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  1. Do not be naive, the Olympic Games are the marriage of IOC and Politics, not economics, this is a given.

    The IOC fleece the public with a fabricated 2020 bid process. Clear example of this is the USOC and the Vegas group bid, where a fuly capable bidder is not allowed to bid, contravining IOC rules. NOC's should not be so dominant, but act like filters

  2. Rome, Tokyo, Spain, Remitting 2020 SOG In view of the fact that virtually all countries nowadays have reached an acceptable level of Global development and have the capacity to stage the Olympic Games, gone is the time of only few countries being able to stage the Olympic Games. In this check, Rome, Tokyo, Spain, should by all means remitt the 2020 SOG. If the Olympic Games are so treasured by the Global audience, then it would be nice to give the world a chance to show a new host of the Olympic Games every time they are held. In a period of 70-seventy years the world witnesses about 15-fifteen OG's of each kind. Let us be considerate for the number of countries in the world and how many years it would take for all of them to be granted the opportunity to host the world's largest sporting event. Others have not staged the OG's, however had the privilege of presenting other prestigious sporting events.
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