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  1. I personally think a cauldron on the CN Tower would have been a tad tacky, plus it's been done in Calgary. Leave the tower as a prop, use lighting from it, but don't make it a cauldron.
  2. Ohhhhh, that's unfortunate. Im not to keen on the cauldron lighting sequence. Far too long winded , a sad looking cauldron and another pyrotechnics (but not overly impressive) lighting. Odd looking flame too.
  3. Im not quite sure why the torch was brought in so early this time. I guess for the European Games it held an artistic purpose, not too sure about this though.
  4. Yup, ESPN2 on tv too. Otherwise, a very clear broadcast. Haha, so many selfie sticks.
  5. No idea. All I know is that I need to grab my glasses because it's mighty hard to read anything on those led screens. Looks like a blur of red to me.
  6. I really do like the videos produced for the screens, but it seems a tad disjointed thus far. I feel like we are lacking a bit of context in terms of where we are. Are we in a stadium, or is it a shed, or a theatre.
  7. Im on the painful espn broadcast , is the sound quite tinny for everyone?
  8. I agree. While the Commonwealth Games baton does lack the glitz of the torch, I like that the Commonwealth Games has something unique which is part of its own heritage. It hasn't felt the need to do a carbon copy of the Olympic Games. They say Christmas is for kids, I think the Commonwealth baton relay is for the small communities, towns and villages. It does arguably get lost in the Sydney and Londons of this world.
  9. I thought Vancouver was a Bombardier job and Sydney was from Blue Sky Design. Either way, both nice torches. I actually really liked Barcelona, the only one of late that I can't get in to would be the Sochi torch. Nice concept but not great in design application. Loving this Rio torch though.
  10. Completely agree. Now I don't have Baron's patriotism and personal connection to claim it's the best ever, it certainly was a fantastic opening ceremony (and yes, we must remember its era). I've said here before , but they had the luck and the curse of having to balance between denoting the host as well as the centennial. They did this in the best way possible. Remember, we had not yet reached the era of a cohesive themed show. Ceremonies in the 90s were very much a case of a number of set pieces that could be completely independent from each other (no theme of Chinese invention, Greek art or British contributions to revolutions). The welcome to the South segment could perhaps have been shaken up bit (but hey, they had pickup tracks, Sydney had lawnmowers). It's a ceremony I have watched many times
  11. The problem with Korean ceremonies of late, is that they have the most redic themes that make absolutely no sense. *shining we grow* *new seeds new hope* *hope fills love* bla bla bla Complete non sensical drivel.
  12. Well impressed by the closing ceremony, almost the perfect mix. Yes, there were some rehashes from other ceremonies, but as I've said before, this is going to happen more and more. Definitely could tell the creative team was different between both ceremonies, but not a bad thing. I think both opening and closing ceremonies were for the most part on the money. I personally do believe the opening did show emotion and joy. It may not have been in a *let's all wear bright clothes, hold balloons and bang on stuff we found on the side of the road* joy, but it was emotion of (whatever you may think of the govt now) a proud culture. I found the stage and set design in both ceremonies incredibly thoughtful, some fantastic music, awesome pyro , and great concepts. Loved the small but well formed concert section for the closing too. Loooooove John Newman
  13. I haven't seen one and Im guessing you have seen the one youtube clip that I've seen of it. From memory Opening Ceremony included the performance of world in Union with the infamous lip-syncing of Shirley Bassey, and the two vocal performances you mentioned. The central stage also transformed to be part of the RWC logo, using a huge ground cover (the stage became the stitching part of the logo), There were also a few dancers dressed as dragons and springboks to represent the handing over of the world cup from 95 to 99 and there was some kind of steel red dragon with breathed fire that was assembled. Nothing compared to the opening events in Australia and New Zealand, but still a nice wee ceremony. The closing ceremony featured two musical performances. Charlotte Church performed Just Wave Hello, and the Stereophonics did a set. There were a few dancers doing a routine to *right here right now* as well. Here is the Stereophonics bit
  14. I enjoyed that opening ceremony. Parts of it were a little bit hit and miss, but by and large was a unique production. I guess there were 2 key points out of it. Klepsydra 2.0. Now this production had Papaioannou written all over it, there is nothing wrong with that (which I'll mention later) , but this I found to be the only part of the ceremony that was a shameless copy (granted a copy of his own work). The entire concept was the same, only the execution was inferior. Everything about Klepsydra in Athens was far better produced, the music was far better, and visually it seemed like far more care had been taken. I think the only exception would be that from a stadium perspective, Baku's version probably would have looked far more cohesive. Gaga. I don't have a problem with her being there in terms of her being a performer. She has a