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  1. I'd always thought a new approach to an Olympic video game could be to try a team management/training/competition approach like a lot of the football management games now. I just wonder if there would be a financial incentive for the likes of Sega to try such an ambitious game. The Olympic titles really aren't huge sellers and only really become moderately popular around the games times. It only takes a few months after a gamees is finished to start seeing the titles appear in the bargain bins.

    I would very much like to see that too in all sports for this Beijing 2008 game, particularly the team sports, where you can work on your roster to go Beijing. On top of that, why not also select an Olympic team (or teams) to focus on to follow their developments, management in all sports they're in, supply their rosters, deal with injuries, coaching strategies, and the like. You should take control of any team you like and have multiple options simultaneously.

    Just to specifically address a few of your points:

    The development cycle of the game would probably rule against this. Considering most NOCs don't announce or unveil the team uniforms until just before the games themselves (or even not until the march of nations), it's highly unlikely this could be achieved in time to include in the game.

    Why? Where's the game action/fun in creating a fan?

    That idea is inspired by the college basketball and football games that contain this Create-A-Fan feature. In international settings, I think that would capture the atmosphere as much. I figured the development cycle would prevent from meeting it halfway. And I expect that it won't get met to get all of the unis down in time, but with PS3 downloads at the store that can change. You can see them carrying flags wearing the team colors, jerseys, face painted, scarves, etc. to express support.

    Jeez, that would slow things down _ after each game having to sit through a multilingual virtial results call etc. I'm sure it would be a turn-off for the various markets. I doubt there'd by much language tailoring beyond the various language releases for individual markets.

    Maybe so, but hopefully that is being done in the early stages now. That's why when you enter and load the game, you have an option to select what language to view them in first. The PA should be easy to do and record for the three official IOC languages (English, French, Chinese) with the ones selected to do it for the actual Beijing Olympics.

  2. Sega did do the Torino 2006 Olympic video game under the 2K Sports label. But that game to me left a little bit to be desired with the omission of several events like short track and ice hockey, which in the case of the latter is understandable with a nod to conflict of interest with the NHL games containing international teams.

    By announcing the game over the summer, the production team can immediately plan and go to work on the game with a high-quality result instead of having a sucky rush job that plagues a lot of movie tie-in games. I have a strong feeling that this will be the best Olympic video game ever, and it will employ next-gen DVDs--up to 200GB by the time Beijing hits, meaning that it will utilize almost all of the DVD's capacities. Most sports video games use up to 4.8GB on a standard DVD which leaves a lot to spare.

    On the press release that I read breaking the news of the Sega acquiring the rights to Beijing 2008, it read that all of the sports will be featured, but water polo wasn't listed in it. I think that has since been amended to include that. I think it's great for sports like handball, field hockey, and indoor volleyball get their due in sports games, especially in North America. Has there ever been a team handball video game released? I know of a few volleyball games, but nowdays the beach game has surpassed it attention to the NA general public. We can safely assume that all of the Beijing 2008 venues will be accurately reproduced to almost lifelike proportions--banners and all. Plus there will be those official Olympic TV graphics

    Here's how I would like to see Sega do this:

    --use the uniforms the athletes will wear for their nations in Beijing

    --in team and individual sports, both men and women's games and events must be in, in keeping with the Olympic Charter

    --allow for classification games in team sports as an option for the gamer

    --could we allow nations that failed to qualify in a team sport to be added and replace a team/offer repacharge tournaments like we will get with Olympic basketball--like, say, hypothetically add Norway's women's handball team in the place of Spain, assuming if they don't qualify for the actual one

    --have a Create-An-Olympian(s)/Fan(s), of course with an immense database of names to choose from--will like to have ALL disciplines in events like track & field, swimming, equestrian, diving, and cycling (not just a sampling of events)

    --I can see the PS3 version utilizing the SIXAXIS for you flicking your wrists as you run as opposed to (annoying) mashing the buttons in the sprints or swims

    --in keeping with the internationalism of the Olympics, menus, commentaries, and options must be in various languages

    --maybe even have venues from past Olympics involved like Sydney Superdome, Changchung Gymnasium, Montjuic Stadium, Peace and Friendship Stadium, Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, Georgia World Congress Center, Sydney Aquatic Centre, Olympiski Sports Complex, Montreal Forum, and Luzhniki Stadium

    --include heats, repecharges, and rounds in swimming, rowing, diving, and athletics

    --gotta have the medal ceremonies and players celebrating after winning a medal and even after the ceremony

    --all nations' national anthems must be included (if you want to hear East Timor's anthem, you'll have it here)

    --atmosphere is just as important in the venues, we should have fans and spectator athletes waving flags and wearing colors of their national teams

    --check on your stats for your athlete(s) as an individual or team

    --develop a coach mode with training regiments

    --have the Olympian go through qualifications leading up to Beijing in individual events if they have a qualifying time, throw, or jump

    --PA announcers should be in English, French, and Mandarin Chinese at all venues to be heard in video game

    --adjust the time of day and weather in an outdoor event

    That's all I can think of for it right now. More thoughts will come.

  3. I read recently on Wikipedia that China Next Generation Internet will stream all of the 2008 Summer Olympics events, which I think will be a first for the Olympics and the Internet. Details are still sketchy as to how this will pan out and organized. I suspect that there will be a fee to all of the coverage. This is perhaps something the IOC should more of if they don't get into the DVD version of them soon afterwards. So for example, you want to see say the Australian women's basketball team play the preliminaries against, possibly, Canada in Beijing...and you live in Sweden, where it's not going to be broadcast on the SVT family of networks' schedules, youhave that option. Maybe you guys can speculate on this. Could we see camera angles and footage not seen in one's nation of residence along with that kind of footage? How it's going to fare with the likes of NBC Sports' billion dollar price fee for the TV there? What language options will we have, apart from English, Chinese, and French?

    I also would like the IOC to seriously consider adding all of their video archives in their entireties online from past Olympic broadcasting houses like SOBO and TOBO--and not highlights and summaries. This no doubt take years to get everything together and added, but that should something that will whet our appettitie until Beijing.

  4. Just found this too from Sydney 2000. An all too-brief (51 seconds) of the mass dancing with those giant Kewpie dolls created by Ian James Colmer with "Love is in the Air" playing recorded by someone at home telecasted from "Australia's Olympic Network", Channel 7.

    Kewpie Dolls, Mass Dancing, and "Love Is In The Air":


    (where in the hell's that Sydney 2000 Closing Ceremony DVD, Warner Vision Australia?!)

  5. Unfortunately I feel asleep after Portugal's Carlos Lopes won the men's marathon before I had a chance to see the LA 84 Closing Ceremony the first time around on ABC. (all the more reason to have each Olympics on multi-(next-gen)DVD sets even more as collector's editions--more on that in the future). As some of you know, one of those breakdancers at the CC was future Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. That was his first big entertainment-wise exposure.

    Want some more Sydney 2000 Olympics Ceremonies stuff you'd say? Found this:

    Midnight Oil--Beds Are Burning (Live at Sydney 2000 Closing Ceremony):


    Taken from Denmark's TV2 (note the logo bug in the upper left hand corner), which broadcasted the Closing Ceremony in Sydney.


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