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  1. Here's another rare studio quality track, the Flaming Arrow Torch theme from Barcelona 92 opening ceremony. Flaming Arrow
  2. Cheers bro, yeah, not entirely sure about the negative thing to the post was. I did have another rare piece of music used for a cauldron lighting sequence that I've recently come across too. I've always liked Call to Glory, and got used to it even more when the Australian Rugby Union used it for alot of their game presentations a few years ago. Its taken me a while to find it, but got it from a friend of a friend - one of those things. haha.
  3. Not sure if this will work, but here is the Medal Ceremony Music from Sydney 2000 - *Call to Glory* by Greg Bowman. Loved this piece, and really started the emotion charged medal ceremony compositions that we also saw in Athens and Beijing. Call to Glory
  4. Just read that they were planning on having the mirrors dangling down to form a chandelier as reported, but they were messing up the laser display and started janging around and knocking into each other as the winds picked up - so decided to remove them,
  5. It's the Arc (squinty) bridge I think. Watched the closing again just now. I like the concept of the Glasgow video, where you eventually find out that you have been following a runner all the way along, which is why the participants in the video acknowledged the camera. Must also say, the final segment of music from Delhi was certainly getting the entire crowd up and going, I haven't seen such an enthusiastic crowd in quite some time.
  6. Actually thought it was a half decent closing ceremony, certainly not in the league of say Manchester's, but still pretty good. I guess I would have liked some other kind of artistic segment aswell, not entirely sure they were on about with the martial arts thing, seems like they picked that concept out of their arse and ran with it. The aerostat was null and void, which makes me think they indeed did run out of time as I had read that the mirrors would be used more in the closing, in saying that, I also read that final segment would include 5 moving stages around different parts of the stadium - so I dont think they really knew what they were doing. The end part was really good, vibrant, and reminded me of their handover in Melbourne. Still , no points for being a tease and singing a Blue song but failing to provide me with my dose of Duncan James. The handover was good I thought, back to the 90s model of floor scale handovers. The lil video they did was good, all be it a double for spot the ginge. The music I thought was a little bit twee, but still, all in all - a very good production. As for the lazers.... lazers... really? Hardly cutting edge, still, a good filler in I guess.
  7. I wish he would stop speaking, but, the reception he is getting isn't *that* bad.
  8. This man really is almost trying to stir up boos by the sounds of it.
  9. I would imagine the flag would be handed over first, so, post speeches.
  10. ahhhh, carting out the mascot - very popular thing to do in the 80s, it appears this man is singing a love song of sorts to the friendly Tiger. They are riding in on a camped up tuktuk
  11. They were supposed to be used even more in the closing ceremony, and were to appear as like a huge chandaleir.
  12. it's getting a tad long winded. I don't see the mirrors under the aerostat, I wonder if they will make their appearance later - or they didnt have enough time to put them up.
  13. Liam Messam, Toby Arnold, Ben Souness and Zac Guilford from the New Zealand Sevens post gold medal traditional shirts off Haka - I think so.
  14. NZ has just overtaken its Melbourne medal count, is on the brink of winning the most silvers since Auckland 1950 or, equal number of golds from Melbourne. So much for the Kiwi team falling away. As always, the NZ team's medal count always increases in the last half of the competition. I think NZ and OZ are going to gift Delhi with some of its most memorable, intense and world class sporting competitions - the sevens, chickies hockey, and im sure - the netball.
  15. I saw a poll on the stuff website yesterday and the majority of people said they thought the team had performed on par average, as opposed to the other options of amazing and awful. I'd probably agree with that. The disappointing thing has been the lack of Gold medals, but in terms of total medals won - Im really happy to be honest. We are currently sitting on 7 fewer medals that we won in Melbourne - and we sent a larger team to those games (not to mention the fact that some of NZ's more powerful sports are not appearing in Delhi that have been there in the past - Basketball, Triathlon). With 2 or so days to go I think we will probably get over that total of Melbourne - so Im quite satisfied with that effort. I think the feeling is that people are quite impressed with the performances of the extremely young cycling and swimming teams too - especially in the post Sarah Ulmer/Greg Henderson era.
