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  1. Canada just falls short of a medal in the Team Pursuit. They went out a little bit too hard and Makowsky was suffering. So it looks like Canada will finish up with 25 medals.
  2. My god people. Quit the whining about the not winning X amount of medals! If you don't like it, then how about you try being Olympic athletes and seeing if you can't do better! We are ONE medal away from matching Vancouver! That's a solid result! The top 5 overall are stacked right near each other. These athletes are doing their best to represent us and do it as proudly as they can. They are to be commended, not chastised for it. I admire how strong they've come on and what they've been able to do. This is a successful games for us!
  3. Well unfortunately you can't win them all! A silver medal is still a heck of an accomplishment. To those who are being negative about Canada's current medal totals, I was actually feeling the same way you are when a lot of our favorites didn't land on the podium, but then I look at it and I have some perspective on it: This is sport, on the biggest stage in the world and it's extremely unpredictable. It happens. Canada is probably going to end around the 23 or so medals mark, not quite up to Torino or Vancouver, but that's still a decent total. Yes I know SI and the AP projected far more, but that's sport and that's what happens. We've done well in some events, and in others we haven't. At the end of the day our team still has done a solid job and is doing well in the overall count and is now Top 5 in the medal rankings for gold medals. So they've done well. Have they maxed out? No, but what can you do? You win some, you lose some. They are putting everything on the line to do what they can to represent Canada, if you can't be proud of that, then that's your problem. C'est La vie! I say, Good Job to the Canadians who have represented us!
  4. They did point it out, the SI top 5 total medals count are listed on the first page of this thread...
  5. I dont think they stated they were a subscriber explicitly... That being said the top 5 medal totals are there, what more do you want summarized? Surely you don't expect them to type up every single medal prediction when the magazine will be out in two days?
  6. Looks like the SI Medal Predictions won't be available until next week for all non-subscribers. I've tried using the SI IOS app and it won't let me buy it, every time I try to download the digital edition, the "buy button" isn't available, it just sits there and cycles so it looks like we will all have to wait until next week until we see their actual medal predictions.
  7. For those mentioning Edmonton... I live in Edmonton, it's NOT going to be a contender for any Summer Olympics any time soon. We had a bozo mayor at one time that wanted to bid for 2008 but that was quickly shut down. Our basic infrastructure like our roads and bridges are falling apart, we have a city council that refuses to find funding for light rail transit to an area of the city that required it about thirty years ago. We can't even get basic blading down to pavement to get rid of the ruts from our snow. I am as big a Olympic Games fanatic as you will ever meet, but Edmonton bidding would be nothing more than a joke. Universiade is realistic, The Olympics? not on your life.
  8. As much as I would love for Toronto to win in 2024, I just don't see it happening with the USA having been out of it for so long and with South Africa likely to make an emotional plea, I think they would likely lose out early in any voting.
  9. Just because certain people say it's not going to happen, doesn't make it so. In any event, while I am sad for Stockholm and their bid, 700 KM between there and Are was just not a feasible option. It would have been a logistical nightmare. I think this is going to be a huge boost for Oslo and their bid. They have a detailed venue plan in place, they have the government and public support, experience hosting the games, etc. It's the best bid out there to this point and to me they are the runaway favorites to win the bid for 2022, of course lots can happen between now and next year, but as it stands, Oslo is a runaway favorite.
  10. I believe that you are sadly mistaken. Yes the USA topped the medal table in Vancouver, but the IOC and the vast majority of others rank the Medal Tables based on number of GOLD MEDALS won. That was Canada in Vancouver, not the USA. Sorry, USA topped the TOTAL medals. not the medal table.
  11. I still think it's funny that Edmonton wants to bid. As much as I love a multi-sport games, and despite the fact we hosted eons ago, Edmonton simply can NOT afford a games like this when council won't even vote to fund critical public infrastructure, and with crumbling roads, bridges, schools and the like, the fact that this is even being considered is lunacy. I'm as socially progressive as anyone, but with our elections being held in the fall, I think that some Fiscal Conservatives on our council won't be a bad thing at all. I think this would be a good chance for Durban, see if they're really up to the test for 2024 or 2028.
