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  1. From what I can remember LA84: very bright colours often found in blockish formations. Barcelona 92: the mosaic designs (also used in the final to the el mar med segment of the opening ceremony) Lillehammer 94: the crystalised formations seen also in the official logo Atlanta 96: the quilt of leaves, in addition to the Olympic rings and *100* in an olive branch Nagano 98: Japanese caligraphy brushstrokes made to also represent stylised athletes Sydney 2000: the *fluid energy*. Representing the Olympic rings reflected in the harbour, they were ripples of blue Salt Lake 2002: I think it was the called *the rhythm crystal/rhythm of the land* and featured variations of parts of the logo Athens 2004: the panorama design featuring a range of symbols such as pottery, wave designs, sun designs etc etc Torino 2006: the piazza
  2. I dont know the exact dates, but past Olympic events have used their official looks of the Games on things like their medals. I dont know when the Sydney medals were launched, but the fluid energy was used on their medal ribbon. I think traditionally the panorama look isnt really given a high profile launch, so it's just a case of when people start to notice the host using it more and more.
  3. Yeah , I must say I am quite surprised at how many people are surprised and snubbed by the constant use of the Lucky Clouds motif. This is absolutely fully in line with every other Olympic host in their *look of the games*. The logo just can't be used in a wallpaper sense, as it is a single picture like graphic, the look of the games always works more on a large area of space. Sydney plastered their *fluid energy* design absolutely everywhere. Infact, for the 2000 Games, the logo itself was not as present as compared to other Games - they instead decided to make better use of the *Sydney 2000* work mark combined with the fluid energy. Likewise, Atlanta used their quilt of leaves on the fields of play (I remember they used it on the ends of basketball/volleyball courts etc), in tandem with the rings and 100 nestled in the olive wreath. The quilt pattern, was also used on uniforms.
  4. Beijing are going way way overboard with their song contests. I guess it's an extra way to get people involved in the Olympics- but to have so many winners each year is just over the top. Nagano is probably the last host to have so many different themesongs - but even they settled on a couple of key theme songs. I believe they had *Share* by Anri, and *Dream* by Masashi Sada (which was used prominently in one of the IOC's lead up doco series to the Games. Will Beijing have one official theme song at the end of this, and will it be cheesy poof free? lol. The trend has been to move away from official songs. I think the last real successful one was the uber radio friendly *Reach* by Gloria Estefan, which is still a big favourite of mine. Sydney had some great tunes, but they were very much *theme of the ceremony* kind of tracks. I think having a theme piece of music (orchestralised) is far more valuable.
  5. edit *Atlanta* for *Athens* in my previous post in regards to the quilt of leaves
  6. I think the torch relay look is great, I think it's extremely innovative and complex, compared to past torch relays. While the past Olympics have had their own torch relay logo, I dont think many have had a specific *look* just for the torch relay - they have just used the base Olympic look. Whereas at Beijing, they are using their ususal *lucky cloud* imagery, aswell as their specific torch relay *phoenix* design pattern. So they are actually doing more than past Olympics. I also think the comments about Beijing's look being mono and boring and slightly off the mark. While yeah, Athens did have a look that included different patterns , that was the exception to the rule. The looks of most past Olympic events have been pretty basic , using one particular design. Beijing has their lucky cloud motif, and that will be featured in a number of different colours. Torino had their piazza design, Sydney had their *fluid energy* design - again, this was just one pattern. Nagano had their caligraphy strokes, Lillehammer had their crystalisation - again, just one pattern. While Athens had their variations of the rings and *100* in the olive branches - their main look, the *quilt of leaves* (leaves in little square boxes), was again one design pattern. Beijing really is no different.
  7. So... is that cauldron going to be the cauldron in the main stadium too, or is it just the traditional *community cauldrons* that will travel to each night stop along the torch relay. Traditionally, the relay cauldrons arent the same as the main stadium cauldron - often resembling the torch more.
  8. Arise by Julian Scott is an awesome piece of music. I've got the cd single here with all of the various parts of that piece used during the ceremonies. It's one of the best theme fanfares Ive heard at a sporting event.
  9. Pretty sure they have said the cauldron will be lit around 11 or 11.30, cant remember which one.
  10. It's an interesting team. Half of them I applaud their selection, David Atkins, Ignatius Jones, Catherine Ugwu, Erick Villeneuve, Jacques Lemay etc. But then on top of that they appear to have included 3 *managers* from the music industry. I honestly don't know why they are in this core creative team. Of course people like that will need to be engaged in formulating the production, but surely their involvement would be limited. In my mind, they should have added a few more people with a better practical knowledge of the elements in stadium theatre. Perhaps including a musical director would have been good, someone who has specialty in costume design, lighting etc etc. Generally though, I would be stoked if i was Canadian.
  11. Something similar to the Sydney Paralympic Opening ceremony cauldron lighting.
  12. Of course this would all be speculation, but anyone have any ideas on how they could light the cauldron in Beijing, or even what the cauldron could possible look like. While not so much in Athens, but with Sydney, there were many people mooting the water element. So what for Beijing? Im thinking that it mite be a cool idea to integrate the Phoenix, which is at the core of the torch relay graphic design pattern. Maybe lighting something representing a Pheonix that would fly up to a cauldron located *somewhere* in the stadium. Any other ideas, or even news on the design of the cauldron?
