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  1. Well , compare it to the opening ten minutes of past closing ceremonies guys, the start of a closing ceremony isnt normally where the big bang goes. And nah, there are 7000 performers in this thing, still far more to go. The music for the last segment was pretty kewl.
  2. Pre-show underway. Apparently the official site lists it as having the theme of the Fuwa mascots 1). With Fuwa as the main image, the best wishes from Beijing are presented to the audience respectively in peculiar ways. a. Wishes brought by Beibei (humorous interactive performance) b. Luck brought by Jingjing (peculiar bicycle trick performance) c. Happiness brought by Huanhuan (acrobatic plate-spinning performance) d. Health brought by Yingying (springboard slam-dunk performance) e. Peace brought by Nini (acrobatic stick-shaking performance)
  3. Well, I guess everything evolves. True, ceremonies used to be simple, but at the same time, athletes used to bring their own lil shovel to dig their sprints starts mark in the 20s. It was always gonna get bigger, just like the Olympics themselves. I dont think they've got out of hand, it is a nations biggest calling card, brings a huge amount of urban and national pride to the host - we have seen that in the last few decades. And we must remember that the Olympics have always been based on the tripod cornerstones of sport, culture and environment. It is the cultural outlet. Over 10000 more people can be involved in the movement through culture, aside from the sports competitions. And Id say the athletes love them. Truckloads of them I have heard comment that it is their favourite part of the experience.
  4. I guess they would have the phoenix run into the fuse, which even as it turned out, was quite some distance from the actual cauldron. The fuse was infront of the wall anyway, so i guess the wire that ran with the phoenix would be like the actual cauldron lighter .
  5. Just read an article done just after the opening ceremony, talking about the time period they had to outfit the stadium from opening ceremonies mode to track and field mode - in addition to loading up all the closing ceremony props. They will have around 8 hours to fit out the stadium into closing ceremony mode on sunday - I dunno how much of the turf they will have to change. Sydney obviously left their turf out, but Athens had their spiral on the field for the closing ceremony. The NBC reps have apparently gone to see the closing ceremony rehersal and said it was amazing. It will have a case of 7000 people, none of which appeared in the opening - well none of the mass perform,ers at least.
  6. its cool, but, what does this have to do with the closing ceremony? lol
  7. The only other thing we know so far about the closing, is that they will use the pit once again, as they have already loaded it up with the props for the closing ceremony.
  8. Ive read reports that say the scroll and globe from the opening won't be used again in the closing.
  9. More details Another kungfu display, featuring 350 practitioners from a local martial art school, would be part of the show, in addition to 60 erhu, or Chinese violin, players from eastern province of Jiangsu.
  10. Excellent find, thanks for that. Love to get this point of view behind the production of such an event. And maybe a good eye opener for saying that this ceremony appeared lacking in soul. Just look at the passion in the team, especially in Zhang Yimou, as he battles for his ideas to come to fruition. Look at the angst on his face as he goes through the process. Its awesome to see
  11. yeah, I think it is a region in China, possibly in the south. It seems strange since Beijing is in the north.
  12. Currently 21st on the medals table, reasonably happy with that I guess - for a country of 4.2million people. Perhaps the possibility for a couple more medals all going well.
  13. A few other little details of the Closing Ceremony * Tao Chun is in charge of the firt part of the cultural performances of the Closing Ceremony * Chinese Soprano Song Zuying and Spanish tenor Placido Domingo will perform * The Cultural display will have a strong Yunnan element to it
  14. It's the product of growing up in a nanny state world - people get the sh1ts when asked to think for themselves, so their brain doesnt always function as it should.
  15. Well Chen Weiya said in a recent interview that the method of the extinguishing of the cauldron was their big secret for the closing ceremony. So we will see.
  16. I fully agree with you, there are many ways in which you can design a linking opening ceremony. I should add that it is only recent Olympiads where we have seen this, we only have to go back to Atlanta where the segments were quite random, as with Barcelona. I should also say, that I really loved those ceremonies (yes, I was someone who thought Atlanta had magic ceremonies). Not the Olympics, but the RWC 2003 Ceremonies in Australia had an interesting way of designing theirs. They took each line of a verse of the rugby world cup anthem - World in Union, and based a segment on each line. in Sydney, it was very much a logical timeline based historical ceremony based on the development of a country - physically. In Athens, it was almost a progression of thought. For Beijing, we had a couple running. We had the scroll when ran right through the ceremony. Starting off as a base print, going through to modern day China with the modern day school kids putting their own special twist on the painting - and also utilising the athletes footprints in it. Likewise, the scroll featured through to the cauldron lighting. As a sub theme, they decided that to illustrate the culture and history of china, they would take 4 of the great inventions. Just how Athens used art to demonstrate their history, China used these 4 great inventions to illustrate their history.
