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  1. Oh I think you must be a lil delayed. This next segment you're up to is the one I thought was quite cute, a few nice video sections. Shapeshifter finishing off the show live. Looks awesome from the sky,
  2. Gotta say, the set up looks fantastic at night, with the main stage, sat stage and the *city towers*
  3. Not my kind of music, but very talented and charismatic (more so for the 50 shades brigade) This is actually quite cute and well done Liking this celeb cricket team thing
  4. Not entirely sure about a countdown off broadcast, but no I don't think there was. May have missed it though. Pan over Christchurch and to Laura was the first thing I saw.
  5. Random fact. Members of the black caps have played cricket in my living room using a loaf of bread as a bat.
  6. I think that's a little bit of a silly analogy don't you? That was a couple of speeches in a conference hall. This is infront of thousands outside featuring cultural performances, sporting celebrities, music and dance (including popular music acts) and fireworks. More like a Christmas in the Park/ Symphony Under the Stars I'd say. And Granada didn't have him I guess also, while on the theme of music..... While the 2015 cup doesn't have an official mascot, it does have an official song/theme music. *Bobs Beat* by WDL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KQlzkd9K4Y
  7. The pre opening at Hagley appears to include various stages around the place, themed. There are also 4 gigantic games of backyard cricket being held, with 80 school kids. The fields are separated into 4 different ovals representing the various playing nations. So Beige, Caribbean As, Spicy As, and Traditional As As much as I love a good old fashioned bit of stadium theatre, I like this angle. It's suiting a city where it would almost feel still a tad inappropriate to have anything too flashy. Amazing weather down in Crikers by the looks of it.
  8. Oh, and Shapeshifter are performing, so that will be awesome.
  9. Nothing. LOLOL. Really, it's the Cantabs moment in the sun , they've made this a community event for everyone to enjoy. It's done by a reasonably little known creative team. It'll be awesome at what it is, but a traditional opening ceremony it is not. I don't really think the angle they're taking is a bad thing though. In any case, be fantastic to get this thing underway, a long time coming.
  10. No, Im pretty sure the organising committees are taking a different approach for these ceremonies. Looks like they are more community based concert events, rather than stadium events (infact, I don't think either are taking place in a stadium). I don't mind to be honest, as long as it's not pretending to be a stadium spectacular.
  11. Atlanta had the gift/curse (whatever your opinion happens to be) of being obligated to mark the centennial in addition to their local culture. I feel they covered everything off extremely well in a well produced show, creating some of the most beautiful segments in Olympic ceremonies history. However, I can see how this show (probably along with Athens) is one that is always going to polarise people.
  12. I've always loved this photo of Queenstown I think that above link included stuff from the Queenstown winter festival I'm not really a booster for Queenstown as a winter Olympic host, but certainly am for it being a winter sport destination (I'm realistic)
  13. As nice as the Sochi and London graphics are, I do prefer the runner based logos of the Sydney era. I think Athens and Lillehammer would have to be my favourites. As far as Rio goes, I've loved their look of the Games so far, but this one is a little bit of a miss for me. It seems very static.
  14. With the recent reveal of the Rio torch relay and relay logo, thought it might be a good time to head back and look at some of the different logos used for their part of the look of the Games. Favourites? Barcelona 92 Lillehammer 94 Atlanta 96 Nagano 98 Sydney 2000 Salt Lake 2002 Athens 2004 Torino 2006 Beijing 2008 Vancouver 2010 London 2012 Sochi 2014 Rio 2016
  15. To an extent I agree with this. While I'm not a fan of the concept of a worldwide torch relay, a regional specific one (especially in areas where other neighbours aren't likely to host the Olympics anytime soon) can often be a worthwhile idea - yet still I guess expensive. The Sydney 2000 trek around New Zealand and the Pacific was a great idea.
  16. We'd also have to include the performers on the heliospheres in the Barcelona closing.
  17. Stunner of a day here in the Mt today, such a shame Bay Oval didn't get any matches during the Cup.
  18. A very very short highlights clip of the Victoria 94 Commonwealth Games ceremonies
  19. Have found the full Closing Ceremony of the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games. While the opening was Olympic class, the closing ceremony in contrast was pretty basic. Of best note would be the performance of Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, and the handover to Victoria. I would also put the gigantic puffy pohutukawa inspired shoulders of Betty Anne Monga as a highlight. I haven't watched all these parts right through, but it looks like it's missing the school kids jump rope for heart display at the start. Six parts in all. And while previously posted in parts, I've also found a full start to finish copy of the opening ceremony of Auckland 1990, this one from 9 Australia.
  20. It's nice, kinda reminds me of the Oslo artwork though. I do prefer the Malmo and Copenhagen looks, I found Baku's just too similar to the Nagano 98 logo.
  21. The vote to halt the link until govt funding was approved was voted down today 16-7. In the end, it was the usual suspects who are so connected to their iron overloads who voted it down - Cameron Brewer, Dick Quax, George Woods and co. So, we continue. We can be thankful for the precinct development of the downtown shopping centre( I use the term shopping centre liberally), it's going to be the thing that gets this pushed along.
  22. Olympic music related. Jemma Rix, who plays Elphaba in the Australian cast/NZ/Asian cast of Wicked, belted out Heroes Live Forever at yesterday's Melbourne Cup. I've thought Jemma was amazing since she starred as Elphaba, and this is a pretty good version I think.
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