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  1. It kinda reminds me of one of the alternate Sochi 2014 logos I actually quite like A, but it would need some tweaking. It's just bit too blue and looks too much like a racing flag. It does however look like it would potentially make the best brand. It's strong.
  2. These really do remind me of those 10 logos we got as possibles for Beijing 2008, they have the same feel about them, only problem is it's the year 2016. These are visually nice, but don't have an overly high impact to me.
  3. Mmmm I want to like C, but to me it reminds me of a Team GB logo.
  4. I think the eruption at the top of the logo is made up of a bunch of U's ...... kinda.
  5. I'm more than willing to get them a chance, too early to say that the ceremonies are a failure. Realistically, I think everyone was expecting a more large cast/less technology style ceremony to those we saw in previous Olympiads. In saying that, if they pull out the ol' gigantic inflatable flora and fauna trick I won't be a happy chappy, that's been done to death and is just lazy.
  6. So Birch has been concentrating on the Para Ceremonies, I wonder if the OC have decided to get their cost cutting snips out and focused a little too heavily on those ceremonies when reducing budget.
  7. Yep, JMW did the Melbourne ceremonies as well, and no doubt it will be structured very much like in 2006. JMW was the producer, but we had local Andrew Walsh as the director. These Australians needs to be very very careful. Could any of the Aussie companies have done the event, yes, I don't see any reason why not (although I wonder if the pretty awful handover from David Atkins in Glasgow possibly turned them off him slightly). Remember though, these are the same Australians who trek around the world tendering to execute the ceremonies for Canada, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Italy etc etc. If we are in a marketplace for events where the Atkins, Birch etc etc of this work be accepted to portray other countries to the world.... why should they not expect the same? JMW has been established in Australia for some time, and this kind of thing happens all the time. heck, the Sydney NYE has been produced by an internationally based company (Imagination) for a few years now, but of course it is still an Australian production.
  8. I wouldn't be bummed out if this was the look , which it appears it is. It is rather similar to the Sochi graphics, but probably not a surprise. Both had/have a pretty simplistic logo so there is probably a need to have a far busier styled look of the Games to set it off. Liking the mix of fluidic lines in addition to straight lines, bit different. (often hosts will pick one or the other - the jagged edges of London or the curves of Rio).
  9. Not to be left out. haha. Ooooh that's a big call, so McCaw to not retire quite yet? Maybe you're right, he did skirt the subject slightly in the post match interview.
  10. I agree with Michael. We certainly have a few star players hanging up their boots, but some fantastic young talent coming through nicely as well. I don't think it's a case of Australia being on the rise and the All Blacks on the decline. I think the key thing this management team has done is create the correct culture for the All Blacks, a culture so that new players can slot in to the team and be in a position to defend in 2019. This All Blacks team are not only a machine on the field, but the way they handle themselves is the best I've ever seen. No Brad Haddin's in this team, they play in the spirit of the game. What is it the concept that they have adopted - *Better people make better All Blacks* Im hoping Shag will stay on to usher in some new talent, surely it would be enough of a challenge to keep him going. Just stay away from England. I think ultimately, we had an appropriate end to the 4 year rugby cycle. The AB's have been the dominant team since the last World Cup, everything seems to have been nicely wound up in a little bow, the right team won. The Australians will be happy, a good World Cup for them, we will see what happens next year.
  11. I once thought individual world cup logos would be good for the RWC, but liked what has happened since France 07. The RWC logo, with each host getting to have their own unique word mark and *look of the tournament*.
  12. I don't think anyone is writing Australia off, I'm definitely not and wouldn't be surprised if they come away with the win. I think the All Blacks have had almost the perfect world cup in terms of building and building, but Australia has had a decent (all be it lucky, but luck is what you create I guess) one. Gees though, the Australian media are certainly wee gems aren't they. :/
  13. Agreed. There is no way this is the best All Blacks team ever as Meyer has been spreading. Funny, as you would probably be doing it tough to find 2 international coaches who are as close off the field as these ones are.
  14. Doesn't Wales always seem to manage to host the World Cup every time it gets within spitting range of the home unions? They always seem to cozy up next to the host union and host matches. No idea how that works.
  15. Admitedly , not something I've liked about Japanese rugby. In saying that, everyone is doing it and to be fair the Northern Unions are probably the worst. You only need to look at Scotland with the likes of Sean Maitland, even Gareth Ainscombe being a possible for Wales.
  16. A sample promo of World in Union recorded by Paloma Faith. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtE01B0xUHo
  17. A few bits of Rugby World Cup Music for you. First up, the official All Blacks Supporters song - *Team, Ball, Player, Thing* This one also doubles as a charity single for the All Blacks official charity - *Cure Kids* and their campaign to help cure Battens Disease. It features a few All Blacks as well as a top lineup of NZ musicians (Daniel Beddingfield, Flight of the Concords, Lorde, Six 60, Hollie Smith, Jason Kerrison, Avalanche City, Brooke Fraser, Savage, Broods, Boh Runga, Gin Wigmore, Dave Dobbyn, The Naked and Famous, Shihad and a few others). Like the Concords previous charity single, the lyrics are all sourced from talking to 6 year olds. If you've got time watch the full 15minute skit and vid Or just the music video Must say, Ryan Crotty is looking pretty good in this one. Next, the NZ Song for RWC 2015, *I See Fire* from Sol3 Mio. As for the Rugby World Cup Anthem - *World in Union*, Paloma Faith will be singing the 2015 version. I don't think it's been released yet though. In the mean time, we'll revisit World in Union from New Zealand 2011. The official version performed by Hayley Westenra, but a unique version performed in the opening ceremony by Ria Hall.
  18. I do love how many other peoples suggestions are blatant plagiarised copies of various other logos (Osaka 2008 and Japan Endless Discovery logos seem to be quite popular), Thing is, many of these other suggestions are pretty, but they would fail as a piece of branding.
  19. This is a crazy epic move. While I don't dislike the current logo, I really do hope they completely part ways now as opposed to temporarily suspending its use until this can all be sorted. We are still 5 years out and can certainly put together a good Games mark for 2020 (Sydney hadn't even revealed their logo at Atlanta's closing). While I know there is a lot more to organising a Games than a logo and main stadium (and it would appear everything else is moving along nicely), they are too biggies. It's hard to believe NAOC were given the kudos of producing the best organisation in the history of the winter games with Nagano. I still have huge faith that the Japanese will pull it off, more bad PR than anything at this point.
  20. The New Zealand campaign seems to have launched at this 1 year to go mark. With it, they've released the campaign branding under the *be the inspiration* tagline. They've also released a nice wee video
  21. I must say, considering we were left with just one applicant, we are bloody lucky it's Durban.
  22. I know much has been made of the font used for the Tokyo 2020 logo, but I wonder, are we just being spoilt by the more customised font stylings of Sydney, Beijing, London, Torino and co. Is it really any more stock standard than the pretty uninspiring fonts of Barcelona, Lillehammer or even Atlanta? It's certainly an improvement over the Pyeongchang font. I think the bigger problem for me is that it's aligned perfectly with the logo. It doesn't break out, leading to a lack of dynamism.
  23. Was just having a look around on various design forums to see if there were many comments on the logo. Found this one, hadn't really noticed the 2
  24. Yup, this is probably the one sports event in the world where a north south rotation is completely appropriate.
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