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  1. The Boston bid just needs to be clear in its arguments where the whole state stands to benefit, it's not just about where they put the competitions. Massachusetts is a small size state, it's not like you're trying to convince California to fund Los Angeles, the effects from Boston would seem to easily reach even into neighboring states. It's counterproductive to spread out venues to win local support when that spread out concept is likely to become a liability in the quest to ultimately win them. Agenda 2020 or not, you're not the only bidder.

  2. Academic writing also means respecting the context and knowing your audience. Including all of the above, and probably below, I would ask that you respect the context of Olympic bids by assuming that we all know in which country a bidding city is located, and to know your audience of fellow forum members who (mostly) like to have discussions that remain fairly concrete and evidence based - much like academic writing in general.

    I do sincerely hope that you can improve, because as I read these forums, your ideas and your manner of treating people leave much to be desired. That being said, you aren't the only one, so it will take some fortitude on your part not to get sucked into arguments with those other members and stoop to that level again.

  3. You may not be able to see the previous threads.... based on past observations, usually the thread is a singular thread for the person, so people who interact with that person can reply with their greetings based on the name of the thread (for example "Happy Birthday Sam"). One should not have to open the thread to figure out who is the subject, which is why a general thread would seem to me not to be a particularly welcome idea.

    Just a thought.

  4. To be honest I'm surprised Paris did not win considering that their bid was led by some IOC Members peers...I have a feeling that the city that would have a hot blong girl flash her boobs would be Dallas...

    And true to Dallas, her boobs and her blonde would be fake.

  5. What is all this obsession with joints? Get a vaporizer, the high is so much cleaner. :blink:

    One venue/cluster in another place does not a joint bid make. It was irresponsible for Salzburg 2010/2014 NOT to propose Schönau for sliding events, and given the ecological situation in Zakopane it looks to be the same reasoning for Kraków 2022 to use Jasná. All bids come under the name of one city and one NOC, even if support is given from another location that happens to be within another NOC territory -- again as has been stated before BOTH of these conditions are met according to the Olympic Charter so stop saying it's unacceptable according to the IOC or their rules. Salzburg did not lose because they proposed Schönau, they lost because for their own reasons Vancouver and Sochi won -- and Kraków, if they lose, it won't be because they proposed Jasná: it will be because another city provided a more compelling option.

  6. To Pups' point.... one I dated was horribly jealous of anyone I had ever slept with (even if it was once, years ago) and maintained friendship or contact -- despite my explanation that in all cases it was decided early on that we'd make better friends than lovers, he would not calm down, and I was not about to abandon good friends that I've had for years. History is history, some personalities are more "addiction prone" than others. Some people say "once a cheater, always a cheater", but for me it boils down to the circumstances. Some people put themselves in the same circumstances over and over again. Some people cheat once, reconcile and life moves on. Even further back in my history, I was guilty of the cheating-to-get-back-at-the-cheater.

    I hate the idea of an "open relationship" but seeing so many of my friends in couples where one just needs it more than the other is comfortable giving, I can't refuse it if it's the only sticking point.... as Rols said, physical only, no attachment.... I think the not going back is key.

    And I've lost count. Ten years out on the "market" and three "relationships", none lasting longer than 10 months.... gives a lot of opportunities for "casual encounters".

    I just looked back and saw all my "air quotes". :blink:

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