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  1. Big news today! Eurosport secures over the exclusive pay-TV, linear, and digital streaming Tokyo 2020 coverage in France after agreeing to a partnership with the CANAL+ Group and France Télévisions. So Eurosport gets to be involved four years early than schedule while expanding the Eurosport Olympic footprint to 50 save for Russia now: https://corporate.discovery.com/discovery-newsroom/eurosport-becomes-official-olympic-games-tokyo-2020-broadcaster-in-france/
  2. Peruvians previously got the last Summer Olympics, Rio 2016, on Latina Television Canal 2. But coming next summer, ATV Group Canal 9 will exclusively broadcast the Tokyo 2020 edition, returning there since Beijing 2008 that ended a three Summer Olympics streak for up to 900 hours live on the biggest Summer Olympics and Paralympics coverage on Peruvian TV via America Movil's sublicensing. There are six national television channels among the ATV Group, and we can expect all of them--ATV Canal 9, Red TV, America Next (soon the rebranded as Global Television next year), La Tele, ATV Sur, and ATV Nocitas--and online at ATV Play to display the coverage. How it will send which sport where remains to be seen, although it's safe to assume that both ceremonies, the top and popular events (like track and field, swimming, the soccer finals, both volleyball versions, and gymnastics), and all of Peru's athletes will appear on ATV Canal 9. Renato Luna and Paco Bazan are set to be involved as broadcasters. Announced in a late November presentation in Lima featuring four of Peru's best Tokyo Summer Olympics hopefuls and gold medalists from Lima 2019 Pan American Games and mascot Miraitowa. Also will take on the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics: https://www.atv.pe/deportes/grupo-atv-transmitira-exclusiva-juegos-olimpicos-tokio-2020-398491 Adding to this is that Carlos Slim's America Movil desires once again to create TV broadcasting alliances among the non-Brazil Latin American nations that goes along with the rights like with what happened in the previous Olympic cycle. His company broke the decades-long Mexican Olympic TV stranglehold. Since we're talking about Olympic media alliances here, it's announced at the Brandcast Mexico 2019 that You Tube and Marca Claro teaming up so that Tokyo 2020 will get broadcast online on its You Tube's platform channel through Latin America from Mexico, where YouTube is heavily used, to Argentina (excluding Brazil) with hopes to have a large and tremendous reach throughout the region with Google seeking brands for sponsorship: https://www.merca20.com/las-audiencias-cambian-youtube-transmitira-los-juegos-olimpicos-de-tokyo-2020/ Mexican media giant Televisa, brought up by its VP of sports Juan Carlos Rodríguez, makes the surprise announcement at Grupo Televisa UpFront 2019-20 in Mexico City this October that it is definitely back covering the Olympics starting with Tokyo 2020. Little is known regarding its broadcasting plans right now. But we can see some sharing with them on Mexican TV and perhaps teaming up with Univision Deportes and Claro Sports. Could TV Azteca be not far behind with the likes of FOX Sports, ESPN, and SKY Mexico? Long standing Mexican sportscaster Enrique Burak prepares to cover Tokyo as well: https://www.frentecreativo.com/noticias/televisa-se-prepara-para-2020-con-su-revitalizada-oferta-de-contenidos/ https://www.elsoldemexico.com.mx/gossip/enrique-burak-recibe-el-premio-antena-2019-por-sus-37-anos-de-trayectoria-4444246.html Some Swedes are concerned over whether Discovery Sweden can handle such massive sports TV properties rights at the same summer next year with Tokyo 2020 and the Allsvenskan and Supretta soccer. Assumption is they will send almost all of their on-camera personnel over in Tokyo, including for its soccer competition like Karin Frick and Tommy Astrom, and leaving the Allsvenskan team more bare bones. Rest assured, Hanif Hossiemi says, the Discovery Sweden team (Kanal 5, Kanal 9, Eurosport Sverige channels, D/EurosportPlay) assures it will provide the best Swedish TV/online Olympic coverage ever to its Swedish audience as it adds more personnel in both camps to provide quality coverage. Is up for the massive challenge: https://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/a/aweLyd/discovery-tar-over-allsvenskan-i-tv--har-ar-deras-loften
