30 up there for its indigenous material, though it definitely does show those up there on the TSN channels. Yet there will be a 6-part Canadian sports documentary series installment starting February 6 originally started back in 2012 celebrating the 100th Grey Cup and the CFL’s indelible mark on Canadian history, not just in sports. This time, TSN's acclaimed Engraved On A Nation now takes the direction of telling intrinsic tales of how such Canadian people and moments shaping Canadian sports and national identity. Here stateside, the only Canadian 30 For 30 content dealt with have been Wayne Gretzky's blockbuster 1988 trade to the Los Angeles Kings from Edmonton and its impact, 9.79 with Ben Johnson's 100m gold medal (or so we thought at the time) race and the steroid controversy and aftermath back in Seoul 1988, and Into the Wind on Terry Fox's 1980 cross country run attempt raising money for cancer research co-produced by Steve Nash. Engraved On A Nation in its series has two Olympic-themed documentaries in its series. And it kicks off on February 6 profiling sprinter Donovan Bailey in what you call a sequel of sorts to 9.79 and concludes on April 3 with the often-heated and intense Canada-USA women's hockey rivalry trading victories and medals while still being teammates, friends, and even couples off the international rink over the past nearly 30 years while looking at what fuels it in seeking total domination https://www.tsn.ca/engraved
  4. Going to take a detour from past Brazilian Olympic Games TV coverage with this post as I return to my Moscow 1980 obsession. Got the long anticipated general additional details of Seven's coverage of the Moscow 1980 Summer Olympics resulting from that then-record A$1 million deal struck in 1977 for exclusivity in Australia. The Seven Network planned for it to be "the biggest event in Australian television history" using live satellite footage from Moscow. According to the Television AU website, the site posted an ad from TV Guide from July 18, 1980 from Adelaide, SA detailing the general coverage, we now know that Seven aired at least 60 hours from Moscow; to me it resembled more like around 64-65 hours including the Opening Ceremony. And the coverage was choppy, which had as much to do with the spectre of the boycott involving Australia and whether Seven would go ahead with the project, as mentioned earlier here. Daily coverage on 7 was for "around 4 hours around each day for the duration of competition" with a lot of bouncing around with priority naturally towards the Aussies whenever they compete, especially if they're in medal contention. By choppy, I mean Seven structured it in segments starting it at 7-8am daily before returning with a 1-hour highlight program at 5:30-6:30pm daily from Monday-Friday and 5-6pm on Weekends ending with live coverage from 10:30pm-1am when 7 signs off for the day (all times here ACST which is 30 minutes behind the AEST time zone on its east coast since this if from TV Guide's Adelaide edition). Certainly looks like a pittance by today's standards. Had Australia fielded a larger team in more sports like including the men's and women's field hockey teams and maybe women's basketball and volleyball, the coverage without question would have been up to around 120-140 hours at least. I also do think 7 would have went a lot longer well into the late night hours if that was the case. Seven sent a team of 100 Australian people to Moscow in production, commentary, and technical in bringing full coverage (by Australian Olympic TV transmission standards at the time) in 21 sports. Lots of bouncing around through the sports in the coverage surely. Had its own Moscow studio from the IBC with satellite access to at least the five Moscow stadiums. A couple of sponsors did indeed completely pull out from 7's coverage like Ford Motors and Westpac with others greatly reducing theirs reflecting with 7's reduced coverage. Apparently Nine wanted to slip past the door when the arrangement was that all Australian TV networks covered the previous Olympics through a shared telecast like Montreal and Munich. Ron Casey got wind of that through a contact in the Moscow organizing committee of the games and managed to secure those exclusive rights in 1977. How different it would've been had the Australian pool got together again for Moscow, how organized it would be, and who would get the rights to what sport and event. The Nine Network had nothing to do with the sponsor pullout since its major sports TV investment was securing the World Series of Cricket. Using Seven's money, Casey, as Australian Team Manager and after putting then-PM Malcolm Fraser in his place for threatening him not to go, ended up bankrolling the Games. So much so that the Games were nicknamed "The Casey Olympics" down there. He started off hosting them from a Moscow studio and at Lenin Stadium for the ceremonies, but he was so bad like when he mispronounced names that management pulled him off air and later was replaced by Sandy Roberts as main studio anchor. Those who were around in Melbourne at the time would recognize several HSV-7 personalities on the staff. https://televisionau.com/classic-tv-guides/tv190780 Wasn't until recently that I discovered that Britain's ITV did its portion of Moscow 1980 along with the BBC under its Olympics '80 banner. Just the BBC, I thought, with its Olympic