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  1. More info from today's CBC/Radio Canada press release on Beijing 2022 and its upcoming live and on-demand comprehensive coverage that also includes brief info on the weekly CBC Sports series The Road To The Olympic Games on CBC TV and CBC Gem through December-January and SRC's upcoming 8-part original Quebecois/French-Canadian athletes' profile documentary series called Le Reve Olympique (The Olympic Dream), through Radio-Canada Sports on SRC, ICI RDI, and ICI TOU.TV: https://www.cbc.ca/mediacentre/press-release/cbc-radio-canada-looks-ahead-to-the-olympic-winter-games-beijing-2022 The 8-part series run for 30 minutes each and will feature premiering December 21 at 6pm Canada/USA/Mexico CT and will feature starting with short track speed skaters Charles Hamelin (December 21) and Kim Boutin (December 24), long track speed skater Laurent Dubreuil (December 28), snowboarders Maxence Parrot (December 22) and Éliot Grondin (December 23), hockey player Mélodie Daoust (December 27), skier Valérie Grenier (December 29) and freestyle skier Mikaël Kingsbury (December 30). With the 6pm first run from December 21 to 24 on SRC, it will continue on from December 27 to 30, at 8:30pm on ICI RDI, from December 27 to 30 and from January 3 to 6, as well as on ICI TOU.TV. Good run to watch during the holiday season up in Quebec to gear up for the Winter Olympics. We also know here with this Le Reve Olympique premiere press release that from February 4 to 20, enthusiasts will be able to fully experience the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games in the company of through announced Radio-Canada studio hosts Marie-José Turcotte, Guillaume Dumas, Martin Labrosse, and Jacinthe Taillon on SRC/ICI TÉLÉ and on the Radio-Canada digital platforms: https://parici.radio-canada.ca/television/11337/Le-Reve-Olympique-Une-Serie-Inedite-A-Voir-Sur-ICI-TELE
  2. Get ready for the CBC/Radio-Canada--with the usual strong broadcasting support of TSN, Rogers Sportsnet, and RDS, of course--to present 3500+ hours of live Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics coverage to Canadians across the nation. This time with stronger digital emphasis in providing multiple viewing options through CBC Sports and Radio-Canada Sports presenting it to Canadian digital homes of Beijing 2022, offering Olympic-themed content year-round, in digital platforms allowing Canadians to stay connected via the CBC Sports and Radio-Canada Sports websites, the CBC Sports and Radio-Canada Sports apps, and the free CBC Gem and ICI TOU.TV streaming services. URL says it all and there will be more forthcoming details in the coming weeks: https://www.tvtechnology.com/news/cbcradio-canada-plans-3500-hours-of-live-winter-olympics-coverage TVU Networks offers unlimited 5G to Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic broadcasting coverage in a 4K HDR format with "multiple support networking plans" like "helping with live transmission and remote production technology as well as translation, logistics and cultural challenges, equipment support, 24x7 live pool feeds, watch party solutions, and all-in-one live interview kits": https://www.tvtechnology.com/news/tvu-networks-to-offer-broadcasters-unlimited-5g-for-olympics-coverage Panasonic's and Creative Technology's got big plans for simultaneous Beijing 2022 4K HD LED large screen display sports venue projection, mapping, and system operations. Examples include most of the 60 of the world's brightest 50,000 lm projectors and 40 speakers already in Beijing to support this project. We've seen LED projections at NHL games at NHL arenas, so this is no different with Beijing coming up and using at particularly its ice venues. Expected also to continuously support broadcast and video distribution at the Beijing 2022 IBC: https://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/production/how-panasonic-and-creative-technology-will-build-on-tokyo-2020-for-beijing-2022/5164829.article
  3. No surprise with this Finnish development here. Discovery Finland has the exclusive TV/online/mobile rights to the Beijing 2022 ice hockey competition for Finland, which means YLE cannot get access to save for radio. A large star-studded personnel prepares for this in the hopes Finland earns some ice hockey medals--15-person strong. Teemu Selanne, Kimmo Timonen, Oskari Saari, Juhavatteri Salminen, Annina Rajahuhta, Saija Tarkki, Terhi Mertanen, Nuutti Vihtilä, Jussi Jokinen, Tuomas Grönman, Julius Vauhkonen, Oona Tolppanen, and Antti-Jussi Niemi are all the faces of the TV5 and Eursport Finland's Beijing 2022 hockey coverage. Just as well. They are all also involved in Discovery Finland's exclusive broadcast of Finland's Lions national hockey teams at all levels through TV5 and Eurosport Finland. Saari and Timonen will handle the Team Finland men game broadcasts. Salminen and Mertanen will cover Team Finland women's matches. Oskar Osala will act as rinkside reporter and conduct sideline media zone interviews. Julius Vauhkonen will perform the Swedish language Team Finland men's and women's coverage, so don't worry about the loss of Swedish coverage on Discovery. Teemu Selänne, Tuomas Grönman, Antti-Jussi Niemi, Juhani Henriksson, and Jussi Jokinen will all appear as the TV5 men's hockey studio team, and Oona Tolppanen, Annina Rajahuhta, Saija Tarkki will serve as the all-female women's hockey studio broadcast team. Familiar names such as Hannu-Pekka Hänninen (ski jumping and combined), Sami Uotila (alpine skiing), Tommy Rundgren (cross-country skiing), Jussi Uusipaavalniemi (curling), and Toni Flink (pikalu) will also make appearances for Beijing 2022 on TV5, Eurosport 1 and 2, and Discovery+'s coverage in non-hockey sports. Experts accompanying them include former athletes who have been successful in their sports, such as Riikka Sarasoja-Lilja (cross-country