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  1. Must say I'm getting very excited about Tokyo 2020. Admitedly, Roma was my favourite, but Tokyo is up there and their plan looks good from what I can see. As long as they can get a decent grasp of English (and make it emotive) in their presentations, I can see it being quite the event. They'll put over a technically great bid plan, mixed with raw emotion and typical Japanese humility - something which was everywhere and quite moving when I was there last year,
  2. Not a direct link here, but I managed to find the memorable Olympic Welcome Joik from the Opening Ceremony of Lillehammer 94. Search on iTunes *Dalveleaikkat* by Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa . While you're there, check out Fanitullen (the version from Sigbjorn Bernhoft Osa), another piece from the opening folk segment of the Opening Ceremony.
  3. It's somewhat Sochiesque. And while the Gold Coast is certainly not some backwater city that noone has ever heard of, I wonder if 2018 will be its chance to reposition itself and market itself internationally on the city it now wants to be. Slightly removed from the whole image of just sundrenched beaches, tall buildings, theme parks etc etc. Instead, a city that is the total package to live. Will be interesting if we even see , when it comes time to pick an official logo, a symbol that is as much as a symbol and rebranding of GC, and not just the event .
  4. Indeed, business house bowls has taken off, and the CG teams are starting to get younger and younger, especially in the more *western* nations of the Commonwealth.
  5. Lawn bowls is huuuuge in the Commonwealth, forgotten in the list above was the British Isles. If we look at the top 7 medal tally for lawn bowls at Delhi 2010, we have South Africa, England, Wales, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Northern Ireland. Seems like a pretty good mix of nations right there. Lawn Bowls is also a pretty good sport in terms of the facilities needed. Most host cities will be able to put forward a decent sized bowls club (Pakuranga Bowls Club was the venue for the Auckland 1990 event), while if that is not available, its not too hard putting together a temporary venue. I'm another who thinks 2020 would be a great CG addition, but it's arguably far more venue intensive, you also have the issue with getting together a half decent wicket for the event (which I know was a little bit of a problem in KL, granted, it was the full one day version of the game). At the end of the day lawn bowls is maybe a quirky addition (despite it being extremely popular), but I think all *Games* events below Olympics have those, it gives them regional character.
  6. Mmmm very true. I maintain (and I doubt this would ever happen) that she could write a pulsating track to form the basis of the final stages of the torch journey and lighting of the cauldron. Something modern, tribal, catchy and inspiring - all ending in a mighty climax.
  7. Alot has been made about the possibility of Adele featuring somewhere in the ceremonies, it would be a good choice. It will be a hard choice to whittle down all the fantastic British performers to just find the few needed for the 4 events. Im wondering if we might see Emeli Sande somewhere, an accomplished songwriter whose track *Heaven* was part of the soundtrack to the London New Years Eve fireworks display. It would fit in nicely. As for bands, coldplay is up there, a pretty appropriate powerful stadium finale for the opening ceremony could be Butterflies and Hurricanes by a personal favourite of mine - Muse. Lyrics are certainly appropriate as a final send off to the athletes before competition begins, and for once, not verging on the cheesy side (as we often hear).
  8. No doubt London has given us a hint, but I still feel that with the bits and pieces DP gave us prior to 2004 , we had a better idea of the whole motivation and thematics of the Athens opening ceremony, even the style it would take. Although we've been told for instance that we will see nurses feature, I think most people are still quite confused about the whole style and way the story will be told. Found these other articles done in early 2004 re Athens, they're from my old Olympic ceremonies yahoo group , so no link unfortunately Unfortunately we did have that big spoiler from the British newspaper a few days before the opening, I guess it's a given that it will happen again here.
  9. Im not so sure, to be honest, I think Athens gave us a bigger preview of their ceremonies this far out. Quite a ways in advance we were constantly hearing that the Athens opening ceremony would be using art as the method to tell the story that they had to tell. We also (I think it was in February aswell) were given the key concepts of both of the opening/closing ceremonies (like London has done). We were told that the opening ceremony would be Appolonic in nature, and the closing would be Bacchic.
  10. Apparantly those chicks on the podiums are recreating the figure skating routine of a former Olympian, Peggy Fleming or Sonja Henie from memory.
  11. Uh oh, here we go against Christchurch. Quake Central today. : (

    1. Lee


      My god, you can't seem to get a break in Christchurch lately. All the best.

