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  1. Let's be honest though...if Dallas is selected...the committee and likely Jones himself will find a way to get him involved. He isn't the most popular figure around, but like people on this board have been saying, he sure knows how to get the job done.

    Sure, as long as he keeps his mouth shut, or at least learns some international manners. Achieving deals on a national level and attempting to sway the opinions of 100-odd IOC members from all over the world are quite different -- and I would argue, the latter requires a greater deal of subtlety that Jerry is not particularly known for. That said, I admit that my own personal opinion of the man means nothing, and it's not beyond the realm of possibility for him to pull it off.

  2. Dallas just has NO appeal to me. What is it? The land of Neiman-Marcus, a huge stadium, the place where Kennedy was shot; and it's got a huge airport somewhere between 2 cities of one of my most HATED airlines!! At least Atlanta had some Civil War history, Margaret Mitchell and Civil Rights significance.

    I'm surprised you know Neiman Marcus, actually -- I guess I just assume they are in Dallas and nowhere else. :P I usually get JR, JFK, and in once Berlin I got Dirk Nowitzki. I'm personally leaning toward NYC, Boston or Philadelphia really because for me the Northeast seems to be the last major US region to host Summer Games.

    I know there seems to be some animosity toward Atlanta -- I think Dallas would have to overcome that, and do some major PR on the international scale, leveraging some of the international corporate presence here. Again, not impossible, but lots of work.

    I'll agree Dallas doesn't have much appeal, but that they have not 1 but 2 huge stadiums does give them something of a technical edge that Northeastern cities like Boston and Philadelphia wish they had. So simply from a technical standpoint, I'm still curious to see what they have to offer, especially if the cities they're competing against (with the exception of Los Angeles) don't have anything of substance to put together. An Olympics centered around Fair Park, even if it's in the wrong city, is worth a look.

    Of course, I think there's a much more pressing and obvious question to be asked.. do they have a revolving restaurant?

    Yes, Wolfgang Puck's 560, inside of Reunion Tower (the ball) :D

  3. You can count me among the Dallasites that wants Jerry Jones as far from a Dallas Olympic bid as possible. Jerryworld can be used for football (soccer) preliminaries -- all this magnanimity with hosting swimming events is just laughable. Any local university would love having a new Olympic pool as a legacy of the Games.

    There are plenty of areas closer to downtown Dallas than Arlington and Frisco to host events..... one example, the old Texas Stadium is now a hole in the ground and the area is being used to stage some much needed roadway improvements in the interchange and the new 635 expansion. It's 15 minutes in either direction to the airport and to downtown and could be a welcome addition or replacement to the Trinity Project. There are plenty of local universities to choose from (in this case, UD) that could benefit from sports and housing facilities -- it could be practically anywhere inside the 635 loop. The area around the Stadium/Ballpark in Arlington is all used up, still ridden with congestion and has only a token shuttle (just 4 months ago) to a commuter rail station 15-20 minutes away at best. An existing rail line runs about a half mile south that could be turned into this supposed new commuter line, but in my memory it is still heavily used for freight.

    And for all this talk about overhauling the Cotton Bowl, it was last renovated and extended in 2008 -- granted 2024 is quite far away so 2008-2022 would be 14 years and about time -- but the fact of the matter is that it remains a local icon and the track would have to be either removed or the stands movable to cover it and keep capacity around 90-95k for (American) football. And what's all this land east of Fair Park? It's all parking lots and housing, however unattractive that is, the politics behind removing people's homes for a major event are challenging. The Green Line can't even handle demand for the State Fair without help from bussing. I got onto a TRE train and was forced off at Victory and bussed to Fair Park instead of transferring to the Green Line that normally stops there and would have in normal circumstances taken me directly to the gate at Fair Park.

    I'm not saying using Arlington and expanding Fair Park are impossible, but throwing so much behind them may not be the best idea without some serious planning and dealing with some rather controversial political players, not the least of which is Jerry.

    429 pages and we still know hardly anything. Madness!

    ...and it may be longer. Just depends on what happens in the meetings in Pretoria.

    But no lack for debate!

  4. They jumble them up now and final order is just the same order with the unsuccessful applicants taken out.

    2020 the order was Istanbul, Tokyo, (Baku), (Doha), and Madrid. The difference with 2018 was that none of the cities were eliminated, but the drawing still took place during the Applicant phase. You can see the same order being used in the Working Group (applicant) and Evaluation Commission (candidate) reports.

  5. That was my point in making the thread. A Stockholm win would change the game completely, when it comes to who can & can't be viable. Seeing that Romania has gone for YOG in 2020, maybe it might bring Bucharest into the fold if Stockholm could win despite the distances. A future Krakow/Jasna win would open it up even more, with binational venues, especially in Europe.

    Brașov can already be a warmup for a Bucharest OWG bid -- the cities are less than 200 km apart and a large part of the resorts are in between. It's been done already (Vancouver) and would look about like Kraków without crossing the border and with larger cities. As for the viability of a Romanian bid at all.... that remains to be seen, but it can't be worse than some of the bids we've seen put forth.

    Stockholm would only be a precedent for nations who have a compelling force for winter sports to drive forth the enthusiasm and legacy for the OWG but lack the topographical means; this is a very limited number of nations (Finland....?). I love Boston, but the US has more distance-viable options.

    Kraków could as easily set a precedent as Stockholm would. A bid actually winning with using venues in a neighboring country (this idea of it being a "bi-national bid" is ridiculous, this is not an even Poland/Slovakia split) and with apparently the stated reason of not wanting to wreck a national park.