skiing), Wille Mäkelä (curling), and Risto Mattila (snowboarding). TV5's live broadcast coverage beginning at 8am Finland time will continue throughout the day until 5pm, focusing on Discovery’s exclusive sport of hockey. All Finnish matches as well as all semi-final and medal matches will be shown live on TV5 for the men's and women's Olympic tournaments. In addition, live broadcasts include curling matches and speed skating. Between 5pm and 8pm, compilation broadcasts of skiing and hockey will be seen. The most interesting Olympic events of the day will be covered in a hockey-focused competition day, which will be hosted by Juhani Henriksson and Oona Tolppanen. Olympic broadcasts will be seen on TV5 in HD during the Games. Discovery + streaming service acts as the only way to watch every Olympic event in Finland, as well as showing all hockey matches. This service exclusively presents studio productions around several hockey matches daily. A separate broadcast exists on the service for each match or competition, be it the game's start or the final with all the most important events described in Finnish. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics appear in the Discovery + sport package with all Discovery + content broadcast in HD. Eurosport 1 and 2 will offer a diverse Olympic offer, mainly in Finnish. Live broadcasts include plenty of skiing and skating as the primary focus. Eurosport Player live service broadcasts all Olympic events live with the most important events described in Finnish. YLE, likely through TV2, can also show the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics as the Finnish sublicenser and can show both ceremonies but can't show anything from the men's and women's Olympic ice hockey tournament and anything between 7-9pm: https://press-discoveryfinland-fi.translate.goog/post/olympialaisten-jaakiekkoturnaukset-valtaavat-discoveryn-kanavat-?_x_tr_sl=fi&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc PS: The Finnish women were robbed of that WC gold as hosts in 2019, I'd say! NBC encourages us to experience "new" history "in the moment" this coming February 2022 when it shows the Beijing 2022 while recalling some of the most notable and recent US Winter Olympic moments. And it looks as though Peacock will take a more prominent role this time with Beijing 2022 when it's shown at the end: And NBC ramps up its Beijing 2022 marketing campaign all over even with rising concerns about China: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/368948/nbc-pushes-2022-beijing-olympics-marketing-effort.html Quaker2001 mentions NBC confirming that it will use the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics as the lead-out post-Super Bowl program instead of a TV series. Here's the article referring to that. Game ends at 11:30am on Monday Beijing time when typically ends at 9:30pm US/Canada/Mexico CT: https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/super-bowl-lvi-nbc-winter-olympics-1235111162/
  4. Yeah, I have been thinking lately about how NBC, with its very strong influence on the Olympic broadcasting schedule, was going to shape the figure skating scheduling in Beijing. Seems to make sense that it would result in a compromise. No doubt that with China having Sui/Han its best-ever figure skating medal prospect in recent memory--and performing in its backyard--CCTV/CGTN would love to capture the Olympic golden moment live domestically on CCTV-5 and CCTV-5+. Certainly interesting to have the pairs close things out in the figure skating competition instead of the women. First time in my lifetime this happened. Also makes even more sense when considering and adding the recent Winter Olympics figure skating history with the likes of Kim Yuna, Sotnikova, Hanyu, Zagitova, and Medvedeva succeeding in why East Asia and Russia broadcasters desire the pairs and women's figure skating during their live evening hours. Also very interesting in the NBC Winter Olympics broadcast would lead out right after the Super Bowl with the ice dance frees last group. I would expect replays/highlights of sorts. But what else has NBC claimed to have for its primetime outside of figure skating? Also curious too over how Peacock will handle Beijing 2022 coverage given the mystery its plans are. Presume that it'll be more coverage there. I would like to see Peacock show off everything this time using the world feed where needed (that is, where NBC doesn't have a production crew on hand), not just the marquee events. Maybe even utilize daily pre- and post-event analysis programming there for each Olympic event ala Olympic Ice not just with figure skating and ice hockey. Gotta be a safe bet that we will see daily Olympic news programming and possibly see Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart return with their own program. Remains to be seen obviously how Peacock will tackle its NBC Winter Olympics debut with Beijing 2022. Very much these biathlon broadcasting teams we will see from Germany's ARD and ZDF when they're announced for Beijing this February and very much shared since biathlon is a very winter popular sport for Germans. Commentators Wilfried Hark, Christian Dexne, longtime Olympia studio host Michael Antwerpes, and expert analysts Kati Wilhelm and Arnd Peiffer for Das Erste. ZDF currently has Christoph Hamm, Herbert Fritzenwenger as play-by-play personnel, host Alexander Ruda, and biathlon expert analysts Sven Fischer, Laura Dahlmeier: https://www.prisma.de/news/tv/Biathlon-Saison-2122-im-TV-Sendetermine-Kommentatoren-Kalender,32590106 Those journalistic concerns when covering the Olympics held in an authoritarian state are obviously raised again in the leadup to Beijing once again. How much really are the Olympic media entities going to be exactly? In the face of possible lack of access to Chinese athletes, coaches, and officials (likely before the Winter Olympics) and imposed restrictions (travel, visas, reporting) even to get into China and intimidations inside there? NBC can get away some things in covering controversial things like the Uighurs, COVID-19 in China, and Tibet given its massive clout and incorporate those segments onto its massive Beijing 2022 programming. We know the state- and party-sanctioned Chinese media certainly won't. Overall, we do know the journalists and other foreign media workers will be working in a Beijing bubble. But it's still unclear whether and when they will be free to leave the Beijing bubble and under what circumstances--and if the Olympic Charter on media (Rule 48) will be fully observed: https://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/asien/china-olympia-presseclub-103.html