  3. Over exactly a year after that last post. I plan to return to that with the videos in the new week. But Calgary returns to hosting for the first time in a decade at McMahon Stadium for the 107th Grey Cup between two of the best CFL teams right now, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (15-3, league-best and franchise record) and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (11-7, third in the West). If they seem unfamiliar to you at this stage lately, that's because these two teams featured at this final CFL stage are the last ones not to win the Grey Cup since the turn of the millennia, and the only two teams not to win the Grey Cup in the 2010s. So one team's Grey Cup drought will end tonight. Hamilton hasn't won in two decades when star and future CEBL Commissioner and TSN CFL commentator Mike Morreale was still playing as a star player. For Winnipeg it's even longer. Almost three decades now since hoisting it (1990, team was competing in the East Division back then when there was no Montreal representation in the league and before the US teams). Hamilton actually won the season sweep over Winnipeg in both cities this year. Hamilton's been on a roll lately with sports. The Hamilton Honey Badgers was in the first CEBL Championship Game this August in Saskatoon before falling to the hosts Saskatchewan Rattlers in pro basketball. Hamilton Forge FC in soccer's Canadian Premier League, another nascent Canadian pro league starting this year, won the first CPL title beating Calgary Calvary FC. Can the Ti-Cats keep it going after with the best record this year? Lindsey Kelly with Calgary Stampede Showband will perform O Canada pregame. Referee is Andre Proulx. Game will be on TSN and RDS as usual with ESPN3 in the USA, BT Sport in Britain, MVS in Mexico, and ESPN International everywhere else in the 74 other nations. For those outside these places online, there's TV Everywhere online. TSN Radio stations, including Tiger-Cats flagship CKOC 1150 Hamilton and Winnipeg's CFRW 1290 (replacing game coverage on CJOB 680), will carry the Grey Cup on radio across Canada. Keith Urban will perform at halftime: https://www.cfl.ca/games/2646/hamilton-tiger-cats-vs-winnipeg-blue-bombers/#/preview
  4. Got a successor now. NBC Sports tips Golf Channel executive Molly Solomon, the first woman to run a national sports network, to oversee the NBC Tokyo 2020 coverage in filling the void left by Jim Bell's departure. Found the news when, what else, playing a round of golf in Orlando. Strongly suspected it will be someone with some serious ties to the NBC Olympic coverage and production performing various capacities. She started as a researcher, and well-experienced being involved in a 10 Olympics string like producing the prime time segments, Opening Ceremony, and of course Rio 2016 golf coverage. Got 11 Emmys along the way. She'll keep the quality going and even allow for innovation and fresh angles and plans to the NBC Olympics coverage. How as compared with the past remains to be seen. One thing we can be assured of is Solomon will definitely adapt well to the ever-changing and newer types in media consumption of the Olympics and present "options for every viewer" be it full-event or highlights forms while not concerning himself over gender. A terrific hire: https://www.latimes.com/sports/story/2019-11-20/nbc-golf-channel-executive-to-run-2020-olympics-coverage https://awfulannouncing.com/olympics/molly-solomon-to-head-nbc-olympics-production.html https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/molly-solomon-olympics-nbc-sports-jim-bell-1203409497/ https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/business/article/NBC-Sports-appoints-company-veteran-to-lead-14849292.php Preparations and plans are nearly solidified for over the past two years at NBC prior to Tokyo 2020. Does plan on some Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic content on the new Peacock streaming platform after April. Perhaps maybe previews for each and every event as its own show, a Road To Tokyo weekly preview show, Japan-centric cultural programming, and more coverage on the torch relay but never as an overall change in strategy. We can only guess. Authentication from TV providers isn't leaving for this. But Gary Zenkel adds that for now... https://www.inquirer.com/sports/nbc-olympics-streaming-peacock-tokyo-2020-20191120.html
  5. Important news out of NBC is that Jim Bell exits well before even heading NBC Sports' Tokyo 2020 coverage (as well as departing his Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon showrunning duties). We'll see whoever succeeds him will place his or her finger on some coverage changes, if at all. Likely not Sam Flood but someone more intimate with the Olympics coverage: https://awfulannouncing.com/nbc/jim-bell-leaves-nbc-olympics.html
