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  1. A pretty decent closing ceremony, far superior to Beijing's which was awful. I'd still put London and Athens a head for my personal taste, but a great job. I was expecting to be disappointed and I was pleasantly surprised.
  2. I think one thing most of us can agree on is that the Rio 2016 word mark has been one of of the most successful parts of the look of the Games, and in most cases the application has worked well. Makes you wonder if the Pyeongchang and Tokyo people will be kicking themselves for having some bland typeface for their logos, especially Pyeongchang. Will be interesting to see how they apply it to their look.
  3. Yup, a very pleasing Games with our best medal haul every beating Seoul and London by a few. Yep, without a doubt there were some disappointments, but I guess if we are happy to take the shooting surprise and a bronze by the likes of Eliza McCartney, we have to also be accepting of those expecting to medal who did didn't. It's the reason we watch sport. Will be time to go over those, but so pleased at the range of sports which we did have success in. Be interesting to see who they pick to bring the Kiwi flag into the closing ceremony. Without knowing who has gone home already, I guess Lisa Carrington would have to be at the top of the list. I wouldn't mind seeing Eliza McCartney though. Her personality and attitude was just so amazing, it would be such an ideal fit for the closing ceremony.
  4. I think this is a (justified) cost saving move. There is no real point of re-recording the anthems every 2 years when they never actually change.
  5. Having watched the ceremony again, I feel like I can identify exactly what left me a tad unsatisfied. I guess my taste of ceremonies has evolved, and this is purely my personal taste, but I guess I like some overarching narrative to the ceremony, This one felt like they were having a bob each way, at first it seemed like it was going to be a Sydney 2000 esque chronological story of Brazil, but then they felt the need to save the world. The thing I loved about Athens and London is that they had very clear narratives, they had touchstones that the whole ceremony could refer to. In Athens it was the amazing Mythstorema 3 poem, and in London it was that concept of Britain's revolutions. I actually feel like Rio should have made more of one of the most beautiful parts of the ceremony, the reading of A Flor e a Nausea. In fact, I wonder if they could have made this their touch stone. Constantly referencing this, not only with a video presentation, but in regards to the action on the field. Still, I do like the ceremony more each time I watch it, I just feel like there was the potential to make it even better.
  6. Hmmm, I'm still not quite sure how I feel about these ceremonies. I think it was very much a ceremony which fit Brazil, so in that sense, it was a success. Just a few random points * While the video intro was nice, the countdown didn't seem to have any impact, which was odd as the ceremony did by and large have a closing ceremony type feel to it. It missed the lone horseman, the Hola, the spirits of the tribes of the world, even the well crafted script and drum countdown of Athens. * The string segment looked fantastic, it would very much like a 3d vertical version of the Manchester 2002 closing ceremony segment around the human lantern figure (which I have always loved) . * The airplane part was visually stunning as well, all be it a tad cheesy and seemed stuck in the middle of nowhere with no real connection * The urbanisation was fantastic, Baku could have used this and saved money all the countless lift mechanisms to give them their mountains. I loved the flow on to the introduction of the box city, which worked well for the whole evening. * The production and flow of the ceremony could have been better, which is surprised as the producers have had experience on an international level. I really thought Filmmaster had a good reputation, but I wonder how much they were involved. I can't help but think the touch of DAE, 5 Currents or JMW could have pulled everything together with better continuity. * I really couldn't see much evidence of filmmakers in this ceremony, surprising as the key creatives were all from that industry as directors. In Athens it was obvious that there was a dancer at the help, and you could see the influence of Yimou in Beijing. But I really didn't understand how filmmakers conceptualised this ceremony. I guess overall I'd go for an 7.5/10 perhaps, I would expect that to be boosted by half a point or so after a few more watches.
  7. Sailing's Blair Tuke and Peter Burling will be the New Zealand flag bearers.
  8. Gees, if there are inflatable Olympic rings I don't blame Ric Birch for jumping ship.
  9. There was a story on atr a few months ago that mentioned they were interested in a cauldron incorporating mirrors to make the flame appear bigger than it actually was . I cant see this being an additional sculpture to fit next to the cauldron to enhance it. There doesnt seem a hell of alot behind that screen.