  12. Hmm, I'm wondering if that means they're really interested at this point in time? if Olivia Chow does decide to run and becomes mayor, I could also see her pulling out altogether of a bid because of the costs. I really do hope they decide to bid. I think Toronto could be an amazing Olympic host, but time is ticking.
  13. I would seriously rather Edmonton bid for the Summer Olympics than Calgary bidding for the games again. I live in Edmonton I was only a tyke when Calgary happened, there's just no way that the COC in all realistic scenarios would be backing a bid from Calgary when they're clearly focused on trying to get Toronto in 2024 (which is going to be difficult enough as it is with Durban, Rome and Paris as likely candidates) or 2028. I don't see another winter games bid happening until at least 2030 at the earliest. Perhaps 2026 if they lose the race for 2024, but before that, it's all about TO
  14. I would also argue that even though the curling venue appears to be very plain appearance right now, that it will likely change once everything is spruced up for the actual Olympic Games next February. I remember seeing the curling venue in the first time in Vancouver and I had no idea how they were planning to fit 6,000 people on metal bleachers, but by the time the games rolled around, the venue was absolutely transformed into the spectacle that we saw it to be, it was a stunning venue, though definitely not perfect (the portapoties... yick), so I think we will see it much more colorful and lively come next February.
  15. I actually think Olivia would be less inclined to support an Olympic Bid then she would be to support it. Being a longtime political watcher she tends to be on the left of the party and although it was an NDP government in BC, the premier was much more centrist than is the current leadership there now. My guess is she would probably oppose it, but I don't know what goes on in her mind, or if she even is going to run for Mayor, but that's just my guess just being on what I've seen in the past.
  16. What I've seen from the lack of being able to put a website up on time (3 days late) and a very sub-par and lackluster bid book, I think it's a really bad idea to go there. I just don't see any upside to it.
  17. I think it's a solid bid and it would be a big mistake to write them off. Istanbul is grossly incompetent and would be a disaster for the IOC to go there.
  18. Weird? what operating system are you using? I have no problems with the website and my laptop is 4 years old so its not exactly new.
  19. I think Tokyo is a solid front-runner right now. They've got a ridiculously centralized compact bid, Good looking venues and should deliver a relatively good games, I don't really see a downside to the bid right now.
  20. Obviously for me the biggest concern is the Spanish econonmy right now, it's in the crapper and it's not going to emerge any time soon, The athletics stadium also isn't the greatest, but hey Rio's is only 60,000 (when it's done of course) and that didn't stop them from winning the bid either. They have a compact bid (Obviously not to the effect of Tokyo's) but everything is fairly central and in good spots. I think right now it's running a solid second behind Tokyo with Istanbul a distant third (gross incompetence) but they've still got some things to overcome. If they win though, I will be very happy for them, the only city I'd be disgusted with is Istanbul.
  21. Tokyo has their bid book now up too and while it is far superior to that of Istanbul's it is still a bit disappointing to me and lacking a bit of detail that I like. I guess we were really spoiled with 2012 and 2016 Bid Books, it's just that when I don't see those very minute details I end up being disappointed, while there is some quality stuff there, it seems to me like they just coasted and copied a lot of what they had from 2016 (which was always going to be the case), but again, lack of images, and other details for me... I'm hoping Madrid to save the day but as it stands, I'm really disappointed with what I've seen so far. Waiting for Madrid to get theirs up...
  22. Sorry to Istanbul supporters, but with someone who has nothing to gain by saying this (I live in Canada), but THIS is Istanbul's bid book? In all the years I've been reading and analyzing bid books, this has got to be one of the WORST bid books that I have ever seen from a city bidding for a summer Olympiad. The appalling lack of detail and images is just astounding to me. I'm sorry Istanbul, but if bid books and technical details are a factor, then Istanbul to me is already running a distant third and I haven't seen the two other bid books yet! So disappointed.
  23. Does anyone have any updates or images of the curling venue?
  24. So has anyone seen the dispute over the land for the golf course? One of the claimants of the land has gone to court to seek out an injunction from preventing any construction/building of the course to take place. Rio wasn't able to provide any of the contracts which hadn't yet been completed... If this stays in the courts, they're screwed are they not with no plan B? What are the chances that the organizing committee will be able to find an alternative? There is no plan B?!
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