  5. Line Andersen brings her usual "empathy, commitment, and not least great competence" along with her experience making for the fifth Olympics she'll be involved in next February in Beijing. Andersen will cover the alpine skiing Beijing 2022 Olympic TV broadcasts as Eurosport Norge and TVNorge host from the finish area of the National Alpine Ski Center in Yanqing, about an hour and a half outside Beijing. With Andersen as host, the alpine downhill races themselves will be commented on by Kenneth Fredheim, longtime commentator at Discovery, and Tom Stiansen, the former world champion in downhill skiing to form an experienced, knowledgeable, and competent team for Norwegian viewers: https://presse-discovery-no.translate.goog/post/line-andersen-blir-ol-programleder-for-discovery?_x_tr_sl=no&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=nui,sc Sponsorship is on for France Televisions' Beijing 2022 free-to-air coverage on France 2, France 3, FranceTV Sport, FranceTV, Facebook/Instagram, and Sport En France on TV, digital, and social media for your brand. One dedicated sponsorship space is available for the gold level, and two spots each in both silver and bronze via a contextualized logo inlay at the heart of live TV, for example: https://www.francetvpub.fr/offres/jeux-olympiques-de-pekin-2022/ https://www.francetvpub.fr/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/one-slide.pdf SporTV will handle 160 hours of live broadcasting coverage. Globo TV will conduct more than 70 hours of broadcasts over the 17 days of competition, in addition to coverage in all TV news programs, over in Beijing this coming February for Brazil as that nation's exclusive Winter Olympics broadcaster. This will be Globo's third Winter Olympics in a row with live footage and the vast majority of live events will take place during the early morning hours, between Jornal da Globo and Hora 1, due to the time difference, following Record TV popularizing winter sports in Brazil with its Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics live coverage earning good afternoon ratings on figure skating, ice hockey, and curling. SporTV will also offer and launch a daily special program opening every day of SporTV's prime time competition segment. Ten professionals will be sent to China, including three reporters - Guilherme Roseguini, José Renato Ambrósio, and Rodrigo Franco, two producers, an executive producer and three cameramen. For the first time in Globo's 56-year history, a woman will act as a camera operator for the Olympics (and in any sports event) in Tatiana Bueno, which makes it the major news here and is from SporTV's Esporte. Mariana Bomfim will oversee Globo TV's Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic production. But there will be so much more live and on-demand Winter Olympic material on Globoplay and Globoesporte.com: https://www.terra.com.br/esportes/jogos-olimpicos/sportv-tera-transmissao-e-programa-exclusivo-nos-jogos-olimpicos-de-inverno-em-pequim,4c5eefb25ef72dbd5014c1b3fba7069dq832sfrx.html https://playcrazygame.com/2021/10/28/with-the-1st-female-cameraman-in-the-olympics-globo-will-have-winter-games-on-open-tv-·-tv-news/
  6. Canada Hockey unveils its Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic hockey jerseys with the help of Nike again yesterday Fuller version with the pants and socks below. It's fusion in looks with the 2018 maple leaf with the 2010 sleeve stripes and IIHF WC national team jersey lower shoulder and numbering somewhere in the mid-2000s-early 2020s. All made by Nike. So unusual seeing the center black maple leaf on a red jersey and appears on 67% of Team Canada's jerseys here despite being under the One Leaf, One Team. One Goal campaign https://www.sportsnet.ca/olympics/article/hockey-canada-unveils-beijing-2022-olympic-and-paralympic-jerseys/ https://news.sportslogos.net/2021/11/24/team-canada-unveils-new-2022-olympic-hockey-uniforms/hockey-2/ https://www.tsn.ca/hockey-canada-unveils-new-men-s-women-s-olympic-and-paralympic-hockey-jerseys-1.1725406 https://www.cbc.ca/sports/olympics/winter/hockey/hockey-canada-olympic-paralympic-jersey-reveal-1.6260343 https://www.hockeycanada.ca/en-ca/exclusive/jersey?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=OLY_jersey But Canada wasn't first participating nation to show off their Beijing 2022 hockey jerseys. Finland hold that distinction for their men's and women's 2022 Olympic and Paralympic hockey teams--and they look real nice as modeled by Finnish hockey players Annina Rajahuhta and Kimmo Timonen, always showing the crowned lion carrying a sword and walking over another one from the Nordic nation’s 440-year-old coat of arms. Comes mixed in its recent history with, as far as Nike is concerned, with "keeping things simple" and trying something new and going unorthodox from hockey tournament to hockey tournament. Here it veers more traditional: white is "home" and navy is "away". Both come equipped with many navy dots pattern on the horizontal striping: https://news.sportslogos.net/2021/11/15/team-finland-unveils-2022-olympic-hockey-jerseys/hockey-2/ And it's just breaking in today a few hours ago with USA Hockey and Nike showing off their own 3-set Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic hockey jerseys under its "Driven By Pride" slogan with the usual/traditional USA chest bold-type wordmarking and an American muscle car-inspired deep blue, double striped third/alternate jersey. All sporting the 2014 USA Olympic shield. These jerseys are intended to honor the USA's industrial heritage and ingenuity and future innovation and technology represented with a red, white, and blue striping and a beveled metallic aesthetic. Not too big on these, IMO, yet may grow on me. https://teamusa.usahockey.com/news_article/show/1195682 https://www.sportsnet.ca/olympics/article/usa-hockey-unveils-beijing-2022-olympic-and-paralympic-jerseys/