Grandstand. ITV planned to originally show 170 hours of Moscow 1980 but greatly reduced it to just 40 with Dickie Davies serving as the main studio anchor with Fred Dinenage on site too at the Moscow studio. On this scaled back coverage presented by ITV Sport that was presented 2.5 hours every day in a mixture of highlights and live coverage during the afternoon and primetime when the BBC didn't do anything Olympics. Davies notes in this video on this day--Thursday July 24, 1980 (a sunny day)--a quartet of swimming finals that were the men's 100m freestyle, women's 100m butterfly, women's 200m freestyle, and men's 4x100 IM relay ITV covered that fell on the same day track and field starts at Lenin Stadium when the first look at Britain's athletics stars and top medal hopefuls then like Coe, Ovett, Allan Wells, and Tessa Sanderson. Following is the ITV Olympics '80 intro from that day that has nods to ancient Greece with the flame and the discus throw: Detailing why ITV didn't do Los Angeles. ITV was meant to broadcast the Los Angeles 1984 in conjunction with Channel 4 but an industrial strike with the late Alan Sapper, the head of the A.C.T.T. Union, on whether two or three men--and were mostly men--in those days as to handle the new Electronic News Gathering Units for short meant that ITV and Channel Four management pulled out of coverage in 1984. ITV then got double the viewing figures for the American Sci-Fi series V, which was watched by 2.4 million viewers at 2am in the morning back in 1984, leading to I.T.V. starting a phased 24 hour Regional service from Region to Region in 1985. Also began at TVam, who were going to show live coverage and highlights--apparently with Telly Savalas from Kojak commentating--but their unions wouldn't agree to the terms so they pulled out and the entire network coverage collapsed. Clive Jones, the editor of TVam, resigned in protest. Just started looking into Ireland's RTE Moscow 1980 coverage. All I got so far has been the team of people that were involved like the late Bill O'Herlihy (went on to cover 10 Olympics in total, all Summer, since RTE hadn't got into it until 2010), Jimmy Magee, John Kirwan, Jim Sherwin, the late Eammon O Muirri, and Brandon O'Reilly. Surely there was a RTE interview done with fellow Irishman Lord Michael Killanin, the IOC President at the time, during its coverage likely around the Opening Ceremony as he was stepping away from his post. Still discovering. That Los Angeles Opening Ceremony in 1984 was the first time TV Globo aired in full with Galvao Bueno and Osmar Santos that had images from Globo's own cameras coinciding with the ABC international feed in Brazil. Never mind the commercials it played interrupted the showing of several nations marching when you recall from my posting of it a while back. Before that, Gloria Maria did an interview with the great Edwin Moses tucked away in a corrider near the athletes' buses and he tells what an honor to recite the Athletes' Oath and says runner Joaquim Cruz was Brazil's best gold medal prospect: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pt&u=http://memoriaglobo.globo.com/programas/esporte/eventos-e-coberturas/olimpiada-de-los-angeles-1984/olimpiada-de-los-angeles-1984-transmissao-e-cobertura.htm&prev=search
  5. Getting a boost involving the Olympians on ESPN 30 For 30's installments. Olympic-related subject matter known: Florence Griffith-Joyner and Lance Armstrong, whose dates are TBA. There's plans for more topics that ESPN has yet to reveal for 2019-2020 and will be announced: https://awfulannouncing.com/espn/espn-teases-new-30-for-30-films-on-lance-armstrong-dennis-rodman-michael-vick-among-others.html
  6. Agreed on the cord cutters who actually enjoy the Olympics. Regarding the ads...I do hope they won't interrupt the coverage at hand and frustrate people to no end when they pop up. Just keep it at the beginning prior to the start of the events. One thing if it's on-demand after the live presentation though and hopefully make it seemless. Been thinking lately about what kind of role with their rapidly-growing importance and influence of streaming services would play in the Olympics. And I knew NBCUniversal would be more than capable o setting up their own in moving on from Hulu. Would like for this new NBC streaming service platform to have American subscribers access past NBC Olympic coverages dating back to Seoul if not the original Tokyo Olympics in 1964, assuming it can't get the rights to non-NBC Olympic broadcasts like Los Angeles 1984. Be very interesting if it did. Surely other advanced nations' broadcast rights holders will follow suit with similar down the line as we will get further details about the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics presentation in this when we get closer. Another article on NBCUniversal's new free OTT platform that also mentions hosting the 2020 Olympics from Variety for those who could get to Sports Pro Media: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/nbcuniversal-streaming-service-details-1203108034/