  6. I do remember that 7 Sydney 2000 promo being on the beginning of the Sydney 2000 Olympic DVDs like the 2-disc Opening Ceremony one from Warner Home Vision Australia. The Great One appears again for his endorsement of Canon's groundbreaking at the time Canon G70 photo camera back in 1985, showcasing his skills that rightfully called him the Great One and Canadian royalty. Canon was the official camera brand of the NHL at the time. Gretzky was right at the height of his powers back then happily winning Stanley Cups for the Edmonton Oilers back in the 1980s and deservedly was one of the top male athlete of that very decade. The 1980s were very, very good to Edmonton sports with not just Gretzky and the Oilers (packed with All-Stars and legends) but also the CFL's Edmonton Eskimos with coach Hugh Campbell and his QB Warren Moon winning multiple Grey Cups just before them...until that seismic August 1988 trade to Los Angeles when he was still in his scary prime brought all that winning to a screeching halt. There's actually another version of this commercial from the same shoot I hope to bring very soon from the same period with Gretzky that was also shown across Canada and the USA. Also notice not seeing the names above the numbers on his teammates' backs, which should detect to you they're not his actual Oilers teammates during filming His opponents may sport jerseys styled like the New Jersey Devils, a team he once infamously blasted the year before following a blowout game calling it "a Mickey Mouse organization" and got torched for it, but really have a fictional circular crest with a white A on it. Now here's a more recent hockey hero in Norwegian star Mats Zuccarello (with the added actual surname Aasen)--the Zuccarello is from his mother's Italian heritage--with him practicing his shooting inside all by himself. Then with the New York Rangers during filming and airing (now with the Minnesota Wild on a 5-year $30 million contract starting this season). In this Unibets commercial, Zuccarello says translated "You must bet (that is in this Norwegian context, "bet" means dedicating or committing yourself) to win. It means very tough work every day. But it's worth it, because the joy of winning is the biggest there is," bridging both working on your sport and gambling. This stands out because active players really can't endorse vices for North American-based companies and context; we're still just shedding the stigma of it (complicated story and history owing to our largely Protestant heritage) with technology playing an important role. Gambling and booking on sports are normal and accepted across Europe with huge revenue generated annually. And of course it has the age restriction and gambling help noted:
  7. Nacho Olympic beat me to it on the Japan 2019 Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony. Was gonna put it up yesterday. Oh well... Putting up the 2019 Africa Games Closing Ceremony from Rabat, Morocco at Prince Moulay Abdellah Stadium that ended the 40-year absence from hosting this. Same MCs from the Opening are back. Entertainment is a mixture of Moroccan, Arabic and French recording artists like Aminux, Mina Tiwirit, Nouamane Belaiachi, Victoire Biaku, Josey, Nataly Andria and Franco and dance troupe Pawad Nawaz (sp?). Unlike in the Olympic version, the athletes, coaches, trainers, etc all don't march as one multicolored mass in entrance. But enter as part of their national teams kinda just like they did until John Wing's Melbourne suggestion back in 1956. Also the African Union anthem is played along with the Olympic Hymn and the Moroccan national anthem. The Atlas Lion mascot is all over this as soon as he arrives before the parade. The stadium is not filled to capacity...and some of the audio in not in sync And we can't forget the 2019 Indian Ocean Island Games Closing Ceremonies from Port-Louis, Mauritius at the Anjalay Coopen Stadium taken from MBC TV. Just like with the opening, it was wet and cloudy and rainy. No English commentary? Then again, almost all the participating islands in this region are French-speaking, although some like Seychelles and Mauritius are both English and French and are Commonwealth nations. Built a grand stage for the singing entertainment inside the stadium this time. Listen closely and you'll hear the Rocky theme Gonna Fly Now from the marching band. Also interesting here, the JIOI Mauritius mascot plays a prominent role here too before leaving the stage:
  8. Pretty cool stuff to see on the track for viewers. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out who is leading, their speed acceleration/decreasing, and who is about to win in sprints and their times due to the clustering near the finish line. Like to see this similarly done for swimming. Just hours ago this morning, NBCUniversal announced the name of the its brand new streaming service that will hold NBC/Telemundo's Tokyo 2020 cross-platform coverage in the United States: Peacock. Further details there TBA but we all know there will be a major marketing push for this as a showcase piece soon as Peacock launches in April: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/bonnie-hammer-nbc-peacock-streaming-launch-1203338631/
