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  1. Possibly the baton arriving on a surfside bus service, a gaggle of ferral jacked up sluts on board - yelling abuse at every non-Australian as it encircles the athletes.
  2. Melbourne is perhaps even more of a surprise considering the original director of the ceremony (Nigel Jamieson) left in 2005. I believe most of his ideas were also changed, so it was a fresh theme and script introduced by Andrew Walsh.
  3. Great topic.... I think my top 12, in no particular order (just the order that they come into my head)... - Athens 2004: Allegory (while the cycladic head may have been the show stopper, the big scene setter for me was the reading of Mythistorema 3. That short reading set the whole pattern and concept of the opening ceremony. - Athens 2004: Book of Life/DNA: (the simplistic but highly beautiful moment of the female character rising her arms into the sky as the double helix was formed. Epic. - Melbourne 2006: Under the Milky Way: (agreed with other posters, this is the one kind of feature that Sydney lacked. It had a modern touch, but was at the same time beautiful, with a well worked grunty soundtrack. I'd call this segment magical - London 2012: Pandemonium (would have to go down as one of the most epic pieces of stadium theatre purely for ambitious set transformation. - Barcelona 92: El Mar Mediterrani (again, sits with Pandemonium as one of the class epic bits of Olympic ceremonies. It may have borrowed a fair bit from a few other ceremonies of the couple years prior, but again so ambitious with a classic piece of music. It showed its class by the so understated, simple but highly effective finishes aswell - Manchester 2002: Common Wealth (always said this is my favourite closing ceremony piece full stop. A fantastic soundtrack, haunting, beautiful, ambitious, with a great message at the end - Sydney 2000: Cauldron Lighting (moments when you witness something and you know it's special and you won't see anything like it repeated for some time. That is the feeling I got from the whole sequence, and to be honest, there hasn't been such expectation around a cauldron lighting since. - Atlanta 96: Shadow Play (i've always stood up for the atlanta opening ceremony , i think it was an amazing production. This was the highlight, a fantastic bit of music from Basil Poledouris and just so so clever. -LA84: Rhapsody in Blue (just so eye catching and classic - Beijing 2008: Dragon Pillar segment (my favourite part of this opening ceremony. I loved the music, the colour, the stadium looked fantastic, also some really good camera angles have stuck this in my head as one of my favourites. - Lillehammer 94: opening finale (the sequence featuring the vetter and the egg. It is pretty simplistic really, but mixed with the location and environment I would challenge anyone to find a segment more representative of the winter Olympics. Loved it. - Sochi 2014: ballet (some fantastic choreography and lighting in the ballroom themed piece.
  4. I saw that on stuff the other day. Must say, and I have held this opinion for some time, that a Christchurch bid just doesn't appeal to me. Even looking that far into the future, they have bigger fish to fry, and I just don't see them having the infrastructure to pull off a hosting. Must say the Auckland regional bid is an interesting one, though I'm not totally against it. The only proviso would be that venues outside of Auckland weren't selected just for the sake of it, but instead, because the city is unable to facilitate the event. While I think Auckland could do with a veledrome, I can understand the appeal of using the Avantidrome in Cambridge, only downside is this is one of the big com sports in NZ, and it would be shunted out of the city. Obviously Hamilton has two good arenas in the form of Mystery Creek and Claudlands, but Auckland seems abundant in indoor stadia. Vector Arena, Trusts Stadium, North Shore Events Centre, Vodafone Events Centre and ASB Stadium. In addition to that you have the ASB showgrounds and the various pavillions there, and the Viaduct Events Centre. One would imagine the new Skycity convention centre would be used for media. So, not entirely sure if Claudlands would need to be used .
  5. Yeah, i'm not quite sure what the deal is with the Sky commentary. Is it a host broadcasters feeds commentary which broadcasters can access? I note that we have the Kiwi netball and hockey commentators for instance. I must say too, I do enjoy tuning in to the gymnastics and yet again hearing the voice of Steve Robilliard, you know it's an Olympics or Com Games when you hear him. But yes, I'm not quite sure why they haven't seen any many over, it seems like their host team is an extended the crowd goes wild episode. Still, pleased with the amount of content we are getting, wall to wall on 5 channels is fantastic.
  6. I really don't get it. Of course this is a second tier event, they're hardly ripping up the track or sending shockwaves through the pool at the Asian or Pan-Am Games either. The Olympics are always the ultimate, they always will be. While it's an interesting bunch of comparisons they have done there (granted in very few sports) and worth a read, the whole *are the Commonwealth Games past it/second tier event* is just lazy journalism that they pull out every 4 years.
  7. Haha. I like the piece of music, but I don't think it works well when you're hearing it constantly in a short period of time.