  7. Can see why the Moscow 1980 isn't one of them because the Soviet Union obivously, and perhaps Innervision, no longer exists and the IOC never held the rights to that because the apparatus for Olympic broadcasting and footage hadn't exist. On the other hand, a higher quality and complete Moscow 1980 Opening Ceremony has yet to be seen by many of us on You Tube. The Brazilian one the guy uploaded with the yellowish-green bad color lens from TV Cultura is not around anymore; like to see it again though. Has the Olympic Channel actually showed the Los Angeles and Seoul's OC? Because I keep seeing it get taken off despite it being ABC and KBS/MBC broadcasts, respectively, and the other LA one being Brazil's Globo with IOC copyright claims
  8. The only Brazilian TV listings for the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics I could find so far. Dated August 8, 1984. It's from a Brazilian blog with the free-to-air Brazilian channels at the time including both now-defunct TV Manchete and TV Bandeirantes that went all out on Los Angeles 1984 throughout the day doing the bulk of the coverage. Record Channel 7 only came in with their contribution of the day during Brazil's primetime. As would expect from the channels sharing events to broadcast was commonplace. Obviously there was no pay-TV Olympic programming back there in Brazil like SporTV: http://ehmbdeolhonatv.blogspot.com/2017/08/programacao-antiga-8-de-agosto-de-1984.html A well-detailed and informed piece on the history and evolution of the Summer Olympic Games on Brazilian TV starting from the 1960s with Tokyo, when the images arrived late by a few days and couldn't quite benefit with satellite transmission yet. When it gets to Los Angeles, we get more detailed on the TV networks that covered them. Subscription TV coverage arrives with Atlanta from SporTV and ESPN Brasil: http://ehmbdeolhonatv.blogspot.com/2016/08/historia-tv-brasileira-nos-jogos.html For Seoul 1988, Globo, SBT, TV Manchete, and Band all aired the Olympics. But SBT bucked the trend and instead of the Opening Ceremony live showed The Terminator movie unlike the others that aired on Brazilian TV for the first time under the Cinema em Casa slot, although an abridged version was shown immediately afterwards. That worked for executive Silvio Santos, who presumed the live simulcast would divide the TV ratings. Gave SBT 37 points in comparison to the combined 41 ratings points to the OC. Plus all the broadcasters didn't show the Brazil-Soviet Union gold medal soccer game extra time portion, cut off to make way for the required political propaganda with the upcoming national election, though Band and Manchete did show the tape delay of ET. Fans had to resort to the radio to follow the live finish: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pt&u=https://noticiasdatv.uol.com.br/noticia/televisao/em-1988-sbt-esnobou-abertura-de-olimpiada-e-se-deu-bem-com-filme-12199&prev=search The BBC's Los Angeles 1984 Olympics promo for its BBC1 channel from 0:18-1:04 as the Olympic Channel. You'll see a montage of athletes like Steve Ovett, Sebastian Coe, Daley Thompson, Allen Wells, Kathryn Smallwood (?), Chris Snode with a host of other footage some from Moscow and other events worldwide. Could've had ITV involved too but a recent strike there ruined those plans:
  9. Found this out in the book Prime Time Society while on Google books. Globo's choppy (by our standards) coverage of the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics, mostly the pro-Brazil stuff, in its portion so as not to interfere with its famed telenovelas actually has antecedents. Back in 1984 with the Los Angeles Summer Olympics, Globo aired a lot less during primetime. Did show a daily afternoon block but not like that in primetime. Then again, there were less like in events. But anyway it seemed like Brazilians totally didn't care when watching on Globo save for their own. Neither ceremony even ranked in the top 10 in Brazilian TV's most-watched events in 1984 unlike in the USA--closing ceremony was 10th tied with V: The Final Chapter. At the time, no sports event gets lots of national attention in Brazil save for World Cups, especially when Brazil is playing, and generally at the time did less of that unlike now with SporTV, ESPN Brasil, Band Sports, and FOX Sports Brasil all in existence. Globo, obtaining the coverage feed from ABC, gave Los Angeles 1984 little attention even when Brazil sent a large delegation. It never substituted its regular programming for the Olympics like we do, ceremonies aside. Only interrupting for a few live Olympic sports events of particular interest to Brazilians (examples include swimmer Ricardo Prado's 400m IM to silver during 8pm telenovelas and runner Joaquim Cruz winning the 800m) and neglected some of the more dramatic or key events. Reporting the events was amatuerish and lacking in expert commentary to attract the novices and thus making mistakes, much less utilizing the human angles towards events and athletes like those infamous "Up Close and Personals". Judo got the short shrift there too then with Brazilians as medal contenders and no footage at all on Globo; just names mentioned on an on-screen list with results. Whatever the high focus was on Brazilian media with Los Angeles lied in the basketball, volleyball, and of course soccer. Matter of fact as hinted, Brazilians preferred watching the giant TV behemoth Globo's normal programming live its primetime telenovelas, popularized during military over now-defunct TV Manchete's 1984 Olympics coverage 7:1. So it made sense given the demand in the programmers' eyes there. TV Manchete, TV Bandeirantes, Record, SBT (mostly Women in The Olympics programming).
