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  1. Lake Placid is too far from Toronto. I can't ever see this happening. Montreal/Lake Place? Yes. It's a bit more than an hour away. But Toronto/Lake Placid? Laughable.
  2. I can't ever see Toronto supporting a bid financially in the future. Those days are over, and people are now realizing that the two week spotlight and delight at hosting isn't worth the 7 years of pre-Games construction and usual cost overruns. Take a look at all of the failed referenda in Europe. The public isn't buying the propaganda any longer.
  3. Not looking good for Toronto 2024. Now that the PanAm glow is over, economic realities are kicking in. I agree that 2024 is not the time for a bid. There's just no way the IOC will say no to LA and give the Games to Toronto -- too soon after Vancouver 2010 and LA appears to have a solid bid. 2024 is going to Europe, most likely anyway. Budget committee says 'meh' to Olympic bid (Source: Toronto Star, Monday, August 31, 2015.) Not a single member of the city’s powerful budget committee is endorsing Toronto entering the race to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Toronto has only a slim ch
  4. The fact that Beijing is an unsuitable host for these Winter Games doesn't mean that I'm commenting on Almaty. But having said that, Almaty would have been viewed as the IOC breaking new ground in an country and area not known for being Olympic hosts. When the IOC says "change" they mean "more of the same".
  5. It's a sad day when the International Olympic Committee cannot even clear one of the lowest bars for choosing the host city for the Winter Games: snow. Beijing has no snow, and that’s just one of the serious problems with having the city host the Olympics — againClick the link above to read the editorial.
  6. After Beijing won the 2022 Winter Games, I'd say "Agenda 2020" is a joke and Toronto shouldn't waste its time or money with a 2024 bid.
  7. So this is the new IOC? With the new process and new standards? Yeah. Right. Money wins again. What a surprise.
  8. Gosh. They spend $billions to host -- partially to focus attention on Rio, and end up focusing attention on what appears to be a complete lack of concern for the health of their own citizens, the health of the athletes and spectators, and the environment. The IOC needs to stop worrying about their image and act immediately to tell Rio that they need to find an alternate site now, otherwise the open water sports will be pulled and moved to another city. Disgusting.
  9. Times are different. We're in a pre-election phase right now and the Conservatives could use a promise to fund an Expo in Toronto to buy votes. I still think an Expo would be a better investment for Toronto simply because the focus on the city lasts half a year and the security concerns are much smaller. No need to shuffle people around and Expos do attract a much larger tourism market than an Olympics does.
  10. And then there's this, from the Toronto Star: Toronto still discussing possible Expo 2025 bid The article indicates that the cost of staging Expo 2025 is much larger than the Olympics. I don't quite get that. Experts suggest that Expo would be a better bid for Toronto, attracting as many as 40,000,000 visitors to the event, which lasts 6 months. The payoff is greater and the chances of a successful bid are much higher. I tend to agree on this one. Expos have really brought change to host cities, such as Vancouver, Montreal and now, Milan.
  11. Toronto Sun: "We're Dumber than Boston" "Now, long before the final bill is in — the Parapan Ams haven’t even started — many who stand to gain political prestige or jobs from a Toronto Olympic bid are yapping that we only have until Sept. 15 to tell the International Olympic Committee if we’re interested in staging the 2024 Summer Games. We’re being spun, people. If that’s true, why didn’t we start debating Toronto’s sixth bid for the summer Olympics — following failures in 1960, 1964, 1976, 1996 and 2008 — months ago?" Click the link for the complete article.
  12. Good points, FYI. I'll have to research more before posting in future. I still think Toronto will take itself out of the running. The City may end up indicating it's intention to bid with a letter to the IOC by September 15th, but could withdraw before January 2016 when the proposal is due. The media has reported that this would be a viable strategy because it permits Toronto to keep the door open, then take then next 4 months to make a final decision.