  9. The 2019 Rabat African Games Opening Ceremony took place Monday, which surely would get lost sometimes in the international sports realm out of Morocco's capital city. Parade of Nations very much started almost immediately. Nations came out to its most notable national artists--great tribute for South Africans marching to the late, great Johnny Clegg and one of his signature songs "Asimbonanga" with Savuka. But the audio from the emcees with the field one and the Olympic Channel feed sportscaster seem to compete against one another in speaking. More accurately, over each other. Obviously that will be confusing to listeners. Quite enjoyable here beyond that. Judo actually got with theirs during the three days before this OC: And then there was the Indian Ocean Island Games that took place in Port-Louis, Mauritius at the Anjalay Coopen Stadium that took place a month ago and had to deal with a torrential rainfall that delayed the Opening Ceremony for nearly 30 minutes. Show went on as the rain let up significantly. The Comoros Islands fielded a far bigger contingent of athletes than in the All-African Games right now. As you would expect with these Indian Ocean Island area, they're predominately French like Reunion, Comoros, Seychelles, Maldives, Madagascar, and Mayotte. Does add a nice element of the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony with a bicycle rider leading the delegations with a hallmark Mauritian house behind him or her:
  10. Just this afternoon I went over thanks to a Google search to see some TV schedules that contained some past Olympics in its listings. So I spotted some Buenos Aires ones on the forum from Radio Discussions' website representing Argentina during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, you know the Centennial Olympic Games. I'll write them down if needed here; there's only a few of them right now. America 2, Telefe, and Canal 13 all were involved in the free-to-air Argentinian TV portion of these Games. Telefe is Channel 11 down there. America 2 ceased operations, I guess. What these channels did was emulating what neighboring Brazil, which was an interesting thing at the time. Not like what Argentina broadcasters do now and have just one Olympics broadcaster involved as an OTA'er. Multiple OTA channels from Argentina airing it, which certainly had a lot to do with Argentina soccer airing on all channels, often simultaneously with Argentina. And it was because of soccer, the most important sport in the nation but also aired other sports that are popular in Argentina like basketball, field hockey, and volleyball. Especially along with any other Olympic sport, mostly whenever there's Argentinian Olympians involved with a few popular foreign teams thrown in. America 2's, Telefe's, and Canal 13's coverage all weren't always nonstop, although America 2 came close to doing that but not without a break for a hour or even three before resuming to the action. Certainly had the bulk of the coverage with the other just appearing for a few hours everyday and covered both ceremonies. By contrast, TyC Sports, Argentina's premier cable sports TV network, aired more than 14 hours daily live from Atlanta from 10am until midnight Buenos Aires time and was more comprehensive with its roster of sports broadcasting most events involving many nations not just Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Something like 240 hours including the Opening Ceremony and pre-OC soccer games
  11. In this compilation of commercials from a February 22, 1988 commercial break during ABC's presentation of the Calgary 1988 ladies' free skate comes one of my favorite Olympic-themed commercials of all time. Surely this commercial was aired all over ABC's broadcast and subsequently on NBC's Seoul coverage later that September. It's a poignant one from Dow Chemical Company coming in at 1:30 featuring Zdravko "Puska" Jezic with a black and white dramatization portrayed by an actor of a 1950s era Olympic medal ceremony anxiously getting awarded his silver medal with his Yugoslavian teammates. Interestingly, we only see he and his Yugoslav team on the podium minus everyone else on it. The Serbian-born Jezic, albeit Croatian by nationality, mentions here how much he wanted to make his nation proud in winning a medal in his sport of water polo, which doesn't get mentioned here and won two silver medals during the 1950s in that sport in Helsinki 1952 and again in Melbourne 1956. Flash forward to 1987-88. Jezic mentions he since became an American citizen working with Dow as a senior projects director "working to help make medical surgeries safer" as part of another worthy team developing polymeric materials at Dow Chemical Company in the United States from 1966 until his 1992 retirement as Dr. Jezic before joining a team photo. He co-authored numerous scientific and technical papers and 13 patents in that time. He received a degree in chemical technology from the University of Zagreb and in 1960 started working for chemical industry. Two years later, he obtained a PhD in organic chemical technology, and then spent a few years as a postdoctoral student at the University of Michigan before coming to Dow. Jezic died in New York on June 19, 2005 at the age of 75 and was posthumously enshrined in the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2010. A print ad version of this Dow 1988 Olympic-themed campaign appeared in magazines like Sports Illustrated. Don't know how he got the nickname Puska: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdCc-Gbloyg
