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  1. I meant that the athletes are numerous and national in scope. Look - this is kind of knit-picking, don't you think? It's true that no other Canadian city has thrown a parade where almost every gold medal winner was honoured. This is a big thing. Thousands of people turned out, waiving flags, cheering and celebrating. It's not the same as a local parade honouring local Olympians. Those were nice and fun too, but his is a big CIVIC celebration of athletes from across the country. Since Vancouver, I don't think there has been an event of any kind like this in Canada, on such a large scale, with so many athletes (over 100) and featuring almost all of the athletes who won a gold medal, in the same place at the same time.
  2. Ummmm... this wasn't to honour "local" athletes. There were over 100 athletes from across the country. Montreal's parade and celebration honoured and hosted athletes from the entire country, and they are here for the entire weekend. They were in Ottawa yesterday and were honoured in Parliament, and then all of them took a VIA Rail train from Ottawa to Montreal. This is a BIG national celebration.
  3. And here's an article written after the event, in the Globe and Mail: Olympians celebrated on the streets of Montreal You can watch a video report including video taken from live coverage here: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20100423/olympic_parade_100423/20100423?hub=TopStoriesV2
  4. I don't think it was written in a negative way. And as I recall the writer is quoting a COC official, no? But first of all the Montreal Games were 35+ years ago. Secondly, how many medals did Canada win in Montreal? I rest my case. This referred ti the fact that the Canadian Olympic team was so successful at Vancouver. I refuse to believe it was meant in a negative way.
  5. Montreal showed it is a class-act city yet again, by hosting a huge parade through the centre of the city in honour of Canada's Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Athletes. Over 100 of our Winter Games athletes participated! The crowd was HUGE, large and very patriotic, as they eagerly snapped-up small Canadian flags passed out to everyone by the organizors. Montreal is the only city in Canada to have organized such an event. Nice! I'll post some pics later (yup I was there) and links to any follow up articles, but this was a great idea and the crowd loved it! The athletes were wearing the medals (those who won them) and were dancing, smiling and waiving at everyone. They eagerly signed autographs as numerous Montrealers approached them, with pens and paper. And security was classy enough to let the crowd touch and interact with the athletes. Well done! Article here: (article written before parade.) Montreal hosts Olympic and paralympic parade
  6. LOL - well, let's just say that this is all part of her marketing plan. And it is working. She has been interviewed on most US TV networks, and her awareness is growing rapidly, which is really what it's all about. This is all part of the viral approach to raising awareness. I'm not so sure that it's just her being about herself. I think it's part of a bigger strategy. Having said this, she does give a lot of time to supporting causes and singing at fundraisers.I actually prefer her style and music over Celine's any day. And although Nikki isn't well known or huge yet, she will be someday, and remember - the girl is only 16 years old. Let's check back in 2 or 3 years and see where she is.
  7. Good video. Gosh - you would never know the Winter Olympics were there just 2 months ago. It's so green now!
  8. Mr. X. - just do like me and float in and out of here as you see fit. No need to leave permanently. Hope you stay. Juan Antonio
  9. Looks like Vancouver 2010 Paralympics could turn out to be the most widely-viewed and supported Paralympics ever! From the Globe and Mail March 12, 2010: Full article here: The New Paralympic standard
  10. I love it! Air Canada flight idled for Olympic hockey fans
  11. Do you honestly believe it's all been paid for? I think not. The unofficial estimates are that these Games cost taxpayers in excess of $6 billion. Remember- I clearly stated I was referring to ALL costs. Not just VANOC's costs.
  12. I think once the financial reality of hosting the Games hits home in a few months, Vancouverites will have a very different feeling about hosting bigger events like this. Remember - with the exception of LA'84, no Olympics Games has ever made money or been revenue-neutral. I'm referring to the total cost of hosting the Games for taxpayers -- not just the financials for the organizing committee. In the end, Vancouver 2010 will cost taxpayers billions of dollars. When the taxes go up, the desire to host another one dissipates quickly.
