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  1. Well, I've always noticed a definite bulge at the front of Helen's dress slacks, I am assuming that is extra cash, but then again ...... ahem. It will be very difficult for major events to come to New Zealand, especially one heavily reliant on natural features , with the Resource Management Act that we have here. Especially after it scuttled today the V8 Street Race in Auckland city, which I am majorly pissed off about I can tell u. Still, a Winter games is far more likely than a summer.
  2. Barcelona's is my favourite. However, LA's is one I like quite alot too - well, especially in Olympic configuration how they had it in 84.
  3. Not sure of the distance exactly, but I'm trying to find my copy of the study into hosting the 2006 Games which I was sent a while back. As for where I live. Well, Mt Maunganui/Tauranga(part of which is in my sig) is in the North Island.
  4. Auckland for summer, but that would definetely be a way way way down the track bid. For winter, Christchurch including outdoor venues in the Southern Lakes district - including the likes of Wanaka and possibly Queenstown. There was some talk at one stage of Dunedin in Otago perhaps taking ova from the position Christchurch would have played, but I don't think that would work.
  5. Hmmm, I noticed Bruce Ullrich(the man who lead the Winter Games Promotions Christchurch committee for the investigation of a 2006 and 2010 bid) on the news last night.He was being interviewed for the 30th anniversary of the Christchurch Commonwealth Games - of which he was one of the organising committee members. I wonder what his thoughts are reguards putting nemore of his effort, into launching another investigation and study.
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