  12. One person we surely know early on will be involved with Seven's Tokyo 2020 coverage is Basil Zempilas, the man who called Steven Bradbury's 1000m gold medal race in short track in Salt Lake City. Australia's first Winter Olympic gold medal. He's stepping down as a popular Weekend Sunrise co-anchor on 7 alongside Monique Wright, commuting every weekend cross-country from Perth to Sydney, after two years to become more of a flexible guest co-host so that Basil will focus more on his Perth media commitments at 6PR's weekday breakfast show with Steve Mills and weeknight sports reports for Seven. Could very well do Olympic basketball and rowing and maybe canoeing/kayak again: https://tvblackbox.com.au/page/2019/8/17/sunrise-on-the-hunt-for-new-host-as-basil-zempilas-steps-aside Known for his Japanese NPB baseball TV commentary along with doing some NBA and NFL games utilizing some English in calling home runs, Yuji Kondo will handle equestrian during the Tokyo 2020. Heavily influenced by American TV commentators. Even spent time in Guam playing (American) football and seeing the San Diego Chargers at home before doing that back in Japan leading as a defensive back for Ritsumeikan University to the 1994 national championship. Although we don't know what channel from the Japan Olympic Broadcast Consortium will cover it. Safe to say NHK, however: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2019/08/19/baseball/japanese-baseball/yuji-kondo-continues-chart-path-broadcast-booth/#.XVsxb-hKjcs Once again, Kiwi sports fans will watch the Olympics on SKY Sport NZ and on free-to-air PRIME like this Tokyo 2020 edition. Late last month on the 1-year stage on July 24, they were able to look back at some of NZ's favorite sports moments from Rio 2016 on One Year to Go: Rio 2016 Review that aired on SKY Sport 3 from 8pm and free-to-air on Prime, Saturday July 27 from 7pm NZT: https://www.sky.co.nz/-/one-year-to-go-olympic-games-tokyo-2020
  13. Muhammad Ali could never stop talking about himself as The Greatest and the prettiest...and his mother Odessa Clay is getting annoyed of him saying that all the time with his "big mouth" as she makes him a beef hamburger from since-discontinued Bird's Eye 2 Quarter Pounder set to eat just to make him shut up. A funny commercial here, where she gets to throw back at him from that famous photo of her son, then named Cassius Clay, playfully jabbing her at the kitchen table in their Louisville home when she serves a plate full of juicy and tasty fried chicken. Nice to see them together. Gotta be from the late 1970s: Polish ski jumping 3x Olympic gold medalist star Kamil Stoch sporting 4F athletic gear and sneaker in a stylized brief commercial where he "challenges himself". The Krakow, Poland-based sportswear company 4F is an official partner for the Polish Ski Federation since 2007:
  14. If the ghosts of Tiananmen Square couldn't haunt China effectively enough from being awarded the 2008 Summer Olympics, how will Hong Kong's issues, much less the Uighurs, impact them now when China's now a bonafide international sports power with a lucrative and desirable market at the stage of the time frame? Like Quaker says, all the IOC can do is apply pressure on it while being aware of its serious violations. Can't realistically take the toys away from the Chinese now.
  15. Eurosport's manga-inspired #1YearToGo Tokyo 2020 Olympics promo as Eurosport makes itself known for Tokyo at the 1-year countdown. It plans to air this for much of the next month All "live and on-demand content of the Olympics disciplines will be broadcast via Eurosport’s OTT streaming service, Eurosport Player, and not just on its TV channels. It will also offer real-time digital and social media coverage, including ‘tailor-made’ personalised content for fans, featuring their favourite sports, athletes and experts." Look for a "cutting-edge studio and production technology at the forefront of the coverage" forthcoming in the coming months ahead. With "world-class experts" soon to be announced and that Eurosport Cube is coming back. That One Year To Go Special live from Tokyo many hours to go:
