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  1. tnmp. are you donald trump, or any other celebreties stylist?
  2. if there was to be rail transit to the north shore, i would expect it to begin with a subway line under lonsdale avenue to probably the transcanada/upper levels (with of course, a park and ride) with a surface line or futures skytrain line following the BCR tracks, probably from about the second narrows to about Park Royal. with yet another park and ride at park royal.
  3. all that new advirtising makes it seem like skytrain is cashstrapped or something. there is already enough advertising in public spaces. more is not needed.
  4. Jet? Jet is australian. we need someone new and fresh. not celine, ect.
  5. or arcade fire, the stars, hot hot heat, alexis on fire, our lady peace, ect. ect. none of these are really INTERNATIONAL hits though. hey, i look at it the same way bob geldof looked at live 8, we want to sell tickets. who cares that 50 cent raps about his bitches and coke, more than the starving kids in africa, he is popular... same with avril.
  6. any suggestions then faster? as opposed to just bitching about it? as for AAAVRrrrrrrrril LaVEEEEEEEEEEEn (shut up i know that is not the spelling...), she is probably less cultural than yogurt, but at least it is not the peircing irritating french witch, celine, nor that tennessee wanna be country bumpkin come high flying celebraty shania. we all know alanis, with her stint as god in dogma, is by far the most hip of the canadian export women. diana had to resort to chrysler, a very UNhip brand. and nelly is ethnic, so she doesn't count. Sarah was on hiatis and had too many kids for too long to be a REAL international contender, and the other sarah (harmer) is too unknown.
  7. the world is coming to an end. couldn't we have atleast gotten alanis?
  8. what is wrong with saving the planet? is it better to waste that space?
  9. lets leave the answering and penelties to the moderator...
  10. what happens when someone is reported to the games bids moderator?
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