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  1. Here's the cool TV One New Zealand Beijing 2008 promo NZ TV One Olympics Promo
  2. And of course the Seoul 88 Opening Ceremony started on the river, that was kind of the concept of the opening ceremony - breaking down the barriers, and opening the ceremony up to the river, and therefore the oceans of the world. And didnt the Victoria 94 opening Ceremony also kind of include something that started on the harbour? It may not have been directly part of the opening ceremony, but still. Perhaps it was just an arrival of the baton on the water, much like Auckland did in 1990. I think more cities will take their ceremony events outside of the stadium, gives more people a chance to see them, aswell as using notable landmarks and features of the host city.
  3. The new TV One New Zealand logo watermark featuring on all promotions and at the top corner of the screen now. The actual TV One logo has not really changed too much over the lats 10 or so years.
  4. Will be interesting to see what the surface will be like come opening ceremony. I guess we will get a ground cover (blue in barcelona and atlanta, ochre in sydney). or it will look like a different theatrical space, sucha s in Athens. Surely they won't just have a grass and track such as Seoul and LA.
  5. Am pretty sure that ACOG had to replace the infield after the Atlanta 96 opening ceremony as the grass got cut up so much. Big part of the reason why the performers weren't allowed onto the field for final rehersal for the closing ceremony too.
  6. It may be just traditional opening ceremony director hot air, but Zhang Yimou has said that the lighting of the cauldron will be really spectacular, more so than Barcelona. So maybe u r onto something.
  7. Wot drugs did u give the stunned first nations people at the Torino handover? I am going to a rave next weekend and it looks like it would be a good one to get loved up from.
  8. Id say it will. From the pics of the stadium interior show, the signage on the floor of the stadium i the centre field - the bluey green stuff, looks really good.
  9. Reading the news. the protesters in BA appeared to come out before and said they would make surprise but non violent protests, and that unlike certain others, they wouldnt attempt to attack the torch. That's gotta be the way to go. To be honest, the Chinese are gonna be in a lose lose situation for the continuation of this torch relay. Of course they could do a hell of alot to lessen the impact and that is where politics come to play. But all that will be needed in future torch cities are a handful of protesters, and all of a sudden, the torch relay will once again be *rocked by protests*. I am not downplaying the previous protests around the world, but, it's got to a stage where this is the story of the event. 95 percent of the people in the ficinity of the torch could be there to cheer the thing along its route, but those 5 percent will make the headlines - kind of unfair. Just how as every leader is asked if they will be attending the opening ceremony, those that say *no* will be seen as supporting a political leader boycott of the opening ceremony. That is rubbish. Some clearly have never had any intention to go, but the media won't care. As has been mentioned here before, the British PM has not had a bigh history of late going to Olympic opening ceremonies, not attending Sydney or Atlanta I don't believe. But by not going to Beijing, it is seem as *whoah, that's a big political statement*. It's kind of sad.
  10. Was Sydney trying to do the poor Australia thing when it had its issues with the Lucas Heights complex and a possible terrorist attack in the lead up to the 2000 Games? Cummon, it's easy to get on the bandwagon here, but this kinda stuffs does unfortunately happen at high profile events like the Olympics, remember the Centennial Park Bomber. While there are obvious *issues* happening around Beijing 2008 at the moment, we can't link every single event leading up to Beijing 2008 to that. However, admitedly, it is a strange story. But hey, few events capture the entire worlds attention like an Olympic Games - especially one in a country teaming with people.
  11. Agree with you there. Noone will detest a peaceful protest. But the image of a protester coming up and grapling an Olympic torch out of someones hand.... that's just a line that is crossed, and it doesnt sit comfortably with me when it comes to means of protest. It's not on. Im not saying that the plight of a people pale in comparison to our beloved Olympic torch - but when it becomes a physical issue involving innocent peoples, there is something wrong with tactics.
  12. Maybe the athletes should just ..... not go. I mean, if individual athletes feel that strong, then they are being a tad hypocritical if they continue to compete at Beijing 2008. Thanks China for inviting me..... btw... YOU SUCK. Seems kinda rude to me. Fair enuf that they have their opinions, many of them entirely logical and right. But it just seems a tad out of place to make individual protests.
  13. I guess it could go either way. Either it would totally count him out, or it would form a perfect symetry, of having the first torch bearer on Chinese soil to also be the last.
  14. TV One here in NZ has just started it's Olympic promos, with a cool lil tv ad . They have also started adding the Silver Fern in Olympic rings logo next to their *One* watermark in the top corner of the screen.
  15. It's quite interesting with the theme songs, that it seems like Beijing is doing the exact opposite of Athens. Beijing is going down the road of everyone getting high by the aroma of sweaty hands clasping together in harmony whilst rejoycing the virtues of peace, doves and all other things pure. Meanwhile, Athens came out and said with *Oceania* by Bjork, that she wanted to get away from the traditionally peace love, sports socks and ribbons traditions of Olympic theme songs.
  16. It would appear to be the cauldron tower, but im not really sure. I dont exactly know the mechanics of a cauldron, it looks kinda simplistic to hold such a technical thing like the cauldron. But perhaps it is, who knows. It's pretty early to put it up tho.
  17. I think it would be a good idea for the Olympic hymn to always be performed im Greek. It would be a nice touch and honour for the birthplace of the Games - and to be honest, the anthem often sounds quite stupid if performed in various languages. I think they can get away with English, but the Japanese version at Nagano sounded nymph like, not overly Olympian.
  18. Watch some sport. Should keep ya more than entertained prior to Beijing 2008. Kinda has a lil something to do with the Olympics too, so its win win really. hehe.
  19. You're yanking my cock arent ya bro? Or do we really need a jizm clean up in aisle Taichi? haha. I am guessing not all scoreboards are in yet, however I heard most already have got clocks in , in addition to the toilet blocks.
  20. True, but the Olympic world has changed a lil bit since back then. And while BCP will be used alot during the Games for medal ceremonies etc etc, it is still the Olympic cauldron stuck inside.
  21. There is nooooo way in he11 that there should NOT be another cauldron outside the stadium. Im sorry, but what kind of sad ass Olympic host has the cauldron inside for virtually noone to see. It's just dum. lol. Actually, the Sydney 2000 Paralympics used the concept of *the fire within* alot during their ceremonies.
  22. Ne rich families in Vancouver? lol/. Maybe they have someone like the Eckles family out there willing to shove a few Million towards the ceremonies budget. haha. Having falling confetti would be effective as a snow like substitute. They kinda did that during part of the Melbourne 2006 closing ceremony and it looked good, likewise during the Auckland 1990 Closing Ceremony to be honest. Like glitter kinda stuff.
  23. Just a little bit about the Pyrotechnics for Beijing 2008 ceremonies. Seems like the guy designing the pyrotechnics is Cai Guo-Qiang. He will be assisted by *Fireworks by Grucci*, who also did the Salt Lake 2002 Pyro displays. The guy appears to be into pyro-art.
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