  8. Thought it would be good to have a wee collection of some of the music featured in Glasgow 2014, both ceremonies as well as in and around the venues. There was some pretty neat music in the opening ceremony, and no doubt there will be a bunch more in the closing ceremony. The Mother We Share (instrumental) - Chvrches Opening Ceremony Countdown I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Sleeping at Last Opening Ceremony Ballet Smeorach Chlann Domhnaill - Julie Fowlis Opening Ceremony Baton Relay Moving On Up - Primal Scream Opening Ceremony Finale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peugq83Fv2c Gaishgeachd - Greg bowman Medal Ceremony Music http://gregbowmanmusic.bandcamp.com/releases
  9. The music was fantastic for it though, can't fault that. However I didn't entirely get the little twirly bits and pieces as it changed hand. But yeah, I was hoping for something a little bit more interesting, after what we had in Manchester and Melbourne. I know it's hard to jazz up the baton, but we have the glowing light in the baton, surely they could have incorporated that somehow.
  10. I see what you mean with this. Personally, I didn't mind the Glasgow opening ceremony announcer - who was Zoe Diamond (useless piece of information), that can be heard on the BBC World Service. It probably did fit the form of this opening ceremony. Likewise, I liked Anthony Davis doing the stadium announcements for Manchester 2002, though I'm sure many people would have found him annoying, and Layla Anna-Lee doing the London opening ceremony. They all just seemed to have the right voices that suited those particular ceremonies. The Commonwealth Games have of late had the slightly more informal welcomes. Manchester included the spectators with them all yelling *hello......* as each nation came out. It worked well. I still think the opening moment of the Manchester 2002 opening, while not traditional in nature, is one of the best that I have seen. So much energy packed with that ... *Welcome to MANCHESTER* On the other hand, like you I loved the warm and motherly nature of the Athens 2004 ceremonies announcers, particularly the *from the Olympic stadium of Athens...... Goodnight* at the opening ceremony. Certainly has changed when the same announcers seemed to be trucked out to every opening ceremony around the world, especially the female French voice.
  11. One of the musical highlights of the opening ceremony was the fantastic cover of 500 miles by Sleeping at Last. I know it wasn't credited in all of the broadcasts, but you can find it on iTunes.
  12. I get the feeling it may have been. I struggle to see how the demolition would have fit in to the show that we got Official information released showed that it was to take place after the countdown, at which time after they'd been imploded, dry ice would fill the arena, as if the rubble was falling in there aswell It was supposed to be a sign of Glasgow recognising its past and moving in to the future. They then said that they would be moving in a different direction. Interesting with the Melbourne budget, it certainly seemed like a show that had a decent one. I wonder how big a chunk of the cash goes to rigging up an extensive fly wire system (which Glasgow didn't have), in addition to the pretty complex stage system (which was a bigger deal that the ground cover in Glasgow).
  13. Certainly better than the bucket of crud from Toronto, but still looks like abit of a weak logo, certainly not as good as Rio's in 2007. Visually it's nice though. You can say a lot of things about the London, Sochi and Glasgow logos, but at least they were quite strong marks, this seems a tad wishy washy.
  14. The Pacific Games have only just made a ruling to allow Australia and New Zealand compete in them, and only then, in a couple of sports - sevens , weightlifting, taekwando and sailing (odd mix). I really don't see them being able to wiggle their way in any further, as they would completely dominate.
  15. That's a great review there Olympian, I agree with much of it. The bits of the ceremonies they did well, which there were many...... they did really well. I've watched the ceremonies a few more times since, and it's one of those rare times when I've actually watched the protocol segments more than the main artistic. The flat entrance part was fantastic, especially the pure emotion on the face of Nicola Benedetti as the crowd sang along to her. Magic. The thing is, the opening artistic (I use that term with tongue planted firmly in cheek) portion wasn't original. Original for an opening ceremony yes, but it followed the pattern of the Australiana/Canadiana portions of Sydney and Vancouver's closing ceremonies. Even more so, it really was much like Malmo's interval action during Eurovision. Nothing wrong with that, it works well in the closing (even though I think the concept is starting to get a tad stale), but just not for an opening. I'd be interested to know how the budget o 14m pounds lined up against other ceremonies budgets of the COm Games.
  16. I should also note, a highlight was seeing Betty so god damn happy. Great to see a smile on her dial, really did look like she was enjoying herself. Far more relaxed than she appeared at London.