  7. After two games with two different Russian KHL teams under the evaluating eyes of top-notch IIHF officials to conclude whether they are competitive enough to withstand the USA, Canada, and Germany, Red Star Kunlun, the team serving as proxy with the bulk of the players (at least 19 of them) planned to compete as hosts Team China men's hockey team, lost both games. First one Red Star Kunlun fought back valiantly from a four-goal deficit to force overtime before losing to Amur Khabarovsk 5-4 but later lost in the second trial match 4-1 loss to defending champions Avangard Omsk also in the Kontinental Hockey League. Kunlun head coach Ivano Zanatta says China is now on par with Norway, Latvia, and Denmark with "the character and the ability" to participate and become competitively strong in meeting the Olympic standard and building team spirit and strength--even with a 8-23 KHL record as of this writing. Despite public professions China will participate with players like former Colorado Avalanche player Brandon Yip and Jake Chelios, son of NHL defenseman legend Chris Chelios, expected as part of the roster, doubt since creeped back in over their participation and may get removed after all: https://nationalteamsoficehockey.com/chinese-hockey-team-loses-1st-trial-game-for-olympics-in-ot/ https://nationalteamsoficehockey.com/chinese-hockey-team-loses-another-game-in-test-for-olympics/ Like I just said, doubts among IIHF officials over China couldn't get completely shaken off and may even be heightened. And how many foreign-born players exactly will be on the team? The IIHF plans to take a scheduled executive meeting Friday with another review on them based on those two KHL test games to recommend to keep China. Norway may still have an opportunity to get in to replace China. Wonder if the IIHF would institute a mercy rule to prevent lopsided Chinese matches like in baseball and softball: https://www.tsn.ca/iihf-to-review-china-s-status-for-2022-games-1.1725607
  8. Right on the 100-day mark to whatever Olympic Games version is upcoming, TVP Polska brings the first and general details of its Olympic Games broadcasting plans. Beijing 2022 is no different here with TVP. TVP Polska will air at least 200 TV hours of the Beijing 2022 coverage live to Poland and will send five reporting teams to Beijing presenting discussions and reports with an on-location studio created under the hill in Zhangzhou, where all the Polish Beijing Olympians will sit, along with one in Warsaw. In accordance to Poland's Broadcasting Act media law, TVP will have all of Poland's white and red athletes competitions on free TV and all other major events, including the opening and closing ceremonies. Like with its Tokyo 2020 broadcast, TVP will accompany the stars of the Team Poland during the preparations while also "presenting themselves from a different, unknown side". Like when people hoping to see Kamil Stoch, for example, ski jump to Olympic glory again. TVP will present this 200-hour Beijing 2022 broadcast through TVP 1, TVP 2, TVP Sport, TVPSPORT.PL, and TVP Sport mobile and Smart TV apps. On the online/social media/mobile side of things, TVPSPORT.PL, like in the case of Tokyo 2020 and Euro 2020, a special website dedicated to the Olympics will be created. Polish sports and Olympic fans will find there, among others reports, talks, analyzes, videos of the most important events or profiles of all Polish representatives. Videos and more will also be found on its usual social media channels--Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram: https://sport.tvp.pl/56326795/igrzyska-w-pekinie-2022-w-tvp-transmisje-w-telewizji-polskiej This is part of TVN Discovery's agreement with TVP in sharing the Polish transmission rights to Beijing 2022 which also includes TVP to carry ski jumping, a popular winter sport, on its Olympic programming. Outside of that, TVN currently holds the ski jumping competition transmission rights that it took from TVP starting this year after 20 exclusive years without any interruption. For its part, Discovery will present its Beijing 2022 Polish coverage on TVN, Eurosport, and Eurosport Player.pl: https://www.press.pl/tresc/67607,tvn-grupa-discovery-podzieli-sie-z-tvp-prawami-do-zimowych-igrzysk-olimpijskich TVN Discovery also allows Polskie Radio its sublicensing of Poland's Olympic radio broadcasting/transmission rights extending from Beijing 2022 to Paris 2024: https://www.press.pl/tresc/68122,polskie-radio-kupilo-od-discovery-sublicencje-na-transmisje-igrzysk-w-pekinie-i-paryzu