fantastic voice and no reason she shouldn't be up there with the other performers who have appeared in a ceremony. However I think it's a tad odd she appears in Baku, and I think the song choice is just a tad cliche now. The final artistic portion. Amazing. There is one thing I like about Papaioannou, and that is his story telling ability and mixing it with some key and simple iconic moments. Moments that really make the ceremony . It may be a look of a performer, the raising of an arm, but it seems to work. I loved the way the whole final artistic segment worked in well from start to finish. The roll in from the sun and moon scales, echoing this in the main 2 cast members on the mountain and by the water, and then following through to the moon and sun united in a total eclipse. The final jump of the performers to light the disc was epic. And of course, some fantastic set design. One of the most impressive segments I've seen in a ceremony, thoroughly well produced and directed. Now, yes, there are traits of Papaioannou's work that could be easily identified. Lovers were evident both here and in Athens would be another key similarity. However, can we really be surprised. To be fair, it's the same with all of the usual suspects when it comes to ceremonies. Those who have watched many a ceremony can tell a Birch ceremony, from an Atkins, a MIscher and a Zolkwer. It's not unique to DP. Heck, Mischer used identical (yet specially composed) music in both the ceremonies of Atlanta and Salt Lake and even similar lit tiled stage design. Birch. both of his key ceremonies have had the athletes covered in fabric. Atkins used a child as the cental focus of the ceremony in Sydney and Doha. The list goes on and on, to an extent, I don't think we should be so hard on DP (though I agree the Klepsydra was a tad below the belt). This far in, there is really probably nothing new in ceremonies anymore. Everything has been done before in some form. Water in LA, Manchester, Sydney, Athens and now Baku. All in all, a great show. Well done.
  15. Rio's structure seems to be very much like recent hosts, a local creative team and a foreign team acting as the producers. Much like how Athens had an all Greek creative team, but Jack Morton Worldwide as the producer (and Andrew Walsh - and Australian, as exec prod)
  16. Sky TV in New Zealand has announced they will also be broadcasting the Games with 2 pop up channels.
  17. Perhaps, but I really liked the song. Of course, it had the pop formula of using a catchy tune + engaging visuals + good looking performer. In saying all of that, it had quite an Avicci feel about it too, so not surprised at it doing well at all.
  18. The Queens baton gets a lot of jokes pointed at its direction, it's hardly the most exciting or thrilling part of a Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Gotta say though, at least it is unique and they have made their own history with it.
  19. I think the first time I was interested in the Olympic Games, would be Atlanta 96, I would have been 13 years old. I say interested, in that for some unexplainable reason I started to cut out clippings (not only sport related clipping), of the event, and took special notice of the ceremonies. I think the most obvious sign of my Olympic interest following that was when I was cutting out news items about the launch of the Sydney Olympic logo. I do have memories prior to Atlanta, and can remember bits and pieces of Barcelona and Lillehammer, but just images on tv I'd seen as a young fulla I guess. Funnily enough, my geeky interest in Olympic ceremonies must have actually gone back to Auckland 1990 Commonwealth Games. I remember using my swingball set and a blanket to recreate the volcano, haha, should have known. In terms of the bidding process, I remember from the days prior to the bid websites being a bid thing. There was something special about sending off a letter to these bid committees from all around the world and waiting a few weeks before receiving a nice wee package in the mail. Always with a lot of information, some with freebies like pins and stickers. That is something that is lost now, probably makes it a lot easier for the bid committees though. I remember doing that for all the hosts of the 2006 hosts onwards.
  20. In saying that, the Blackcaps got to 300 in 43, if the target was 360, who would doubt them to have got there.
  21. True In saying that, it's pretty common that NZ makes the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup. I guess this time it's just the convincing manner that they have got there. I think clearly the best 4 teams in the cricket world cup at the moment have made the semis.
  22. Guptill....... 237* Amazing performance. Blackcaps get to 393/6
  23. Rather mischievous and misleading line from the article. In any case, I'm sure there are far better equipped cities in the Commonwealth that could be persuaded to host the Com Games in some form if Durban decided not to go through with bidding (and I don't see that happening).
  24. When you think about it, there was a lot of logic in the trio of hosting decisions from 2011-2023 New Zealand 2011: produce a total rugby centric experience for the world. The concept of *a stadium of 4 million*, a well run tournament, but that would not be a gigantic money spinner for world rugby England 2015: Rugby may not be front page every day, but it will be well run and be huge money wise for world rugby Japan 2015: A new frontiers tournament in a supposed emerging market.
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