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  1. I think Jerusalem would work well as the backbone to an original composition, much like *Hard Times Come Again No More* was threaded through the American West Suite from the Salt Lake Opening Ceremony.
  2. Maypoles, are they doubling as the gigantic flowers representing the home nations? perhaps.
  3. Remember too, obviously not such a dramatic stadium transformation, but we were given the mockup design of the Torino Olympic Stadium in ceremonies mode too - including the opera themed stage design and mosh pit in the middle. And of course, we are going to get that 1minute opening ceremony teaser from the final run through, where no doubt we will get hints of this staging. It reminds me of the Athens Paralympic opening ceremony, which had a giant hill and tree in the middle of the field.
  4. Very interesting, certainly something unique. Im hoping this is going to transform, as the set seems like it would be extremely stagnant for the various aspects they would want to display, and that's aside from the logistics. Still, as an opening stanza, it looks very impressive. It's a downer it was revealed, but I guess it's just too hard a thing to be able to cover up , the stadium will no doubt slowly start to becoming more obvious for ceremonies mode. I get the feeling despite seeing this mock ups, it's going to still be amazingly awesome when the cameras get this shot for real on opening ceremony night.
  5. I agree with Athens, summer/winter/autumn, spring for all I care - it's still the Olympic flame lighting up Canadian skies 4 times within 50 years, I still think that's huuuuuge. Not many nations can lay claim to that, nations that are probably stronger in winter/summer sport combined compared to Canada.
  6. hahaha, it's pretty bad when we're hoping the opening ceremony lead is senile and got the dates wrong. I think there are far more modern displays of British music that would fit the opening ceremony. Im thinking *Feel the Love* by Rudimental would be fantastic as a great energy packed soundtrack to end of opening ceremony fireworks. (or I guess closing) Be interesting to see what they will use as the classic closing ceremony *gbye song*. I know it's very cliche , but ya gotta have one. Trying to think of some tracks from Brit Music back catalogue that would be appropriate.
  7. Normally, I'd say it's a possibility. But because we know who is designing it, I can't see that being the stadium cauldron.
  8. I dunno, if you're going to have such a big name, and someone who is inevitably going to be performing in one of the two ceremonies, I think you'd make a big deal out of it. The only thing I can think of, is it's going to be central as the soundtrack to a big pyrotechnic display, then I guess anything would work. Athens had Peristeri, maybe this is what London will have.
  9. This is just weird, I just don't get it. Surely all booked performers would have been made aware of confidentiality agreements, and he just comes out and says he's in the opening ceremony? And the song, I can't see anything in it that has any relevance to the event. Perfect for a closing ceremony, definitely , but for the opening ceremony? Light the cauldron and then...... why wouldn't ya sing Hey Jude. Very very odd.
  10. There was a piece in a paper here recently saying London 2012 was almost a home games for the NZ team due to the huge number of Kiwis doing their OE in London. I don't see there being anything too negative or feral towards any of the teams though.
  11. It's the finale to Pirogov, by Shostakovich. Reasonably easy to find, though the exact version used in the ceremony was arranged by John Psathas, and as far as I know, is not released.
  12. Yeah, it would purely be for show, as was Sydney 2000, but I think it looks better when there is an actual orchestra physically part of the ceremony.
  13. I guess in addition to the stage , we also need room for the orchestra. Im guessing the LSO will be present in the opening ceremony (as in, physically present).
  14. I guess it would fit the theme of the Games, and it's not a hugely *bad idea* as such, but to be honest, I'd prefer an Olympic athlete, a sporting legend. I know it would be sickeningly sweet to have a little kid light it, no doubt born on the day London won the Games, but the Olympics should still be honouring those amazing legends of years gone by. Lighting the Olympic cauldron would have to be an absolute career highlight. The idea of giving it to some random child who in 10 years time could just as easily be pimping their ass on the side of the road selling p and rubbing cocaine on the gums of their child, as they could be starting to compete in a future Olympiad, just doesn't sit quite right with me. Of course that's overly dramatic, but I think if the ceremony can inspire a generation, let's give the climax of the ceremony as the moment where we see the ultimate in what a sportsman/woman can be - a British sporting legend. I guess a compromise could be the duo, representing youth, and representing sporting excellence. That I could handle. Love all the latest photos, really gets me extra excited, looks like it's going to be something special. As for 2 cauldrons. I'd prefer one, I could handle too, just as long as the stadium cauldron isn't extinguished at the end of the ceremony, ala Vancouver. That just ruins it completely.
  15. Yup, it's starting to look like the cauldron will be on the sculptural variety and will be part of more of a choreographed sequence in the opening ceremony, rather than a case of *time to light the cauldron*. Maybe it will even form part of a wider opening ceremony prop. I think the question might start to be, how is the cauldron going to go from being an integral part of the interior of the stadium on opening ceremony night, to something that can be viewed externally for the duration of the Games.
  16. This pretty much sums up my complete and very simplistic feelings about a Torono bid. It's a city that I would like to see host in the next 25-30 years, but in terms of the next few Olympiads up for grabs, it's just soon for Canada as a whole. In an ideal world we would have had a summer Games in Canada after Calgary, but they went for the Winters and got the Olympic flame lighting up Canadian skies in 2010. If it was 2024, I guess it would end up being 4 Olympics in just under 50 years... that's pretty wow. I'd be stoked if I was a Canadian at that statistic. I guess though everyone wants an Olympics in their city/nation in their generation. At a time when they can be entirely aware and part of the event , and not just watching old footage and being told about how great it was way back when.
  17. I don't think she was ruled out as such, I think the story was how a tipsy ric birch almost let the secret slip on the method of lighting the cauldron, when he was at a function attended by Dawn Fraser. His words were something like *how we're going to do it, I wouldn't advise her to be the one, but of course Dawn's fearless.....* I guess that is where we got the first hint of something different and special being delivered.
  18. A few wee things * It was widely thought (for some reason) that water would play a part in the opening ceremony and probably the lighting sequence * A few weeks/months before the ceremony a somewhat liquored Ric Birch denied reports saying that the final lighter wouldn't be Dawn Fraser as he *wouldn't advise it* as it is abit of a hairy position to have (alluding to the task of being amongst the water and within the cauldron I guess. * In a presser in the stadium (which may have been for the NRL season) the cauldron mast popped itself up before being covered, so we knew there was some kind of lift mechanism included * In the testing sessions, water was seen dripping down from the exterior of the temporary stand
  19. I read that somewhere. Come to the Rio ceremonies, are these guys just producing it, as in, are they seeking another mob to be the creative drive beside it? In any case, I guess this consortium are doing everything for the handover.
  20. I see Rio as a city that could follow the Sydney handover model and have alot of success. Not that I see them as needing to *copy* the handover in Atlanta, but the whole model of showing all the aspects of a lively and *exotic* city to the world would work well. Showing the colours, the sounds, the iconic backdrops, the people, the dance, the quirks etc etc.
  21. Aslong as the opening segment doesn't include 2000 people banging bits of sh1t that they've found on the side of the road in an ode to urban youthful percussion in Great Britain , I will be a happy wee critter.
  22. That would certainly be the idea situation imo.
  23. Would you say that the emotive powers of the ceremony work on an international level? aswell as to the average Joe or Martha Brit?
  24. The Sky Sport NZ Olympic promos can be watched here, look for the square with the cyclist, top row, left hand side. http://www.exitfilms.com/?types=commercials
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