  10. Pyeongchang 2018 was successful for NBC with the ratings despite the time zone differential last February. NBC Sports' Mark Lazarus announces in a morsel that NBC's Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 broadcast coverage will be the "most live" Olympics ever in American television ever with the 13-hour time zone difference, particularly during primetime and late night with a lot of sports going on. With the scheduling pending with the international sports federations, swimming will be live in Tokyo (just like in Beijing just over a decade ago) and gymnastics nearly so but conducted in a package format and quick turnaround. NBC plans to heighten and attract American viewers to the Tokyo mystique throughout the coverage: https://www.sportsvideo.org/2018/12/14/svg-summit-2018-nbc-chairman-mark-lazarus-tackles-future-of-rsn-market-previews-tokyo-2020/ The report from Asahi Shinbun indicating FINA reluctantly allowing the Tokyo 2020 swimming finals start in the midmorning slot instead of the evening, kowtowing to NBC pressure for US TV primetime attraction: http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201807200027.html Getting very "scary" with Hong Kong's TVB and other TV networks there seemingly financially unable to pay the rights fee for the upcoming two Summer Olympics in Tokyo and Paris when it's facing a staggering HK$546 million (US$70 million) fee that's more than double what TVB paid for Rio (US$17 million). Been reading past editions of this and you'll notice trouble with Hong Kong's Olympic broadcasting fees, rights, and coverage. Even TVB took a red bath of US$15 million for its Rio 2016 coverage rights due to production costs despite even "bringing up considerable ad revenue" that made the network have cold feet. Of course, there's still time--20 months--to perhaps get the price reduced and negotiate a coverage deal like with several of these channels including the pay-TV side like now-defunct LeSports to join forces like what TVB and now-defunct ATV unprecedently did for London 2012: https://www.scmp.com/sport/hong-kong/article/2177546/tokyo-2020-olympics-scary-cost-facing-hong-kong-broadcasting-next Seven Network's press release on that network's general plans for its Tokyo 2020 with its all-encompassing multiplatform coverage with 3500 hours in total utilizing 8KTV and 7plus' Olympic Hub aiming to be the most audience watched Australian Olympics ever: http://www.sevenwestmedia.com.au/assets/pdfs/181026-Tokyo-2021.pdf NHK will use the new JPEG XS compression standard with the already implemented TICO (JPEG XS) for 8K over 12G-SDI and 10GbE that they will use both to help move material around during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics: https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/01/05/jpeg-xs-being-used-by-nhk-to-broadcast-8k/
  11. Date Game Site Teams Affiliations Results Dec 29 Peach Bowl Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta, Georgia 12:00 pm No. 10 Florida Gators (9–3) No. 7 Michigan Wolverines (10–2) SEC Big Ten Florida 41 Michigan 15 Cotton Bowl Classic (Playoff Semifinal Game) AT&T Stadium Arlington, Texas 4:00 pm No. 2 Clemson Tigers (13–0) No. 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (12–0) ACC Independent Clemson 30 Notre Dame 3 Orange Bowl (Playoff Semifinal Game) Hard Rock Stadium Miami Gardens, Florida 8:00 pm No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide (13–0) No. 4 Oklahoma Sooners (12–1) SEC Big 12 Alabama 45 Oklahoma 34 Jan 1 Fiesta Bowl State Farm Stadium Glendale, Arizona 1:00 pm No. 11 LSU Tigers (9–3) No. 8 UCF Knights (12–0) SEC American Rose Bowl Rose Bowl Pasadena, California 5:00 pm No. 9 Washington Huskies (10–3) No. 6 Ohio State Buckeyes (12–1) Pac-12 Big Ten Sugar Bowl Mercedes-Benz Superdome New Orleans, Louisiana 8:45 pm No. 15 Texas Longhorns (9–4) No. 5 Georgia Bulldogs (11–2) Big 12 SEC Jan 7 College Football Playoff National Championship Levi's Stadium Santa Clara, California 8:00 pm No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide (14–0) No. 2 Clemson Tigers (14–0) SEC ACC And the other non-FCS New Year's Day bowl games. Will return to this when things regarding my job settles down more into the new year later this week... Jan 1 Outback Bowl Raymond James Stadium Tampa, Florida 12:00 p.m ESPN2 No. 18 Mississippi State Bulldogs (8–4) Iowa Hawkeyes (8–4) SEC Big Ten Citrus Bowl Camping World Stadium Orlando, Florida 1:00 p.m. ABC No. 12 Penn State Nittany Lions (9–3) No. 14 Kentucky Wildcats (9–3) Big Ten SEC