  16. Apparantly the aerostat is going to be used alot more in the Closing ceremony, the mirrors on its belly are also going to be used alot more. I have also read something that says they are going to make it appear like a chandelier, but im not entirely sure what that has to do with India. I agree about the Ghandi segment though. Even though the sandpainting was clever in terms of an art form, it really has no place in stadium theatre - unless you are going to do it on a hugely impressive large scale taking up the entire stadium floor - which would have been quite the eye catching. Believe it or not, the Ghandi part would have been even more minor that it was if not for the last minute decision to include that light fixture of his appearing out of the ground. That was supposed to have been done just a day before the opening ceremony, I think that while it was great seeing the joyous spirit of the participants, there needed to be more form to parts of it. It just seemed like they couldn't be arsed doing some decent choreography and just let them run around doing whatever they pleased. At times it just looked like a big mess. I know they were trying to portray the theme of *organised chaos*, but it didn't translate that well in the Celebration segment. They also needed to make a bigger impact with the opening segment, it was just abit samey to other ceremonies. Even if it was a high impact emotive pa address, much like how Athens had the lightning effects with the whole *citizens of the world welcome to Athens, Olympic Games welcome back to Greece*. These are a Games taking place is new exotic territory, but it was all just abit bleh.
  17. Well, I have a view on the opening, but I fear that I am being influenced by the broadcast. Our Sky tv broadcast here in NZ had terrible audio, the sound didnt sound like it was being piped into the broadcast feed, but instead, that we were just picking up the sound from the loudspeakers around the stadium. This also lead to most of the vocal performances being totally out of sync, and to be honest, in the entire opening ceremony I failed to pick up on many tunes at all. Was this NZ or did other broadcasts have the same? I only ask because Im watching the youtube posted clips, and it is totally different. I can actually pick up on songs and pieces of music, and the lips of the welcome song guy is moving in unison with the song. Because of the sound issue I always felt kind of agitated. I think the opening was good, but it lacked continuity. I loved the feeling of joy and enthusiasm of all the performers, and there were certainly some eyecatching moments, but I still think it was lacking a wow moment. It obviously was the old style of ceremony, but in some a deeply spiritual country as India, I think there was room for something a little bit more artsy. Overall, it was decent, but I don't know if it will fall into the catagory of maybe the Manchester closing ceremony - where I will watch it again and again.
  18. doesnt seem like there is an audio feed to the broadcasters directly. the music is abit hard to follow
  19. Lavina and Steven are yabbering too much on sky, need to keep their traps shut. Now have the formation of two hands clasped together in welcome. Is the music a tad tinny for anyone else?
  20. came together really well in the end of that drumming segment. now some vid clips
  21. i think most online streams are limited to the country of origin.
  22. sounds like their national anthem is being played outa the speakers they used on mash, stadium looks amazing tho.
  23. I think im finally getting sick of Sky tv's rolling 4 preview shows they have been screening for the last 2 or 3 days.
  24. The netball rep had a looooong list of complaints during her interview on One News here in NZ. Lots of little things, but things that a smart organising committee would have made sure wouldnt happen. To name a few * umpire uniforms not supplied * volunteers not allowed into venue due to security * having phones and usb sticks confiscated when going into venue (international netball officials phones/usb i might add) * Officials allowance not given * Volunteers not being fed 6 or 7 hours into shift, food having been waiting for a few hours, cold, chance of contamination She was serious about these issues. Unfortunately, Delhi , the OC and to an extent some of the public , have taken the *victim* stance now - whenever critique is put on the organisation of these Games. It's just painful to have to watch, western bias this, lies lies lies that - pfff.
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