  13. Hard to make a case to return to Europe after London 2012 - that will put the Games back there just 2 Games after London. I think the IOC may have issues with the USOC's handling of the 2024 bids. Having said this, I'm 95% convinced that once the "glow" from the PanAms has disappeared in a few weeks, the reality of governments spending at least $4billion -- minimum -- for a 2024 Games may kill the bid. Today's poll in the Toronto Star shows support at about 61% -- and that poll was taken 48 hours after the PanAms closed. Give it a few weeks and see if the support is still there. I don't thin
  14. Support for Toronto 2024 bid just over 60 percent as the PanAms close: http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/panamgames/2015/07/28/majority-of-torontonians-support-olympic-bid-poll.html
  15. This could open a door for Toronto. Their very successful PanAms have shown the IOC that the city is capable of pulling it together, overcoming transportation issues, and organizing a Games where venues were built along the lines of what the IOC is looking for in future bids -- sustainable and affordable, and an openness to venues which are not all in one location.
  16. And this list of demands on Norway didn't help, nor are they helping the IOC's reputation now: They demand to meet the king prior to the opening ceremony. Afterwards, there shall be a cocktail reception. Drinks shall be paid for by the Royal Palace or the local organizing committee. Separate lanes should be created on all roads where IOC members will travel, which are not to be used by regular people or public transportation. A welcome greeting from the local Olympic boss and the hotel manager should be presented in IOC members' rooms, along with fruit and cakes of the season. (Seasonal fru
  17. Great time lapse video which chronicles preparations for the ceremonies, including rehearsals, and the actual opening and closing ceremonies, with medal celebrations in between, at BC Place Stadium from Nov 2009 to Feb 2010, in less than 6 minutes.
  18. When you look back at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, it has become clear that all of the whining from some of the media (specifically the British and Russian media) were really whining. Vancouver 2010 was successful despite the weather challenges (and this will happen in Sochi too! There are palm trees in the city), and in the end, the Games went well and the facilities were first-class. Contrast this with what is happening in New Delhi. You can relive the Games in Vancouver here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6HMvTrs5DE
  19. This story deserves lots of coverage. It shows that with proper planning and a realistic approach, Olympic venues can indeed become legacies. Perhaps some would have suggested that the Oval should be kept as is to provide a training facility for the locals and to maintain the "memories' of the Games, but this is a much better idea, because it makes the facility useful to a large number of taxpayers and has multiple purposes. Good for you Vancouver/Richmond. Nice to see federal tax dollars properly spent.
  20. ...Except that it's a safe assumption that they have raised these concerns months in advance to the New Delhi committee only to be told "don't worry - it will all be fine and we will have it fixed on time." That is the exact reaction that Games organizing committee members are saying even now, when they are not blaming the teams for being too "picky" about the conditions of the village. I mean really - what's wrong with dog crap on a bed. Geez! In my opinion, the much bigger issue is going to be security. We have all read about the Aussie journalist who was able to march into the stadium ye
  21. And the bad press continues to roll in. Even the head of the CWG indicates that the situation is a mess... "The Commonwealth Games Federation president, Michael Fennell, described the whole two-week event as "seriously compromised". "It is quite simple: we have to hope for a miracle. Otherwise we are facing national disgrace," said Boria Majumdar, an Indian sports historian and author of Sellotape Legacy: Delhi and the Commonwealth Games. "The glare of the world's cameras is upon us." "Government officials are investigating allegations that safety certificates for some buildings were falsif
  22. I'm not so sure. A highly-favourited Aussie athlete has left the Games indicating that she just felt unsafe. Several major national teams are expressing concerns, mostly around living conditions that are "unfit for human habitation" and also, on perhaps an even more important aspect, a perceived lack of proper security in terms of terrorism threats. And with the most recent bridge collapse at the stadium site, it's not looking very good. There's also some kind of viral outbreak now in the city. Personally, I think the Games could be postponed for these reasons. But if England, Scotland, Wa
  23. As I recall, the 1976 Games venues were ready on time, as was the Olympic Village. There was a lot of cosmetic clean-up at the end just before the opening. However, in India, there is a much bigger problem. The Games Village is simply not ready -- wiring and plumbing have to be connected, and the athletes are already arriving. There's a report in today's Toronto Star that the Commonwealth Games could in fact be canceled. India has had 7 years to prepare. This is pathetic. Toronto Star article below... Could next month’s Commonwealth Games be cancelled?
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