  12. Going to close out a sporadic year for me in 2018 when it comes entries in this thread, especially in an Olympic year, with a couple of these starting with Belgium's Rio 2016 gold medalist hepathlete Nafissitou Thiam in a recently new Audi commercial powering its new full electric e-tron car on a treadmill at Audi's Brussels' factory that got uploaded in October. Would've like to add so many more but I got busy this year... And we stay in the Benelux region with multiple speed skating gold medalist Ireen Wurst from the dominant Dutch speed skating powerhouse program driving along a quiet road in her native Netherlands in her Toyota juxtaposed with scenes of her training, skating practices, massaging, and winning her races from Justlease and worldwide Olympic sponsor Toyota under the What's Your Drive campaign. This is the full extended version. Directed by Marco Lubbers:
  13. Dec 18 Boca Raton Bowl FAU Stadium Boca Raton, Florida 7:00 p.m. ESPN Northern Illinois Huskies (8–5) UAB Blazers (10–3) MAC C-USA Dec 19 Frisco Bowl Toyota Stadium Frisco, Texas 8:00 p.m. ESPN San Diego State Aztecs (7–5) Ohio Bobcats (8–4) MWC MAC Dec 20 Gasparilla Bowl Raymond James Stadium Tampa, Florida 8:00 p.m. ESPN South Florida Bulls (7–5) Marshall Thundering Herd (8–4) American C-USA Dec 21 Bahamas Bowl Thomas Robinson Stadium Nassau, Bahamas 12:30 p.m. ESPN FIU Panthers (8–4) Toledo Rockets (7–5) C-USA MAC Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Albertsons Stadium Boise, Idaho 4:00 p.m. ESPN Western Michigan Broncos (7–5) BYU Cougars (6–6) MAC Independent Dec 22 Birmingham Bowl Legion Field Birmingham, Alabama 12:00 p.m. ESPN Wake Forest Demon Deacons (6–6) Memphis Tigers (8–5) ACC American Armed Forces Bowl Amon G. Carter Stadium Fort Worth, Texas 3:30 p.m ESPN Army Black Knights (10–2) Houston Cougars (8–4) Independent American Dollar General Bowl Ladd–Peebles Stadium Mobile, Alabama 7:00 p.m ESPN Buffalo Bulls (10–3) Troy Trojans (9–3) MAC Sun Belt Hawaii Bowl Aloha Stadium Honolulu, Hawaii 10:30 p.m. ESPN Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (7–5) Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (8–5) C-USA MWC Dec 26 First Responder Bowl Cotton Bowl Stadium Dallas, Texas 1:30 p.m. ESPN Boston College Eagles (7–5) No. 25 Boise State Broncos (10–3) ACC MWC Quick Lane Bowl Ford Field Detroit, Michigan 5:15 p.m. ESPN Minnesota Golden Gophers (6–6) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (7–5) Big Ten ACC Cheez-It Bowl Chase Field Phoenix, Arizona 9:00 p.m ESPN TCU Horned Frogs (6–6) California Golden Bears (7–5) Big 12 Pac-12 Dec 27 Independence Bowl Independence Stadium Shreveport, Louisiana 1:30 p.m ESPN Temple Owls (8–4) Duke Blue Devils (7–5) American ACC Pinstripe Bowl Yankee Stadium Bronx, New York 5:15 p.m. ESPN Wisconsin Badgers (7–5) Miami Hurricanes (7–5) Big Ten ACC Texas Bowl NRG Stadium Houston, Texas 9:00 p.m. ESPN Baylor Bears (6–6) Vanderbilt Commodores (6–6) Big 12 SEC Dec 28 Music City Bowl Nissan Stadium Nashville, Tennessee 1:30 p.m ESPN Auburn Tigers (7–5) Purdue Boilermakers (6–6) SEC Big Ten Camping World Bowl Camping World Stadium Orlando, Florida 5:15 p.m. ESPN No. 20 Syracuse Orange (9–3) No. 16 West Virginia Mountaineers (8–3) ACC Big 12 Alamo Bowl Alamodome San Antonio, Texas 9:00 p.m. ESPN No. 24 Iowa State Cyclones (8–4) No. 13 Washington State Cougars (10–2) Big 12 Pac-12 Dec 29 Peach Bowl Mercedes-Benz