  17. I was trying sooo hard to like this, I really did want to, but I really can't say I enjoyed this opening ceremony much at all. I just got the feeling that it was more telethon, more concert, more EMA awards ceremony...... more eurovision interval act - than the opening ceremony of a Commonwealth Games. That's not to say that it wasn't a well produced show, it was, and I wouldn't have expected anything less with the man at the top. The stadium looked a picture both in light and once the sun went down. The lighting design was fantastic, it looked so serene with the blue shades at the end. The video production quality was great, the screen worked well, the stage and floor design was well thought. Not to mention the performers, they were gold, amazing enthusiasm. This would have made the perfect closing ceremony, but for an opening...... no.... I just wasn't feeling it. I do wonder if plans were changed when the implosion was canned, I'm sure I read that we would see stuff about the regeneration of Glasgow, and I didn't see any of that. The countdown.... yeah pretty good, can't complain with that. The opening act though, it was just so meh. Again, it would be great for a closing, but it had such a low impact for the opening of an event like this. The thing is, it wasn't original, it's what Sydney and Vancouver did in their closing ceremony. I think the Unicef contribution was abit too much. Certainly a worthy cause, but it was shoved down our throats abit too much, and it did verge in to telethon land a few times. I will say the couple dancing was a beautiful moment, and they certainly could have built on that a bit more, but it seems to me they saw that more of a transition filler. The good bits apart from that.... I thought they did the protocol really well, the arrival of the Queen was fantastic, and the music used for the baton entry was great. The Calvin Harris mash up was fantastic, still maybe suited slightly more to a closing ceremony, but was visually stunning and showed great spirit. Athletes parade..... mint I do understand the concept behind the ceremony, but I think you can still give that feeling across while at the same time having a more well rounded show. Manchester showed that in spades. Again, a well produced show, but just no stand out moment to me. What will be the iconic image of this ceremony. It will be interesting to see the angle for the closing ceremony. I found Manchester's closing (I use this comparison as David Zolkwer was the AD for both), to be far more traditional and had one of the most ambitious pieces of stadium theatre that I've ever seen in it (Common wealth). Maybe this ceremony is a grower, and there are moments I will rewatch , but at the moment - Im feeling abit deflated. Still, after all that being said, well done the people of Glasgow. The spirit shown by the performers was fantastic.
  18. In a huuuge surprise to me, Sky Sport NZ has announced that they will be covering Nanjing 2014 live. They will have a pop up channel dedicated to the event, in addition to highlight packages.
  19. These Games seemed to be completely tied in with my time at Omanu Primary 1989/1990. I remember everyone got cardboard Auckland 1990 medals at our swimming sports that summer, and of course, the youth of New Zealand was wrapped up in Jump Rope for Heart. Good times.
  20. haha. A reprise of his infamous up-kilt moment perhaps.
  21. So, every time the Com Games come around it becomes the cool thing to knock them and say they have no place in our current sporting calendar. The Games have a history stretching back to 1930, so many amazing moments. So here's a place to contribute some of your all time favourite moments and memories. They may be photos, sports triumphs, controversial moments, ceremonies etc etc. Just to kick things off.. Christchurch 74 Odd how this twee and leafy city on the South Island of New Zealand could produce such a vivid and amazing set of design elements for these 10th British Commonwealth Games. From the clever and timeless logo, right through to the stylish jumpsuits for the medals ceremonies. Delhi 2010 Netball Final One of the most amazing sporting contests, the double extra time win by New Zealand against Australia was yet another fantastic netball match between the two rivals. Looking forward to this being resumed in Glasgow. Brisbane 82: Matilda Matilda winking to the crowd and disgorging trampolinists from her pouch. We won't mention Rolf welcoming us to the Games. Auckland 1990: Danny Boy During the boxing competition as Wayne McCullough stood waiting for the Northern Irish anthem which did not come due to a stuck tape, it was an official who got hold of the microphone and made sure he had his victory ceremony. Manchester 2002: Common Wealth As a ceremonies nut, the central Common Wealth segment of the closing ceremony in Manchester is one of my favourite ceremonies moments of all time. Through from the lanterns right to the Seek Peace, it was so well done, and in pretty awful weather. - Dick Tayler: the 10K winner in Christchurch 74, ignited the home crowd for those Games of Christchurch - Roger Bannister and John Landy in the *miracle mile* in Vancouver 54 - Ian Thorpe starts his pool dominance in KL98 - Sevens: every time the All Blacks Sevens win the tournament and do a shirts off boys Haka. So many amazing moments.
  22. Hmmm, I've often wondered why the Commies seem to be targeted for being irrelevant and mediocre ,do the pan-ams and asian games get the same treatment. Granted, they are regional games and this is more historically based, but they are all multi sports events. Second rate to the Olympics...... most definitely, but mediocre? I don't think so, no more than the others at least. There are sports that the Commonwealth don't exactly excel in, but on the other hand, I doubt you'll see many more more competitive and emotion charge sports contests as you do at the Com's between New Zealand and Australia in netball. The worlds best are there for sevens rugby, some of the worlds top cycling nations will be taking to the velodrome, the same can be said to an extent for a number of the swimming events. I dunno. Too often we look at the Commonwealth Games as irrelevant because it is based on the idea of the sun never setting on the British empire. Maybe it's time we recognised these as a sports event with a rich SPORT heritage, set within the context of a rag tag bunch of nations who share a common thread.
  23. If that fails, have you thought about using one of those services that provides a UK address for delivery and then they on ship it to Australia. I know we have a couple of those here in New Zealand, I use one of them to get all of my Jack and Jones gear as they won't ship to NZ either.
  24. I think Nicole Scherzinger is involved in that Unicef fundraising thing during the opening ceremony, not sure if that means she will appear in the opening ceremony itself, or just on a video.
  25. And Kylie at the closing ceremony Hmmm, I really do wonder if this is going to be a Manchester rehash. Im sure it won't, but DZ seems to even be using the whole theme of the Manchester opening - *ordinary people, when touched by the spirit of Manchester, do extraordinary things*, to describe the Glasgow opening (minus the Manchester bit). I am looking forward to it though, it's hard to go wrong with a show done by David Zolkwer. Certainly can't be any worse than the world cup opening.
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