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  1. I dont think it was John Psathas, interestingly, he was selected as a major composer of the ceremonies after the organisers heard his composition he dd for the opening of Te Papa: The Museum of New Zealand. Back to the medal ceremony music though, I loved it too. Actually, the last two summer Olympics have had awesome music for that moment, with Sydney's *call to glory* by Greg Bowman. I also heard or read that Nikos wrote the Athens music. From memory, I think it was titled *the Music Calls* or something like that. Both that and Greg's piece were so stirring and appropriate for that moment.
  2. I have noticed the Indian media often write things which are just factually wrong. I read one yesterday which said something like *Delhi won over Hamilton (New Zealand) to host the 2010 CG*
  3. It seems that Delhi 2010 will indeed get a new logo, Thank God, they've been using the glorified ICGA logo for far too long. They are currently putting the creative portolio up for tender. The articles I have read, have said it will be a total brief, including developing a new logo, creating print material, tv advertisements etc etc etc. Can't wait to finally see a new visual identity for Delhi 2010, their mascot is already a winner.
  4. Yes, that's true, with Zhang Yimou being the director of ceremonies. I dont think there are too many details about the ceremonies so far. The other two key people involved in the ceremonies, who bring the real technical expertise in stadium theatre - is Ric Birch and Yves Pepin. Ric Birch who has played a part in the Olympic ceremonies of LA, Barcelona, Sydney and Torino. And Yves Pepin who is a specialist in the field of multimedia theatre, and created the ceremonies for the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games, and produced the Paris NYE celebrations. I would guess Scott Givens of 5 Currents will have a part to play, as it appears he has been used by the IOC recently for ceremonies and branding.
  5. I will agree with you there. I too would have thought it would be a largely unfortunate outcome if the organising committee had gone down the same road of using some kind of stylised maple leaf yet again - it has been used far too much. The trend recently seems to have been to use abit more intricate symbols to demonstrate the culture of the host via the different elements of the visual identity of the host. Often, it is the bid visuals and the handover ceremonies which are a tad more strerotypical. Ric Birch always said that they dont want to get too complicated for those. Then they develop something else. That is why we saw such awesome design elements as Sydney's *fluid energy* for their look of the games. However, I would also agree with Faster, in that I personally think something from Haida art would have been more appropriate. The pictograms for the Vancouver bid were great.
  6. Im not entirely sure that this will be their official logo. I just can't see the CGF approving it, as it wouldnt be an overly exciting focal point of their marketing effort. The logo is esentially the logo of Commonwealth Games India. It was their bid logo but surely they will come up with a new official logo. There is still time, the Melbourne 2006 bid logo was still being used at the handover during the Manchester 2002 Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony. Hopefully a new one for Delhi will appear over the next year. They have been using their mascot alot more that is usual.
  7. VANOC has made an initial announcement on the creative team for the Vancouver 2010 handover at the closing ceremony of the Torino 2006 Games. Handover Team
  8. They gotta put something pretty on tankfarm. LOL. How big is that place?
  9. Is there ne more information about that Auckland stadium? I too heard it mentioned on the news, but haven't read anything about it. Or, was it just listed in a bunch of things he wants to do?
  10. Well, I've always noticed a definite bulge at the front of Helen's dress slacks, I am assuming that is extra cash, but then again ...... ahem. It will be very difficult for major events to come to New Zealand, especially one heavily reliant on natural features , with the Resource Management Act that we have here. Especially after it scuttled today the V8 Street Race in Auckland city, which I am majorly pissed off about I can tell u. Still, a Winter games is far more likely than a summer.
  11. Barcelona's is my favourite. However, LA's is one I like quite alot too - well, especially in Olympic configuration how they had it in 84.
  12. Not sure of the distance exactly, but I'm trying to find my copy of the study into hosting the 2006 Games which I was sent a while back. As for where I live. Well, Mt Maunganui/Tauranga(part of which is in my sig) is in the North Island.
  13. Auckland for summer, but that would definetely be a way way way down the track bid. For winter, Christchurch including outdoor venues in the Southern Lakes district - including the likes of Wanaka and possibly Queenstown. There was some talk at one stage of Dunedin in Otago perhaps taking ova from the position Christchurch would have played, but I don't think that would work.
  14. Hmmm, I noticed Bruce Ullrich(the man who lead the Winter Games Promotions Christchurch committee for the investigation of a 2006 and 2010 bid) on the news last night.He was being interviewed for the 30th anniversary of the Christchurch Commonwealth Games - of which he was one of the organising committee members. I wonder what his thoughts are reguards putting nemore of his effort, into launching another investigation and study.
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