Stadium Atlanta, Georgia 12:00 pm No. 10 Florida Gators (9–3) No. 7 Michigan Wolverines (10–2) SEC Big Ten Cotton Bowl Classic (Playoff Semifinal Game) AT&T Stadium Arlington, Texas 4:00 pm No. 2 Clemson Tigers (13–0) No. 3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (12–0) ACC Independent Orange Bowl (Playoff Semifinal Game) Hard Rock Stadium Miami Gardens, Florida 8:00 pm No. 1 Alabama Crimson Tide (13–0) No. 4 Oklahoma Sooners (12–1) SEC Big 12 Belk Bowl Bank of America Stadium Charlotte, North Carolina 12:00 p.m ABC South Carolina Gamecocks (7–5) Virginia Cavaliers (7–5) SEC ACC Arizona Bowl Arizona Stadium Tucson, Arizona 1:15 p.m. CBSSN Nevada Wolf Pack (7–5) Arkansas State Red Wolves (8–4) MWC Sun Belt Dec 31 Military Bowl Navy–Marine Corps Memorial Stadium Annapolis, Maryland 12:00 p.m. ESPN Virginia Tech Hokies (6–6) Cincinnati Bearcats (10–2) ACC American Sun Bowl Sun Bowl Stadium El Paso, Texas 2:00 p.m. CBS Stanford Cardinal (8–4) Pittsburgh Panthers (7–6) Pac-12 ACC Redbox Bowl Levi's Stadium Santa Clara, California 3:00 p.m. Fox Michigan State Spartans (7–5) Oregon Ducks (8–4) Big Ten Pac-12 Liberty Bowl Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium Memphis, Tennessee 3:45 p.m. ESPN Oklahoma State Cowboys (6–6) No. 23 Missouri Tigers (8–4) Big 12 SEC Holiday Bowl SDCCU Stadium San Diego, California 7:00 p.m FS1 No. 22 Northwestern Wildcats (8–5) No. 17 Utah Utes (9–4) Big Ten Pac-12 Gator Bowl TIAA Bank Field Jacksonville, Florida 7:30 p.m. ESPN No. 19 Texas A&M Aggies (8–4) NC State Wolfpack (9–3) SEC ACC
  14. College football bowl season again! Six bowl games are going that start the season. I'll delve more tomorrow--and I apologize for not getting into it last year. But will review very soon December 15 (all times US/Canada/Mexico CT and all US TV broadcasting on ESPN unless otherwise indicated) Cure Bowl (Orlando): SW Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns vs. Tulane Green Wave 12:30pm CBS Sports Network Celebration Bowl (Atlanta): North Carolina A&T Aggies vs. Alcorn St. Braves 11am ABC New Mexico Bowl (Albuquerque): North Texas Mean Green vs. Utah St. Aggies 1pm Las Vegas Bowl (Las Vegas): Arizona St. Sun Devils vs. Fresno St. Bulldogs 2:30pm ABC Camellia Bowl (Montgomery, Alabama): Georgia Southern Eagles vs. Eastern Michigan Eagles 4:30pm New Orleans Bowl (New Orleans): Middle Tennessee St. Blue Raiders vs. Appalachian St. Mountaineers 8pm
  15. Very interesting make up with the various broadcast holders compilation synchronized! Thank you for mashing it up! I find it interesting seeing the chronology of the Opening Ceremony from back then like when CCTV5 was the first to get there inside the Olympic Stadium hours before it officially opened. Must've had a very lengthy warm up and pre-Olympic Opening Ceremony program on that day when it started showing the setting up. Right when the first cows came out onto the stadium to start the rural Britain countryside segment and subsequentially setting things up and getting situated. Was CCTV-5 the only broadcaster worldwide to show the pre-show? You would expect the host broadcaster--the Beeb in this case--do likewise. NBC never gives that much care towards this. Gotta tell you when the CTV-led Canadian Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium opened its coverage with the Opening Ceremony moments to start from a YouTube clip I saw a few years ago, it began with their cameras showing only the Olympic Stadium's upper levels like the roof because of the said embargo from showing what's going on the ground until it starts. Looking back at it now, it was just to tease the Canadian viewers as to maintain an element of surprise. Don't know how the likes of Nine in Australia, SKY/Prime in New Zealand, RTE2 in Ireland, Globo/SporTV in Brazil, NRK in Norway, Netherlands' NOS, among many others, presented theirs as to how far it did like the broadcasters involved in the video with the moments prior to the Opening Ceremony.