    Helsinki could always bid with Krasnaya Polyana.... Finland borders Russia, and you can't get more compact than a cluster built from scratch. :D

    One of our Polish posters noted that Bratislava has one; and since Jasna is part of the Krakow equation; so the BRROMatrix holds... ;)

    So THIS is why Jasná, it's all clear to me now. Love it! :D

  6. Visitors to Rio are going to go to the port area and downtown regardless of whether there are sports venues there.... of course, there is also the planned live site at Quinta da Boa Vista. It's just like people visiting Copacabana when they go to Rio, and even there, the venues are temporary and are located there mainly for the iconic value of Pão de Açúcar and Corcovado. Developing the port is great for Rio even without moving more competitions over there, because it will still provide better amenities for visitors.

  7. Good question.

    I don't know the answer.

    I guess there are several possibilities:

    1. the IOC can decide to select the YOG host cities 4 years before the YOG are to take place (since the cities are not supposed to build any infrastructure on purpose; it's safe to assume that theYOG host cities do not need to be elected 7 years ahead of the Games) in which case the YOG host cities could be elected during the IOC Session taking place during the Games (for example the YOG 2014 host city would be elected in Vancouver)
    2. the IOC can decide to elect the YOG host cities either 3 or 5 years ahead of time, in which case they would be elected during the same IOC Sessions as the Olympics host cities (for example the YOG Winter 2012 or YOG Summer 2014 could be elected in Copenhagen in 2009) but I am not sure taht would fit well with the IOC will to keep the YOG simple
    3. or the IOC can decide to stick to the postal vote in order to avoid expensive presentation during IOC Sessions and avoid having to electe during the same Session an Olympic Host City, a YOG host city and IOC President.

    The established timeline is the constant for a lot of variables in the overall YOG bid process. One can justify the inclusion of five very well prepared cities on the shortlist, because they can easily organise the YOG in two years, not necessarily because they can throw the most money at it. But how long are the cities going to have to prepare, once we get the first rounds out of the way? Is there any possibility for a Debrecen (for example) in the future? Is the YOG Winter event going to include a full downhill event, which requires an 800-metre drop, or will countries that don't quite make the cut be able to host as well?

  8. We can speculate....

    1996 – Athens wins.

    1998 – Salt Lake beats Nagano soundly.

    2000 – Bids from Sydney, Beijing, Manchester, Berlin and Istanbul.  An U.S. bid is held off but Toronto tries again.  Beijing is left out of the final round in a tie-breaker with Sydney but Toronto still wins.

    2002 – Nagano cleans up its act and wins over Sion and Östersund.

    2004 – Bids from Rome, Cape Town, Stockholm and Buenos Aires.  Sydney bids again and wins easily in the first round.

    2006 – Sion barely edges out Torino.

    2008 – Surprisingly, Beijing still does not return.  What was considered a dry run for New York creates hard times for Paris, but not hard enough.  Paris wins in the final round.

    2010 – In a surprise first-round vote, PyeongChang beats Vancouver, Salzburg and Torino.

    2012 – Rome, Beijing and New York are back and fight hard to the finish.  With serious bids from Madrid and London in the mix, it’s anyone’s guess.

    2014 – Torino, Harbin and Anchorage have all promised to bid if their respective country loses 2012, while Vancouver and Salzburg are looking to bid again.

  9. auckland would have to nz candidate for a sumer olympic bid i cant belive some one said that wellington could bid. thats like Halifax, Canada biding for the olympic games

    and id say chirstchurch for the winter games but it dosnt snow much in christchurch but in Mt hutt (near CHCH) it was snowing this summer.

    Well, Halifax is planning to bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics....but it'll never happen. The Canadian Olympic Committee will choose Toronto instead. Toronto will bid in 2016 and 2020. Toronto will win the Games sometime between 2020-2028. I don't think Halifax is even close to being ready to host the Olympic Games and they don't have enough money.

    Vancouver will be the next Summer Olympic City after Toronto since Vancouver will be the only city in Canada capable to host the Summer Games except for Toronto and Montreal. The Games won't be going back to Montreal for a extremely long time because of the big financial disaster of '76 that everyone will remember - the Olympic Stadium was supposed to cost $200 million but instead costed $2.1 billion and is the most expensive stadium by far in the world even today. Quebec City will be the only Quebec city able to host the Olympics then.

    Montreal 1976 (summer)

    Calgary 1988 (winter)

    Vancouver 2010 (winter)

    Toronto 2020 (summer)

    Quebec City 2042 (winter)

    Vancouver 2070 (summer)

    2070 is a winter year.  =)

  10. GB Moderator, is it possible to move all the fantasy bid topics into the gamesbids EVENTS and Meetings folder because it's starting to get annoying how there are multiple posts of the fantasy bids in the 2012 forum, future bid forum, and general off topic forum.


    thank you for asking, andrew, as i was just about to ask.  i got a bit angry already and only after the fact figured i could appeal to some help.

  11. Source: CIA Publications

    Wow I never knew how small the population of New Zealand was?

    3,951,307 (July 2003 est.) .. That is smaller than Toronto.

    Hmmn well maybe if New Zealand has a strong GDP they could have cash to build infastructure to host the Olympics?

    Purchasing Power Parity - $78.8 billion (2002 est.)  

    That is not bad...

    But apparently their government is in a defecit?

    revenues: $29.2 billion

    expenditures: $31.2 billion, including capital expenditures of $NA (2002)

    Maybe they should not be looking at having an Olympics with a running government defecit?

    doesn't practically every country in the world have a deficit?

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