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  1. Nice. I was wondering if they would have a ceremonial piece of music to play during thye handing out of the medals. Both Sydney and Athens had two emotive compositions during their ceremonies - they worked really well. Call to Glory by Greg Bowman in Sydney, and the Music Calls by Nikos Antypas in Athens. And these pics posted here really are good. Must say I am surprised at how good the Beijing look has come together. The stadia will look fantastic when dressed up, just as colourful as the Athens panorama and Sydney's Fluid Energy. And the hostesses for the presentations look fantastic. Very Shanghai sheek.
  2. This is the ceremony that is being directed by Chen Weiya I think aye? He is the stadium theatre specialist in the wider ceremonies creative team, so will be interesting to see the style of this one, perhaps more of a traditional Chinese stadium show than Zhang Yimou will present for the opening? (even tho Zhang YImou is also involved in the closing heavily).
  3. Pure speculation here, but the *earth or lantern* like structure that we see in the photos matches somewhat to a speculative article from a Chinese website. It basically goes on about the Chinese creation myth , how in the beginning there was nothing but chaos. But then the initial God Pangu hatched from a *cosmic egg*. He sliced the egg in half separating the earth (yin) and sky (yang). He pushed the two apart, which took quite some time. At the end of the 18000 year period, he died, and his body parts became various features. Here is the summary from wiki, seems to me the earth shape could also pass as an egg...
  4. The generic branding of TVNZ's Olympic coverage, from their new olympics website
  5. I wonder if this ceremony will feature any of Zhang Yimou's favourite female leading ladies in a feature role. Zhang Ziyi or Gong Li perhaps.
  6. Just look on ebay dude, im sure you can find a copy on there aye.
  7. Interesting photo. I know most see it a a giant globe, which I imagine will be one of its purposes, perhaps cud also be some sort of Chinese lantern, looks good none the less.
  8. There was an aditional piece of music played, however I believe it was always a planned piece of the ceremony. It just so happened that while that piece of music was playing, the *mast* of the cauldron was still rising up, when this function should have taken place by tibi omnes was playing.\ David Stanhope composed a number of fanfare pieces for the ceremonies - I think the piece played after Tibi Omnes was *Skyline Firedance*, can't remember where I read that though.
  9. It's an ok traditional cheesy theme song with a catchy tune. If they wanna use it more internationally they should give it the Hand in Hand treatment. Shorten it, take out some of the original lyrics, and make a verse and maybe a chorus performed in english - so it's a bilingual song.
  10. I dont think the Sydney Cauldron was leaked in its entirety, however a few weeks (cant entirely sure how many) before the opening ceremony the mast of the cauldron was mistakingly revealed to the public when it rose up over the stands during an NRL (I think) press conference on the field of the stadium. That's when SOCOG came out and said that there would be much more to the cauldron, as it first glance, it looked unimpressive. I think the next time we saw the Sydney cauldron was during one of the final dress rehersals where we saw dripping water coming down the outside of the stadium.
  11. The New Zealand Olympic Committee has a pretty harsh selection policy. Athletes have to have the potential to make a certain ranking in competition to go to Beijing, even if they have met all qualifying standards set down internationally. The NZOC has also released a new team logo, the traditional Silver Fern taking on symbolism with the Chinese lucky number 8. It also features representation of the maori mythical bird - the Hokioi.
  12. If accurate, the concept of the Phoenix returning to the nest is fantastic.
  13. TV One New Zealand have just started airing their second Olympics ident, this one featuring Olympians who will be travelling to Beijing - such as Moss Burmester, Valerie Villi and James Daulphin. Also featuring 76 track Gold Medalist John Walker. Like the first, it uses a variation of the TV One theme music - *light surrounding you* by Kiwi band Evermore. Classy graphics by TV One. TV One NZ Olympic Ident 2
  14. I really don't think we're gonna get one of those this time. I just think the ceremonies group seems so uber tight, I doubt there will be anyone prepared to leak any information to the media or to us. We may get a few more detailed thematic concepts over the next month or so, as rehersals continue, but I can't see a detailed report much like we got prior to the athens 2004 ceremonies. Im sure by this time in 2004, DP had come out and mentioned alot about using art, and the opening being apollonic in nature etc etc. But the only thing we know about Beijing, is that the opening will try to condence China's history in 50 minutes, and that there will be the inclusion of those photos of the children.
  15. Sounds pretty good to me. Interesting that they are giving details about this, in contrast to the Beijing ceremonies which we have heard almost nothing on.
  16. There is currently quite alot of media in New Zealand about people wanting Sky TV (digital pay tv) split up in New Zealand, due to the fact that they are slowly getting an overwhelming dominance in live sport coverage here. They already have the rights to Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 - due to the fact that it has Prime TV as its free to air broadcast partner. I really cant imagine them covering an Olympic Games.
  17. It is pretty good, they normally come up with some pretty good promos for sports events like the Olympics. *11468 Athletes A Billion Hosts One Little Upstart In 2008, 4 million will rise... as one* Done to the TVNZ promo theme song, *light surrounding you* by Kiwi band Evermore. The promo in itself is loosely based on that TVNZ ident promo, using the same music, which is awesome imho. Worth a look in itself. Incidentally, featuring NZ Olympian (and Athens 97 World discus champ) Beatric Faumuina As a side note. Any word on the IOC's anchor doco for the Olympics, I assume they will be having one for Beijing. NOrmally an hour or so long, focusing on the organisational and prep side of the hosting of the Games. I remember in the past we have had - Nagano 98: *Winter Spectacular* - Sydney 2000: *Dreamtime* - Salt Lake 2002: *The Spirit of Winter* - Athens 2004: *An Olympic Oddysee*
  18. TVNZ is also repeating the awesome *Olympic Century* doco series. While made prior to Atlanta, it's an extremely good production. I think they are up to part 2, scheduled for 2pm on TV One.
  19. Here's the cool TV One New Zealand Beijing 2008 promo NZ TV One Olympics Promo
  20. And of course the Seoul 88 Opening Ceremony started on the river, that was kind of the concept of the opening ceremony - breaking down the barriers, and opening the ceremony up to the river, and therefore the oceans of the world. And didnt the Victoria 94 opening Ceremony also kind of include something that started on the harbour? It may not have been directly part of the opening ceremony, but still. Perhaps it was just an arrival of the baton on the water, much like Auckland did in 1990. I think more cities will take their ceremony events outside of the stadium, gives more people a chance to see them, aswell as using notable landmarks and features of the host city.
  21. The new TV One New Zealand logo watermark featuring on all promotions and at the top corner of the screen now. The actual TV One logo has not really changed too much over the lats 10 or so years.
  22. Will be interesting to see what the surface will be like come opening ceremony. I guess we will get a ground cover (blue in barcelona and atlanta, ochre in sydney). or it will look like a different theatrical space, sucha s in Athens. Surely they won't just have a grass and track such as Seoul and LA.
  23. Am pretty sure that ACOG had to replace the infield after the Atlanta 96 opening ceremony as the grass got cut up so much. Big part of the reason why the performers weren't allowed onto the field for final rehersal for the closing ceremony too.
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