  9. We can certainly expect that ZDF will import its winter sports sportscasting team in popular German Winter Olympic sports like biathlon, ski jumping, alpine skiing, nordic combined, speed skating, bobsledding, cross country skiing, and luge--many of them happen to be popular German winter sports--over to cover the Beijing 2022 editions and also having Katrin Müller-Hohenstein, Rudi Cerne, and Kristin Otto acting as its anchors at the ZDF Beijing 2022 studios: https://www.prisma.de/news/tv/Wintersport-202122-im-ZDF-TV-Uebertragung-Kommentatoren-Moderatoren,32075148 ZDF, as usual, will start off the alternating German public TV live Olympic broadcasting coverage partnership once again for Beijing 2022 with it starting at February 4 with live coverage of the Opening Ceremony at 12:10-4pm CET. Beyond that, ZDF will take the coverage on February 6-7, 9-10, 12, 15, and 18-19. ARD/Das Erste meanwhile will handle February 5, 8, 11, 13-14, 16-17, and 20 the last day culminating with the men's ice hockey gold medal final, the final 4-man bobsled heats, cross country skiing, and maybe the figure skating gala and curling at 1:25am-3:30pm ultimately with the Closing Ceremony as we look towards to Milan-Cortina by then. Coverage presentation daily will come live no earlier than 1am and up to somewhere between 5-6pm but usually starting around 2am. So it'll be around 17-18 hours daily each for ZDF and ARD on the free side. No word on Eurosport 1's plans as of yet as another free-to-air German Olympic TV right holder. Seems set in stone for ZDF/ARD here unless it wants to handle the pre-Opening Ceremony Olympic coverage on February 2-4 like curling, ice hockey, team figure skating, and men's and women's moguls. Maybe they will let Eurosport handle those events: https://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/sport/Olympia-2022-Uebertragung-live-im-Free-TV-kostenlos-im-Live-Stream-Olympische-Winterspiele-in-Peking-online-sehen-id60990626.html Former Germany national ski jumping team head coach Werner Schuster joins former ski jumper Martin Schmitt and Gerhard Leinauer as part of Eurosport Germany's Beijing 2022 ski jumping sportscasting team as the resident expert/analyst along with much of the 2021-22 Eurosport Germany's ski jumping broadcasting season: https://presse.discovery.de/post/werner-schuster-als-skisprung-experte-im-eurosport-olympia-team- More details surely will arrive very soon. But SKY Sports NZ says its live Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics coverage will be presented over six Olympic-designated channels from 2:00pm-4am NZT and will include "catching up on all the highlights, key New Zealand team moments with hopes to add further to the Kiwis' alltime Winter Olympic medal tally and daily recaps on Sky Go" when "watching all your favorite winter sports from freestyle skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, figure skating, and bobsled": https://www.sky.co.nz/discover/sky-sport/olympics
  10. Additional info on UNIQLO's Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 Sweden line from the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic Committee's and UNIQLO's websites with more photos, including snowboarder Sven Thorgren modeling their snowboarding competition jacket below. Video says the consumer line will arrive December 16, both in Swedish stores and online: https://sok.se/pressmeddelanden/2021-11-11-sa-ser-os-truppens-klader-ut-i-peking.html https://www.uniqlo.com/se/en/contents/feature/olympic-paralympic-collection/
  11. Sweden's Olympic and Paralympic Committees have unveiled their Beijing 2022 official apparel uniforms to be worn by the 2022 Swedish Olympic and Paralympic Teams with the support of Uniqlo under the mutually-shared Sweden and UNIQLO qualities of "quality, innovation, sustainability. modern lifestyle, and simple design" while announcing its new slew of a 21-person UNIQLO Team Sweden Brand Ambassadors. Sweden's athletes and officials were engaged in the creation of this gear throughout. Team Sweden Olympic and Paralympic will also sport once again "UNIQLO's LifeWear apparel at ceremonies, in training and competition, press engagements, Village stay, and during leisure and travel time. As part of the full collection, UNIQLO will provide competition wear for skiing, snowboarding, and curling events." A Sweden UNIQLO 2022 consumer line is forthcoming. It's mostly both navy blue and yellow with significant columbia blue as the focus this time with a yellow shade more akin to that in the Swedish flag after criticisms within Sweden for presenting the neon yellow shade in Tokyo. https://www.fastretailing.com/eng/group/news/2111111700.html https://wwd.com/fashion-news/activewear/exclusive-uniqlo-reveals-winter-uniforms-swedish-olympic-teams-1234994614/ https://newsbeezer.com/swedeneng/this-is-what-swedish-clothing-looks-like-for-the-beijing-olympics-in-2022/
  12. That would be unfortunate. Little by little, the global women's ice hockey game continues to improve, although it would still seem to be the Canada-USA-Finland-Switzerland tier for the forseeable future. There are a handful of competitive women's hockey teams that missed the qualification cut that are good. Germany, France, Norway, Austria, and maybe Italy are among them and right there. South Korea, should the younger players continue to gain further and better international experience and get stronger, could be join them. Italy, we'll see them as hosts of course in Milan-Cortina a little over four years from now--and may turn out to be even better than the 2006 version. So the Italian women got that incentive to perform well. Maybe even the British women will get deeper by then. Definitely disappointing for Germany right now as they are building something. Poland, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, The Netherlands, Latvia, Slovenia, and Hungary all have some potential but got some ways to go. Would like to see even Australia go further in the next qualification rounds. Even the Mexican women are rising fast but need regular top competition but won't make the final hurdle if they make it to the final qualification stage with little pedigree coming in. Seeing 6-8 teams of 16 skaters in the Winter Olympics would be nice to see. Maybe Sweden would get a figure skating medal here. Hear they're good in that discipline. Is the IOC worried about gigantism there too?
