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  1. My guesss is that Mexico, Canada and Korea will get the last three spots.
  2. Don't be too sure about that. Jefferson Perez, Eder Sanchez and the Russians have the skills to stop Paquillo. Plus you can't dismiss the local athletes, who are starting to give surprises on this event.
  3. Mexico will not win a lot of medals, maybe 3 or 4 like last time. Still I expect that in Beijing they can catch a gold. The sports in which the country can obtain medals are: Tae Kwon Do (1 or 2, gold, silver or bronze) Diving (1 or 2, silver or bronze) Athletics (1 or 2, silver or bronze) Canoeing (1 bronze) Cycling (1 bronze) Archery (1 bronze) Sailing (1 bronze) Football (if they qualify)
  4. In Mexico there's the National Olympiad, created in 1996 in an effort to find young promises. They are celebrated each year, with several states (usually 6 or 7) hosting around 40 sport disciplines in which athletes from 10 to 18 years compete by age categories. Also the Elite National Olympiad and the National Paralympics are celebrated each year.
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