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  1. I agree with you 100% on that. ...... Though I always do find the Australian mindset regarding this quite entertaining. Any Aussie celeb (music, movies, tv etc) that moves overseas to advance their career is still fiercely claimed as Aussie. However, the moment a Kiwi crosses over to Oz for the same reason they become Australian. I do wonder if David Zolkwer's involvement in Com Games ceremonies is becoming a little overkill, however we probably shouldn't get our hopes up considering we are back to England in 2022. I think he's provided a great shift in what ceremonies can be about , but he's been involved in 4 of the last 5. I also feel that what become a point of different in Manchester, has almost become his new norm. I think the opening ceremony really lacked a *moment*. That doesn't have to mean a technological wow moment, but just something that will be remembered. I'm not too sure if Migaloo is that. I think what was presented was great (the indigenous section was really well done), but it was missing something and at times I felt it was a little lazy. I think it's a little unfair to have to compare it to Melbourne 2006. I loved that ceremony, however everything about those Com Games had the undertone of Victoria competing with NSW (and doing one up on Sydney 2000). What's quite interesting that I hadn't expected is the negative backlash of Katie Noonan as musical director. I must say it's a tad odd how she seems to have most certainly taken the opportunity to thrust herself to the front. She is by all accounts going to also be appearing in the closing ceremony. hmmmm. Not entirely sure I like that. Seems that she is one of the reasons Aussie band Sheppard will not be appearing despite being asked. A shame, they're great and an example of great current Australian (and QLD) talent. Coming Home (despite alluding to Fortitude Valley in Bris) would be a great addition to the closing.
  2. And dress up in a blue safari suit and sing tie me...... oh maybe not.
  3. More details The stadium will be turned into an inland beach for the ceremonies with sand dumped onto the stadium, there will also be a lifeguard tower featuring. Aswell as Delta, Dami Im will perform.
  4. Delta Goodrem will apparently perform in the opening ceremony, a second CWG ceremonies appearance for her. There is also supposedly a 500 strong didgeridoo orchestra
  5. Haha, This whole 8 year business without hosting an Olympics must be rather trying for you Canadians. But yes, I'd welcome another Canadian bid. Would go for a Norwegian/Swiss/Swedish/Austrian Games over it though come 2026
  6. Sounds like a Manchester 2002 handover rehash. Replace concert with a mass dance routine.
  7. I think Baron gave a pretty good explanation of what stadium theatre is, it's been around for some time, just another medium of entertainment (which can often be coupled with public events production). Tokyo of course won't consult *with the Chinese* for the sake of it, however it would be logical for a production of this scale to tap into the international major events production family. There are very few people internationally who have the expertise in the production of these events, Tokyo would struggle to go it alone. The production of ceremonies can go off in a few different directions. Usually, either the OCOG will appoint an artistic director/local creative team (of late these have been film makers, stage directors etc) and then appoint a production company to bring those ideas to life. They will provide the expertise on how to translate those to the field of play (and yes of late this will include how it translates to television - even more so recently where ceremonies have become a set of tableau images rather than a gigantic movement of people and props on the stadium floor). A few examples.... Barcelona 92: Pepo Sol (with support from Spectak - Ric Birch). Also commissioned a number of Catalan theatre companies to produce segments. Athens 2004: Dimitris Papaioannou (produced by Jack Morton Worldwide) Beijing 2008: Zhang Yimou (locally produced, granted the Chinese have a lot of experience with their own National Games ceremonies with assistance from international producers) London 2012: Danny Boyle (produced by 5 currents via a specially set up ceremonies company) Sochi 2014: Konstantin Ernst (produced by 5 currents) Alternatively, a production company may bid for the entire ceremonies which also includes the creative side, often they will then bring in locals to help with the creative side. These kinds of ceremonies will often include the travelling roadshow of ideas before committing to a script. Baku 2015: Dimitris Papaioannou (produced by 5 currents) Vancouver 2010 / Doha 2006: David Atkins Enterprises Auckland 1990: Logan Brewer Design Brisbane 82: Spectak Sydney 2000: Spectak Manchester 2002, Melbourne 2006, Glasgow 2014, Gold Coast 2018: Jack Morton Worldwide with David Zolkwer as lead artistic director. (seems JMW and The Com Games have a thing happening) Atlanta 96: Don Mischer Productions (also worked on Salt Lake 2002) I think Tokyo will go for the first model, purely on the basis that I haven't seen that many Japanese names being involved in ceremonies worldwide.
  8. TVNZ will also be producing coverage for the Pacific Islands. The opening will be screened on TVNZ1(with Toni Street, Peter Williams and Jenny Mary Clarkson commentating the coverage), while TVNZ Duke will also screen the opening with the alternative commentary collective providing commentary (usually a slight piss take angle).
  9. That's a big shame,. It's gone in the opposite direction here in New Zealand, the Games have come back to TVNZ (Com Games and Olympics of late have been on Sky with Prime as their free to air broadcast partner) who will be screening all day on TVNZ 1, TVNZ Duke and TVNZ Games extra (pop up channel) in addition to on demand.
  10. I was thinking of Papaioannou too actually, I just wonder if the French would go for an international creative. I imagine it would upset people, but to be honest on the basis of his Baku work I think he would produce a well balanced show. I don't believe there are many French large scale event production companies, with the exception of ECA2. I think the only major ceremonies development they have done are the Athens Paralympic ceremonies. They're tend to specialise more in open air public events rather than a stadium theatre production.
  11. It's an interesting change over the last little while with how ceremonies productions are structured. I'm not sure on who I would suggest for an artistic director for Paris, but if they were to use any ceremony for inspiration I think to an extent Melbourne 2006 commonwealth games opening ceremony wouldn't be a bad one as food for thought. Something kind of whimsical , based on chance encounter around Paris, a little quirky, romantic, inspirational and grand.