  13. The Swedish women, aka the Damkronorna, easily wins their group on home ice in Lulea, Sweden to nobody's surprise with a 3-2 beating over France to get their ticket punched for Beijing and hopefully, the start of a long-term prominence back into the top level after 3 years. France had their chances and played the Swedes tough Clara Rozier illegally hit Lisa Johansson leaving her with a severe injury and got a major 5-minute interference penalty. The Damenkronorna kept Les Bleues in check offensively with their defense later on. But the story here is that both Denmark and the Czech Republic realize a dream come true and will make their Olympic women's hockey debuts by also winning their groups. In the case of the former, Denmark lost to Germany in a 3-2 shootout but the "Germans would either need to win in regulation and get a win from Italy, or defeat the Danes by a six-goal margin in the event of an Austrian victory against the Italians" in order to go to Beijing. That stunning loss to Austria in the first game of the Germany's competition came back to haunt them with Denmark on a roll with solve their defence and goalie Cassandra Repstock-Romme, who together were riding a 120-minute shutout streak. Also marks a historic Olympic debut double for Danish ice hockey with the men already qualified. Meanwhile, The Czechs cruised to a 5-1 victory on Hungary, fresh from a big comeback in their previous game to eliminate Norway's qualification hopes, with no drama needed for the team in their home stomping grounds in Chomutov with an "extremely smart game" to play. Actually, all three group winners will head to Group B with China and Japan: https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/ogqp3e/news/30688/swedish_women_return_to_olympics https://nationalteamsoficehockey.com/swedish-women-return-to-olympics/ https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/ogqp3d/news/30670/denmark_realizes_olympic_dream https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/ogqp3c/news/30681/czech_women_off_to_beijing The Beijing 2022 women's ice hockey groupings are: GROUP A: USA, Canada, Finland, Russian Olympic Committee/Russia, Switzerland (aka the Group of Death) GROUP B: Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Japan, China https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/olympic-w/news/30691/olympic_groups_known I think it's time for the Olympic women's hockey field to be expanded starting with Milan with 2 more teams.
  14. Remember that Moscow 1980 Opening Ceremony highlight clip of Channel 7's Moscow Opening Ceremony shown on TVT (Television Tasmania) I uploaded a few years back? It had its Moscow 1980 intro leading into that. Well, we now actually got the fuller intro to the Seven Network's Moscow 1980 coverage that has lots of footage from Montreal, Australia's first color TV presentation of the Summer Olympics, interspersed with Moscow scenes like Red Square/Kremlin and Lenin Stadium before them. Seven's coverage, judging from the TV guides from back then billed as the Games of the XXII Olympiad and Moscow 1980, was very much a highlights footage presentation with under 100 hours (save for both ceremonies) and definitely not the wall-to-wall footage Seven did afterwards including Ten's and Nine's subsequent presentations:
  15. The Danish women prove to be a surprise team in these IIHF women's Olympic qualification tournaments. They stopped Italy and now beat Austria with six points and sitting atop the Fusen, Germany-based Group D with only the host Germans standing in their way of qualification: https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/ogqp3d/news/30651/danes_dash_austrian_hopes We can certainly forget about the South Koreans making it back to back in Olympic women's hockey participation this time as the third Asian team in the field. Sweden's Damkronorna are "[in] average five years older, five centimetres taller, and nine kilos heavier" than the much younger South Korean counterparts with only five players remaining on the 2018 squad--with four players born before 2000 (average South Korean team age overall is 19)--in an lopsided 15-0, reminded South Korea has a long way to go to attaining the high level caliber level. Another lopsided encounter between the two. Sweden overtakes also-unbeaten France in the group and in points before a winner-take-all match coming up: https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/ogqp3e/news/30658/swedes_take_the_lead France dashes Slovakia 3-1, ready to take on hosts Sweden for all the marbles tomorrow: https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/ogqp3e/news/30647/france_remains_unbeaten Germany defeats Italy 4-1 and eliminates the Azzurri's chances for qualification to Beijing. The German women had to in order to remain in contention to keep their Olympic qualification hopes alive after being upset by neighbors Austria in the first game on a 3-0 shutout. Now they hope to topple other neighbors Denmark: https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/ogqp3d/news/30646/germany_defeats_italy_keeps_olympic_hopes_alive Czech Republic keeps on rolling in their bid to make their Olympic women's hockey debut and the Polish were nothing to the Czechs with a 16-0 blowout. Things was so bad that Olympic bronze medal-winning speed skater-turned forward, Karolina Erbanova, managed to score a goal and an assist for the Czech Republic. Waiting on Norway-Hungary's upcoming result to plan what next in facing Hungary in Group C: https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/ogqp3c/news/30656/czechs_keep_on_rolling
  16. The IIHF's new President Luc Tardif and his Council and the IIHF Congress announce they have no plans to kick out the Chinese men off from the Olympic ice hockey program they are hosting in concerning the progress of the team right now. Will continue reviewing Team China's eligibility status of the players submitted in the initial team roster long list with the IIHF and the Chinese Ice Hockey Association working together to schedule two games with the Chinese national team in a joint effort to evaluate the competitive level status of the team’s preparations for Beijing 2022 in accordance to IIHF rules. These eligible national team players--the ones with the Chinese flag next to their names at the KHL website--will compete as part of Kunlun Red Star in the KHL team's league games on November 13 (versus Avangard) and 15 (versus Amur). Likely at Beijing's Wukesong Arena. Following these games, the IIHF Council will reconvene to discuss the next course of action and would continue assistance when needed in team preparations. If not satisfied, Norway, ranked #11 currently in the IIHF men's rankings, can still replace the Chinese. That list must be very satisfactory to the IIHF considering the current context and state of Chinese men's national ice hockey team's development. Should be noted here that the Chinese women aren't impacted in this in any way as they're deemed more competitive there by the IIHF in the women's game: https://www.iihf.com/en/news/29965/iihf_council_meeting_concludes_(1)
