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  1. ok i haven't been active in a while buuuut... had to jump on this one. The convention centre? sustainable? why? because it has a green roof? it has some wastewater catchment systems, some energy loss systems etc, but it's still an inherently unsustainable building. #1. it uses energy, electrical and otherwise. #2. still uses water from the GVRD #3. it is a major draw from the world and hence massive indirect carbon emissions from transportation (planes, cars, buses) to and from events at the centre make it unsustainable. #4. Doesn't come to a balance between economy, environment and community (look in the bruntland report. that's where sustainability as a term was coined), instead focusing on the economics of the building overwhelming and the community very little. it may be much more sustainable than what it could have been, but this is still a case of green washing. Sorry, the word 'sustainability' is bogus and is used so broadly, by everyone to sell more development. The olympics aren't 'sustainable' and never will.
  2. and, even seriously... not exorbitantly expensive. http://www.translink.bc.ca/About_TransLink...ews01080801.asp sanfransisco's cable car (i know... tourist attraction) is 5 bucks and it goes like 9 km.
  3. faster: Translink ain't expensive, if you don't get caught...
  4. let's be realistic about this. how old is picton right now? 58. so even after 25 years he will be 83. hardly a threat even if he is let out at the minimum 25 years. which he most likely won't. this isn't some 21 year old punk with an entire life left to live. Picton will rot in jail, and he'll be turned down on parole over and over again.
  5. Calgary's logo was made in the 80's. Calgary stinks. Calgary is like the uncle that tries to be hip, but fails miserably.
  6. have you been to parliament hill? there are definitely security lines/x-ray scanners.
  7. i agree with the protesters on this one. **** VANOC and evictions. of course it is the well off evicting the poorest. arg. why can't we just be friends and build some GD social housing already?
  8. haha. it's really funny. This homeless coordinator/director/whatever from Portland came to kelowna with the message, to get rid of homeless, build houses. hahah i thought that was funny because it is true, and so simple. But politicians are reluctant. they'd rather just arrest them all and spend 10 times the money on policing.
  9. About the homeless. I'm living in kelowna, which has pretty much as good an economy as Vancouver (probably better.) and also a large proportion of homeless people. The number has been growing quickly in the past few years, from a couple dozen 3 years ago to probably about 300 any given day in the downtown area. In the winter they disappear though. Gone. seriously, maybe 6 hobos downtown from october till now. and suddenly, out of no where, in the past 2 weeks, crack heads and homeless show up by droves. Where the fuuuuck do these people GO?!? some of them just aren't homeless and are just lazy bums looking for handouts. maybe not ALL, but most. honestly, in the summer there are hundreds of people that easily could get jobs just sleeping in the park. i don't fucking get it. in the winter, nobody ever.
  10. wow. there's some really nice architecture in those photos. Love the diversity of vancouver's architecture. except the "vancouver special" homes that exist outside the west end/kits. Those hulking, dark, 1970's porch fronted carbon copies. bleagh! The 1940's homes that still exist (how few of them there are) are really nice, always liked that style.
  11. okay perspective time. protesting is legal. clearly there is a difference between staging protests and defacing property, but really, how long did you think it would take before someone defaced the clock? it's sitting in the middle of a fucking plaza. infact, i thought it would have been defaced a lot earlier. say, the night of the unveiling. There are a lot of pissed off people in vancouver because the province is ramming the games down their throats. the enforcement of trade mark violations of the use of Olympic for example (where several GVRD businesses were targeted) is just one example. These protesters, which include a great deal of poverty activists, are pissed off that the BC government is (in their view) wasting money on the olympics while they can't afford a home at $8/hr. pretty much, think about what you're saying before you say **** like "we should fine them $500 000 and put them in jail for 4 years" tool
  12. just want to draw parallels with this image, of botanical beach near Port Renfrew on the west coast of vancouver island. wanna puke some more x?
  13. yeah, it was rather unseasonably warm in kelowna recently! but now it's snowing?!?! whatever. it happens. really dont want to have to rely on snow making. "hey guys! look at us with all our fake snow! yay!"
  14. gordon only pretends to be green. gateway anyone?
  15. you know, that was so fresh. i have NEVER heard that before. you are SO clever.
  16. honestly, it's a fucking park. it is full of trees. it IS natural. natural **** happens. sure the seawall is fucked in places, but seriously, a telethon? what the ****! it is such sensationalism on global's part. i highly doubt the parks boards ability to pay for it it's self. if jimmy pattison wants to give the seawall a million bucks, go right ahead. but there needs to be a little perspective. this is not a catastrophe (as global says it is). Earthquakes with half a city gone are catastrophes. the clear cutting of entire valleys of virgin old growth forest is a catastrophe. wind damage in a city park is not. christ. oh, and btw. yes, i have seen the images from the chopper, and heard what they were saying: most of the sea wall is open.
  17. this is honestly ridiculous how much media frenzy there is surrounding Stanley park. It really isn't the end of the world. do you realize how fast Stanley Park regenerated after the hurricane in 1962.
  18. BC transit is currently purchasing NOVA buses, and there are 3 in service in Kelowna. Having ridden them, they are decent. the seat layout in the back is much nicer as there is groups of 4 seats facing each other as opposed to all rows facing the front. There is less room right in the back, and the back window is offset to one side. other than that, (and the front design) they are pretty much identical to New Flyer's buses.
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