  16. Getting to the one-year countdown mark today and, more officially, tomorrow. So we'll see some news globally forthcoming. Definitely some developments from NBC aggressively milking all that mileage with billions of dollars to spend on its top cash cow with Tokyo and beyond (to 2032)... NBC is going all out with this like from Mike Tirico out in Tokyo, emulating what he did over in Pyeongchang exactly a year from its Opening Ceremony, to Shaun White, Ali Krieger, Eric Kynard, Brighton Zeuner, Laurie Hernandez, Alex Johnson, Naya Tapper, Jordan Borroughs, Helen Maroulis, Ashlyn Harris, Foluke Akinradewo, and David Boudia among the 15 US Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls with the USOPC making numerous appearances across numerous "abundant and diverse" NBCU platforms and shows in New York and Los Angeles. Has the Olympic rings started reappearing under the NBC peacock on TV yet? Always seem like the feeling NBC could do a little more and be clever and stealth with its Tokyo 2020 "ultra-synergetic, cross-platform" promotions like Awful Announcing's Matt Yoder suggests are missing out on: NBC Universal Celebrates One Year Until Tokyo 2020 By Activating Across Its Unmatched Portfolio https://awfulannouncing.com/nbc/nbc-is-going-all-out-to-promote-the-2020-olympics-that-are-only-365-days-away.html NBC Sports just unleashed its 1-minute one-year countdown sports montage promo today with Panic! At The Disco providing the soundtrack set to (aptly) "The Greatest Show" with various US Olympics stars and hopefuls making cameos doing their thing: "training, preparing, and finally competing": https://www.popsugar.com/fitness/Tokyo-Olympics-NBC-Teaser-Trailer-Video-46414059 NBC targets a record ad revenue haul of topping $1.2 billion for this Tokyo 2020 adventure surpassing that of Rio's. Said to "carry more than 7000 hours of coverage across broadcast, cable, digital and social platforms" but discussions are still ongoing over what Olympic programming to place on its nascent streaming service ready for 2020. Yet in a rapidly fracturing viewership and serious transitions to changing media consumptions and outlets, American Olympic viewing on TV, while still very strong, has eroded in recent ones. But we can expect many of the top-spending advertisers back on NBC from Rio De Janeiro and Pyeongchang, even bringing aboard some Japanese brands that normally don't heavily advertise in the USA: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/nbcuniversal-expects-more-12b-ad-sales-2020-tokyo-olympics-1226439 https://adage.com/article/media/nbc-eyes-record-ad-sales-haul-2020-olympics/2185576 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-07-23/nbc-expects-record-2020-olympics-ad-sales-topping-1-2-billion?srnd=pursuits-vp https://www.thewrap.com/2020-tokyo-olympics-ad-sales-nbc/ Down in Australia with the Seven Network, SWM Olympic Director Kevin Burnette says along with Seven and 7Two with 6 additional 7plus curated channels will be available to its signed-in BVOD users with up to 40 live streams of every Olympic sport available from Tokyo on 7plus with a more favorable time zone viewing, Seven offers as part of the SevenWest Media, Olympic integration in cross-platforms with Pacific Magazine, the West Australian newspaper, and 7NEWS.com.au for the Australia Olympic experience. Even the Australian version of the Olympic Channel launches today on 7plus to coincide with this. Australia's most comprehensive and most digital Games event coverage ever that it hopes to bank on huge Aussie viewership to 20 million via broadcast and an additional 5 million online. Like with what NBC did with Rio and Pyeongchang, viewers without a 7plus subscription will only get limited access while those who do will get everything. You can even see Channel Seven's Tokyo wordmark on the TV behind Burnette. Advertisers will be less frequent during the TV coverage and there are plans to utilize the "megawall' approach on the linear side to push those watching over to digital viewing. Expect many of the same commercial partners back for the Seven coverage: http://www.adnews.com.au/news/seven-banks-on-7plus-to-drive-tokyo-olympics-audience https://www.mediaweek.com.au/one-year-until-tokyo-2020-seven-launches-olympic-tv-channel/ https://www.bandt.com.au/media/seven-announces-plans-tokyo-2020 Seven's Tokyo 2020 interactive press kit, says 2500 hours of live competition will be shown: http://inside7.com.au/tokyo-2020 Globo sublicenses the Brazilian TV coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to Band and BandSports with only them and SporTV handling this: https://agenciaolimpica.com.br/marketing-esportivo/9343/bandsports-fecha-acordo-como-globo/ France Televisions will launch its own version of the Olympic Channel come 2020 in time for the 2024 deadline with the next Summer Olympics in Paris looming afterwards. Talks and plans for it are still preliminary at this point: https://www.lequipe.fr/Medias/Actualites/France-televisions-va-lancer-une-nouvelle-chaine-olympique-pour-les-jo-2020/1031254
  17. The Olympic Channel will broadcast a special streaming 25-minute interactive live show celebrating 1 year to go until Tokyo 2020 on July 24 with guest appearances with co-hosts Ash Tulloch and Miki Ando. Live from Tokyo from the Let's 55 (Go, Go) event at the Tokyo International Forum and starts at 7:15 GMT/UTC (3:15 New York time, 8:15 London, 9:15 CEST, 16:15 Tokyo). Very early in the morning for us here in North America! https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/stories/features/detail/olympic-channel-interactive-1yeartogo-tokyo2020-live-show/