  13. Apparently, it's rude to invite people to the Games in your own nation and then have the audacity to suggest that you want to win as many medals as possible. I think it's also considered to be "out of character" for Canadians. Oh well. As they said last night during the CC - "SORRY!"
  14. I think a lot of this questioning relates to the fact that the "Own the Podium" program took a major PR hit the first week of the Games (both in the domestic and international media). But now it's being reconsidered and is being labeled as a major success, which contributed to the outstanding performance of our athletes. Remember - this is Canada's third occasion hosting the Games, and yet until Vancouver 2010, we had never won a gold medal at home. So for us, setting a record for the number of golds won is very amazing.
  15. These were actually OUTSTANDING Games for North America! The USA set a record for the total number of medals won. Canada set a record for total gold medals ever won in a Winter Olympics. BUT, I still say Canada owns the podium. Consider the case of just two nations competing in the Games. One wins 10 gold and nothing else. The other wins 11 bronze and nothing else. Who has had the more successful Olympics? Just something to think about.
  16. I say Canada "Owns the Podium". Canada sets record: MOST GOLD MEDALS EVER WON IN AN OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES!! Previous record held by the Soviet Union in 1976!!
  17. The Vancouver medals are the heaviest ever presented, and did you know that each and every medal is unique? No two are exactly alike.
  18. All this talk of a "failed" Games is just plain crap. There have been glitches -- there are at every Games. But Vancouver has done a remarkable job in hosting a Winter Games in a metropolitan city with a population of 2 million. And the city has come in solidly behind these Games. The venues have been full and the social atmosphere has made the press for being so free and easy. This is what happened in Montreal 1976 as well. Those Games are remember for the financial issues, but those who were there will tell you that the Montreal 1976 Olympics were very similar to Vancouver in terms of how the city was involved and how much fun guests had at those Games. In the end, I believe Vancouver 2010 will be remembered as a great success for the Olympic movement.
  19. From the Toronto Star... Give these lights a Gold medal! When they turn the synchronized floodlights around Vancouver's English Bay on at night, something special happens. Something remarkable. Controlled by a global online audience, the lights perform elaborate dances. The Star's Randy Risling prepared a video that perfectly captures the magic. http://www.thestar.com/videozone/770103--give-these-lights-a-gold-medal
  20. I agree with VANOC's position, however, their biggest weakness seems to be that they have no "infrastructure" in place to pump-out positive new releases and make the press aware of the major successes of these Games. I think they did not plan for having to deflect unending criticism like this, but at this point, they should have experts in place to fill the media with positive facts, and to react to negative stories with the truth as quickly as possible. There have been some major triumphs here. In a location with unending rain and 10C temperatures for days, they have been able to run snow events with few glitches. The athletes were able to compete in these conditions and that is a major achievement that came from a tireless effort to protect the venue and weeks of planning and action. I'm not convinced that other Games would have been able to deal with it as well. But my point remains -- they need much better PR that reacts swiftly with facts and details to make the media look stupid -- which mostly they are. Unresearched opinions is a lot of what we're reading here.
  21. Each time a Canadian athlete wins an Olympic medal, the famous air horns of Canada Place in Vancouver blow the first 4 notes of O Canada. Loud and proud. See video/audio of this. Kind of neat: http://www.thestar.c...dal-celebration
  22. As others have pointed out. VANOC has jumped through hoops to deal with weather issues that many other organizing committees from the past would have crumbled under. Cyprus may have been a less than favourable choice, but after temperatures exceeding 10C for days in a row and what seems like a never ending rain storm, the fact that events were run there at all is actually amazing and a testament to what VANOC has accomplished. And the venues are FULL. We've all seen Games that appears to be models of great organization except the stands were empty. Athens? Beijing? And full venues means transportation problems for the first few days. Every games has had its glitches. Usually after the first few days they disappear and this is going to happen at Vancouver as well. And guess what folks. It's 10C in Sochi today. And rain is forecast as well. So this is going to happen there too. Check this out: SOCHI WEATHER Some of the world press needs to take a valium.
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