  12. I'll be the odd one out. One of the worst handovers I've seen in some time. No story, no heart , and apart from the video could have been anywhere in the world. Yup, we get it, you have computers, and tv's , and really really fast internet connections China - but big whoop. Not impressed. Apart from the soundtrack, I think that was great.
  13. Well I'm glad I didn't stay up late to watch that feature length Samsung commercial. Just seemed like a tableau of half developed ideas. I liked where the turtle segment was going, and then it just trailed off into a cloud of nothingness. The drones..... fantastic. I noted that the commentators on our broadcast made a very big deal to convince the viewer that this was actually happening above their heads. It's a little sad that the art of *stadium theatre* has got to a point where we can't assume everything is happening for real,. Maybe we need to pull back on some technology (i.e. the star dome of the opening) until we can do it for real. I'd take an Athens 2004 opening Milky Way any day. I have to say, and I hate using this word from my tween years - but what is it with Asian hosts being so damn *try hard* with trying to convince the world they do tech stuff. I'm sick of death of people trying to make microchips and fibre signals worthy of a segment in an opening ceremony. It lacks heart and it's just not interesting,. By all means use tech to help produce your show, but the Beijing handover did zilch for me. In fact, I'd say one of the worst I've seen. It was awful. The only good thing about it was the soundtrack. There was no story, no meaning. It made me feel like I was wandering around a Harvey Norman tv department. Just... nothing. Very disappointing. I hope the Chinese check themselves for the opening. Just because we've had a history show in Beijing 2008 doesn't mean they need to produce show focused on IT. The Americans have never felt to devote a ceremony on Apple, there's no need for the Koreans or Chinese to do either.
  14. Someone may have mentioned this somewhere else, but has anyone from the ceremonies team come out to comment on anything that was in the show that they were not able to pull off on the night for whatever reason. I noticed a few of the props in the lead up leaks were not featured (I guess potentially they could be for the closing).
  15. My thoughts are much the same as everyone else. It was certainly a nice and generally well produced ceremony, but it kind of bored me. * Drum segment has been done time and time again, but I think with drums such a huge part in all cultures of the world, we probably just need to accept that these will be make more and more appearances at ceremonies. I don't really have any issue with that, and it was done well here. * Like others have mentioned, too many pre-recorded segments. I think there is also somewhat of a danger of some of these ceremonies suffering from a boy who cried wolf mentality. When things like the star dome happen, when the drones appeared I was questioning whether this was actually happening, even prior to the ceremony. Could have been amazing if done live, but lost so much of the impact for me * The whole concept of the ceremony was lost on me, there was no journey of the main characters. * As others have mentioned, the cauldron lighting was ruined by that awful drill bit jabbing its way up to the cauldron. Completely agree regarding how it could have been a beautiful and elegant cauldron lighting. The irony is that this ceremony seemed to borrow from so many previous ceremonies, but what they failed to do was take a lead from the amazingly beautiful lighting with Midori Ito in Nagano . On the plus side, the cauldron looked amazing lit. I really do hope Beijing looks again at their ceremonies concept. I know they feel the world doesn't need another history lesson so soon after 2008, but there are so many elements of their culture they can display without repeating things. I'm just not impressed by this (to use a term from when I was at school) try hard demonstration of convincing the world that the Asian nations are high tech and looking toward the future. We get that, we understand that, but try putting that to music. :/
  16. Interesting. True, most of the final acts are the lighting of the cauldron. The biggest exception being Lillehammer, and their final segment was amazing. Let's just hope the describer wasn't a Korean tween and that they weren't talking about an all star K POP medley , which no doubt would be the best thing since sliced bread for them.
  17. Highly unlikely they will change the lighting method. For one the mechanics are in place already and it would be impossible to come up with a new method. Second, 99.9% of the world won't be aware the stadium is a Pentagon shape let alone be aware of this cauldron leak. It's still going to be a secret for the majority.
  18. I'm going to say 2 things that are most likely highly cynical and potentially a result of my impending march towards my mid 30s..... But I honestly hope we don't see any unification flag of the Koreas, we had it in Sydney 2000 and to be honest I just think it's baseless symbolism that just isn't a reality at the moment. We all hope, but let's not pretend the peninsular is a paradise of unity at the moment. That's not to say the North shouldn't be engaged this year, I just think a unified march is all a bit *ho hum, here we go again*. As for Pita, he's kind of managed to milk his 5 minutes of fame for the last 2 years and I guess it needs a jab in the arm and 2018 seems the perfect opportunity.
  19. K Pop has a place I guess, I just hope to God it's not used as the soundtrack to the lighting of the cauldron which the Koreans seem to love doing.
  20. All 3 bids appear good, but I've got my fingers crossed for South Africa. A complete rugby centric event, (granted they are having a low patch) but a truly deserving rugby nation who hasn't seen a World Cup match on their soil since 95. Besides, it is well and truly the southern hemisphere's turn.
  21. Perhaps more remarkable in the fact that the creative direction was changed completely mid way through the ceremonies project with Artistic Director Nigel Jamieson resigning and Andrew Walsh taking over.
  22. Melbourne 2006 ceremonies were fantastic, one of the most surprisingly brilliant and beautiful ceremonies segments I've seen with *under the Milky Way* .
  23. Apparently Randy Edelman composed it, but I've never seen it anywhere.
  24. Agreed, I wouldn't worry about it to much but Shinjuku would be a good bet. When I was in Tokyo last I stayed in Okubo which has 2 stations (including 1 on the Yamanote line) and within 3 stops you have Shinjuku, Yoyogi and Harajuku.
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