  18. Lifelong Snicker fan here. Always enjoy myself some Snickers! So did American skiier Karl Anderson en route to Sarajevo after Lake Placid back in 1984 to offset his "hunger feeling" before going downhill when he pitched for it--and "substantial" Snickers was the official snack food of the 1984 Winter Olympics! Alas, he didn't qualify for Sarajevo after Innsbruck and Lake Placid. Maybe he did this after he retired before 1984: When Sydney, New South Wales, Australia was hosting the 2000 Summer Olympics, Westpac Bank put out a massive promotion towards endorsing and supporting its homegrown athletes it sponsors since 1997 and even beyond. But nothing like almost 20 years ago. Here in this humorous and then-innovative piece, the mothers and sisters of Australian Olympians swimmer Susie O'Neill, marathoner Kylie Risk, gymnast Lisa Skinner, hurdler Kyle Vander Kuyp, weightlifter Damian Brown, and javelin thrower Adrian Hatcher all try in vain at their famous world class family members' sports with great hilarity, all wondering aloud "I don't know how s/he does it". Thus reminding us all their athletes' elite skills:
  19. OK, this is the full entire version of the 2019 Pacific Games Opening Ceremony in Apia, (Western) Samoa using the official feed. Yet it's cut into two parts for some bizarre reason. What took it so long after this? The Rev. Faulalo Leti, President of the Samoan Methodist Church, really had a long speech by Games standards along with a prayer and a hymn choir. Samoa's PM Va'aletoa Sualauvi II makes a 22-minute long speech while opening these Games, which is very long by any type of Games standards. But like with the Port Moresby one, we certainly see various teams across the Pacific displaying their Haka renditions and showcasing their diversities, all living up to the motto "One In Spirit" in several ways. Worth noting here that on May 15, 2017 the Tongan Prime Minister announced that Tonga, which never hosted these Pacific Games, would withdraw from hosting the 2019 Pacific Games amid concerns the country facing economic difficulties when staging the event. A Tongan Cabinet spokesman, speaking to Kaniva News, noted that Prime Minister Akilisi Pōhiva decided to save the nation from a "costly mistake" when the planned Chinese and Japanese investment and development in their planned and upgraded venues and facilities never arrived. Continues on in the second video until 43:49 starting with the torch inside the stadium and then the broadcast stream heads to the studio co-anchors and the competition (Cook Islands-Fiji women's basketball and Fiji-Tahiti men's soccer): No full footage of the 2019 NatWest International Island Games Opening Ceremony that happened nearly two months ago yet. So we'll have to settle with individual team delegations marching towards inside Gibraltar's Europa Point Stadium at least for now. Like Team Isle of Wight here:
  20. Hopefully it would later down the line. Not sure if they would have the rights to them and other events before, say, Guadalajara, Winnipeg, and Rio De Janeiro. Just started.
  21. Easily overlooked in the global sports scene with so much going on this year at this very time with the soccer (WWC, Copa America, and CONCACAF Gold Cup), Wimbeldon, MLB at the halfway mark, NBA free agency and the Summer League, F1 and NASCAR, Tour De France all taking up attention. But the 16th Pacific Games just kicked off in Apia, (Western) Samoa with its Opening Ceremony a couple days ago taken from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea in 2015. First time since 2007. The official full one is yet to be uploaded on YouTube, but we can expect that in a matter of days. Right now, here's two videos from it in an attempt to make things fuller since some scenes are omitted from both, although the second one is longer and fuller. Seems a little on the basic side of things without the computer technology we now come to expect from the Pacific Games' bigger budgeted and more well-known counterparts:
  22. Bob Fitzgerald, soon to be leaving San Francisco's sports radio station KNBR 680AM after three decades, will be again a play-by-play voice of the Tokyo 2020 USA Men's Olympic Basketball Team games on the NBC family of TV networks. This will be his second time covering Olympic basketball on TV after London 2012 and his fifth Olympic broadcasting appearance overall since swimming in Atlanta--and with basketball radio coverage in Athens 2004 (also called water polo coverage for NBC at Beijing 2008): http://www.knbr.com/2019/06/24/knbr-signs-greg-papa-to-multi-year-deal-new-lineup-to-debut-july-16/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Fitzgerald The CBC got some plans to broadcast the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games using Twitter on the social media side with content