  16. Needs some good news for Cameroon and the Indomitable Lionesses because just hours ago Cameroon was stripped of hosting June's 2019 African Nations Cup by CAF because of serious delays in construction and preparations. It would've been the first time hosting since 1972. Cameroon wins 4-2 over Mali Field's complete: New Zealand preserves their scoreless sheet and whips Fiji 8-0 to win the OFC title as the 24th and last team in. Not to mention also qualifies for Tokyo 2020. Should we do the women's version of Wish You Were Here list? Some teams not qualifying were more shocking than others. Colombia Mexico Switzerland Zimbabwe Austria Costa Rica Belgium Finland Denmark Panama Iceland Mali Ghana Russia Wales Ireland Portugal Zambia Czech Republic Ukraine Croatia Northern Ireland Fiji Papua New Guinea Venezuela Uruguay Trinidad & Tobago Paraguay Vietnam Jordan Poland Serbia
  17. Only two more nations needed from Africa and Oceania to complete the field for next year in France. Four nations earlier since done so. Let's start with the African qualifiers in Ghana. Yesterday, history beckoned for South Africa to qualify for the first time in the WWC. And Banyana Banyana happily answered the call with a 2-0 semifinal win over Mali in Cape Coast. Like with the Bafana Bafana men, South Africa will make its WWC debut in France. Recent African women's qualifiers to the Women's World Cup Nigeria earlier yesterday got its own ticket punched knocking off Cameroon 4-2 in penalty kicks following a scoreless draw. South Africa and Nigeria will head to the final in Accra on Saturday with Cameroon and Mali vying for the third and final Africa spot--my take will be Cameroon. Those repecharge tournaments I talked about last time? They pretty much decided who were going to France next year in the first games with the wide margins; no matter what their opponents did in the second leg, not even a tie, were going to be enough save for a flurry of goals. As a major lead is important psychologically in the first game. EURO 2017 Women's champions The Netherlands goes on aggregate 4-1 over Switzerland following a 1-1 draw in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Celebrated qualification with making its own hashtags in a group photo: #WK2019 and #Onze Jacht. Too bad the Swiss won't build upon their debut WWC appearance in Canada; they were just as capable in qualifying and could do something. That's the Euro qualifying draw. Then came another meaningless 1-1 tie in Panama City that didn't do any good for Panama as Argentina advances to France themselves for its third WWC trip. Being in that stadium the men were in at home couldn't quite inspire the same magic the men enjoyed last year at this time. Surely New Zealand's Football Ferns will whip Fiji to rep Oceania in France Saturday after being head and shoulders over the rest of the Oceanian competition with 35 goals to its name--and shutting opponents out along the way--in Noumea, New Calendonia.
  18. Next week, I'll delve much more into the CFL and some Canadian college football that I missed in recent years. But right now as we head into the US Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend, there's some CFL Grey Cup action coming up this Sunday night up at Edmonton's Commonwealth Stadium. The Ottawa Redblacks, its third Grey Cup appearance in five years, are facing the Calgary Stampeders. Game is live on TSN and RDS with ESPN2 showing it here Statesside. The Reklaws are the SiriusXM Canada Kickoff Show pregame entertainment. Alessia Cara does the halftime show.