  10. I'm assuming the water will be projections, flooding the place just seems to anti everything the production team have been saying about these ceremonies. The Athens lake was a pretty big technological undertaking, it doesn't seem like they are prepared for that here.
  11. On the subject of Durban, I'm always a little bit confused. Is eThekwini a city, supercity, or just a municipal body. I know Glasgow did have a Glaschew version of its logo, be interesting to see if they do something similar. Or, if they go the route of Gold Coast and produce an alternate logo to be used on a national level (i.e.: the version of the Gold Coast logo which has *Queensland* as part of it)
  12. Air New Zealand has launched a series of tv/net spots in the lead up to Rio featuring Air NZ flight crew hanging out with Olympians . The promotion, * Proud to be mates with New Zealand's greats* features the likes of Valerie Adams, Hamish Bond and Eric Murray etc etc. This one features sailings Peter Burley and Blair Tuke. Not only two talented guys, but it's filmed where I live
  13. Well these 2 snuck in the door quietly. I like them, the white Tiger especially. Not too cutesy and not too weird.
  14. I get the favela concept as a part of the ceremony, there is no reason they should not make an appearance at some stage. Im just not so sure about basing the set design of the ceremony around it. As iconic as they may be, the set design still has to function for the entire ceremonies, including protocol. There needs to be some kind of gravitas and formality about it as well as being a creative space. The Tor in London worked that perfectly, as did all the stage designs for Sydney and Barcelona. Im just not so sure how a colourful yet grungy representation of favela's would work in that respect. The closing though is a totally different kettle of fish. Of course, I also didn't understand how a segment based around the NHS would work, so Im open to be proven wrong.
  15. Just as a side note, it seems Es Devlin, who designed the London 2012 closing ceremony, is involved in the Rio opening ceremony.
  16. I guess it could potentially just be an OBS Rio 2016 promo as opposed to the ident, it does seem a little early. I loved London's, the music was fantastic too.
  17. Depends when it was shot, Coldplay played there in early April so it could be the setup for them?
  18. The OCOG must be loving this. Just gives the impression that they are a bunch of muppets who haven't even settled on such a big piece of planning 100 days out from the opening ceremony.
  19. Despite the fact that I think this logo is half decent, make no mistake, this was handled terribly by the OCOG. Has there even been such a disappointing reveal of the official logo of a Summer Olympic Games. Gently ushered onto Facebook and on a bit of mdf strung up behind an OCOG official. I really don't think they should have ever put all 4 designs to the public, but in any case, they should have determined the winner and then hung fire for a month or so. At that point, they should have refined it, put something together to sell it to the public. Put a flashy video together like with the original logo, something. It's almost like a sad little apology afterthought. The opportunity has totally been lost. I really just think we need to scrap the open comp for logos. I'm fine with putting the mascot design out to anyone who cares, but really branding should be left to the professionals. As for the future of this logo, which again, I see potential in. I think they need to give it the London treatment . Wolff Olins came up with the logo and then it was handed over to Futurebrand to create the look from there.
  20. Be interesting to see some application of the design, if that was part of the tender process? I feel like they should have picked the winner, and then gone away and given it the launch treatment that the original logo had. They'd surely get better buy in from the public if they had gone down that path rather than just announcing a winning design. I know the indigo is very traditional, but I'm wondering what this would like in a few variant colours.
  21. Im actually pretty happy they went with these. The others may have been *prettier* and most likely would have won a gb logo contest - but these are good strong marks. I feel the favoured D option would have been far too wishy washy, as weak as Lima's . This will form a great look of the Games I think. Only downside with the way this competition was done, is that it's like we are missing out the detailed refinement stage. None of the logos seemed to pay much attention to the typeface, especially when the word mark has been so integral in the branding of recent Olympics. I think perhaps there would also have been room to shake up the colours used, much like London did. I'd like to think we will get a refined image now they have picked the winner, I highly doubt it though
  22. I can't keep up with all the shite on here, but has the community/celebration cauldron been revealed yet?
  23. It's not a bad logo. Im not a fan of the colour choice, but I can see river and the Liberty Statue on Gallert Hill. Not ground breaking but an ok job. Kind of reminds me of the fingerprint/Maori/topographical map inspired logo of Te Papa: The Museum of New Zealand Nice wee video on their website too.
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