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  1. According to MS Support, this is an "issue" with virtually every version of MS IE!! See http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;257130
  2. It shows up in a link, but it's supposed to show up in Netscape and Mozilla and Firebird in the url at the top. I can take a screen capture and show you an example if you provide me an email address. (This applies to Moderator too!). No special programming is needed at the website. It picks up the image from the standard favicon.ico file.
  3. Tried it right from the top of the site (home page.) and it doesn't come up. I'm currently testing the Firebird browswer from Mozilla, plus using IE 6 SP1 and Mozilla 1.4. It doesn't show up on Firebird or Mozilla even though, as I stated, neither brower has trouble with them on any other sites. You may want to test it using Mozilla, which is just the unbranded version of Netscape. You can get the software here http://www.mozilla.org/. If it doesn't work on Mozilla or Firebird, then chances are that it won't work on Netscape either.
  4. GamesBids.com DOES have a favicon and always has. Click here to view It doesn't seem to work on Netscape or Mozilla. I certainly don't see it, and I see every other favicon on other websites using Mozilla. Have you checked it yourself?
  5. Hello Moderator: Why doesn't Gamesbid.com have a "favicon"? I'm using Mozilla 1.5 and the website doesn't seem to have one. You should add one!
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