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  1. It's quite possibly this had already been mentioned in the masses of posts here, but it just came to my attention that great Olympic ceremonies set designer Mark Fisher passed away in June 2013. Being the master of set design for some of the great names in the entertainment industry, he also served as chief set designer of many of the great pieces of stadium theatre, including Beijing 2008 and London 2012 (where he was also one of the executive producers). A fantastic talent which produced some of the most memorable scenes in Olympic ceremonies history. Check out some of his works at his website http://www.stufish.com
  2. Phew, I'm glad they got a maple leaf in there , I was getting worried for a minute.
  3. All that's missing is a floral clock, it's not the Commonwealth Games without a floral clock. I don't mind the theme from what I've heard so far. Greg Bowman is usually pretty good at composing some stirring medal ceremonies music- Call to Glory for Sydney being the obvious one.
  4. These were taken a number of weeks ago, have no idea what it looks like now. Along the same lines, I can't remember an opening ceremony that has had such little buzz so close to the event. Likewise, we have heard almost no teasers or leaks about what is likely to be in it. The only things we've heard is the led screen, and the now guzumped plan to implode council blocks.
  5. I was buzzing around youtube a few weeks ago and found a bid promo video for Stockholm 2004, can't remember a bid video quite as arty as this. Thought it might be a good place to link through to any other bid promo vids that people have found in their travels round the net. Have also added a mega short Roma 2004 video.
  6. I fully agree. It would have been easy to go for another torch concept, and obviously it's a tad hard to jazz up a baton relay come the opening ceremony, but it's original and adds to the heritage of the Commonwealth Games.
  7. Must say I was expecting a little bit more with the Glasgow branding, I thought it would try and be a little bit out of the box like London, but I don't see too much of that happening yet. Not entirely sure the logic behind the look graphic on the banners, but it's nothing amazing, though at the same time not entirely displeasing to the eye. Of course we will wait and see what the field of play will look like, but nothing is wowing me yet. The multi lined font that is being used in various promotions and on the website is neat though. That logo astrolabe sculpture adds some brightness.
  8. Not entirely sure. I read somewhere that initially they were to feature at the start of the ceremony, with the buildings being demolished and then the stadium being filled with dry ice. Yet to hear of any replacement for the opening moments, which will still have to be iconic. I guess the only other details we have at the moment is that the ceremonies are produced by Jack Morton Worldwide with David Zolkwer at the head, and that it will feature a giant LED screen.
  9. I guess it's time for the must have Glasgow ceremonies thread. Not too many details have come out of what we will actually see in the ceremonies yet, more fuss has been made on the now canned plans to blow up some buildings. Seems like the best thing to start this off, in the tradition of Olympic mockumentaries, is this youtube spoof clip .
  10. Saw you'd interviewed John McBeth and Keith Quinn, that must have been awesome.
  11. Im interested in the cauldron lighting question too. I guess the other thing would be the failed ideas that didn't work for one reason or another. What was Sochi's dove on a bull and paella, in other words.
  12. Of course the irony in all of this is that the Oslo 22 bid team has made much of cool Nordic design in their bid branding, yet the Lillehammer team seem to be taking the exact opposite approach - producing pap.
  13. The tv broadcast we had here in New Zealand (may have been a generic OB commentary as it included Brits, Kiwis and Aussies) mentioned in the closing the mascots were Strelka (Hare), Barsik (Leopard) and Polus (Polar Bear). I've struggled to find reference to this online, but found this here that seems to confirm it. I guess it was something mainly done for the Russian population. http://www.411.spb.ru/images/Sochi%20Olympic%20Symbols.pdf
  14. I'm not sure about bids that didn't win, but Evelina Christillin was the president of the Torino 2006 bid I believe.
  15. Athens for me. The concept of *Athens embraces the world* works really well, it has texture, and it reminds me of Greece (much like the Sydney logo reminds me of Australia). For winter it's abit tougher. It's tight between Lillehammer and Nagano. Im going to go for Lillehammer, it managed to capture the magical northern lights and the Norwegian location so well.