  17. The energetic, popular, and enthusiastic Radzi Chingyangya hosts a one-hour, 10-episode weekly Winter Pass show as he visits iconic winter competition sites around the globe with Athletes To Watch and recalling iconic past Winter Olympic Memories. Eurosport 1 will broadcast two hours of its Hall of Fame format - looking back at some of the incredible recent Olympic Winter Games stories from Turin, Vancouver, Sochi, and Pyeongchang. Eurosport's "Road To" "programming and content will be underpinned by a 360-degree offering that includes live action from across the globe during the 2021-22 winter sports season. In the lead-up to February’s Olympic Winter Games, Discovery will broadcast over 700 hours of live winter sports coverage – with 3,000 hours in total – from all four corners of the globe." From Vail to Val d’Isere, and Lake Louise to Les Arcs, The Cube studio returns with several newer innovations. Steven Price's Tokyo 2020 anthem also returns. Eurosport also plans for additional brand-new Winter Olympic programming starting November 23: https://www.eurosport.com/olympics/all-eyes-on-beijing-as-discovery-celebrates-milestone-on-the-road-to-the-olympic-winter-games_sto8602998/story.shtml Fabian Hambuchen and Anni Friesinger-Postma both return to Eurosport Deutschland for Beijing 2022. Hambuchen will host and will maintain this at least up to Paris 2024 as well as trying winter sports with his "Hambuchen Challenge". Friesinger-Postma will analyze speed skating once again. Olympic ski jumping champion Martin Schmitt, early slalom world champion Frank Wörndl, and the former national cross-country trainer Jochen Behle or Hans-Peter Pohl, Olympic champion in Nordic combined will also join them as announced. The German Eurosport will offer live Beijing 2022 streaming on discovery+ (in Germany on Joyn and JoynPLUS +): https://presse-discovery-de.translate.goog/post/olympische-spiele-bei-eurosport-hambuchen-bleibt-bis-2024-an-bor?_x_tr_sl=de&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en-US&_x_tr_pto=nui,sc https://discovery.de/2021/10/25/beijing-2022-100-days-to-go/ Recently-retired New York Rangers/Washington Capitals Vezina Trophy-winning hockey goalie Henrik Ljunqqvist, a 2006 gold medalist for Tre Kronor, joins Eurosport/Kanal 5/Discovery+ 's Beijing 2022 broadcasting team as a ice hockey analyst: https://press.discoverynetworks.se/post/discovery-varvar-henrik-lundqvist-till-vinterns-olympiska-spel-i Former French hockey player Laurent Meunier joins along with fellow ex-hockey player Laurent Bellet behind the mic for France Televisions' Winter Olympic ice hockey coverage in Beijing next February. Unfortunately for them, France isn't participating at least in the men's side (still has a chance with the women as I write this, though): https://www.ledauphine.com/sport/2021/10/06/jo-2022-laurent-meunier-sera-aux-commentaires-pour-france-tv-aux-cotes-de-laurent-bellet
  18. Another piece on how woeful the Chinese men's ice hockey team is, should they be kept as hosts. This time from the New York Times' Tariq Panja. A decision on should China's place in it is expected to arrive as early next week at a IIHF board meeting in Zurich. Stakes no doubt are very high for all parties involved with, among them, not wanting to anger the increasingly globally-powerful hosts in displaying its growing affluence and influence and conquering corona. Speaking of which, the pandemic without question impacted Chinese ice hockey in the leadup to Beijing 2022 like with Red Star Kunlun forced to base itself in Moscow instead of Beijing last couple of years. Also, if you're a (or want to be a, if born abroad) Chinese citizen and seeking to compete, you must be well-versed in Communist doctrine and virtues education: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/28/sports/olympics/china-olympics-hockey.html
  19. Okay, let's get this thing started with this new version alright... (Mind you, I haven't got to close with completing the Tokyo version--and will get back to that soon) NBC has "virtually sold out" all of its Beijing 2022 advertising space slots since September. Requests for participation coming at a case-by-case basis now being evaluated: https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1112828/nbc-advertising-beijing-2022 Like with Tokyo and Pyeongchang before this, expect to see some of your favorite Olympics events on your TV, computer, tablet, and smartphone will start late in the evening in Canada and in the USA like in the men's and women's hockey and curling gold medal finals and the figure skating final rounds. Plus, NBC really wanted the "unprecedented" Super Bowl-Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics scheduling overlap and pairing after swapping with CBS to maximize its advertising revenue package with the former coming days after Beijing's start and being in the thick of the Winter Olympics instead of avoiding each other this time: https://www.cbc.ca/sports/the-buzzer-newsletter-beijing-winter-olympics-99-days-1.6229044 NBC Bay Area hosted a 100-day countdown mark community event in San Francisco with NBC Bay Area anchor Janet Wang emceeing at a rink near the city hall: https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/sports/beijing-winter-olympics/watch-100-days-to-the-beijing-winter-olympics/2704691/ https://www.nbcbayarea.com/news/sports/beijing-winter-olympics/event-marks-beginning-of-100-day-countdown-to-2022-beijing-olympics/2704870/ NBC Sports presents the first of the 2022 US Olympic Trials for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in extensive live coverage of a six-day mixed curling trials tournament currently underway this week in Eveleth, Minnesota on NBCSN, NBCSports.com, and NBC Sports app: https://olympics.nbcsports.com/2021/10/27/us-olympic-trials-mixed-doubles-curling-tv-live-stream-schedule/
