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  1. Actually I think the "decline" occurred around 1988, when Brisbane held the Expo. That was the start of a new era in Expos that placed heavy focus on nation branding. And while I would rather prefer Toronto to bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics, the World Expo's aren't a bad thing, I can imagine other cities in Canada being able to host it. It is a shame though that Edmonton lost that chance when the Harper government decided to not help fund for the 2017 Expo.
  2. Even though the Toronto Blue Jays won the world series in 92 and 93?
  3. Technically, it was the 2017 bid they trashed, which was to be held in Edmonton That would be one hell of a downsizing, since I think the main venue needs to be at least 60,000 seats strong.
  4. Huzzah! ... What does the track stadium look like? D:
  5. Hi Intoronto,

    I think I'm gonna make it though this round, but with the Brit powerhouses in the next round I'm hoping you might look at my LOOKBOOK (link in my signature) and consider supporting my logo.:) I think I'm up against the Titans of GB, but I never give up.

    Thank for considering me in the next rounds.


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