  12. Cheers for that. I have it rattling around on an old vcr somewhere, so haven't watched it in ages, Certainly a ceremony of contrast. Had some amazing cultural items , fantastic set design, and a really good flow and narrative. At the same time though, had alot of mind numbingly boring protocol. (that goes for the closing aswell). I liked the evolution of the petal props that was used during the whole cultural ceremony, going from boats to petals to a globe, and finally a satellite dish.
  13. The welcome announcement from Manchester. I really did like this music from Julian Scott too, showed to London that you can still at times stick with a traditional orchestral arrangement that is modern, powerful and regal. It's still one of my favourite pieces of official fanfare music used in a ceremony.
  14. It did work well. Manchester was really really good at their scripting of the PA announments. They were choreographed very well and fit in fantastically to the music being used, be it the grand orchestral *Arise* piece, or the more dancey music. It's the same kind of feel I would like in London. Where most ceremonies welcome may start with a *ladies and g'men, welcome to the opening ceremony of the games of the bla bla bla* Manchester went for an energetic *whoever you are, wherever your watching.... Welcome to Manchester*.
  15. Agreed. You could probably go through much of her work and find appropriate music that would fit well in an event of this kind, their single *No Light No Light* has a cauldron lighting appeal to it I think. I suppose music that has that tribal appeal is always going to work well with stuff like this. I do like alot of the fusion work which comes from people who compose music for ceremonies who aren't from the traditional classic composer background. The working of the Church with symphony in Melbourne 2006 was a highlight, and New Zealand 80s music legend Don McGlashan from the MuttonBirds (a pop rock outfit from the 80s/early 90s) has composed alot of music for New Zealand based ceremonies (the Auckland 1990 fanfare music aswell as the *All Lit Up* music from the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony). Will be really interesting to see where this extra money has gone. You would think technical outfitting, not completely unheard of in the runup to the ceremonies, I know the Eccles Family donated alot of money towards Salt Lake 2002 to make sure they had a memorable ceremony (I guess it was starting to look abit off without it). I know it would be seen as so extremely self indulgent , but, there has to be a place for an epic new remix of Born Slippy in the Closing Ceremony... surely. Maybe just as the athletes are unleashed onto the field to run wild. *gets out glowstick*
  16. It's certainly something I noticed during our wee tiki tour when deciding to get from Olympic Wharf to Park on foot , haha. There really are quite the lot of new developments and office space in the Olympic Park area.
  17. Especially if this mob is expecting something similar to 2019: Japan 2023: Russia 2027: USA ahhhh, yeah no. Not only not rugby nations, but would also mean 4 consecutive Northern Hemisphere hosts.
  18. I like this logo, the Para's have a history of having some second rate logos in my opinion, possibly Athens being the exception, but this is very professional and worthy of the event. I am however not so enthused about the powdery explanation for it. I dunno, I just have a thing about organizations providing intangible points as reasonings for symbols like this. Kind of like how they can make a blob on a bit of paper represent unity and friendship. As I say, I like this, but Im really interested to know what it physically represents, as has mentioned, I can see a heart. The Olympic logo seems to encapsulate all of the similar themes as this one, but at least that has shapes which are quite clearly defined as symbolic to Rio and the Olympics.
  19. Day off, sitting in the sun with a cider, having another read of Myles' book. Friday.... so good so far.

    1. Citius Altius Fortius

      Citius Altius Fortius

      I love Myles' book - do you read the update or the original edition?

    2. baron-pierreIV


      I hear even better things are coming to the new edition, Can't wait!! :-)

  20. A great plan. Can't help but think though this is just like the gigantic barges that would ferry the athletes to the Melbourne 2006 opening ceremony - a plan which the media revealed just after Melbourne won those games. Still, if it happens, I like it. Not entirely sure how it would work though.
  21. If you search through Itunes for him, there is a track on there called *thunderbird* which may or may not have been used in the ceremony during the formation.
  22. I remember watching the opening ceremony in class at primary school. The only other moment I remember from it was a large first nations puppet show, with characters playing ball etc etc. I think this website has a soundfile *let your spirit take flight* which is possibly the Victoria song? http://www.bobbuckley.com/demos/Anthems.htm
  23. It was definetely something alluding to spirit. I have the lyrics *let your spirit fly on forever....* in my head, so it's definetely something to do with spirit. Unfortunately they seem to be a very hard to find ceremonies.
  24. It wasn't their official song, I guess their equiv to the hideously camp "We Can Work Wonders" from Auckland's closing that I posted earlier. The whole title really does baffle me for this one. The Victoria 94 official song is an elusive one, I've never managed to find it - but it's title was something like *Catch the Spirit of 94*. I have the chorus in my head actually, just haven't found the recording of it.
  25. Meh, the u-20 FIFA world cup will be nice, but just because it's FIFA, and just because the supposed big deal this will be, it will hover just above the interest of the under 17s Im thinking. I think the Cricket World Cup will be the much anticipated event, couple it with the summer factor - will be awesome.
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