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  1. Sky TV in New Zealand has announced they will also be broadcasting the Games with 2 pop up channels.
  2. Perhaps, but I really liked the song. Of course, it had the pop formula of using a catchy tune + engaging visuals + good looking performer. In saying all of that, it had quite an Avicci feel about it too, so not surprised at it doing well at all.
  3. The Queens baton gets a lot of jokes pointed at its direction, it's hardly the most exciting or thrilling part of a Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Gotta say though, at least it is unique and they have made their own history with it.
  4. I think the first time I was interested in the Olympic Games, would be Atlanta 96, I would have been 13 years old. I say interested, in that for some unexplainable reason I started to cut out clippings (not only sport related clipping), of the event, and took special notice of the ceremonies. I think the most obvious sign of my Olympic interest following that was when I was cutting out news items about the launch of the Sydney Olympic logo. I do have memories prior to Atlanta, and can remember bits and pieces of Barcelona and Lillehammer, but just images on tv I'd seen as a young fulla I guess. Funnily enough, my geeky interest in Olympic ceremonies must have actually gone back to Auckland 1990 Commonwealth Games. I remember using my swingball set and a blanket to recreate the volcano, haha, should have known. In terms of the bidding process, I remember from the days prior to the bid websites being a bid thing. There was something special about sending off a letter to these bid committees from all around the world and waiting a few weeks before receiving a nice wee package in the mail. Always with a lot of information, some with freebies like pins and stickers. That is something that is lost now, probably makes it a lot easier for the bid committees though. I remember doing that for all the hosts of the 2006 hosts onwards.
  5. In saying that, the Blackcaps got to 300 in 43, if the target was 360, who would doubt them to have got there.
  6. True In saying that, it's pretty common that NZ makes the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup. I guess this time it's just the convincing manner that they have got there. I think clearly the best 4 teams in the cricket world cup at the moment have made the semis.
  7. Guptill....... 237* Amazing performance. Blackcaps get to 393/6
  8. Rather mischievous and misleading line from the article. In any case, I'm sure there are far better equipped cities in the Commonwealth that could be persuaded to host the Com Games in some form if Durban decided not to go through with bidding (and I don't see that happening).
  9. When you think about it, there was a lot of logic in the trio of hosting decisions from 2011-2023 New Zealand 2011: produce a total rugby centric experience for the world. The concept of *a stadium of 4 million*, a well run tournament, but that would not be a gigantic money spinner for world rugby England 2015: Rugby may not be front page every day, but it will be well run and be huge money wise for world rugby Japan 2015: A new frontiers tournament in a supposed emerging market.
  10. I agree in regards to the home nations hostings. It's got to a point where every time a home nation wins the hosting rights, all the other home nations have at least a 5% chance of hosting matches. It's getting a little bit ridiculous, almost alternate home advantage. I'd be keen on South Africa, Argentina or Italy. Technically, it is the Southern Hemispheres turn.
  11. It should also be of note that lawn bowls is a compulsory event, not really iconic. Surely this is a great chance to boost a very mainstream sport of cycling in South Africa? It can certainly be done on the cheap. This is the Avantidrome in the town of Cambridge (population: 19,000) - New Zealand. It is now the home of high performance track cycling in new Zealand and seats 1500 permanently and can be expanded to 4000 It's cost - NZ$28.5million This is the SIT Zerofees velodrome in Invercargill, New Zealand Permanent seating for 1600, expandable The cost was NZ$11million Surely somewhere near Durban could do with this kind of facility , pretty good price for a sporting legacy.
  12. No cycling? That's unbelievably crazy. The Commonwealth is pretty strong in track cycling - Australia, New Zealand and England are 3 of the top track cycling nations in the world. If they don't have a suitable venue (and Im sure they could come up with something), surely at least farm it out to another city.
  13. I would say they would require a lot of extra lighting. There is no way the stadium would be ready fit with the lighting required for a stadium show. The lighting of the stadium structure is all very pretty, but it doesn't do too much for the field of play. It wouldn't be the first time external structures were used to support ceremonies overlay, the Athens overhead rigging was connected to stand alone structure as the roof structure was holding up that portion of the ceremonies preparation.
  14. Geees, good match . I was getting a little sick of batting dominated huge blowup easy victories of teams in this tournament so far, so it was fantastic to have a tight battle. Both teams fudged their batting, but a great result. Geees, still can't help dislike the Aussie cricket team though hey, except Shane Watson - I'll have him. And yet again, the big crowd does it again, well done Auckland for a great day. Australia is still dangerous and in (in an All Blacks at the world cup kind of way), still the team to beat , but so enthused about our bowling.
  15. Amazing performance by the Blackcaps, how anyone can still be a Baz hater is beyond me, he's an absolute legend. And obviously Tim Southee, epic. I think this match also showed that while the winds of change in NZ seem to be our smaller boutique cricket grounds, you can't beat a packed stadium with the sun shining, like we saw here in Wellington (and I imagine the same will apply for the ANZAC match in Auckland) I guess it really is a case of horses for courses.
  16. I kind of enjoyed the Athens closing concert. Obviously , not well known to the international audience, but it reminded me of the swarms of tourists who flock to the Greek islands and party to their music. I thought it kind of fit pretty well, and it seemed to get the crowd going. Anna Vissi in particular seemed to go pretty well. I'm all for the majority of performers being local, but I can't help but think the Olympics are gagging for a Beyonce or Katy Perry to make an appearance when it comes to the Closing Ceremony concert. London did well (especially for someone like myself who generally prefers British music), this is all personal taste though I guess.
  17. Agreed. The Blackcaps certainly did impress me. And you're right, Hagley did look fantastic. While it did shine during the one day series earlier this summer, I was sceptical it would be up to the standard to host a world cup, but it certainly was worthy of the event. I think it's going to be one of the great things about this world cup, being co-hosted, we are going to see a fantastic contrast of venues and atmospheres. We're going to have matches in the heart of Melbourne at a gigantic stadium like the MCG, and then we're going to shift to some of the great boutique grounds in NZ - like by the ocean in Napier. It'll give so much variety, a good thing.
  18. Interesting to know if anyone saw the Australian opening ceremony from Melbourne. I just watched it from mysky Now of course with the backdrop of the skyline it had that added x factor, but for those who didn't see it, it was exactly the same format to the Christchurch opening. It was concert based, a few led screens and a stage, and a bunch of singers. Brief cultural performances from each participating nation, and a few Aussie singers. Oh, and a welcome from a native (just for Scotguy) by the name of Aunty Joy. The one different item would be a puppet of the cwc logo. To be honest, it actually looked less impressive than the Chch one, with far less people by the looks of it. Of course, fireworks over Melbourne are always gonna look lush.
  19. Martyn Guptill (NZ Cricket), Richie McCaw (All Blacks Captain), Ross Taylor (NZ Cricket)
  20. Well I don't suppose it was their fault they didn't screen them. Is this still ESPN India in control?
  21. I don't think it was. I had the stuff live commentary up at the same time, and they were all *getting near to the fireworks* but the feed had already stopped. Seems very very odd.
  22. Ohhh do you not know who that is? It's Ginny Blackmore. She's actually pretty famous. Duet with Stan Walker, sang Bones, writes music for Chistina Aguilera...
  23. I've decided I liked this show. It was never really trying to be a traditional opening ceremony, and I think it worked well for where it was staged. It may not have been flashy, but it was a good community event full of heart that worked for a city still suffering and rebuilding. As darkness often does, it also turned out to be visually half decent. The shots at the end with the towers, the stages and the crowd all lit up actually looked quite stunning . A good backyard themed friendly show.
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