  20. Gonna have to take getting used to seeing Lululemon, a Vancouver-based company best known for its yoga gear, outfitting the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committee instead of the likes of Roots and the Hudson Bay Company for many years. May have been misses there but I do like the looks from Hudson Bay Company and Roots. The shades of red are nice but the multilayers of parkas on displays? Like some more so than others. Puffy, very puffy. That's what I immediately spot when I see it. The hats are decent, but they're not what the HBC and Roots offered and appealed to me. Functionality is another thing for me. Several articles on the unveiling of this apparel earlier this week in Toronto at a downtown hotel ballroom. If all this works for and is well-liked by Canada's Olympic and Paralympic athletes, more power to them. Some products from this collection here I like more so than others, so I'm mixed but there's a Twitter roasting--Cue the Michelin Tire Man (and Squid Game) jokes. Another problem is, some of these items are EXPENSIVE: https://www.sportsnet.ca/olympics/article/team-canada-unveils-kit-lululemon-2022-winter-olympic-paralympic-games/ https://olympic.ca/2021/10/26/feel-canada-team-canada-lululemon-unveil-the-beijing-2022-team-kit/ https://olympic.ca/2021/10/26/team-canada-x-lululemon-present-beijing-2022-uniform-kit/ https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/olympics/article-team-canada-overblown-unveiling-of-new-olympic-uniforms-shows-its/ https://www.narcity.com/lululemon-new-team-canada-olympic-clothing-is-getting-absolutely-roasted-on-twitter https://ca.style.yahoo.com/lululemon-team-canada-164744051.html https://www.blogto.com/fashion_style/2021/10/people-have-mixed-feelings-about-new-lululemon-canada-olympic-gear/ https://www.fastcompany.com/90689631/lululemon-debuts-first-ever-uniforms-for-olympic-athletes https://www.tsn.ca/team-canada-kit-lululemon-2022-winter-olympics-1.1712045
  21. One final step awaits come November 11-14 for the surviving 12 women's ice hockey teams for those coveted 3 remaining Olympic spots. Held in the top-seeded nation in group--all but one of these nations is European at this stage. GROUP C (held in Chomutov, Czech Republic): Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, Poland GROUP D (held in Fussen, Germany): Germany, Italy, Denmark, Austria GROUP E (held in Lulea, Sweden): Sweden, France, South Korea, Slovakia Group winners will join USA, Canada, Russia, Finland, Japan, Switzerland, and China to complete the field. My picks are Germany, Sweden, and Czech Republic--all are actually the next three nations behind the aforementioned top first 6 in the IIHF world women's rankings (although maybe Norway and France could surprise).
  22. South Korea's women get to play some more games in the final stage before Beijing despite Great Britain, the hosts and top seed, winning the final game 1-0. The British lost out in Nottingham because of goal differential that required them to win by at least two goals to prevent a tiebreaker favoring South Korea: South Korea is now in the group with Sweden, France, and Slovakia--good luck with that, especially Sweden that regressed recently but motivated to regain its international women's ice hockey prominence: https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/ogqp2f/news/29194/kor_gbr
  23. Part of my point, really. Too far into this now. Not even perhaps planned tune-up games leading up to the Opening Ceremonies would truly gauge who the Chinese are and build the competitive team chemistry. Regardless, they'll take a major shellacking.
  24. No unified women's hockey team this time with the North Koreans. Plus this South Korean women's hockey team has changed lots since hosting in Pyeongchang with of course the coronavirus pandemic forcing them not see the ice together for a lengthy stretch (two years). The team is now much younger--at 25 Jongah Park is the oldest player on the roster--and filled with some talented teenagers and early twentysometings like Sihyun Kang, Seohyung Kwak, and 16-year old goalies Inhye Jang and Yejin Lee while maintaining some Pyeongchang holdovers like Hee Won Kim with her strong performance from 2019. Kang and Kwak already have tasted some hockey time in Canada and the USA, so that helps. Also bring the passion and tenacity. Ice hockey's South Korean national profile is bigger thanks to Pyeongchang hosting the last Winter Olympics and earning support but still limited. Starting today through Sunday in Nottingham, England they will face Great Britain, Slovenia, and Iceland at the Olympic Pre-Qualification Round 2 Group F tournament in Great Britain's Midlands region for continuing on the road to one of the final 3 Olympic open spots and will likely face even stronger comp in Germany, Norway, and Hungary. This tournament was originally scheduled to be held in Gangneung, South Korea before being moved to Nottingham due to COVID-19. South Korean women are hungry for more Olympic action and build upon Pyeongchang: https://www.iihf.com/en/events/2022/ogqp2f/news/29014/hungry_for_more UPDATE: South Korea just won their first game against Slovenia 3-0 today.
  25. Latest on the China ice hockey front thanks to France 24: The IIHF elected a brand new president in France's Luc Tardif over a week ago--and he wants to be absolutely certain with IIHF officials observing games that China's men is going to be competitive next February. Or else they won't be competing as hosts, normally granted automatically. The IIHF isn't having it. The IIHF isn't as worried about the Chinese women's ice hockey as much, but it obviously wouldn't be good look anyway you slice for the Chinese men--damned if you, damned if you don't participate. Why weren't Chinese sports authorities looking to comprehensingly invest in winter sports as part of its global sports dominance ambition for decades since entering the international sports arena? Where were the major multiyear plans for solvent Chinese men's ice hockey to improve internationally for decades at all levels even when the NHL played games there in opening up new markets to remain on par with Japan, Kazakhstan, and South Korea? Tardif adds NHL players competing in Beijing are all but a certainty with the NHL, NHLPA, and other stakeholders formally very close to okaying this: https://nationalteamsoficehockey.com/hosts-china-face-possible-exclusion-from-olympic-ice-hockey/
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