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  1. Just found this too from Sydney 2000. An all too-brief (51 seconds) of the mass dancing with those giant Kewpie dolls created by Ian James Colmer with "Love is in the Air" playing recorded by someone at home telecasted from "Australia's Olympic Network", Channel 7. Kewpie Dolls, Mass Dancing, and "Love Is In The Air": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcZeNagQocc&NR (where in the hell's that Sydney 2000 Closing Ceremony DVD, Warner Vision Australia?!)
  2. Unfortunately I feel asleep after Portugal's Carlos Lopes won the men's marathon before I had a chance to see the LA 84 Closing Ceremony the first time around on ABC. (all the more reason to have each Olympics on multi-(next-gen)DVD sets even more as collector's editions--more on that in the future). As some of you know, one of those breakdancers at the CC was future Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. That was his first big entertainment-wise exposure. Want some more Sydney 2000 Olympics Ceremonies stuff you'd say? Found this: Midnight Oil--Beds Are Burning (Live at Sydney 2000 Closing Ceremony): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXgzIefheew Taken from Denmark's TV2 (note the logo bug in the upper left hand corner), which broadcasted the Closing Ceremony in Sydney. Enjoy!
  3. Does anyone has the web addresses to the Athens 2004 Pre-Olympic show that was on ERT's ET1? Thanks! Those are awesome. I think in the Athens Countdown/Opening, that was the BBC commentary on YouTube.com wasn't it?
  4. In a related story though, becuase of the IOC's prohibition of advertisement inside, outside, and above Olympic facilities, the General Motors Place, like the Salt Lake City's Delta Center before it, will have to temporarily ditch its corporate name for the duration of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Could it be called the Vancouver Ice Arena? GM Place's IOC-Mandated Temp Name
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