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  1. I know that, I just didn't know if they posted the bid books in the Cantonese part of the website and it got missed, but as I said, that was just speculation on my part, it looks like they just haven't been posted yet.
  2. Forgot to add, can anyone here translate Cantonese? I wonder if Beijing's bid book has been posted to the Cantonese part of the website? This is just speculation of course, but I don't know the language so it's possible they've been posted and maybe just missed? Of course more likely is that they just haven't uploaded them yet. We are waiting Beijing!
  3. Hmm, I'm quite surprised that they actually uploaded before Beijing! Well 1/2 isn't bad...
  4. It's tough to say. They would be the most likely to get it eventually, but I'm not sure that they'll end up there. It's going to be a long while before we see them.
  5. According to an article on the IOC website, they weren't going to release the candidature files themselves but that Almaty and Beijing could release them as of January 7, 2015. That clearly hasn't been done yet. Beijing may on their Chinese Language website but Almaty I highly doubt... So unless someone can get their hands on the digital file, I suspect we won't be seeing them for quite some time.
  6. I'm starting to think they won't be released. Almaty's website looks like it hasn't been updated in quite some time, Beijing's English website is minimal as well, and the IOC has said that they won't do it either, so if they are eventually released I think it's going to be quite some time before we do see them. Gamesbids said they would post them yesterday but they didn't.
  7. They were supposed to be posted online today, but I haven't seen them anywhere yet. Has anyone seen either one yet? I'm anxious to see them!
  8. I'm not sure what everyone is freaking/stressing out about. I myself really happen to enjoy the color pallets that have been presented as well as the renderings. I think it'll make for a very vibrant and colorful games! I also am starting to not worry nearly as much. Yes, while issues with the bay still very much need to be addressed, where they held the test event for the sailing, went much better than I thought it would. It looks like things are coming together nicely and things should be well in hand by the time we get to 2016.
  9. Well oops! So we surpassed Manchester! So, good for Team Canada! It was a solid effort overall! And as I said, Glasgow really did do a wonderful job.
  10. The Canadian team really came on like gangbusters in the last few days of competition and left it all out there. They beat their totals in Delhi and were super close to their 2002 Manchester gold totals. I was cynical to start but I am HAPPY to admit that I was wrong and I'm so glad I was.
  11. These were the best games I've seen in a while. The venues were usually full and the crowds were great with all of the athletes. They roared for the English athletes when they won medals and were enthusiastic when other nations did well. The venues were well done but not over the top. Glasgow 2014 was well done and a huge improvement over the corruption, stench-ridden cesspool that was Delhi 2010. It was a fantastic games.
  12. And with this charge in all likelihood we are going to surpass the 76 medals won in Delhi and finish a solid third overall in the medal standings!
  13. I much prefer the positivity of this thread as opposed to my own country... I was negative when Canada was down earlier in the week but we've done super strong in the last few days and I'm proud of that, but there seems to be a lot of negative dwelling on what we haven't done or the fourth place finishes. I'm so glad to see NZL is having one of their best games ever. Its really coming on the heels of what was a fabulous Olympic Games in London. So it really is awesome to see them following up with a very strong Commonwealth Games.
  14. Riley McCormick is not known a springboard specialist, he's competed in it before yes, but his best results have been on tower. He was a finalist in London on tower, I was impressed that he moved down to compete on springboard, but if he's going to win a medal anywhere it'll be on tower. A couple of 4ths for something he doesn't normally compete isn't really that bad at all. He still has a couple decent shots yet to go... And a medal is a medal! It's still a great accomplishment.
  15. To me it doesn't matter who started it, like I said, I was negative too. Without question I was. What matters now is not to dwell on the 4th place finishes and to celebrate the accomplishments that our team have made and are making right now. We are clear of 60 medals now with a few good events left for us today and three full days of competition to go yet. I think there's a possibility we meet and beat what we did in Delhi. Especially if we keep on the way we have the last few days.
  16. It sucks to lose but at least there are two silver medals that come with it! And we just won a gold in wrestling! And Faster, you seem to be held up on the fact that there are a lot of fourth place finishes. Yes it sucks to finish fourth, but Canada has come on like gangbusters in the last three days. Canada is a CLEAR third in the medal standings. I admit that I was negative when I saw Canada struggling last week, but the team is really coming on strong in the last few days. They've done tremendously well. Yes, there are disappointments, but there have been great surprises as well! I'm satisfied with where we're at and instead of dwelling on the fourth places, be proud of what the team has accomplished!
  17. Canada is in all four gold medal wrestling bouts today so that's a damn good accomplishment!
  18. Edmonton is the "safe, bland" choice. I don't think Durban would have a problem putting on the games at all but if CWG wants to be conservative, Edmonton would be the way to go, that being said, I live here, If somehow they do get the 2022 Games, it's going to come at a cost that people here aren't going to be prepared for. Taxpayers are already stuck footing the bill to pay for an arena owned not by the City of Edmonton, but guess who? A Billionaire! I am a Durban 2022 supporter for that reason. That being said if Edmonton is awarded the games, they'll do a good job like they did in '78 but a lot of people are going to be shocked when they see the cost of an event of this magnitude.
  19. It sounds now like things are starting to ramp up in terms of preparations and moving along. I, like everyone was concerned with the reports, and with the bay being as polluted as it is, but Brazil put on a very respectable World Cup and I think now we will see in the next two years everything revved up so by the time we get to Rio, we will see a very good games put on.
  20. So India whines and complains and the CWG federation just gives them what they want? Absolutely bloody ridiculous. There's no need for THAT many shooting events, what's on the program here is absolutely fine, but because "Oh, no, they lost those events, and their medal count is decreased" so they moaned and then get their way. It's bloody petulant. CWG should have never agreed to it in the first place.
  21. Man are our gymnastics girls good at absolutely blowing it! Ellie Black had a chance at a medal and needed an average score on floor but she was a full point behind and that allowed for an English sweep of the podium. That being said there are still lots of great chances tomorrow and the rest of the weekend to close out strong.
  22. Clayton losing is rather disappointing but we've still got a couple good chances left for medals there. I'm starting to breathe a lot more now than I was last week when we were really down to Scotland, I thought for sure we would be struggling but I have to hand it to Team Canada, they've really stepped it up the last couple days. I'm still a bit weary of India with all the chances they have in boxing, but I'm hoping we can offset that in athletics, diving and gymnastics. Scotland too, but it's looking not too bad for the weekend.
  23. Really good medal haul today from our athletes. By far our best day so far, but can the team sustain it? It's going to be a tough ask.
  24. Can NOT believe that the women finished fourth behind Wales in Team Gymnastics They biffed it so badly on bars and completely blew it. That's the first time EVER that they've missed the podium in the Team Event.
  25. I think we have every reason to be worried now. Canada is going to be fortunate to get to 50 medals if things keep progressing the way they are. We had FOUR fourth place finishes yesterday, we have fallen behind, Wales, India and New Zealand and catching Scotland is now going to be damn near impossible. If this keeps up, CWG Canada is going to have to undergo a massive overhaul and get people in there that know what they are doing. Some of our stars have stepped it up but overall the team is struggling massively right now. Only 18 medals and we are at the mid-way point? I have every respect for our athletes and the effort that they're putting in, I know they're doing the best they can on the day, but if we end up behind the above mentioned countries, then the organization has some serious soul-searching to do. I'm not that optimistic right now that things are going to change. Canada is in big trouble.
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