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  1. Got an e mail from Sky TV about the New Zealand coverage for Vancouver 2010. They won't be giving full and detailed information until the Feb issue of Skywatch is released at the end of January, but the points they were able to give me... * External commentators will be used for all of the events (much like TVNZ has done using the CBC, BBC commentary) except the Opening/Closing ceremonies. For those 2 events they will be using Sky commentators , this team will be headed by Steven McIvor. * The opening/closing ceremonies will be screened uninterupted on SkySport 4, however there will be ad breaks on the Prime TV coverage (the free to air partner of Sky's Olympic coverage) * Prime TV will have 12hrs of coverage a day * Sky will have 4 24hr dedicated Olympic channels (sky sport 4,5,6 & &) on channels 131-134. These will be provided at no extra cost to Sky Sport subscribers. * Sky sport 1,2 & 3 will also show a 2hr highlights show every night at 7pm * Sky/Primes coverage appears to have John West as it's broadcast sponser.
  2. Apparently Wizcraft and firms associated with the melbourne ceremonies r amongst bidders 4 ceremonies contract
  3. I wonder if we will see a re-appearance of Chong Lim. He is obviously Australian, but he is a favourite of David Atkins and has been featured heavily in both the Sydney and Doha ceremonies. He did the dream like *Nature* composition in Sydney, aswell as the dramatic cauldron lighting sequence in Doha. In this increasingly international world of ceremonies, the jobs arent left for the host nation alone.
  4. Jack Morton Worldwide was contracted as the production advisor to the Beijing ceremonies.
  5. Reading the Delhi website, they have put out to tender the contracts for the 2010 Ceremonies. Looks like they are going the way of Beijing. They are looking for too contracts. The first one exclusively to an Indian company who I am guessing are the ideas people. The second one is open to international bidders, and they have to have experience in the production of eventz at an Olympic/Com Games ceremonies level. This is the ceremonies *advisor* contract.
  6. I think it's Played Alive (bongo song) by Safri Duo, isnt it?
  7. Sky television New Zealand had on a 30minute preview show on Vancouver 2010 today, pretty much just outlining all of the venues. It contained a few little bits of information about their coverage of the Games, of which they will be sharing with their free to air partner - Prime. Prime TV - 12 hours of coverage a day - A mix of live, delayed, and highlights Sky TV - 4 dedicated Olympic channels - 24hour a day coverage - A mix of live, delayed and highlights - News/magazine style shows - Coverage of nightly entertainment So it looks like it will be the best coverage of an Olympic Winter Games ever seen in New Zealand. Certainly, TVNZ hasnt managed to give such comprehensive coverage in the past. Will be interesting to see what network they go with to provide their commentary coverage. In the past, TVNZ has used the likes of CBC, the BBC and 7.
  8. Wouldn't mind seeing a Sarah Maclachlan performance of silence in maybe the closing ceremony, obviously, one of the remix versions - the Tiesto one in particular. Including an eckie in the closing ceremony spectator packs and let the fun begin I say. haha.
  9. I think Nagano had a couple, kinda gushy maybe - Games from the Heart, Together with Love - From around the world, to flower as one I dunno, I don't mind the Vancouver slogan - prefer it to the far too chirpy *One world one dream*. I kinda prefer the slightly more abstract ones like 2010 has come up with, or Torino's *Passion Lives Here*.
  10. Very true. The curves of the Nagano snowflower were reflected well in the calligraphic strokes of the look, likewise the rhythm of the land crystal look of Salt lake, going well with the contrast culture contrast logo. I guess it would have been near on impossible to provide a graphic package complimentary to the Vancouver logo.
  11. The pictograms are dum. But the graphics I like, except for the random boats and floatplanes that appear amongst it all . Fine as inspiration, but not on banners etc etc.
  12. I agree about the camera angles. I was particularly p1ssed off at the coverage of the segment featuring the collumns, imo, the best of the segments. It was beautiful, but the dvd coverage is dotted wif long shots of spectators. There are very few shots of the ladies , few up close shots fullstop to be honest.