  19. http://www.bandt.com.au/media/seven-set-go-big-tokyo-2020-olympics-coverage
  20. Seven Network in Sydney announces its historic all-encompassing 3500 hours of Tokyo 2020 coverage screened on its digital TV channels and across 52 live event streams on 7PLUS and numerous ultra high definition live channels--across all Australian time zones--with some host 8K live screenings across Australia, an Aussie TV first for the nation and in Australian sports broadcasting. Road to Tokyo starts next year after 7's successful coverage ratings for Rio 2016 and Pyeongchang 2018, hitting #1 in every market for the network. Done by Chief revenue officer and director of Olympics at Seven Kurt Burnette and Chief revenue officer and director of Olympics at Seven Kurt Burnette
  21. Netherlands goes up on Switzerland 3-0 in Utrecht Friday night with Vivianne Miedema, Sherida Spitse, and Lieke Martens all scoring for the Oranje Leeuwinnen on the Swiss Nati in the Euro qualification playoff final. Scene now shifts to LIPO Park tomorrow night in Schaffhausen, Switzerland
  22. Guess both the hotel accomodations and the Budweiser distribution explain in part the increasing possibility of not just the pushing up the 48-team format to Qatar but also having a nearby co-host like the UAE and Bahrain. At least those two have some semblance of a World Cup/international soccer pedigree, even if that's just in qualification in Bahrain's case, unlike Qatar. Abu Dhabi's stadiums can certainly meet FIFA World Cup requirements and are the only ones that can right away. The political and economic embargos must get settled and eased well before then. Besides, at this stage, I can see the UAE advancing out of the group stage more so than Qatar anyways--and that nation is hosting the upcoming and expanded AFC Asian Cup early next year, so that can be a dry run of sorts for that as third place finishers last time in Australia. Why not expand? https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/oct/31/fifa-world-cup-expansion-2022-qatar-infantino And Gianni Infantino thinks six games per day in a 48-team field can do the trick with 80 overall from November 21 to December 18 since Qatar surely can't accomplish this alone: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/7685671/world-cup-2022-schedule-48-teams-qatar/
  23. Argentina takes a commanding 4-0 win against Panama in the first leg of the CONCACAF-CONMEBOL repecharge yesterday in the Sarandi stadium named after the late powerful AFA President Julio Humberto Grondona. One step closer to France for them. Those four Argentina goals were scored by Eliana Stabile (second one a penalty kick), Larroquette, and Yamila Rodríguez. Panama ended up playing with two players sent off, starting with Lineth Cedeno, that did them in because of their inexperience and immaturity; I knew they weren't as talented in comparison to Argentina. Tempers flared following the second red card that Katherine Castillo got for kicking the back of Rodriguez's thigh, although the first one seems a little phantom to me with despite the tackle. Sarandi is in the southern part of the Greater Buenos Aires Area, BTW. Needless to say, the Panama's women challenges for qualification to France just got a whole lot more insurmountable upon the second leg in Panama City coming up in the days ahead. Yes, stranger things have happened, but how is Panama going to come back from this apparent demoralization, at least psychologically? Argentina's surely got this locked up and are, fans included, celebrating like they are going...
  24. With all the retrospectives about the memorably highly politicized year that was 1968 going around everywhere in whatever media platform, NBC Sports presented the 1968: A Mexico City Documentary this week upon the 50th anniversary of that pivotal year amid the strong and heavy political backdrop worldwide when it seemed like the world was tearing apart. Narrated by Serena Williams, the centerpoint of course is the Tommie Smith-John Carlos Black Power salute on the medal podium that brought a furious backlash (and expulsion from the Olympic Village) and the black athlete boycott inspired from it with Australia's silver medalist Peter Norman supporting them. That moment since became iconic in civil rights still resonating. But there's also Dick Fosbury, Jim Ryan (often used as a White America counter against the emerging black athlete boycott), Vera Ceslavska's own medal podium protest over the August 21 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia crushing the Prague Spring sharing gold with Soviet gymnast Natalya Kuchinskaya (she turned her head during the Soviet anthem), Felipe Munoz's gold for Mexico in men's 200m breaststroke in the aftermath of the tragic Mexico City Tlatelolco massacre 10 days before the Opening Ceremony, Bob Beamon's Olympic record long jump that still stands as the OR, George Foreman heavyweight gold, and Lee Evans and his track teammates own subsequent protestand being how hard it was for him while supporting the Black Panthers:
  25. The USA and Canada finished 1-2, respectively, as expected in the CONCACAF Women's tournament after the US wins 2-0. But it's Jamaica's Reggae Girlz that grab the third and final automatic CONCACAF entry into France and will make its WWC debut and also for the Caribbean nations in it beating Panama 4-2 on pks following a 2-2 tie. The Reggae Boyz memorably over 20 years ago qualified in their first and only World Cup that was held in France, so now they got some company. But I'm thinking they're going to be seriously outclassed with tougher and more experienced teams; Khadija Shaw, leading qualification round overall with 19 goals, can't score alone and needs help Panama will face Argentina in that CONCACAF-CONMEBOL home and home series November 5-13. 2017 Euro Women's champs The Netherlands will take on Switzerland for the final UEFA spot November 9-13. Wish neither had to do this since both made their Women's World Cup debuts in Canada. Janice Cayman's 10 goals weren't enough for Belgium New Zealand's Football Ferns surely will win the OFC tournament in November-December. That program has endured some upheaval lately over alleged abuse of power from its Austrian-born coach on his players. Africa starts soon in that month--like to see South Africa's Bayana Bayana make it, should have a great shot with Nigeria and maybe Cameroon with Equatorial Guinea banned from qualifying to the big show again. Could Ghana recapture its past African women's soccer glory. Zimbabwe failed to make the final group stage Shocked that Mexico, Costa Rica, and Colombia all failed to qualify. Iceland is probrably a tournament away. What happened to Austria after their Euro 2017 success? The Colombians are just now entering their prime...
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