  16. Well done, reflected the looks well. It's really hard for me to separate my 3 favourites. Athens, Atlanta and London. In terms of a total city wide 3d styled look, then London wins. Atlanta had a great mix of celebrating the heritage of the host as well as the heritage of the centennial. It was classy, and worked on many levels. Athens could have gone down that same olive branchy traditional look, but managed to come up with something very Greek that was modern yet had many nods to the past. I think for me, Athens wins.
  17. I've gotta go with the Barcelona double on this one. In terms of the cauldron, Barcelona's look was just so simple and elegant. Not only that, but it did have a little bit of a concept to it as well, which is always nice. I'd also say that it works well in its surroundings, it really does fit and seems like it belongs up there at Montjuic and as part of Olympic stadium. Obviously the cauldron lighting was amazing. In a place like this where we talk about these things every day, it would be easy for us to get abit casual with the cauldron lighting of Barcelona. I think we need to distance ourselves abit as Olympic fans to remind ourselves of how unbelievably epic that moment was. Highly commended goes to the London and Athens lighting.
  18. The artist rendering of the screen looks rather awkward to me. The Doha one was nicely integrated into the arch design of the stand, but this looks a tad clunky. Im sure in the end it will integrate well enough.
  19. Do we have a look of the Games yet? I know that the Commonwealth Games look is normally not really trumpeted and kind of just appears, but surprised we haven't really seen much in branding yet. Obviously we have the distinctive multi-line font that is being used, but thought we would have seen a few other elements this far out.
  20. Great opening ceremony, another Para ceremony where I'm pleasantly surprised. I guess for many , this was the incorporation of the firebird concept that they craved so much for in the opening ceremony. It certainly worked here, and loved the playful videos following the journey of the bird. Perhaps the storyline was weak, but I was quite happy to see a more traditional opening ceremony for a change. Good re-use of the led forest, it worked well here yet again. Greta performance of Yulia, lovely to see the show of real emotion, and certainly the light projection at the end of that was stunning. Ice breaker was spectacular, so much detail too, fantastic. Cauldron lighting, bit disappointing to see that it was exactly the same as the Olympics. While the final firebird video worked fantastically in to the reveal of the first torchbearer, it is a shame they couldn't find a way to integrate the firebird more in to the actual lighting. I guess all we got was a different angle of the cauldron lighting. On the plus side, I enjoyed the transition of the final stages of the relay, and was fantastic to see all the performers extending out of the stadium, alot closer to the cauldron than at the Olympics. Made it feel alot more cozy and less lonely for those final torch bearers. All round , a great effort from Sochi. Certainly put Vancouver's effort to shame.
  21. I was looking through some of my old bits of Olympic geekery the other day and came across some print outs of the forums from the old Toronto Summer Games bids message board. It was from around June 2000, general discussions about speculation of the Sydney Olympic opening ceremony, and the prospect of the Southern Hemisphere hosting a winter Games. 14 years on, and we still talk about the same things. I too remember fondly of the times of Vol, Jonno in Sydney/Melbourne, and Jono (woohoo). Looking at a few of the names that pop up in these discussions I printed out - Guardian, Expect the World, EP in LA, Tsar, James, Paul Anderson, Mallinson, Jonno in Sydney, and Philc7.
  22. I guess the Paralympic ceremonies have always been a somewhat poor cousin of the Olympics, however the Sydney ceremonies were really good. I guess looking back now they weren't too flash in comparison to the London and Beijing (and even Athens ) efforts, however they were pioneers in producing a spectacle for the Paralympics. Some would say they also pioneered the concept of another medium to base their ceremony around (the pixel ping pong tables). Not to mention a pretty decent cauldron lighting, an artistic cauldron extinguishing, and a nice wrap up of the summer of sport with the carnival is over. I think keeping in mind it was 2000, Karen Richards and her team did a could job. I think we can be thankful that finally ceremonies producers for the Para's feel comfortable to move away from the *breaking all barriers, overcoming the ods* themes that for years were trucked out.
  23. They had it hanging there in the closing ceremony of London, it looked awful.
  24. I get the feeling the party was a closed off affair. lol. The website mentions it ending with a fireworks display and a party by DJ KTO. So maybe it continued somewhere else or after broadcast finished.
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