  13. This has been and gone, but just reading round the net I read an article about a New Zealand Symphony Orchestra tour taking in the Olympic Cultural Festival in Beijing. They were there to perform *Olympiad XXV111*, composed by Kiwi composer John Psathas - who composed and arranged a number of pieces during the Athens 2004 Ceremonies. This piece is based on that music used in 2004, and also includes other pieces of music written for Athens, but not used.
  14. I guess most nations have a horror games every now and then. As has been mentioned, australia had their one in 76, and New Zealand had a bad Games in Sydney (well, bad compared to nz public expectations, but logicially, wasnt that bad at all). But look at Australia now. And even little New Zealand , population 4.2million, managed to get 3 gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze. I guess the key i to look at what model is the best for each given country. You can;'t just replicate what Australia has done, or what China has done.
  15. Both would have artistic merit in different ways. For example, the element of fire certainly has impact if it's real. However by the same token, the way Beijing had their screens up during the nature segment was also extremely effective in terms of their imaging. I think that would have looked equally good with projected flames on it, just in a different way. Depends on the context really.
  16. I think the problem is that closing ceremonies have changed over the last few Olympiads. Zhang Yimou pretty much came out and said that there was no room, time or rehersal capacity to have a performance with thousands of performers. I think we have to face that opening ceremonies have become bigger, and closings more athlete friendly compared to the likes of Barcelona or Atlanta. Future host cities are just trying too hard to convey everything about their city or nation in the space of 8 minutes. While they have been able to have a shot of attempting that on a huge athletics field - it is impossible on a small stage which they have to work with if the last decade is anything to go by.
  17. I havent heard. Unless they go international, which is entirely possible, I imagine the obvious choice would be Wizcraft, who did the handover in Melbourne - and appears to be one of India's leading special event management company.
  18. I think the London handover would have been alot better if they had a larger space to work with, but unfortunately, the trend of past closing ceremonies is to conduct the majority of it on a stage surrounded by the athletes. It was just abit hap-hazard, with the bus parked off in a little corner. I think if the bus had gone into the middle of the arena, maybe with a street map projected onto the field , ala Melbourne, a few more dancers - there would have been more symetry and impact . It was just like a few people off to the side decided to park up and have a lil dance around ./ And i think that was lost on people too, you just couldnt get any feel for the choreography. The lighting was also bad, the effect of the landmark hedge didnt work, you couldnt even really tell it was a hedge.
  19. True, again, keep in mind tho - the winter hosts have it far easier in relation to the ceremonies. Of course they will never have the budget of the summer Games - but they can bring the stadium more into both ceremonies. They can play around with their ceremonies stadium for 16 days after the opening takes place - due to the fact that there will be no competition taking place in there for the most part. They can ad far more elaborate opening ceremony style props, and have rehersals which are a must if you want to have a far bigger performance. The summer event pretty much has 7 or 8 hours to make themselves at home. I have a feeling that perhaps the ceremonies team has put more effort into the Paralympic Opening ceremony - keep in mind, its not that common to have the same team executing 4 ceremonies.
  20. To be honest, I thought it was the best concept of a cauldron extinguishing that I have seen in an Olympic Closing Ceremony (summer or winter).
  21. I think in general, the closing ceremonies are a massive after thought. From comments made recently, Dimitris Papaioannou thought his closing was painful, Sydney's was to be honest pretty dam underwhelming (it was just a few floats really with perhaps one or two memorable parts). All the effort goes into the opening. The organisers of a closing are dammed if they do dammed if they dont. Produce a full on sweeping show and people will bag em for not letting the athletes take control after 10 minutes, and not put on a show, they say its not impressive enuf. Seems to be a trend of letting the athletes in alot earlier now, leading to less space for a more impressive affair.
  22. Well, a pretty decent closing ceremony. To me, we havent seen a closing ceremony get it as right as Barcelona did. I think Beijing certainly lacked a couple of things in this closing ceremony, in the same way that sydney and athens lacked a few things. But overall, a pretty decent opening ceremony, remember, these guys (all Games I guess) have to produce a product pretty much without having any rehersal time in the stadium - unlike the opening.
  23. Its all getting very camp. But hey, it's fun, and that's what it's supposed to be about.
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