  17. At the end of the day, Greek culture is Greek culture. The whole reasoning for the Athens opening ceremony was that it was the culture of Greece. And it does appear alot of people are bagging the Beijing ceremony, because of things which had every right to be there, but which fly in conflict of the Greek ideaology and concepts of existance. They said the opening in Athens was appolonic in nature, that was the basis of it. But why should the rest of the world follow that lead. If its not in your culture, why should you base your opening ceremony around it? So if i was directing , lets say a Kiwi opening ceremony for something - I might like to have a field full of Kapa Haka performers doing traditional Maori war dances. This is a display of mass performers, so not in line with Athens - yet it is whole heartedly my culture. The souls of each of those performers Im sure would be giving it their all - but it doesnt really focus on the individual. It would be one mass of people acting as one - and would be culturally accurate. But it would not match the Athens model. Does that make it *wrong*?
  18. The windows blue screen, how on earth does that fit into it? That was not a hoax, it was up there with... oh, lets say, a certain Scandanavian singer with a piercing voice not taking flight on a said given moment. hahaha. But really, the blue screen is just totally different and has no place in this kind of discussion unless we do talk about Bjork. I can accept some parts of your views. But when you say things like Soldier screaming - this is kind of just not being aware and accepting of anothers culture. Yes, there were soldiers screaming - but this was in the context of a cultural presentation. They were fu druming, because thats what you do. And they were doing martial arts. Esentially what you are saying, is that they shouldnt do anything like that - because those parts of traditional Chinese culture arent fitting in with Pappaioannou's Greek ideals. The whole basis is Tai Chi is a peaceful nature loving kind of martial arts, done by people of Beijing all over the place every day. The concept of having a bunch of school kids learning about nature and doing stuff that kiddies do, is extremely fitting with the inward moment of Tai Chi. Working along the concept of earth and heaven. DP had a vision on how he wanted to do his ceremonies, but that is just one way of doing them. His vision is for that of a Greek Olympics, the home of the movement. But you can't do that for other countries with different cultures. And may I go back to the 97 iaaf opening ceremony in Athens with a field full of people marching in unison holding flaming torches. I should add that I loved it, but certainly very soldier like.
  19. Beijing didn't fake their firework show. What is getting out of hand, is people totally going over the top. Beijing did a pyro display some months previously and video taped it. While they may have cleaned up the sky, the actual firework display of the burning footprints did happen. It was just that it was pre-recorded. In adding to this, the fireworks during the opening ceremony were real, just like the photos of the pyro displays during the 2 final rehersals were real. The fireworks did happen. To say the firework show was faked is just silly. To me, the burning footprints was an artistic segment in the opening, rather than the fireworks display.
  20. Plus the opening flag presentation from Lillehammer's Opening Ceremony. Numerous other performances I imagine were lipsynched - Tina Arena's from Sydney certainly appeared that way, I would not be at all surprised if the mojority were. Infact, I even remember that the possibility was floated that the performance of Call of the Champions in Salt Lake could be, because cold weather could play havoc to the tuning of the instruments in the cold.
  21. Well, to me, the footprints was a video presentation. Perhaps it was more *obvious* that the Athens to Olympia in the 2004 opening wasnt real - but at the end of the day, the concept is the same. Nothing more than an artistic piece of the ceremonies, using a pre-recorded video presentation. Adding to this, is the fact that it didnt take place in the stadium. I think anything done in the stadium should be reality, but anything outside of the stadium is a free for all.
  22. Will now be interesting to see if there will be a special method of extinguishing the flame. This has been a trend in recent time. We have had the f1-11 in Sydney, then the blowing out method done in Albertville and then copied by Athens. I imagine we will see something special.
  23. Totally what i was thinking. This is showbiz people. We're not holding a friggin church fair talent quest. Atlanta, I wonder if the *spirit of the south* was doing her vocals in the summertime segment . She was pretending she was, but i doubt it. Its totally fine.
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