  13. Yeah, Keita Asari was the General Producer of the Nagano ceremonies, and he had experience in doing stage musicals.
  14. Yeah, I do agree with you on that. Perhaps the management of the Lillehammer ceremonies is an interested one to be studied, I know that there was a kind of company behind them, but it was uber Norwegian in terms of the way that they were put together. Nagano? not entirely sure about that one. We know the people who put it together, but was that produced inhouse? I guess it wasnt exactly the most complex ceremony in recent history, but I would be interested to know if there was anyone behind that. I still think Beijing would have done well to follow the Athens model of an entirely Chinese creative circle (with those 5 names that have been mentionede above), but brought on board an independent major events company. In saying that, I guess China does often put on these large scale events, maybe they are just that good at them. However, interesting that when it came to the Chinese organising their Special Olympics ceremonies, they selected Don Mischer productions. 4get SS, I imagine Yves Pepin will be a specialist in the multimedia aspects of the ceremonies of Beijing, and Ric Birch provides the expertise in Olympic Stadium theatre - even though perhaps his ideas maybe becoming abit too stale. However I would still bet on him to be able to come up with the *big money shot* idea. So that cauldron lighting sequence could be right up his alley.
  15. True, they're not well known. And I have to say its abit strange that this is esentially a BOCOG production, we have become used to having the ceremonies created in one of two ways. Either a contract is given to an individual company (DMP in Atlanta and Salt Lake), or a creative team is set up with a production team giving life to the ideas - DP and JMW in Athens. But here, I dont think there is a company behind this, just a collaboration of people picked from everywhere. A different approach, but I guess you can do that when there is such a big country putting on the show. I had only really heard of Chen Weiya before, only because he did the Beijing Universiade ceremonies in 2001 I think, so I guess he knows what he is doing. It looks like he will be the main director of the Closing Ceremony (I guess how David Atkins was in control of Sydney's closing). And the chief choreographer is in charge of the Paralympics - with both guys also helping out with the opening ceremony.
  16. everything has been repeated though. Sydney had a marching band, but so did LA, so it wasnt really original in 2000. Though yeah, a pool would be a tad obvious. Water though would not, there is no reason that they wouldnt use some. And if they are gonna base some of their concepts on key elements, it would be appropriate.
  17. 50.000 isnt such an out of this world number. When they say that many will participate, perhaps it just means we will see maybe 12,000 or so *conventional* performers, aswell as a large portion of the spectators performing some kind of card stunt. That would make sense. As for them not wanting to be paid, I think most people who have particpated in recent ceremonies would say that it wasnt about the money, but instead about the buzz of being part of that huge event. I think I would have the same opinion. Perhaps major big name performers would be a different story tho.
  18. Apart from the TOP sponsers, the sponsers and supporters of the New Zealand Olympic Team are ... - Air New Zealand - Accor Hospitality - Mitsubishi Motors - Lion Foundation - Southern Trust - SPARC Aotearoa - One (television new zealand) - Premier Events - Avis - Tourism New Zealand - New Zealand Community Trust - Trillian Trust
  19. Probably not a surprise. But I read that Tan Dun has been appointed the musical director of the ceremonies.
  20. Im trying to identify a piece of music from the Olympic Games ceremonies. The piece of music was used in two difference ceremonies, both from Don Mischer productions. I dont know how to describe the music, other to say that I guess it is based on the kind of music you automatically associate with the Ancient Greek Olympics. - Atlanta 96 Closing Ceremony: in this ceremony it was used just before the olive wreath card stunt. - Salt Lake 2002: the music was used when the spheres rose into the sky with the various athletes hanging from them. Does anyone know the name of this music, its composer, or where to get it from?
  21. Awesome mate, thanks for that. Where did you get that from? as it doesnt sound like it was a live rip, but instead a soundtrack. Were any other parts of the ceremony soundtrack put out on various cds, apart from Oceania by Bjork? It would be awesome to find the Zembekiko, and the double helix music live, aswell as Peristeri from the end. But I havent been able to track those down.
  22. Any chance of someone re-uploading the file for Klepsydra for Athens 2004. It was put up ages ago, but the link has expired.
  23. Surely just him caving to certain members of the US Film INdustry (aka: actors who have felt the need to jump on their own pet project), so he wouldnt be alienated or attacked. Still, agree, I never quite understood how he was relevant. In a way, he represents what alot of past ceremonies teams have tried to get away from, glitz and glamour of Hollywood. If it was a Chinese director, maybe. But to be honest, in Ric Birch and Yves Pepin, you have everything you could want in stadium theatre technical expertise. Now all ya need are the Chinese minds to put together the creative angle.
  24. That is a good idea. Didnt the Pan-Am Games of 99 do something similar to that? Representing different regions of Canada with a particular animal/bird of some description?
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