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  1. Butchered how? By using the original arrangement and an actual orchestra? TSN's version is FAR superior to CBC's as it embraces the song's roots and doesn't try and make it "hip" by throwing in crap electric guitar riffs everywhere.
  2. This is essentially all I'm saying we should avoid. Make it an actual show, not a half-assed Canawank. And a definite yes to Wintersleep. I'm not expecting to like every band, but the topic is "Artists You'd Like To See Performing During 2010!" not "Artists You Realistically Believe Will Perform In 2010!" So call me an elitist for having an opinion about what artists I like and dislike. But it's not like this message board has bearing on anything outside it's little corner of cyberspace.
  3. You're totally missing what I'm saying. The N*SYNC comment was an to illustrate how it's not unprecedented in Olympic history to have major artists play at medal ceremonies. I'm saying there's nothing wrong with having a group that is as popular as N*SYNC was in 02. U2 and Coldplay fit into the tone of the ceremony because they make uplifting, sophisticated music which has a wide appeal to many demographics worldwide. I fail to understand how an Olympic Games wouldn't be at least marginally attractive to a major artist. Pemberton was a major music festival, sure, but far from established. It was a fledgling thing. I have to imagine there are some major artists out there who would be attracted to the prestige, as well as the widespread promotional opportunities, of performing at an event like this. Why do artists perform at the Super Bowl? I wouldn't be surprised if many acts are paid to perform at the Olympic anyway.
  4. I prefer choirs for the national anthems, but Measha Brueggergosman would sing the hell out of the Olympic Anthem. That's traditionally the spot for sopranos anyway.
  5. All I'm saying is I want whoever is picked to be: a) appropriate to the tone of the event if possible, slightly more artistically inclined than your Avril Lavignes or your Nickelbacks. c) To be evaluated on the above criteria first, and on their nationality second. Sure there are some great Canadian artists, both big and small, popular internationally and not. But I think it would be doing the event a disservice to choose certain artists based solely on the fact that they are Canadian, rather than on artistic merit. I am aware that there are numerous talented Canadian artists both well known and not, but there are just as many Canadian artists whose material I don't believe would be appropriate, both because of its content (ie Nickelback) and simply because I don't believe they're an illustration of how Canadians would like their artists to be perceived on the international scale (ie Sum 41, Avril). To illustrate my point... Canadian artists I would like to see perform: Feist Sarah Slean kd lang Arcade Fire K-os Broken Social Scene Barenaked Ladies Joni Mitchell (yeah, what the hell!) Diana Krall The Tragically Hip Sloan Priestess Neil Young Nelly Furtado Sam Roberts band Chantal Kreviazuk Hell, even Mookie Morris Canadian artists I could do without: Sum 41 Simple Plan Celine Dion Shania Twain Nickelback Tom Cochrane Avril Lavigne I could go either way on Buble and Sarah McLachlan. Basically, let's avoid cliched pop-rock, adult contemporary ballads and hollow, false attempts at Canadian authenticity. It's all about showing off the best artists we can offer, and I don't think groups like Simple Plan or a guy like Tom Cochrane fits that criteria. And where there isn't an appropriate Canadian artist available, then look to international artists. It is, after all, about putting on a good show. There will be plenty of Canadiana. I don't think there's anything wrong with having one or two popular international acts in there as well. Salt Lake followed that same pattern and, as I recall, also had one of the largest pop acts at the time perform (N*SYNC). I look at the Pemberton Festival as an example of something close to what we should shoot for. Lots of eclectic acts, both Canadian and international, both large and small. And, as an aside, if the Junos can get Coldplay, the Grey Cup get the Black Eyed Peas and Lenny Kravitz, and Pemberton get Jay-Z and Tom Petty, I think the Olympic can land artists of similar stature. Now, if VANOC somehow gets N.E.R.D. I will kiss their feet repeatedly.
  6. People also have the option of not going once they know who the act is. Again, you're not getting what I'm saying. I don't necessarily want popular artists, I just don't want bad ones. I'm all for giving exposure to artists that no one's ever heard of if their work is strong. But if it comes down to having to choose between Stompin' Tom Connors and Coldplay, you go with Coldplay.
  7. ARGH, again, I'm not saying do JUST popular acts, just don't put crappy artists, or artists inappropriate to the tone of the event up there just because they're Canadian. Nickelback is internationally known AND Canadian. But they also suck major balls, and aren't exactly a great fit for the Olympics. Go for Canadian artists first, by all means, but once we've recruited your Feists and your Nelly Furtados, and why not, the Arcade Fire, don't put Kalan Porter or July Black up there because they're Canadian. I want GOOD artists above all else. And I'm not saying the idea is to sell out based on the act itself. But Tom Cochrane is not putting asses in seats, nor providing a performance of any artistic merit. Should he deserve a shot because he's a moderately popular Canadian artist?
  8. No previous games has had artists exclusive to the host country. There's always been a mix of domestic and international artists. I'm not denying Anne Murray's talent, but I'm questioning if she's an appropriate choice. We want to fill BC Place every night, and Anne Murray won't do that. Use Canadian artists wherever possible, but having a Canadian artist who can't draw at least arena-sized crowd in lieu of a top act who can is ridiculous. Hell, even a lot of the Canadian artists who can draw those crowds I, frankly, wouldn't want performing at the Games (Nickleback, for example). And let's remember that kids and young adults are one of the demographics that Olympic organizers continually try to appeal to. Anne Murray does not jive with that.
  9. I'm hoping that they go for good/popular artists first, and Canadian content second. If you can get a U2 or a Coldplay, you use them, you don't say "thanks but no thanks" in favour of Cancon. I believe they want to attract people to these events and make them fun for the athletes, so while Nelly Furtado's a yes... Anne Murray? Pass.
  10. I think it's only a national campaign at this stage.
  11. Again, if there's a cauldron *inside* the dome, I would not expect it to burn continuously for 17 days. There would be no reason to do so. Will the cauldron remain lit so a bunch of seats can watch it one February 13th at 10am? No. It's lit at the end of the Opening Ceremony, and would burn for let's say, at MOST, an hour. Is there any reason to keep it burning through the night if all the spectators have left? No. So next you have nightly medal ceremonies, which would last let's say two hours. Obviously, you'd want to portray the flame as having been burning the whole time, so we'll bump that up to three as it'll need to be lit when spectators enter and then through until they've all left. Then, the closing ceremony. Let's say three hours there, just to be safe. So, doing a little math: under this scenario, the flame would need to burn for GET THIS... 49 hours, and not continuously. Just over two days. Sure a lot more practical than this "continuously over 17 days" business.
  12. That was SPECULATION on his part. There was not one source he cited as giving him this information, it was merely stated by him and him alone. And I don't think anyone truly expects the flame to burn continuously inside the dome for 17 days. It will probably be extinguished after the Opening Ceremony and then re-lit for the nightly Victory ceremonies. The exterior flame? Sure. But not the indoor cauldron.
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