ranging from actual coverage to Canadian athletes' stories in striving for excellence: https://www.gamingpost.ca/canadian-sports-science-news/new-twitter-canada-sports-deals/ Down under with the Seven Network Kurt Burnette, Seven's Olympic director, predicts to The Australian that over 20 million Aussies will watch Seven Network's coverage of Tokyo 2020 with an additional 5 million tuning on portable digital devices with a favorable time zone difference this time for them. More than Sydney in viewership (Can't get to the The Australian article due to subscription fees): https://www.mediaweek.com.au/mediaweek-roundup-june-24-2019/ Look for a new Olympic-themed animated short film made in co-production by Studio Ponoc and with the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage "expressing the Olympic values of excellence, friendship, and respect" that's aimed at kids to get into the Olympic spirit come early next year. Announcement was made at the Annecy Film Festival earlier this month: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20190611_13/ Ireland's Tokyo 2020 Olympic field hockey qualification journey in the 8-team FIH Hockey Series going on from June 8-16 at the Banbridge Hockey Club was streamed live on BBC Sport NI. With a new coach in Sean Dancer and the South Korea, Scotland, France, Czech Republic, Singapore, and Ukraine national teams (Spoiler: Ireland qualified for the FIH Olympic Qualifiers along with South Korea as the top two teams there): https://www.bbc.com/sport/hockey/48490038 The Diet approves the launching of NHK's streaming service coming in March in time for the torch relay and for its simultaneous Tokyo 2020 TV Olympic coverage. No additional fee required going along with that of the TV subscription thanks to a revised law: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/05/29/national/diet-approves-simultaneous-streaming-japans-public-broadcaster-nhk/#.XRK-jOtKjcs
  23. That Dinamo Minsk stadium sure does remind me of Lenin Stadium with that cauldron and the Soviet-era floodlights. Wonder if this is intended as an inspiration...
  24. Are you ready for NBC Olympic primetime anchor Mike Tirico's announcement at the NBCU UpFront this morning at NYC's Radio City Music Hall awaiting with Tokyo 2020? An unprecedented “7,000 hours, over 17 days, reaching 205 million people” in the US...(Brace for a much bigger Olympics spiel next May). Roughly 245 more hours overall than what NBCU offered for Rio 2016 because of new events added. Only right the Peacock recruited 13 famed female American Olympians, including gold medalists Lindsey Vonn, Allyson Felix, and Kerri Strug, who all took the Radio City Music Hall stage to the only standing ovation of the presentation. Driving the female empowerment vibe home, Vonn reminded the Radio City audience that over the past 15 years, American women have won half of all Olympic medals and, I'll add now, well outnumber the men on the US Olympic Team in recent Summer Olympics. That, the feel-good message it brings at today's presentation, and with the #MeToo movement at least on a symbolic level. All at 10:25 am CT. Doesn't mention the breakdown among the networks--we know NBC, NBCSN, MSNBC, CNBC, USA, the Olympic Basketball and Soccer Channels, Golf Channel, Bravo, and TELEMUNDO/NBC Universo will get involved. That of course will come with everything along with it. Fun to speculate which network will get what sports and how many hours each, although it's very early. Safe to assume, going by what Rio 2016 and London 2012 offered by the NBC family of networks, many of these sports will head to where they previously were. Question is, how about the incoming sports on the Tokyo 2020 program like baseball, softball, surfing, skateboarding, karate, and mountain climbing? Where do you think they'll be slated for? Do you think Oxygen will participate? Any chance for new one? How about a new Olympic baseball/softball channel? Will we eventually see the actual creation of Telemundo Deportes? What kind of role will its upcoming NBCU streaming service play in this? Hopefully that will give us Americans a chance to catch up with full replays of past NBC Olympics coverage, for one thing, with the Tokyo 2020 coverage: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/nbcuniversal-upfront-snl-cast-tina-fey-seth-meyers-more-hit-radio-city-1210064 https://deadline.com/2019/05/nbc-upfront-2019-2020-presentation-live-blog-1202613553/
  25. Telemundo once again confirms it'll supply the US Spanish language TV coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Details TBD in the next year. The article just mentions it at the end. Since we're talking also about women's soccer here, Telemundo is also airing this edition of the FIFA Women's World Cup in France starting June 7: https://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/telemundo-shares-upfront-strategy
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